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Chapter 8 (Takes place IMMEDIATELY after Chapter 7)

"So, what's up?" Beastboy asked, turning toward the new arrival and putting his back to Robin in the process, who sweat dropped at Beastboy's short attention span.

"Dude, I was about to make an announcement. Wait your turn." Robin said, turning to Cyborg and giving him a look at being interrupted, even if it was by accident. Cyborg turned to look at him. "Is what you were about to say more important than what I have to say?" Cyborg asked in a skeptical tone.

"Dude, how the hell am I supposed that? I don't know what you're about to say." Robin replied, a little pissed at being interrupted then having it implied that what he had to say was less important than what someone else had to say. 'If I going to be team leader, then this kind of stuff is going to have to stop. Bruce wouldn't take this and neither will I so I'm going to have to see about getting them to listen to me and work with each other so we can start acting like a real team instead of six hero's. Man, I have my work cut out for me.'

Cyborg leaned over and whispered what he was about to say into Robin ear, causing his eyes to widen ever so slightly. "Important, yes. More important than what I have to say, no." Robin stated, before whispering into where Cyborg's ear would be if he still had one. Said whispering continued for over half a minute before an exasperated Raven. "Can you both please stop whispering in one another's ears and just say whatever you're going to say, one after another?"

Robin had the decency to blush. (Guys don't blush, we redden. What's wrong with you Robin? Let's try that last line again.)

Robin had the decency to redden. (Doesn't have the same "ring" to it. Oh, well.)

Cyborg gave a nervous grunt and nudged Robin to start speaking. "Well, I worked out the whole "money" problem. Tomorrow, I'll go to the bank and get a few credit cards linked an account that has more than enough money to meet our needs and then some." At that point he handed out some papers to everyone, giving a double stack to Starfire and none at all to Beastboy.

"Dude, what's with the forms?" Orpheus asked, holding up the stack of paperwork.

"Part of the deal with the Mayor." Robin replied. "Every member of our team has to have a file containing our background information, among other things. Beastboy, your files are being faxed over by the Doom Patrol."

"What other things?" Orpheus asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Just, you know basic information. Physical attributes such as date of birth, gender, age, height and weight, some medical records such as blood type, and any other information about your physical make-up that we might need to know to care for you if you're injured like any weaknesses or allergies. There is also a powers list, approximate scale to rate strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and all other physical capabilities. I'm pretty sure there is an intelligence test in there as well as a section devoted to testing knowledge in specialized fields of most any kinds." Robin explained, looking away.

"Let me guess. There is also a section designated to personal information such as history, home town, enemies, allies, and basically everything that we try to keep from being general knowledge." Orpheus countered, glaring at Robin. After all, after just having a conversation about everybody having secrets, it seemed a little too convenient that Robin was now handing him a piece of paper and telling him to write them all down, one by one.

"Yes, there is." Robin said slowly. "But I'm not going to force you to fill in everything truthfully." Cue shocked looks. "I understand that there are some things that you would like to keep secret, which is why I'm not going to force you to fill in everything truthfully. I do need correct information in everything health related, for what should be obvious reasons, a correct rating on physical attributes and a complete powers list as well as an accurate intelligence and knowledge test to make a proper use of you as a member of the team." Robin paused to take a breath, looking tired all of the suddenly. "Just let me know what's a lie by writing it in red. And just so you know, nobody going to see these files or have access to them on a regular basis except me and the Mayor"

"Please, why do I have many more of the work of paper than the others?" Starfire asked, confused. Robin gave a small smile. "As an alien, you also need to register in order to live here on Earth." Then he noticed Starfire's rather alarmed expression. "Don't worry; I'll give you a hand with the paperwork. Should be easy."

"Ok now, on to what I have to say." Cyborg began, looking over the assembled Titans. "You guys remember how I said it would take me about a month, right?" Everyone, save Cyborg. "Well, I was wrong."

Cue simultaneous face palms and Beastboy blurting out "Dude, what's this have to do with anything?"

"I'm getting to it, grass stain." Cyborg answered, miffed. Beastboy huffed at his new nickname. "Anyway, when I started digging around, I found that there must have been a substantial amount of construction robots on board when Raven took it down. Unfortunately they are all smashed beyond belief but I managed to find the parts needed to put one together. With a little work I managed to put it together and reprogram it to follow my commands."

