As I stepped out on to the streets of Manhattan I smiled. I took a deep breath inhaling all the smells of the big busy city. I listened and watched a few minutes as cars honked and drove by. The tall buildings looming over me and made me feel like a small child in a room of adults. It was beautiful to me and I loved it here. I was home.

I took a left and walked the few blocks to my mom's apartment. I hadn't seen her since before I was taken by Hera. I knew she would be frantic and I knew that it would be very difficult for her to let me go back to camp. I just hoped she would understand that it was too dangerous for me. As I rounded the last bend for me to reach my mothers house I saw someone that made my blood chill.

"How many times must I kill you before you leave me alone?" I asked the angry creature in front of me about three blocks away. He the question apparently cause he bellowed angrily as he heard my voice. The minotaur stood there head swiveling from side to side as he looked for me. "I'm in front of you beef- head," I said. I took a second to look him over for a weakness.

He stood there grunting and pawing the ground with his hooves. He had more armor on than the last time I killed him. His horns were longer and sharper too as if he spent the last year or so tugging on them and filing them down with a nail file. Even from three blocks away I could still smell rotting meat. He sniffed the air in front of me and bellowed. I heard people scream and start running as my good friend the minotaur grabbed a Suzuki motorbike from an innocent biker as he sped down the road causing the biker to slide across the ground. I winced glad that the biker was wearing a vest that protected him from road burn. I turned my attention back to the minotaur. I reached for riptide only to curse myself as I realized my father had it. I refused to use it again after Gaia used it to kill Jason.

I was broken out my thoughts as I heard another loud belch- roar. I looked in time to see the minotaur throw the motorbike at me. I jumped to the left as the bike soared past me and landed further down the street hitting a cab that exploded. I cursed grateful that the cabbie had gotten out of the car before the impact. I looked around desperate for a plan. The walls. A cab parked on the street. A lamp post. Suddenly I had an idea. Basically the same one I had when attacked me the first time.

I dashed to the wall yelling, "Over here you overgrown cow. Come get me,or are you scared you can't." He bellowed again and charged me. I timed it perfectly.

As the overly stupid bullman rushed me he lowered his head, his horns aiming for my heart. Once he got in range I ran up the wall, backflipped and landed behind the minotaur. I winced as I saw him run horns first into the brick wall. He shook the building as he hit, his horns breaking off completely from the base of his skull. They clattered to the floor and rolled to right in front of my feet.

I bent down picking them up to use as weapons for now. That was the good news. The bad news? As I stood up he whipped around backhanding me across the street into the empty cab that was there. I groaned as I slowly got up. I felt my head and winced. I looked at my hand and saw blood. I heard beef- head bellow again and looked up. I could already feel myself loosing conciouncness but I stood up shakily on the hood of the cab and gripped both horns. He was charging me fast. I knew I had to end this quickly. As he got within about ten feet I jumped at him. I sailed through the air bringing the horns down upon him. He stared at me stunned that I was attacking head on. Or maybe he saw a pretty cloud? I don't know really. That was the chance I needed.

The horns hit right were I wanted them to. I drove the two horns right through his chest. I smiled as he started disintergrating in front of me as I landed hard on the concrete road. He gave one last angry roar and turned to a nice lovely pile of dust. His horns landed next to me. Just before I passed out a thought came to me and I knew what to do with the horns.

I woke maybe fifteen minutes later. I saw a man standing over me smiling way too brightly. "Holy Zeus," I yelled. I heard the thunder as I jumped right off the bed and landed hard on the carpeted floor. Wait. Carpeted floor? I asked myself. I looked around and gasped as I saw myself on my bedroom floor. Well mostly my bedroom floor. I noticed that everything was the same that I left it. Except one corner of the room. In that corner was a crib. A Sea green crib. I was confused for a minute but decided to talk to mom about it.

I jumped again as someone cleared their throat. I whirl to see a sunny smiling Apollo. "My, my Percy. I can't finish healing you with you on the floor. Now get back on the bed and let examine you." Apollo smirked. I glared at him.

" What do you expect? I woke up and you standing over me like a stalker," I retorted. Apollo's glare was more playful than angry.

"I am not a stalker," He whined a little. He sounded like a child.

I snorted, "Sure, then tell me what you are doing watching your sisters hunters as they bath? Working on your poetry?" I asked the lasr one sarcastically. To be honest I didn't think he did that. But I laughed loudly as I looked at his face. He actually looked ashamed for a second. "I was joking Apollo. I swear I won't tell Artemis unless threatened by death or to be turned into a jack lope." I said reassuring him. I sat on the bed quickly so I could see my mother.

"Thank you Percy," Apollo said nervously. "She would kill me and castrate me and I have that on the last thing I want to happen to me list." He joked. I laughed wincing as a pain shot through my side. "Oh right hang on a sec," Apollo said quickly noticing my pain. He touched my forehead and a warm glow enveloped me slowly. As it faded I felt better. No pain. Apollo smiled and said, "There. My job is done. Also be expecting a visit from my brother soon so he get some info on your new weapons."

