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Danny groaned as he looked up at the darkening sky. 'Looks like it's gonna rain.' Danny groaned again, kicking the pebble in front of him harder than he did before, sending it flying and embedding itself in a nearby tree. He groaned again, realizing his frustration had caused him to subconsciously supplement his enhanced human strength with superhuman strength, greatly increasing the power behind his kick. For a spit second he wondered how much strength it would take to shatter that pebble on contact before a rain drop on his head reminded him that he better find shelter. Not that the rain bothered him. The cold did not bother him at all thanks to his ghost side and he could just phase off any water he got on his clothes. No, what he was concerned about was that fact that he looked strange enough, a kid in what looked like brand new clothing walking along the road toward the city, with a backpack that was certainly too small to carry everything one would need for such a journey. Add in the fact that there was a chill in the air that was cold enough to warrant one wearing something warmer than he was currently wearing and he was concerned enough with people giving him strange looks as they passed by on the road. But if it started raining people would certainly think more of a kid walking in the rain and the fact that he was not even shivering would definitly catch some eyes.

Danny sighed again. He had a few options. Continue as he was and risk his identity and his powers getting discovered. Or transform and fly the rest of the way to the city and risk getting pick up on their sensors which would defeat the purpose him trying to be discreet. Or he could find something to wear that was both warmer and would protect against the rain. He didn't want to do that either. Danny smiled as he imagined what Sam would think of his new outfit.

Gone was the plain whit tee shirt with the red circle on the chest and the matching red trim on the neck and sleeves. Gone were the plain blue pants and the red and white sneakers. And gone was the regular teen look he had tried so hard to maintain in the past.

He now wore a grey muscle shirt with dark blue pants and a belt with a grey skull as the belt buckle. Black sneakers with a red trim now adorned his feet. Now he almost constantly wore a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. Over his shirt he had a simple black leather jacket with a dark blue trim usually zipped up a little above halfway up his chest. The Wes ring he now wore on a small chain around his neck. On the same chain was a locket with his white DP symbol with a black trim on the front. Inside it had two pictures on the inside that could only be opened by a fiver digit combination lock that was underneath a sliding panel on the back. One was a group shot of Mom, Dad, Jazz, and Danny. The other was a picture of his two best friends Samantha Mason and Tucker Foley.

Danny made the decision to veer into the forest and find a suitable place to rest for the night. Humming to himself quietly he mused over what had transpired ever since his fight with his older evil self. Apparently the fight between himself and his easily much more powerful evil self put out a lot of ectoplasmic energy. Enough that it could be picked up by the prototype sensors that the Guys in White happened to be developing at the time.

No sooner than he had handed off Dan, contained in the Fenton Thermos, to Clockwork and gotten his family and friends and Mr. Lancer away from the boiler that exploded not seconds after they were out of range than they were on him. Beyond tired at that point as well as beaten, bruised, a cut on his side that was bleeding a little bit more than would be safe for a normal human, and a broken left arm and fractured right leg and another clean cut right across his forehead that was getting ectoplasm in his eyes and would later become a whitish scar. Not to mention that at that point his hair had seen better days and his Hazmat suit was in tatters. In this barely still conscious state he was amazingly still in ghost form they caught him.

Danny winced at the memory. He could still recall being roughly grabbed by some kind of shoddy Guys in White version of his parents Ghost Gauntlets. He could still remember being tied to a table that was then pushed into the cargo hold of a waiting jet air plane. He could still remember his friend's terrified screams as they desperately tried to rouse him to attempt to escape in his barely conscious state. He could remember his sister yelling out "Let me go!" as his parent restrained his sister from attempting to rescue him, despite their own apparent confusion at why anybody wanted to stop the Agents from doing their job in stopping a known dangerous 'ghost'. He could still remember Sam's cry of pain when she attempted to stop them and one of the agents backhanded her to the ground and warned her not to interfere as well as the sound of Tucker giving a tackle that Dash would have been envious of to one of the agents in his dead sprint to save him. He could hear the agents then pin Tucker to the ground and shock him as punishment for interfering, eliciting a scream of pain from his best male friend. He could hear the simultaneous gasps of surprise from all the Agents, his teacher, and both of his parents when he finally transformed back. And then the sound of the jet taking off as his two best friends were joined by his sister and his parents in their almost synchronized scream after him. And then he heard no more as darkness finally claimed him.

He was broken out of his recollections by the sight of a cave up ahead in the woods he was walking in. What's more was that the entrance was out of sight by the highway as well as the entrance being angled away from it. Perfect.

Suddenly hit with an urge to get out of the open and into the cave he rushed forward into a run, reaching the cave shortly after. He shook his head like a dog before suddenly his body turned blue as well as see through, the water falling off of him to the ground, creating a small puddle. He let out another sigh as he turned himself back tangible. Laying down his backpack to act as a pillow he sighed again as he closed his eyes and allowed the darkness to take him

_Line Break_

Opening his eyes he blinked away the sleep as he groggily got into a sitting position. He yawned, stretching like a cat before he heard the tell tale sound of his stomach growling. He blushed, embarrassed, even though there was nobody around to hear.

Danny grumbled under his breath:"Man, I gotta get to the city TODAY. Doesn't sound like I can go much longer without food. Knew I shoulda brought some with me from that last town but noo, I gotta be a dumbass. Stupid Fenton, it careless things like these that will lead to the Guy in White capturing you again."

Danny stopped himself from continuing. 'Man, I gotta stop talking to myself like that. People will think I'm weird if I do that in public. Then he snorted quietly to himself in disbelief. Talking to himself was the last reason why he thought people would consider him weird.

After answering the call of nature and brushing his hair with his hand in a attempt to tame it as well as getting the dirt off of his clothes, he made his way back to the highway to continue where he had left off yesterday.

Danny let a small smile grace his lips as he saw the sun rise over some clouds on the horizon, which then broke out into a grin when he saw the city limits sign

"Jump City, here I come!" Danny declared as he began to walk forward, swing his arms in an attempt to show a calm, carefree nature to hide the nervousness he had inside growing just under the surface.

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