"So, what, you built yourself a friend to talk to?" Beastboy said, cracking up. Cyborg sent him sent him a glare. "For your information, Burt doesn't talk. What he can do though is build. I programmed him to sift through the rubble and build more robots just like him."

"So, you built a friend, named it Burt, and programmed it to build more just like itself?" Orpheus asked skeptically.

"And once he's done, he will begin working on our new base and, after I power, program, and activate any robots he manages to build from scrap, so will they." Cyborg responded, looking proud. "Bottom line: I should be able to shorten the amount of time it takes to build our base from about a month to two weeks or so."

"That's great news Cyborg!" Exclaimed Orpheus as Starfire cheered, Beastboy whooped, Robin grinned and clapped, and Raven just gave a small smile.

"Ok, team, let's get some rest. It's been a long day and tomorrow will be no different." Robin declared, getting up and retreating to his bedroom, everyone else soon following suit.



After filling out the papers and having them collected by Robin (Who was exasperated by the amount of red ink Orpheus used.), Robin gave each of them a paper detailing the terms of the agreement, needing their signatures in order to validate the agreement.

The terms were simple, if a bit extravagant. The Mayor would validate them to work as law enforcement officials with very special privileges as well as pay for 55% of any damages caused and give them both the bay island to use as a base and a generous individual monthly allowance (Read: Salary) with bonuses gained whenever the team took down a villain based on the villain itself as well as speak to the local power and water to get them to give the team a discount. In return, they had to lower the crime rate in the city by 10% within the first two weeks as well as stop it from rising a certain percentage in a certain amount of time, there would be paperwork dossiers on every member of the team, and they would protect Jump City from all threats and pay for the other percent of the property damage not covered by the Mayor.

"Over all," Robin had said. "It's a very good deal. Makes me wonder why he was so…giving."

After signing the agreement and giving it to the bird-boy to deliver, which he did immediately while the others were eating breakfast. After he got back he quickly set forth a schedule for the team to follow. Every day, after breakfast, each member of the team would get a sector of the city to patrol for three hours, alternating sectors each day. After that they would all meet in the middle of the city and patrol the entire city as a team for two hours. Then it was time for lunch. After about a ten minute lunch, they would partner up and patrol the city for another three hours, again alternating sectors. After that, they'd divide up the sector into north and south and have a pair patrolling each, with everybody else either left to their own devices or helping with the tower as needed until dinner time. After that, someone who wasn't a part of the earlier extra patrol would patrol around the city until halfway into the night, and then would wake up someone else to do it the rest of the night.

But all that was for tomorrow. Which lead to Robin standing at one end of the table, Orpheus sitting at the other end, and everybody else sitting in-between.

"All day today we're working on teamwork." Robin said, throwing a glance at each of them to see their reactions. "That's one of the biggest things that we haven't even been talking about."

"Teamwork?" Beastboy said skeptically. Robin looked at him.

"Yeah, teamwork. Beastboy, you were on a team, didn't you ever have teamwork exercises?" At that Beastboy got an ashamed look and mumbled something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like "Didn't really pay attention often to them."

Robin rolled his eyes but continued. "Teamwork is important. I've been thinking over our fight with Trogdar and I think I know why we almost lost." Robin adopted a lecturing pose, whipping out his Bo staff and using it as a pointer as a white screen fell down from the ceiling. Orpheus pulled out a projector from nowhere and turned it on showing various scenes from the earlier fight with Trogdar as Cyborg handed out full popcorn bags to Starfire and Beastboy, an outrageously large soda cup to Raven, who eyed it distastefully before pushing it away from her, causing it to side all the way down the table until it was caught by Orpheus who happily took a swig as he munched on some chips from a nearby bag. And then Cyborg pulled out a rather large bag of assorted candy which he kept for himself. Robin just face palmed at their antics and continued. "Our biggest glaring problem which was a lack of teamwork, trust." Robin was looking straight at them but his mask covered eyes seemed to have glazed over, as if thinking back to another time, another place. "In every instance, we leave each other open to attack. Our every move clashes with someone else's, losing much of its momentum in the process. We don't work together at all. Hell, I'm amazed that we didn't accidentally kill each other with how close we were playing it at hitting the enemy and not hitting each other."

