Chapter 7

Soap was on the street again and waited for a car to come so he could drife home. He found one but the driver didn't give it to him but it was okay because soap bashed the drivers head against the car and everywhere was brain but it was okay because the driver was a pedofile. Then, soap was driving again but he was hungary so he went to Mcdonals to order cheeseburger.

He was at the McDrive and thought about what had happened. Captin Prize was now dead because he was killed, so Soap was very depressed.

"What do you want?", asked him the voice in the speaker.

"A whopper, plz" he said and drove forward.

"Good morning in Mcdonals and here is your burgher with a double portion of FUCK YOU!" yelled the guy that gave him cheeseburger! He wore a burgerking outfit and looked like a general and he had a big mustache. It was…GENERAL SHEPPAD!

And then, he gave soap round house kick. Soap was thrown againnst a shelf full of glasses and shepperd was walking towards him very slwowly and dramatically.

"Did you really believe your… feeble attempts would prove sufficient to defeat me? ME? THE GREAT GENERAL SHEPEPRD! Pitiful! I shall wrekc havoc upon you, foolish american! DIE, CAPTN SOP!", said the general evuly.

But soap wasn't defeatet yet so he stood up fastly and punched sheppard in stomach and then in face before delivering an dewastating uppercut to him! Shepperd made a backflip through the air and was launched into the McDonolds. Soap took out its Assaut Rilfe and shot into the McDonals and he killed a lot of people, spraying everything full of blood and intestines and killing them but it was okay because they were from the mafia! Then, he jumped through a window that had

glass and was in the burgerking but shepperd wasn't there but he was and attacked soap from behind with dragon kick.

Soap was htrown across the room and landed on a table that had lots of glass and plates on it! Sheperd walked towards him very slowly before shooting the family that eated there because he was evil.

"Why did you shoot them? They were innocent!" asked suap upsetted because he was angry!

"Collateral Casualties, soap. And no, prepare to die, Captain McTa…" said shepperd but he was interrupterd when soap punched him in the face, punching most of it's teeth out!

"This is for Ghost!", said soap. Then, he punched him again, "This is for Roach!" and then again "This is for Price!", tearing his jaw off. And then, he made the forbidden Punch of ultimate doom, reducing shepperds head to a fountain of blod and brains!

And then he said "And this is for AMERICAAAAAA!"

Then, soap left the gruesome spectacle, happy because now, he has avenged his friend's deaf.