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Prompt: Announcements

Rating: K plus



They landed just in front of the Burrow. No one was outside. Hermine frowned. "I thought you guys were going to play," she said, glancing at Harry and Draco, who were striding hand in hand towards the Burrow.

"Yeah," Harry said, nodding. "We are. Everyone else is waiting for us inside."

"Oh," Hermione said, frowning and following them in. As she was walking, she felt a hand slip into her own. She looked up at Severus and smiled, squeezing his fingers with her own.

They walked into the Burrow where, sure enough, everyone was bustling around and talking and laughing. They all glanced up at the sound of the door opening. Once they saw who it was, everyone began to talk all at the same time again.

"Hermione!" Ginny shouted, making sure she was heard above everone else.

Hermione grinned and let go of Severus' hand, suring through the group of people to embrace her friend. Ron put a hand on her shoulder and tore her away from Ginny after a moment, pulling her into his own embrace. She was then passed around the entire group, getting a hug from everyone, including a particularly bone-crushing one from Molly.

"It's so good to see you again, dear!" she said, sounding as though she was welcoming her own daughter home for the first time in a few years.

"I was just here last weekend, Molly," Hermione said with a laugh.

Eventually, she was passed back to Severus again. He smiled down at her before being embraced by Molly as well. "It's good to see you, too, Severus," she said, squeezing the surprised Slytherin.

He just grunted his response. Even though Molly's arms were wrapped around him tightly, he still managed to reach out and find Hermione's hand with his own. "Hermione and I have something to say," he said suddenly, loud enough that the entire Burrow hushed again, their focus turning to the pair standing beside each other.

"You bet they do," Draco said. Harry laughed.

Molly stepped away from Severus immediately, frowning deeply. "Hermione, how big is this announcement?" she asked.

Hermione flushed and shook her head quickly. "It's not that big."

"Sure it is," Harry said, grinning at her from his place on Draco's lap. "It's a very big announcement." This only cause Molly's frown to deepen even further.

Severus cleared his throat awkwardly. "It's really not that big," he said. "Well, to us it is, I suppose. But it's not that sort of big announcement."

"Severus and I are together. I think." Hermione blurted it out before really thinking. Everyone's gaze turned from Severus to Hermione.

Severus grinned down at her and nodded his approval. "I think so," he said.

Draco guaffed. "He never exactly asked her," he said.

"No, it was more like they just started to snog in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch," Harry added.

"They don't need to know that, love." Draco scolded his lover with a very teasing tone.

Harry shrugged. "I just tell it how I see it," he said nonchalantly. He finished with a wink in Hermione's direction.

Ginny was the first to respond. "It's about time," she grumbled. "Severus, she's been in love with you for months."

Hermione flushed. "Does anyone in this house know when to stop?" she asked, glaring at Ginny. "He didn't need to know that." Severus just grinned.

"It's only true though, Hermione," Molly agreed.

George stood up form the couch and strode forward, reaching his hand out to Severus. "Welcome to the family!" he said with a wide smile.

The rest of the family began giving them congratulations and the such. Draco sighed from the couch. Harry looked down at him. "What is it?"

"I was hoping that the announcement wouldn't go over that well," he said with a frown. Harry laughed and swatted the back of Draco's head.

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