The projector flipped to different pictures taken during the fight, Robin using his Bo staff to point out various instances where they either left a teammate open to an attack from behind from an enemy or where they almost hit a teammate with one of their attacks. (On a related note, Beastboy could feel what felt like holes being drilled into the back of their head when most of the pictures revealed that he was the one that most often came the closest to hitting another teammate)

"Trust, won't happen overnight and teamwork can only really be developed in the heat of battle. But that doesn't mean that we can't do something to help it out." Robin finished, putting away his Bo staff. The white screen went back up and Orpheus put the projector away as all the food brought out was put up.

"What do you suggest?" Orpheus asked, his face getting completely serious. "Teamwork won't come easy. And trust is even harder."

"For, teamwork, the Mayor told me about a section of the city that was up for demolition anyway. We could evacuate people from the area and use that as a temporary training ground. Hold some practice spars; see what each other can do. As for the trust thing…" At this Robin looked a little uncomfortable. 'Here's the tricky part.' "As corny as it sounds, I think that the best way to gain some trust would be to share something about ourselves."

Cue weird looks. "Dude, you serious?" Beastboy said. Robin shrugged.

"If we're going to be teammates, then we should know something about each other don't you think?" Robin said rhetorically. "Just tell us something that you think that we would need to know about you anyway, if it makes you feel better. I'll start, since this is my idea in the first place." Robin took a deep breath. "I'm very obsessive compulsive. Once I start on ANYTHING I find it very hard to stop, to the point that I almost can't stop."

"Ooh! I shall go next with the sharing of the secrets. Come close, I do not want it to be overheard!" Starfire exclaimed, floating up slightly before falling back down and pulling everybody close in a semblance of a group hug. "Once, when I was just a small little knorf, I….I…" Starfire got teary eyed and seemed to shake and draw in on herself, drawing everybody in closer as a result, her super strength nearly forcing Robin to kiss Cyborg's metallic chest, much to the boy-wonder's distain. Starfire started to speak again, except it was so low nobody could hear her.

"It's ok Starfire. If you really don't want to tell us, that's fine. We can move onto…" That was as far as Robin got before being interrupted by a "No!" from Starfire.

"Please, this has been on my abdomen for a great long time! It is time for me to come washed!" Starfire exclaimed. "Abdomen? Come washed?" Beastboy whispered to Cyborg, who shrugged his massive shoulders. Orpheus, who had overheard them, said "I think she mean 'get it off of her chest' and to 'come clean'. There is one other possibility though…"Orpheus trailed "What is it?" Cyborg asked, curiosity peaked. Orpheus looked the half-machine teen dead in the face with the most serious expression on his possible. What he said next however, would invoke an image in the head of Cyborg, Beastboy, and a curious Robin that would result in taking their ability to look at the female alien (AN: Would female alien be acceptable to be changed to "alienette"?) without a blush for a full week and would continue to haunt them all well into their later years.

"It could be that Starfire is sex crazed nympho in disguise, just waiting to rip off of her clothes and ours so that she can deflower and ravage us repeatedly. I, for one, would like to have the ability to walk for the next few months so at the first sign of trouble I am phasing through the floor to escape. Who's with me?" Orpheus asked, struggling to keep his face straight at the look of complete shock that appeared on their faces, followed by a full on face blush (I give up. These guys are just determined for it to be the unmanly 'blush' instead of the manly 'redden'.) 'Just like I suspected. Robin IS a closet pervert. Beastboy was a given perv but I'm surprised to find that Cyborg is too. I wonder if he can use his cybernetic implants to record and watch XXX films on the internet…'

At what Orpheus said caused some very not-so-innocent thoughts to go through the minds of three of the male Titan's, while the last male Titan was doing his best imitation of an evil chuckle in his mind, a certain alien was pulling herself together for a big confession she kept trying to make, and a grey skinned empath was wondering why three of the Titan's suddenly began to give off emotions scarily similar to what a dog gave off when he was in heat and cautiously, she edged away from the three as much as she could while being held in Starfire's group hug hold, unintentionally getting closer to the only male Titan that didn't feel like he was in heat.

