The Whomp King bellowed as he approached Toadette, slamming his gigantic body down on the rooftop. Toadette screamed as she dashed to the right, panting as she noticed the three Whimps approaching her. Toadette then flew above the Whimps, using her pink pigtails to fly as she was suddenly grabbed by the Whomp King.

"Where do you think you're going, little girl?" The Whomp King insisted as he chuckled, slamming Toadette down on the ground as he then flattened her like a pancake. After waiting a few seconds, he rose up, laughing as he glanced down at the flattened Toadette. "There, see? Not so wonderful being used as pavement, is it?"

Toadette groaned weakly as she popped back to normal, anime swirls in her eyes as she shook her head, looking up and screaming to see the Whomp King attempting to squash her again. She dashed to the left, avoiding being squished again as she bumped into one of the Whimps, who flattened her. The two other Whimps proceeded to flatten Toadette, making her an easy target for the Whomp King, who completely flattened her with another gigantic fall.