"Weapons?" I asked.

"Yes. Poseidon and Hephaestus wanted to give you more than just one weapon. We already know the sword. We just need to know what kind you want and what other weapons and how you want them to be." Apollo explained to.

"Thank you cousin. Is my mom and step dad home?"

"Nope. They will be back soon though. They had to go to the hospital last night. Luckily my son was there and he helped them. You will be happy to know cousin that you now have a baby sister. Her name is Aurora Blofis. Congratulations." He laughed at my expression. "You look like a fish out of water Percy." He said before walking out my bedroom door and flashing out. I sat there for a few minutes before standing up.

I had a truly happy smile on my face for the first time in a long time. I have a baby sister. Maybe it would be best for me to stay at camp now and only come to visit. I won't put my family in danger because I want to stay near them. I knew I had questions for Chiron but I would wait for later. Also I knew I was hungry.

I went to the kitchen and found some microwaveable burritos and popped them in the microwave. A minute and a half later and the timer went off. I opened the microwave door and felt the burritos. I grumbled about stupid broken microwaves. The burritos were still cold.

"Let me see that boy and I'll fix it." Came a gruff voice behind me. I whirled, my heart racing as reached for a kitchen knife only to stop as I saw Hephaestus standing there. He looked exactly like I saw him in the Labrynth. An overall grease monkey. He frowned slightly as if he read my mind. But the frown disappeared.

I bowed quickly. "Hello Lord Hephaestus. It is good to see you," I said politly. Knowing my knack for pissing the gods off I decided to be as polite as possible. Especially since Hephaestus was making me weapons himself.

"Stand straight boy I aint got all day." Hephaestus said. He moved over to the microwave and disassembled it quickly. Within a minute he had it put back together and he pressed the quick start minute button and when the microwave went off my burritos were nice and hot. "There. I love to see a good machine working," Hephaestus said fondly. I ate quickly offering him a soda and drinking one of my own. As I finished he cleared his throat. "Let's talk weapons boy." He said. "You can ask for five weapons. Each weapon will be blessed by one god of your choice."

I thought for a minute thinking of what I would want. I smiled as I figured out what I wanted in a weapon. "May I get a celestial bronze staff blessed by my father?" Hephaestus nodded writing it down. I wanted this staff and I wanted it blessed by his father so that when in doubt I could use it as a way to create earthquakes better and control my water powers even better. Hephaestus wrote down my reasoning so that my father would understand.

"I would also like a crossbow blessed by Artemis so that the arrow tips would be made of silver just in case he came across Lycaon's pack. I also think having different metals in my weapons will help in case I can't use another one against my foe." Hephaestus nodded but he had a worried look in his eyes. I knew what was wrong. I knew Artemis would blow a gasket when she heard a man asked for her blessing.

"I would also like a Stygian Iron javelin blessed by Hades. I feel that being able to absorb a monsters essence can be very helpful in the long run." Hephaestus smiled a little. I didn't know why but I guessed it had to do with forging different metals. "Wait here a second please." I said. Hephaestus looked curious but nodded. I went to my room right quick and came back with the two horns from the minotaur.

"Is it possible to makes these horns into a set of two daggers?" I asked. "And can they be blessed by Hermes so that my speed and endurance can be better?"

"Of course I can. They are an interesting weapon choice though," Hephaestus said.

"Why do you say that?" I asked. "Are they a bad choice?"

"No not at all. I meant that the minotaur's horn when crafted and made into a weapon can grant the user the same strength, maybe even more strength than the minotaur." Hephaestus said. I was shocked. I never heard that before and I thought it was awesome.

"Thank you Lord Hephaestus. Now for my final weapon. Would you be able to bless it so that I can control fire when I need it?" I asked.

"Very well boy I can do that. Now tell me what kind of sword you want," He said.

I thought for a second. At first I didn't know what kind of sword I wanted. As I went through the list of swords in my head that I knew of. I wanted something different. Something that made it stood out. Then the sword that I wanted hit me mentally. It was a sword type that always intrigued me.

"Lord Hephaestus I would like my sword to be a Katana. Slim sleek and deadly. Is that possible? Can it be made out of Imperial Gold?" I asked hopefully. He was in thought for a moment. Then he smiled like a kid in a toy store.

"I can make that with no problems my boy," He said. I sighed in relief happy that my request can be fulfilled. "I can have them done in about a week from now. Now I must go. I will have Hermes deliver them to you in one week. By the way your Pegasus is on the roof to take you to camp once you are done catching up with your family. Goodbye Perseus Jackson." Before I could say thanks I closed my eyes so that I didn't die when he flashed out. Before I could do anything else I heard the lock click in front door and I heard my mother and Paul outside the door. They were in for a nice surpriseā€¦

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