To say Percy was confused would be an understatement. He didn't know how this happened. Just 4 hours ago him and Jason had defeated Porphyrion. He remembered taking the blow that was meant for Porphyrion. As he hit the ground he passed out cold. Jason and Zeus had finished Porphyrion off. The final Giant had been defeated.

As Percy woke, his eyelids fluttering open, he looked up to see Gaia holding riptide, his trusty lethal ballpoint pen. Jason had his back turned to Gaia. Gaia smiled an evil smile and raised the sword. "Goodbye hero. Time to die." Gaia said. Jason didn't seem to hear her. Percy knew he had to warn him.

"JASON LOOK OUT!" Percy screamed. He was already running to intercept the blade but he knew it would be too late.

As Jason turned his eyes widened. He never stood a chance as Riptide was plunged into his heart. Zeus turned around to see his son die at Gaia's hand.

"NOOOO!" Was all he could say as Gaia melted back into the earth with a sleepy rumble. Percy slid the last few feet to catch Jason as he fell. He ripped Riptide out of his friends body, tossing the blood-soaked sword onto the ground.

"Percy?" Jason asked weakly.

Tears were cascading down Percy's face but he spoke strongly, "Yes Jason?"

"Unite the camps. No more hostility towards each other. Tell Reyna and Piper that I am sorry. Tell Thalia she was the best big sister I could ask for, and train hard for the future." Jason choked out.

"I-I-I will Jason. I will do everything I can to make it happen. I promise." Percy replied. He looked up to see the Olympians and the rest of the seven watching their exchange. The promise he made was a promise he intended on keeping, unbreakable oath or not. He looked back at Jason just as his eyes closed. He took one last shuddering breath and was gone. Dead. Percy and him had become very close friends. They had fought together and at one point fought each other. They were best friends and now Jason was gone. Percy let out a devasted cry of anguish.

Poseidon stepped up to him. "Percy. Come son. We will all go to Olympus and give Jason the ancient rites. He will be sure to achieve Elysium." Poseidon looked pointedly at Hades who for once looked a little sad. Hades nodded his head in agreement.

Zeus stepped forward now and picked Jason's body up in his arms and flashed them away. Percy looked at the other demigods. They were all crying silently. After a few good minutes of tears Percy looked at his father. "Take us to Olympus father, lets go home," Percy said sadly. Poseidon nodded and they all disappeared in a sea breeze going home.

As they arrived in Olympus the first thing they saw was Jason's body in the middle of the throne room covered in a shroud. This made them sadder but they held off on the tears. The gods looked at their children on last time before joining Zeus and sitting on their thrones. "We are gathered here today…" was all Percy heard from Zeus as he began his speech about the bravery of demigods and the gods who fought bravely in the war. Then came the burning of Jason's shroud.

As the last of the smoke drifted away Zeus began to talk about rewarding the heroes that fought along side them. Zeus knew what his son wanted and swore to the Styx to grant his wish. "Hazel Levesque, daughter Pluto, come forward." Zeus commanded. Hazel stepped forward nervously and bowed at Zeus feet then her fathers. "Hazel Levesque. For your bravery in the war we have decided to grant you amnesty from the underworld and will be allowed to live a long fruitful life alive." Zeus said. Hazel was estactic. She had been fearing for months that she would be sent back to the underworld. Now she was allowed to live.

"Th- th- thank you Lord Zeus," Hazel said shocked and happy. Hades smiled down at her and spoke up as well.

"In addition my dear the precious gems that pop up around you from here on out will no longer cause you and those around you to feel pain and death. You will no longer feel a curse from your powers," Hades finished as Hazel jumped up to hug him.

"Thank you father. Thank you so much," Hazel said as she let go. She bowed again to her father and then to Zeus before she backed away.

"Frank Zhang," Ares said. "Come forth." Frank bowed to Zeus and then his father as well. "Rise my son." Frank stood up in front of his father. "My son, given the strength, skill and tactics you showed in this war, I have decided to lift your curse as well. You will now be able to live and not die due to a burnt stick. You are a valueable warrior and an even better son. I am proud of you." Ares said switching to Mars halfway through.

Frank bowed again to his father, "Thank you father. I will live an fight for honor in your name." Frank said. He had grown a lot in the last few weeks. He bowed to Zeus as well and walked back to his friends. This went on for Piper and Leo. Piper was given Aphrodites full blessing allowing her to charmspeak even a god. She was also given another dagger and even a small shield, both of which retracted into a small charm bracelet. Leo was given a better knowledge of all things related to building and the forge as well as unlimited knowledge and control of his fire power. Next up was Annabeth. Percy looked sadly at her. He knew what Athena was going to offer her.

Annabeth and Percy had a literal hell of a time in Tartarus. During there time there they had grown so much apart that she wouldn't even say I love you anymore. Percy was upset by this but gave her space and offered not love but just friendship. She took friendship over love and now they had been broken off for at least 3 weeks. They haven't spoken much since. Athena spoke up as her daughter bowed to her. "Annabeth. It has come to my attention that to redesign Olympus it could take at least a century. On behalf of the council I am offering you immortality. Not godhood just immortality. What is your answer my dear?" Athena asked. A small smirk was on her face as she looked at Percy.

Annabeth beamed at her mother and spoke for the first time today. "I accept mother. I look forward to being an architect for Olympus for eternity mother," Annabeth replied. Athena said a quick chant and Annabeth glowed. When it died down Annabeth was immortal. Percy was horrified. He loved her and would have died for her. But she betrayed him. Percy was more upset than anything.

Poseidon called out to him. "Percy Jackson. Come forth." After bowing to Zeus and then his father, Poseidon spoke again. "My son. This is the second time you have saved us. Is there anything that we can do to repay you?" Zeus looked upset at him. Percy could care less.

"Father you have already honored Jason's last wish. All I can ask for is for a new sword. I do not want to weild a weapon that killed my best friend. That is all I wish for." Percy said. He handed his father riptide. He bowed to Poseidon and Zeus and walked out of the throne room. He found a nice garden and sat down. After what felt like an hour he heard a voice behind him.

"Zeus is upset with you, you know," Annabeth said. "He feels you blatantly disrespected him,"

"Let him feel that way. I was just upset. It hasn't been an easy day." Percy replied.

"I can imagine. You lost your best friend. Then I upset you by taking immortality. I know you feel like I betrayed you. It's just that, I don't know. it's a feeling I have been having lately. We just weren't meant to be. Something tells me that you are destined for something more. I love you percy. I didn't want to leave you but I felt like it was the only way for you to reach your potential. I am sorry Percy. Please don't hate me and move on," Annabeth explained everything to Percy.

Percy sat in thought for a moment. He had been having the strange feelings she described as well. He was just ignoring it. But he knew she was right. Annabeth looked upset and about to cry. She was about to leave when Percy spoke up "You are right Annabeth. I don't hate you and I will always love you. I hope you design Olympus to your hearts content. Maybe one day I'll ask you to do the same for my own house. I will try to move on Annabeth and I hope you do the same as well." With that Percy kissed her one last time and hugged her. He smiled a sad smile as he walked away to the elevator and rode down to the ground floor and exited onto the street.

He didn't know it then but his life was about to change forever. New enemies and an unexpected blessing shall make its way into his life. But before it starts he will feel pain beyond relief. He will be outcasted.

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