Cyborg was getting a little uncomfortable with the way that Orpheus was looking at him. 'Why do I get the feeling that Orpheus is going to ask me a VERY awkward question in the near future about my connectivity to the internet?'

Starfire slowly began to start speaking again "When…When I was just a knorf, I…I stole…I stole a…I STOLE A ZUCKSABURGE!" At that statement Starfire burst into tears and hugged the nearest person she could get her hands on, which was Robin. Unlucky in that she hugged him around his neck and with her superhuman strength nearly caused his head to pop off. Lucky because, thanks to the thoughts that were just running through his head, he was enjoying it far more than it hurt. Orpheus looked at Cyborg and Beastboy and said two words in the gravest tone he could manage. "Robin's first." These two words caused Cyborg and Beastboy's blush that they had just managed to get under control to flare back up, only this time it was accompanied by snickering as the two struggled to keep a straight face. Orpheus was chuckling too but that was stopped cold when he heard a new question.

"Robin's first for what, exactly?" Raven asked coolly. Based on their emotions she could tell that it was meant to be an inside joke and, by their earlier emotions, she could tell it wasn't a clean joke. One that was directed at Starfire, thankfully and not herself. As of yet, she wasn't sure about an appropriate means of payback for such a thing. 'I wonder if that guy that mistook me for a hooker ever reappeared…'

Said 'incident' happened about an hour before Starfire's arrival. She was walking down the street, at night mind you, intent at finding a place she could rest the night. This guy had stumbled out of a little bar, saw her in her outfit that without her cloak left her legs completely exposed as well as being a bit tight, and assumed she was a prostitute. He came up to her and tried to pay for her 'services'. At first, she was just going to ignore the guy. Then when he kept on pestering her she planned on taking all the money he tried to use to pay her without doing anything for him just to spit him for annoying her and use the money to get a hotel room for the night. Then he began to get irritated and put his hands on a place on Raven's body that, as of yet, nobody had earn the right touch. After she removed the offending limb from her body and restrained herself from killing the poor drunk, although she did give him a few cuts, bruises, maybe a broken bone or two, she knocked him out and used a spell to send him on a round trip to the scariest dimension she could think of that wouldn't kill him as well as a memory spell that ensured that he wouldn't consciously remember anything when he returned, She used the money to buy a herbal tea and a bit to eat. It was taxing to jump dimensions and send things on round trips to them too which took up the rest of her money. Thinking back with a calm mind, she felt a little guilty about it. He was drunk after all and while that didn't excuse him completely, it should have given him a little bit more leniency.

Long story short, she wasn't sure on how to dispense justice the next time something of that nature happened. But that was neither here nor there at the moment as she stared at a nervous Orpheus as Cyborg and Beastboy laughed even harder in the background at his situation.

'How am I going to explain this in a way that doesn't…I got it!' "It was an inside joke. Do you really want to know?" She nodded 'yes'.

"Do you really really want to know?" Again she nodded

"Do you really really really want to know?" Another nod.

"Do you really really really really want to know?" "…Get on with it."

"On with what?" Robin asked, recovered from Starfire's feared Hug of Death as said alien looked completely recovered from her odd confession. Orpheus grinned. "On with the sharing, of course! Raven here was just telling me how she wanted to go next." Orpheus said cheerfully, getting a glare from Raven as now all the attention was on her and she could think of no good way to get out of this situation. 'Clever, Orpheus, very clever. I'll have to remember that.' In the background Beastboy and Cyborg looked like fish with their mouths hanging open at how Orpheus got out of his situation and turned it around on Raven.

Raven sighed when they continued to look at her. "I keep my emotions under control to better control my powers and I enjoy peace and quiet, along with reading books with herbal tea. Happy?" She finished sarcastically.

"Ecstatic." Orpheus replied, his hood hiding a smirk.

"Well, since you're so happy, why don't you go next Orpheus?" Raven said, a little miffed at being coerced into going well before she intended to. Orpheus just closed his eyes and smiled. On the inside, though he was panicking just a little bit which caused Raven to smirk in triumph when she felt it. 'Let's see, what to tell them that will satisfy their curiosity without telling them too much that will lead to them figuring me out… That's a small list'

"My parents were ghost hunters. I have a lot of knowledge in ghosts, spirits, demons, and most anything supernatural as a result. In fact, when the tower is finished I was hoping that maybe one of the rooms could be turned into a lab for me to use so that I could rebuild some of their inventions…?" Orpheus trailed off, looking at Cyborg who frowned. 'HAHA! There are literally millions of kids with ghost hunter parents. Or, at least, there should be. All those ghost hunting fanatics that attended ghost hunting conventions that my parents made me attend when I was younger had to have paired up and procreated at some point…Right?'

