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"You want me to WHAT!" the shout rang through the inn at a very high volume, causing a girl in one of the upstair rooms to come awake very quickly...and making said girl to fall off the bed.

The girl sat up with a groan, rubbing her arm where she had fallen on the bruise she had gotten, consequence of the late night training session with her mother. Stumbling over to the adjasent bathroom she splashed ice cold water on her face in an attempt to remove the sleepy haze from her mind. A few minutes later after changing clothes and pulling a brush through her long knotted hair she made her way downstairs only to find her 'sister' standing with a worried look on her face and her mother - fully sober, but more than a little hung-over unsurprisingly - glaring at a pair of males the eleven year old had never seen before, but from the hitai-ite they wore she could identify them as Konoha shinobi. The girl frowned slightly, why were they here? And what did they do to anger her mother?

Realising none of them had noticed her presence yet she took afew steps into the room, drawing their attention towards her as they heard her light footsteps, and looked towards her mother.

"Tsunade-okaa-san?" she questioned.

The blond woman sighed and directed one last glare towards the men before turning to the girl and sighing.

"Sakura you should pack your bags. We're going to Konoha."

Half an hour later the girl, Sakura, was sitting at the front of a small cart holding their belongings next to one of the men from earlier, who had introduced himself to her as Uchiha Shisui. Shisui had short unkempt hair that was very dark brown - nearly black - and possessed strong defined features, and appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. Sakura rather liked Shisui, after he had gotten over his initial shock of finding out that Tsunade had a daughter (he had gaped like a fish and made incomprehensible noises for over a minute) he had been very nice to her, and she could tell he loved to have fun aswell as being alot more open than her mother and Shizune had described the Uchiha clan as.

The other man, who she had found out was Uchiha Itachi and Shisui's cousin, so far seemed to be the embodiment of their describtions. Cold, unemotional and unspeaking. He appeared quite similar to his cousin, but his features were slightly more feminine and his hair was longer aswell as tied in a short pony-tail at the bottom of his neck. Currently he was walking along side the cart with Tsunade and Shizune.

Sakura shifted slightly in her seat. She was excited that they were going to Konoha and couldn't wait to find out what it was like for herself instead of from her mother and Shizunes stories. She knew that they were both from Konoha, but she herself had never been. Her father had been from a ninja clan in Takigakura, or the Village hidden in the Waterfall and she had lived there until she was five when the entire clan was wiped out, she would have died too if her mother and Shizune hadn't saved her, and after that she had travelled all over with them, but never once had they been to Konoha. Not only that but, from what she had gotten out of her mother while they were getting ready to go, they would be staying in Konoha permanently and Sakura was hoping she would be able to make friends since she had never really had the chance to form bonds with people other than her family, although she did remember a little boy she had met in Suna some years ago. She still sent letters to him on occasion, but because they never stayed in one place for long she never received any letters back...But either way she was looking forward to making friends.

"Ne, Shisui-san, what's Konoha like?"

The older male looked down and grinned."Hasn't your mother told you about her home?" he asked teasingly causing Sakura to pout.

"Well yes, but she hasn't been back there since before I was born, so things have probably changed a bit."

"Probably not by much Sakura-chan, Konoha's fairly unchanging. Anything specific you want to know about?"

She bit her lip slightly and considered his question. "What are the people like?" she asked cautiously.

"Depends on the person. But in general, the civilians are nice, the shinobi are either nice, sadistic or insane, and the males from the main clans, being the Hyuuga and the Uchiha, are ice cold bastards with ten-to-twenty foot poles up their asses - not including myself of course."

Sakura couldn't help but laugh.

"I don't know that much about the people your age, which I assume are the ones you mainly want to know about," Sakura blushed slightly "but my cousin and Itachi's little brother, Sasuke, is twelve at the moment. He is a moody, emoish boy who is apparently very appealing to the female race - he even has his own fanclub - and hero-worships Itachi, though he'll never admit to it. I could introduce you sometime if you like."

She smiled sweetly "I'd like that I think, I've never had much of an opportunity to make friends with people my age." she told him before frowning slightly and adding "but what exactly did you mean by fanclub?"

Shisui looked a little suprised and glanced sideways, noticing that there were two females glaring daggers at him, telling him without words that he would be in trouble if he answered that. "Uhhh..."

He spent the rest of the trip telling Sakura about various other people in places in Konoha, but not once did he mention the word 'fanclub' or anything related to the word.

Three hours later they arrived in Konoha.

Sakura walked through the crowded streets next to her mother and Shizune, the two Uchiha's had left shortly after they had arrived at the gates, on their way to the Hokage tower. They were attracting alot of stares, but then that didn't really surprise Sakura, after all her mother was the legendary Senju Tsunade, one of the three Sannin (aswell as the legendary sucker) and she hadn't been back to Konoha for a long time, it was only natural she would attract attention.

Sakura was however oblivious to the stares being sent towards her, mostly by the young boys around the place, and if she had noticed she would most likely have attributed it to her unusual cherry-blossom coloured hair which was currently falling in small waves to half-way down her back. She would not even considered a different possibility since, while she knew about hormones and attraction from her medical studies, the combination of her mother and Shizune's efforts to keep her as 'innocent' as possible of that aspect of life and the lack of contact she had had with others, she had never experienced it directed at herself (not that she knew of at any rate). Sakura didn't realise that in the eyes of males she was very attractive, with her long hair, flawless pale skin, petite figure, which was emphasised by the knee-length sky-coloued dress her Tsunade had forced her into that morning, and deep sapphire-blue eyes. (A/N yes I know her eyes are supposed to be green but I like blue better).

