When May arrived, everything for their trip was sorted, and Sebastian had made arrangements for a trip through Switzerland and Bavaria, packing his hunting supplies so they could do some hunting in the mountains and forests. He also packed another secret thing deep in his suitcase.

For a while John had been nervous about being away from the comfort of his flat, but he was going to be with Sebastian, and when the day arrived all of his nervousness had been replaced by overwhelming excitement. John held Sebastian's hand through most of the flight.

While they waited for their bags in the Zurich airport, John glanced over at Sebastian. "How's work?" He grinned. "This camping trip isn't a cover for you sneaking off to pop some terrorist in the head, is it? You're not going to go Jason Bourne on me, are you?" he asked, before grabbing up his bag off the conveyor belt.

Sebastian laughed, grabbing his own bags. "No, no work this week. No covert operations or exploding cars. Just you and me, John," he said, leaning down to kiss John's cheek.

They spent the next couple days in a remote Swiss village called Gimmelwald with astounding views of the mountains, hunting by day and returning to the modest little hotel at night. On their last night in Switzerland before they would move into Germany, Sebastian was so proud of John's improved hunting that he picked him up in the hotel and carried him back to the hotel room, kissing him. "You, sir, are quite a hunter..." he chuckled as he kicked open the door to the bedroom.

John's face reddened as Sebastian hauled him up, a bit overwhelmed by Sebastian's public display of affection, but it was forgotten as their lips met. John laughed as Sebastian kicked open the door. "I'm learning from the best."

Sebastian set him down and backed him up against the door to kiss him again, still on an adrenaline high from the hunt. He tipped John's chin up to meet his lips more directly, and then let his hands roam down John's chest.

John's eyes slipped closed as he leaned back against the wall, his hands going up to cup Sebastian's face.

Sebastian ripped off John's jacket, kissing up John's throat and jaw, then froze in the midst of lifting up John's shirt to touch the warm skin underneath. "...Sorry...am I going too fast?" They hadn't gone further than kissing since before Jim's death.

John found himself surprised when Sebastian stopped and asked his question, not because Sebastian had stopped, but because he hadn't even thought about it. For months, John had been nervous that Sebastian would want more than he was able to give, but he hadn't thought about it once during the trip. He gave a small, relieved laugh. "No," he said, finding himself not even remotely haunted by the events of the past. "No, you're not..." he looked up to meet Sebastian's eyes, grinning, then yanked him back down for another kiss.

"Mmm!" Sebastian hummed into John's mouth in delighted surprise, pulling him closer, then let his hands once again roam up John's bare body under his shirt, squeezing at his pecks and wrapping around to clutching at his back before he pushed John away just enough to pull his shirt and jumper up over his head, casting them to the floor. His lips immediately lowered to John's shoulder as he held John close, kissing fervently along every inch of skin. "God, it's been so long—you're making me frantic," Sebastian breathed, feeling his erection come to fullness.

John tipped his head back, eyes closed, and smiled to himself as his fingers threaded through Sebastian's hair. He could feel himself starting to get hard in his trousers, and he pushed his hips forward against Sebastian.

Sebastian's breath hitched and he made frantic work of shedding his own jacket and shirt, pulling John close to him again, kissing up his neck and face and meeting his lips again. He loved the feeling of their bare chests together, and walked backwards towards the bed, pulling John with him.

John let Sebastian pull him along, his own hands rememorize Sebastian's chest and arms and shoulders. When they reached the bed, they climbed on together, and John leaned in to resume their kissing, his hands traveling down to unbutton and unzip both of their trousers.

Sebastian's heart was thudding as he reached into John's open trousers and grabbed onto his cock, beginning to palm and stroke it. "God—John," he whispered. "Take off your trousers. Let me suck you."

John's breath caught and he shimmied out of his trousers, spreading his legs, moaning lightly as Sebastian's hand found him again.

"Mmm." Sebastian kissed wetly and feverishly down John's chest, then pushed his legs apart just a bit farther to begin licking, kissing, and sucking at the skin above John's cock, at his inner thighs, then finally began to lick at his prenium.

John shuddered and his fingers recurled in Sebastian's hair as he let out a low, pleasured moaned. He tensed just a bit, not wanting to be reminded of any of his most recent experiences in bed, but the thoughts were quickly pushed from his mind as he began to drown in pleasure.

Sebastian stroked his hands along the tops of John's thighs. "John, look at me," he said softly.