"Yeah, sure, let me know what you need in the lab and I'll make sure that there's one that matches your specifications….You DO know that there's no such thing as ghosts, right?" Cyborg said, only receiving a knowing smile from Orpheus that disturbed him as a response.

"Moving on, Beastboy, why don't you go next?" Robin said, looking at the changeling who just let out a groan. "Aw man, do I have to?" A stern glare later told the youngest that he did. "Fine." Beastboy pouted and crossed his arms over his chest as he thought up something to say. "I'm an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, happy?"

"…What?" Was the response of everybody save Beastboy and Orpheus, who rolled his eyes.

"It means that he can't eat anything that had a face on it at one point." Orpheus answered the unspoken question.

"Whoa, most people don't know that. How do you?" Beastboy asked, curious. Orpheus's eyes grew slightly wet underneath his goggles as he answered in a low tone. "I had a friend who was a big one."

Everyone grew quiet at the somber tone that he said it in. Then "Cool. I guess, now, you have another one, right?" Beastboy said, walking over to the grey cloaked hero and put his arm around his shoulders in an attempt to cheer him back up. Although it lost the effect slightly when he had to stand on his toes to reach his shoulder and still only reached half way across his back, it still appeared to cheer him up as he lifted his head back up, smiled, and nodded.

"I guess I'm last, huh?" Cyborg mused, wondering what to say before he had an idea. "I'm the exact opposite of Beastboy, unfortunately. I'm a bit technology obsessed too. Hell, I have to be, considering I'm the only one I trust to fix, well, me!"

'So let me do a role call. I've got a girl who could be Sam's sister who probably shares her dark outlook on life. I have a kid who shares Sam's strange eating habits as well as some semblance of her usual upbeat personality. A half machine African American who would be instant best friends with Tucker if they ever met. An obsessive compulsive guy who strangely enough, reminds me of my sister. Last but not least I have an alien who's cheerful yet strangely naïve nature matches that of my Dad.' Orpheus paused in his thinking. 'I'm just glad that none of them remind me of Mom…That would have been just too weird.'

"Now that our whole 'Trust' thingy is done, can we get on to wrecking stuff?" Beastboy asked, excited. Robin turned to look at him.

"What makes you think we're going to be wrecking stuff?" Robin asked. Orpheus rolled his eyes, an act that was hidden by his goggles.

"You just told us that we were going to a part of the city scheduled for demolition and said something about evacuating it. There really isn't anything else that we could do in that setting other than wreck stuff." Orpheus replied rhetorically.

"…We won't be wrecking stuff purposely. I just don't want to pay a fine or risk hurting civilians for training exercises that may end up being more than a little destructive just because we have nowhere else to do them."


After evacuating the rather large number of civilians that were in the part of the city scheduled for demolition, Robin decided to start things off by a demonstration of their powers.

Unfortunately, other than having trained his body to be at the very peak of human ability, being very skilled in both hand-to-hand and with a Bo staff as well as bird-a-rangs and a variety of other pieces of technology, Robin had no other powers to speak of. He made sure to point out that even without powers he could still take on any member of team and fight them to a near standstill if not beat them entirely.

After that went Starfire. Her powers were largely already known so instead Robin simply asked to see just how strong they were. How strong she was, how fast she could fly, how destructive those 'starbolts', as he learned they were called, were though for safety reasons he didn't test how durable she was.

Next was Beastboy, much to the changeling's excitement. His powers were pretty simple. He could turn into just about any animal he imagined, no matter size. His only weakness was the fact that in animal form he couldn't speak, the amount of time between shifting forms, the fact that shifting from one animal to another was longer than shifting from human to animal since he actually had to turn human first before he could turn to another animal, for reasons unknown. The only other thing that made him different from other humans, other than his strange pigmentation, was that his senses in human form were a whole lot better than that of a regular human, and he seemed to be just a tiny bit more durable than a regular human.