At the Hokage tower Sakura finally got to meet the Sandaime, her mothers teacher. Her first impression of him was a granfatherly man who was kind to others, but held much more power than he seemed to have. In short she both liked and respected him.

After exchanging plesentries for a few minutes Tsunade decided to get straight to the point.

"Why did you sent those two to fetch me Sarutobi? And don't give me that bull about needing a head of the hospital that you told the Uchiha's, you don't need me for that, yes I'm the best but you would call me back here during peace time just for that."

He chuckled. "Your right that isn't all of it. But before we get into that, Sakura."

The girl immediately sat straighter. "Yes, Hokage-sama?"

"This is likely to rather long and boring, so I was wondering if you would like to go do something while I talk with your mother?"

Sensing that her being here during their talk could cause problems, combined with her want to explore, Sakura readily agreed and slipped out to go exploring.

As the door closed behind her Tsunade turned her attention toward her former sensei and raised an eye-brow, waiting for him to speak.

"The academy students are to be placed in their genin teams soon."


"I would like Sakura to be placed in one of them."

An eyebrow twitched. "Why?"

"In the letters you sent me you told me that Sakura has inherated your grandfathers ability of mokuton, aswell as his ability to have some control over the bijuu. I'm sure you remember Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the kyuubi. He is going to be placed on a team and I want Sakura to be his teammate in case the nine-tails starts to take control."

He stopped there and waited, half-expecting his former student to blow up at him. He was more than a little surprised when she instead sat back on the couch and blew out a breath.

"Uzumaki Naruto. Minato and Kushina's brat?" she shrugged slightly "who else are you putting on the team."

"Uchiha Sasuke as the third teammate and I'm assigning Hatake Kakashi as the sensei."

"...The pervert?"

The Hokage was starting to get worried - he had been so focussed on figuring out ways to get Tsunade to accept Naruto as a teammate of her daughter he hadn't even thought about what her reaction to Kakashi would be. "Uhh..."

Sakura was down by the entrance of the Hokage tower when she heard a loud roar from one of the higher stories.

I wonder what that was about?

Knowing okaa-san it could be anything - maybe Sarutobi didn't have any alcohol.


Well it's true. We both know it Kura.

Oh well. Where should we go? Sakura asked herself as she began to walk down one of the roads leading away from the tower.

Hmmm. Why don't we just go exploring? Find the training grounds, nice scenery, and of course the shops. We do need to know where we can find some hot clothes

Well I agree with you there, but why would we need 'hot clothes'?

*Sigh* Kura, you are far to innocent


Deciding to ignore inners last comment Sakura did as was suggested and wandered around for the next half hour before deciding it was time to go back. There was just one problem...she didn't know which way back was.


Don't ask me Kura, I'm just as lost as you.

'Oh god, okaa-san's goind to kill me!' Sakura thought as she looked around the market place where she had ended up.

"Watch Out!"

Sakura turned quickly to face the shout, only to be knocked backwards onto pathway by a larger figure and for a few seconds just lay there, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Ahh!" The figure jumped up very quickly and Sakura stared up at the person who had run into her. It was a boy, maybe a year or two older than herself with short messy brown hair and had two upside-down triangles painted in red on his face, one on each cheek.

He's cute.

Not now Inner.


"Um, I'm really sorry about that, Akamaru and I were going for a run and I didn't see you until just before I banged into you so...I'm Inuzuka Kiba by the way. I haven't seen you around before. Are you new?"

Sakura giggled slightly at the way the boy was looking extremely sheepish, yet at the same time very curious. Accepting the hand he offered to her she got up.

"I'm Haruno Sakura, and yes I am new. My mother, sister and I just got into town this morning." Sakura paused for a moment, seeing the cute white puppy that had just padded up to them. Kiba, noticing where her eyes were grinned.

"This is Akamaru, my nin-dog. Akamaru, this is Sakura-san, she's new here."

Smiling sweetly Sakura knelt down so she was closer to the puppy.

"Hello Akamaru, it's nice to meet you." The puppy barked in reply and licked her hand causing her to giggle.

"So anyway Sakura, are you going anywhere in particular, or would you like me to show you some of the sights?"

"Well Inuzuka-san I was just about to go back to the Hokage tower to find my mother, but I kinda got lost."

"In that case please allow me to escort you there" He said giving her a little bow causing them both to laugh. "And just call me Kiba, Inuzuka-san makes me feel old."

"Then you can just call me Sakura."

Five minutes later they arrived at the Hokage tower and Sakura said goodbye to her new friend and found her mother fuming while Shizune tried to calm her down in the entrance hall.

"Okaa-san? Is something wrong?"

Tsunade looked over and smiled at Sakura, although it was obvious she was still annoyed about something.

"No sweetie, not at all. But tell me, what do you feel about being put into a genin team?"

Sakura blinked, a genin team? Wasn't she still to young for that? But then if she had the choice... She smiled brightly.

"As long as I can get along with the people I'm put with I would love it."

"Good. Because Sarutobi and I decided that since you are could easily pass the genin exam we'll put you into one of the teams that are going to be formed tomorro."

She could feel her eyes widen. She hadn't even been here a full day and she was already going to be made a genin? Then she remembered that Kiba was going to be one of the new genin, and what he had told her about his classmates on their way to the tower. They all sounded as if they had some sort of strange personality. Hyperactive, extremely unsocial, extraodinarially shy, lazy and so on. Of course that may just be exaggeration, but if it was even half true...

She was doomed.