They keep calling you

the antichrist

the anarchist

the boy-

king and

you say that's not you

they say you're not you

they say

your brother sold his soul and got back a monster and you

worry 'cause he's going to die

worry 'cause you can't stop it

worry 'cause what if they're right and

worry just 'cause

and maybe everyone who dies because of you is a casualty in a war you didn't want to lead

and maybe so is Dean

and maybe

that damn Colt is going to kill every demon on earth

and maybe every person too

and maybe

you should've stayed dead

and you want to tell all those people

and all those monsters

and you want to scream it into


This is me.

This is me when you threaten my brother with hellfire

This is me when you stab me in the back, in every sense

of the phrase and this

is me when you put a gun in my hand

and say 'you can either shoot

or die'

And it's a hell of a lot worse than the antichrist.