Next was Cyborg. His strength was his biggest advantage, second only to his durability. Just to prove how hard the metals that made up most of him were, he managed to find a cop and somehow convinced him to take aim and shoot Cyborg in the chest multiple times at point blank range. When Orpheus later inspected the spot where the bullets impacted their wasn't even a dent of any kind that he could find. Strength wise he was just a little below Starfire, although he argued that much of his strength was used constantly to lift himself so he couldn't lift anything with his full strength. Technology wise he had sonic cannons in each arm as well as a select few other gadgets that he said that he was still figuring out how to use.

After that was Raven's turn. Apparently she could use her black energy much in the same way that he could use his ectoplasmic energy. In other words, she could form black energy constructs, shot it out of her hands, and a lot of other things too. Only she could also transport herself and others, use telekinesis, and use it to turn intangible like he did. Only when she became intangible she became completely black with a white outline.

Last but certainly not least was Orpheus. 'I think I'll just keep it basic. I'll let them know about my super strength, ectoplasmic energy manipulation, ice powers, intangibility, invisibility, and what the gadgets Nick gave me can do. Maybe show them my telekinesis. But later, when I'm training it. And I guess after leading them to Starfire last night, I have to tell them about my aura sensing abilities. No way in hell am I showing them anything else though.' And that's exactly what he did.

After he was finished showing what he could do, Robin put his hand to his chin, thinking of what to do next. He snapped his fingers suddenly with an idea. "Ok, I think I know what we can do for the rest of the day. If we're going to be protecting this city then we need to get familiar with the city so we don't get lost."

"…You're doing this because you got lost on the way to the Mayor's office, didn't you?" Orpheus asked flatly. Robin's blush in embarrassment confirmed his suspicions.

"Either way, we need to get to know the city real good. It doesn't do anybody any good if we get lost on the way to stop a villain."


His plan to 'Get to know the city' was apparently translated to a sort of modified paired patrol for the rest of the day with really no set area to watch, stopping only to rest or eat and use the restroom as needed. Robin, naturally, paired himself up with Starfire so that he could teach her about more about earth and its culture (As to why Orpheus, Cyborg, Raven, or Beastboy could not do this was completely unknown). Cyborg apparently let it slip that he was into video games and that he had some money so Beastboy immediately decided that he would go with him and run a patrol that just so happened to take them past all the major arcades and video game stores in the city. So that left Orpheus and Raven to run a patrol together.

"So…Anyplace in particular place you want to go by?" Orpheus asked the blue cloaked sorceress next to him as they both just wandered around on the street, ignoring the weird looks they got from other people that were doing the same.

"Not really." Was the quiet reply. Orpheus glanced at her with a frown. Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn't help but compare her to Sam. 'She is certainly a lot more subdued than Sam is.'

Thinking about that brought up painful memories.


Danny was in a room almost identical to his own room back at Fenton Works. Back at his home. Back when everything was safe. Before he became a halfa, his room had always been a safe haven for him. It was more than just a place for him to sleep or a place to keep his stuff. It was a place for him to go. A place to go when the bulling and teasing about his weird family became too much. A place to go from his sister that always seemed to leave him in her shadow and his parents. His goofy but lovable parents that just don't understand. A place to go when the pain of being an outcast became too much. A place to go at times when the friendship of Sam and Tucker just wasn't enough to lighten that pain enough to bear.

But, despite the fact that the room that he was in was completely identical to his own, it wasn't his. It was a fake, a sham, counterfeit. The GIW, he discovered, leaned more toward psychological torture that physical torture, although they weren't against inhuman physical torture sessions either. Sessions that he wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for his healing. But the psychological torture sessions were worse in his opinion. One of the things that they would do would be wait for his wounds to heal, then put makeup on him in his sleep to cover up the tell tale scars that he 'acquired' during his stay as well as any other evidence that he wasn't back home, safe and sound. They then put him in a perfect replica of his house with windows that were really screens that displayed what really would have been outside his window at that time and robots with holograms on to make them look like his family. Sometimes, they really went all out and reconstructed a full scale version of the city that was complete with hologramed robot people to live in it. If it was the small scale version they would predictably let him stay in it about half a day before either doing a mock capture, usually 'killing' his robot family or having them be the ones to turn him in. If it was the full scale version the range of time they would let him stay in it was at the least a day and at the most a week. In that case they either had his fake robotic 'friends' turn him in or did the same for his family as they did before. Sometimes they would just put him back in their torture/experimentation chamber and begin with electricity at a high enough voltage to make his very skin begin smoking to wake him up. And then continued to use one method of torture to push him to the very brink of human endurance of pain. He remembered one time they hung him upside down and poured water on him to make him feel like he was drowning.