John's eyes slowly opened and he turned his head to look down at meet Sebastian's gray eyes. Sebastian kept them locked on John as he wet his lips and slowly took John in his mouth, sucking languorously.

The sound that came out of John's mouth was broken and desperate and needy and relieved. He flexed his hips and pushed them up just a bit.

Sebastian slid his hands between the mattress and John to grip at his bum, pushing him in tighter as he began to bob in and out.

"Uh! Unnngh! S-Sebb—" John groaned, his eyes sliding shut again as his head tipped back.

Sebastian kept watching John, kneading his bum. He could set John into a fit of pleasure right now, but he pulled back, catching his breath. "John...have you ever been inside a man before?" he asked huskily.

"Wha...what?" John asked, his attention immediately back on Sebastian.

"Have you?" Sebastian asked, sliding up to sit up, beginning to remove his own trousers and pants.

"Um...no. No, I haven't," John said. His heart raced. "Did…did you want me to?"

"I want you to feel what it's like," Sebastian said, rolling back, pushing his hips up, and sliding down his trousers and pants to free his erection, eyes on John. "I want you to fill me."

John watch as his trousers were removed. "Okay. Um...okay. Do you—er, have you got any lube? Or...?" he asked, feeling equally nervous and excited.

"Yes, here," Sebastian said, fetching it from his cast off trousers pocket, handing it to John. "You've been fucked enough to know the general procedure, yes? For what prepares you well for it to feel good?"

John wetted his lips and gave a small nod as he looked down at the bottle. He took a breath before he uncapped it, and spread some onto his fingers, lathering them. He moved to position himself between Sebastian's legs and pushed them apart gently. He looked up to meet Sebastian's gaze, then moved his fingers down to slowly start massaging at Sebastian's hole. It was a part of him that John realized he'd never actually touched before. Not before Jim, not during Jim, and not after. This was completely new. After a moment, he slipped in a finger.

Sebastian's breath was heavy as John massaged him, then he took in a breath as John's finger slid into him. "Good, John...if you push in further and angle up a bit..." He gasped and felt a current of pleasure as John's finger brushed his prostate. "Yes..."

John noted the spot and pressed it again as he slipped in his second finger and began to stretch him out.

"Mmhfhh—move them faster, John," Sebastian murmured, his fingers curling into the sheets.

John nodded and did what Sebastian said, moving them in and out faster, slowly pushing them apart to scissor them. As he did, he made sure to occasionally press up against his prostate, then added a third finger.

Sebastian began panting, reaching up to hold onto and stroke John's biceps and clenching his buttocks around John's finger. After a minute, John finally pulled them out, then slicked up his cock. He nudged Sebastian's entrance with the head, "Ready?" he breathed.

"God, yes, John.." Sebastian said, squirming at the thought of John inside of him, at watching John's face as he felt what it was like to be on top for the very first time.

John's breath caught and he nodded before slowly pushing in. Sebastian was tight and hot around him. He snuggly hugged his cock and John let out a low moan as he pushed in, his heart slamming inside his chest.

"Ah—!" Sebastian said, then spread his legs wider and groaned as John pushed in. "You feel amazing, John—"

John's eyes slid open and he looked down at him, "You feel amazing..." he breathed. He leaned forward so that he was lying more on top of Sebastian, bracing his hands on either side of Sebastian's head. He gave him a slow, deep, kiss, then started to move.

Sebastian craned his head up to meet John's kiss, then gripped John's hips and arse as he began to move. "Unnff—y-yes...John...up a bit!"

John angled his hips upwards and began to move a bit faster. He moved his body against him, still kissing and letting out small gasps and moans.

"Ah!" Sebastian cried out as John found his prostate, gripping John's bum and began to snap his hips up to meet John's movements. "Harder!"

John obliged, and finally let go, slamming into Sebastian as he panted above him. "F-fuck—"

Sebastian rolled his hips, overwhelmed, gripping tightly to John and moaning loudly. He had to close his eyes because if he kept looking up at John he'd lose it immediately. "Ohh—Johnn—!"

"F-ff…I'm close," John choked out, only slightly embarrassed by how quick he was to losing it. He wrapped his hand around Sebastian's cock and began to pump it wildly.

"M-me too. Oh, God—I love you, John—" Sebastian opened his eyes and stared up at him, moaning desperately as he reached the vey edge of an orgasm.

