Boss Rhapsody

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Since I like the bosses of Mario so much,and since no one has bothered to write anything about them, I present to you, this. Enjoy.

King Bob-omb and Goomboss The Goomba King were in Seaside Hill, hanging out in the Seaside Square battlefield as they looked out to the sea towards the western direction, sighing in unison as they both turned to each other.

"So, how much experience do you have?" King Bob-omb asked as he held a fruit martini.

Goomboss shook his head, his iris in his eyes moving on their own. "Oh, being the king of an unintelligent species with no arms is disheartening. Too many times have I been thwarted by lesser beings such as myself."

King Bob-bomb sipped his martini as he raised his right eyebrow. "You mean, the Italian plumber, right?"

Goomboss sighed as he looked down, narrowing his eyes. "Not just him. The stupid generics. You know, the green dinosaur that eats everything, and that annoying little mushroom boy."

King Bob-omb patted Goomboss on the back. "Oh, I know how you feel. I got beaten by Mario twice, and I lost to that very same green menace you speak of." He massaged his massive, white mustache. "I also lost to this ugly fat oaf once... he was yellow and purple, and in a kart."

Goomboss lifted his head up. "Wait a minute, I lost to that stupid mushroom boy in a kart, too!" He turned to King Bob-omb. "You don't think there's a chance...?"

King Bob-omb shrugged as he finished up his martini. "Well, we could always go find Petey Piranha and ask him his experience. He seems to be taking it fine."

Goomboss nodded his head in agreement. "Aye. Maybe he can shed some light on this perspective." And with that, The Big Bob-omb and the Chesnut King left the Seaside Square, heading northward to explore the Seaside Hill mainland, in hopes of finding Petey Piranha.