**End Flashback**

His memories, however, were not complete. When he finally escaped and got away from the GIW he was a royal mess. Crazy paranoid, moody, depressed, aggressive to anybody and anything, jumping at unexpected sounds. Every time he woke up he expected to be back in GIW custody so much that he stopped sleeping, coming to the conclusion that if he didn't go to sleep they couldn't take him. He wasn't able to stand that bleached white deathly color that was the trademark of the GIW. He even started hearing and seeing things that weren't there. Long story short, he became extremely unstable and someone with his powers instability was dangerous for both everyone and thing around him and himself.

Clockwork helped him though. His new DP locket also doubled as a special memory seal. What it did was put up a barrier in his mind, trapping most of the memories of his stay at the GIW behind it. And since the memories were the source of his craziness, it also served as a temporary cure to his insanity. It was special because it slowly bled the memories back into his subconscious mind at a super slow rate, letting his mind deal with the trauma associated with one memory before dealing with the rest. The result was him getting his memories slowly back but without the craziness associated with them. "The only risks with this kind of thing" Clockwork "Is either you getting too far away from the seal itself or the seal getting damaged." When he asked what would happen if either happened Clockwork simply said that it "wouldn't be good for anybody" and left it at that.

He looked back at his silent companion. 'I appreciate peace and quiet once in a while too but man this is too much. Let's see, what's a conversation starter…?'

"So…You said you liked to read right?" She stopped walking, looked at him and nodded. "Have you read any good books lately?" He asked as he started walking again, Raven started walking again soon after.

"I don't think that you and I like the same books." Raven replied, as emotionless as always. Orpheus let out a smirk.

"Try me." Raven look at him skeptically. He looked at her confidently. She sighed before replying. "Ok then, have you read The Collected Poetry Works of John Masefield?" (AN: The person it mentions is, according to Wikipedia, a real person and actual dark poetry poet but I'm not sure if a book of his poems is named that or if it even exists )

Raven smirked inwardly, confident that he wouldn't know who that was or read any of his poetry and would stop bothering her. Orpheus, on the other hand, let out a wide grin that made her inner smirk fade slightly. 'So that's how it's going to be. Good thing Sam got me whole sets of dark poetry books and guilt tripped me into reading them.'

"Yep! I particularly liked his poem The Seekers. It was descriptive and rather moving." 'And now I see a good bit of myself in it as well.' Raven look at him, completely surprised.

"The Seekers? It's a good poem, I guess. Not really the one that I'd pick though…" This started a conversation about dark poetry that lasted for quite a while. Orpheus learned that Raven knew WAY more than he did when it came to the subject. Raven learned that Orpheus knew a good bit of poetry himself, dark more than any other kind but still nowhere near the amount she knew. Orpheus learned that Raven, where ever she lived before, didn't get out much and spent a considerable amount of time reading. Raven learned that most of what Orpheus knew about poetry in general was varied, not really settling on a specific type unlike her.

They would have talked about it all night but they were interrupted when Cyborg called and said he intercepted a 911 call about a robbery at an electronics store in their area and asked them to handle seeing as they were the only Titan's in the area.

"Ok then, love to talk all night but I guess it's time to go to work." Orpheus said, turning off the communicator that still had Cyborg's face on it and putting it in his pocket. Turning to Raven he gave her a cheeky grin. "Race you there!" Before turning invisible and taking off down the street toward the electronics store that was being robbed. Raven rolled her eyes at the display.

'I swear, sometimes it seems like he is an ok person to talk to and other times it seems like I'm talking a four year old hyped up on caffeine.'