At Sebastian's words, the coil in the pit of John's stomach released and he gave one final thrust into Sebastian, coming hard inside of him. Sebastian came not long after, spilling over his stomach, crying out John's name.

John shuddered above Sebastian for a moment, closing his eyes, breathing hard. When he opened them, he leaned down to give Sebastian a tender, lingering kiss, before he moved to lay next to him.

"How'd that feel…topping?" Sebastian said, stroking back John's damp hair and kissing his forehead.

"Good," John breathed kissing him. Better than good. "I love you..."

"Mmm, I love you too, John..." Sebastian said, then pulled away and looked down at himself. "I need to rinse off, I think," he grinned. "Want to join?"

"'Course," John said, smiling. He stretched lazily, then rolled off the bed to join Sebastian in the shower.

In the shower, Sebastian planned his next move as he was getting clean. He scrubbed himself and John rather hurriedly, nervous. They stepped out, toweling each other off, then returned to bed. Sebastian pulled the covers up over them and held John close. "I can't imagine what I'd do without you, John," he murmured, leaning up to kiss John's eyebrow.

John gave him a small smile. "Come and look for me?" he suggested jokingly, letting his hand trail across Sebastian's chest.

Sebastian laughed. "Yes..." It was now. It had to be now. He looked into John's eyes, suddenly seriously, then leaned over and pulled something out from underneath the mattress that he'd stowed there earlier. "John, I want to spend the rest of my life with you..." He opened up a small box to reveal a platinum band. "...Will you marry me?"

John's heart stopped for a moment. It was hard to believe that everything he had been through had led up to this. His hand flew up to cover his mouth and muffled a happy sob. His eyes slid from the band up to Sebastian's face as tears stung his eyes. "Yes..." he said into his hand, then pulled it away as a smile broke out on his face through the tears. "Yes!" He flung himself at Sebastian, wrapping his arms around him under the blanket. "YES!"

Sebastian grinned and laughed, yanking John on top of him to give him an enormous bear hug, then pulled his head down and showered him with a dozen frantic kisses. He couldn't stop grinning. He'd never been so happy in his life. He reached over for the ring box to slip the ring on John's finger.

"Fuck—where'd the ring go?" They both looked at each other in alarm, then burst into laughter. In their excitement, it had fallen behind the bed, and Sebastian leaned his arm down to blindly feel for it, pulling it a few moments later. When he finally stopped laughing, he breathlessly slipped the ring onto John's finger, then kissed his hand.

John's heart felt like it would burst. He brushed away his tears, not wanting to cry at a time like this, and leaned to give Sebastian a long, tender, loving kiss. He wanted to say "I love you" again, but the words seemed overused and meaningless for the message he wanted to convey, but by the look on Sebastian's face, he completely understood. John ran his hand down the side of Sebastian's face, and decided to say it anyway, "I love you."

"God, I love you too, John," he said in awe, staring up at John's eyes. After all the shit, the pain, the torment, the lies...things were finally, finally as they should be. "My future husband," he laughed, then leaned up to kiss John again. Neither of them slept the rest of the night, too busy talking and laughing and planning and making love to bother. When the sun finally rose and they had to catch their train to Germany, they were exhausted but so, so happy.

The rest of their holiday passed in a happy haze. "I don't expect you to leave Sherlock," Sebastian said on their flight home. "You can stay with him if you want, but my apartment will always be open. We'll always be close, and I'll be there for you, always." He secretly hoped John would live with him, but he couldn't tear up the deep friendship John had with Sherlock against John's will. Either way, he would be so very happy. He squeezed John's hand, wearing the engagement band he'd bought for himself. They matched now.

John gave him an amused look. "Sebastian, just because Sherlock is my dear friend, it doesn't mean I'm going to spend the rest of my life living with the man. If you're offering, I would love to move in. I just hope you won't mind me getting calls all hours of the day from Sherlock telling me to join him on a case." John leaned over and gave him a kiss.

Sebastian grinned in relief. "Perfectly acceptable...it's not like MI6 gives me regular hours, anyway." Sebastian kissed him back. "I am so excited to spend my life with you, Captain Watson."

John smiled. "I couldn't agree more, Colonel Moran."

There! Told you it'd be a happy ending! Phew, that was a marathon of a story. I hope you all liked it. Thanks for the comments and reactions throughout-I've appreciated them!