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ALSO! For this particular One-shot, it goes a little something like this. Hermione had been working for the ministry for a while, but three years prior decided to start teaching for some unknown reason. :) So at this point, shes like 32 and hes in his 50s. Just FYI. :)

Prompt: New Year's

Rating: T (cause you know me. I'm paranoid.)



The few students who had chosen to stay behind over this particular winter break were gathered in the hall. No one seemed to care about what house they were in or what table they were supposed to be seated at. Without the help of their Headmaster, they were mingling and talking, some with great animation and others with a sluggish tiredness.

It was ten minutes to midnight.

One of the students, after glancing at the watch on his wrist and confirming the time that had been projected magically onto the ceiling and back wall of the Great Hall, chanced a glance up to the Head Table. Only a few teachers had stayed behind. His eyes were immediately drawn to the two Heads of Houses that had stayed. Professor Snape was sitting to the right hand side of the Headmaster, looking as bored as ever. He had been milking a bottle of firewhisky for the last hour. To his right sat Professor Granger, Head of Gryffindor. She also seemed to have taken to the bottle and was slightly red in the face, talking very rapidly to Professor Snape, who's attention was clearly far from her.

The student laughed. This wasn't an uncommon scene. Professor Granger, ever since she had begun teaching three years prior, had taken it upon herself to befriend the great bat of the dungeons. She could constantly be seen accompanying him down the hallways in silence or trying to strike up a converation with him at dinner. It war rumored that sometimes, she even joined him on his rounds when she didn't have any.

The fact that Professor Granger was trying to become his friend was very obvious to everyone with eyes and ears. What wasn't as obvious, though, was how Professor Snape was reacting to the whole thing. Being a Slytherin and practically related to the great Severus Snape, the student was privy to things not many others were. For example, he knew that Snape rather enjoyed having the bushy-haird woman by his side as he stalked down the corridors and told the student's father just this on a surprisingly regular basis. He also knew that the surly professor found his younger counterpart to be a bit of a looker. The Potions Professor also often found the conversations the Gryffindor held with him to be very intruiging more often than not.

There was one other thing that the student had witnessed that he and no one else, not even his father, knew about.

He had been going to Snape's classroom one evening to serve a very undeserved detention. he rapped on the door. The response was immediate. There was a bit of shuffling, a few grunts of pain and confusion, followed by the older professor's hoarse voice calling out, "A moment!" followed still by a bout of giggles on the behalf of the Golden Trio member. The door opened and Professor Granger, bright red in the face and looking as though she had just had the daylights snogged out of her, stepped out. She had cleared her throat awkwardly and moved to the side, giving him access to the room.

Upon walking into the room, he'd immediately noticed that the Potions Master's usually tidy desk was a mess of papers and that the Potions Master himself was smiling rather uncharacteristically.

The student had never spoken of that night. It had been nearly a month now. He glanced back up at the pair. The clock behind them said that it was two minutes till. The Potions Master was taking another swig from the bottle. He then turned and faced Professor Granger, handing it to her. She grinned at him and took it, polishing it off.

The clock told him that there was only one minute left. His eyes fell immediately to the redhead sitting beside him. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He turned his attention to the Head Table again.

Thirty seconds.

Professor Granger was giggling. Professor Snape must have said something that they both had found particularly funny, because even he was smiling.

Twenty seconds.

She leaned in to him, putting her lips to his ear and muttering something. The greying wizard smilied wider. She smiled and brought her hands to his shoulders. The student grinned.

Ten seconds.

He was telling her something in return. She was confused. Her face crinkled and her lips tugged down at the corners.

Five seconds.

He told her again. It seemed to make sense this time. She gaped at him. Speechless.

Three. Two. One.

Cheers filled the Great Hall.

They stopped just as abruptly as they had started, though.

The student watched with pride as the Potions Master nearly disappeared behind the table. All that was visible was his head, but to everyone there, it was very clear what he was doing. He spoke loudly and clearly so that everyone could hear.

"Hermione Granger, will you marry me?"

A chorus of female "awww"s filled the room. A few of the students wolf whistled and cheered.

Professor Granger squealed and jumped up and down, shouting the same word over and over and over. "Yes!" Professor Snape smiled again and stood, sweeping Professor Granger into his arms and kissing her soundly.

The students cheered and whistled and shouted. They were talking amung themselves, too, about the fact that they had never seen this coming and how romantic it was, that a Slytherin and Gryffindor had fallen in love.

The blond student was watching on with a smile on his face. He'd seen this from a mile away. With the help of a little eavesdropping and his father, of course. The redhead beside him tugged his sleeve.

"Scorpius!" she said happily. "Let's give them something else to talk about!"

She pulled the surprised Malfoy forward, kissing him chastely.

"Rose!" he gasped, tugging her into his arms to kiss her properly. Another bout of cheers flooded the Great Hall.

"New year, indeed," Severus Snape mused. He watched his great nephew and Hermione's goddaughter thoughtfully. "I don't like it," he decided.

Hermione giggled. "Shut up, Sev. It's a New Year. You should make a resolution to be less snarky."

"I'm nothing without my snark," he teased. "Besides, my resolution already came true."

"Oh, did your apothocary open already?"

"You kinow what I mean, witch," he said, smirking and pulling her close.

"Why don't you show me?"

"Gladly," he purred, chuckling briefly before pressing his lips to his future wife's.

Aww! :) Part of me really liked the idea that even if Hermione is in her thirties and Severus even older than that, they still sometimes mess around like teenagers. I couldn't help but put that in there. :P I am also a huge Rose/Scorpius supporter (what can I say? I like me a good looking Slytherin man!). I started writing it in just a random students point of view, but obviously, by the second or third paragraph, that was no longer happening. :P

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