At the Electronics' store

Orpheus was crouching on the rooftop opposite the store with a robbery in progress next to Raven. Both of them were silently observing the scene. Three gunmen dressed in blue jeans and leather jackets with ski masks over their heads and holding identical metal prod like things and had a pistol in a holster at their sides. The civilians were tied up and huddled in the far back corner.

"So how do you want to handle this? Go in quick and quiet or loud and proud?" Orpheus murmured to the blue cloaked girl crouched next to him. A slight frown crossed her face as she thought about it.

"I'm going to assume that you mean take them out subtly or just charge in there." She said flatly, pausing to bit her lower lip in thought. "Why don't you handle the robbers while I get the civilians out of there and then help you with the robbers?"

"Good plan." He commented. "Wait for my signal." She nodded as he turned invisible and jumped over the rail and ran down the ceiling, slowing down when he got to the ground and jumping off the side of the building, landing in a crouch.

Turning visible, he walked up to the store, doing his best to look nonchalant. The bell rang as he walked in. Immediately all eyes in the store turned to him.

"Yo! Who da hell are you?" Said the apparent leader who will now be known as Robber 1 as he walked up pointing the metal prod thing at him.

"Hmm?" Orpheus looked around, pretending to be confused. "Oh, wait, this isn't the Pizza Parlor. Where am I?" He said slowly, slurring the words on purpose. Now all the robbers' eyes were glued on him, completely lost on what to do in this sort of situation. They completely missed a black energy bird coming through the far wall, near where the hostages were.

"Dude, what the fuck's wrong with you? Do you not see what's going on here?" The robber he christened Robber 2 said as he pointed to the last robber, Robber 3, who was in the process of empting the cash register into a backpack.

"Huh? What's going on here, a party? Hell yeah, man. I don't have a clue where the hell 'here' is but let's party!" He put his hands up and began to act like he was parting, dancing in place.

The robbers were literally scratching their heads, at a complete loss at what to do at this point. A black dome covered all the hostages, then shrank and collapsed in on itself, disappearing entirely, all the hostages gone with it, something that the robbers didn't see but Orpheus saw out the corner of his eyes and smiled widely.

"What the fuc—Man, get the fuck in the corner with the rest of them!" Robber 1 declared, pointing the metal prod at him like a gun. Electricity began to spark at its tip. Orpheus cocked his head in confusion.

"With who? I don't see anybody back there." Orpheus said, still grinning. Scowling, the robbers turned to where the hostages were tied up to make sure he wasn't just pulling their leg to find…Nothing. Not even any of the rope they had used to tie them up with. Letting out a furious yell, they turned back to the strange kid to find…Nothing. Again.

"Yo man, what the fuck just happened?" "They were right there! They were right fucking there, I know they were! Where the hell did they go?" Robber's 1 and 2 were both practically shitting their pants at that point when Robber 3 yelled at them to calm down.

"Chill guys! We got what we came for! Let's just get the fuck outta here before that weird kid comes back!" Robber 3 said, getting their attention. Agreeing instantly with him they started to the door, only to get sent flying when a green blast hit their in the back sending them flying out into the street.

"What the hell?" Orpheus said in response to the scene in front of him. They went flying but they were slowly getting back up. 'That should've knocked regular humans out cold!' The answer became clearer when they removed their ski masked revealing they wore metal black helmets with red edges and took off their zipped up leather jackets to reveal body armor that matched, save for the red symbol of a black star in a circle with a red background that was on their chest. The circle with the star in it was held in the claws of a red Chinese dragon 'Body armor? High quality too if it can keep them conscious. The kind that wouldn't be available to even law enforcement. And what's with that symbol?'

The trio turned around and they looked angry. They drew their guns, pointed them at his chest, and fired before he even had a chance to react.

End Chapter

So, as evidenced by the scene above, there are some new players on the field this time around. No, the robber's themselves are unimportant. (If they were important, they'd have actual names) What you should note is that symbol. Keep an eye out, that symbol will be important. No, the symbol has nothing to do with Slade, the Brotherhood of Evil, HIVE, or any other villain, although there is a chance that they may work together. I am proud to say that this villain is an Original Character. I will only reveal that this villain is a little like Slade in the respect that he prefers others to do his dirty work. Anything else will be revealed in time.

How many people caught the small clue about whether or not ne of Danny's friends are still alive?