A blue-gray she-cat sat under a starry tree with a ragged gray she-cat. "Where has the time gone?" The gray she-cat spoke up. The blue cat turned and glared at her "Time hasn't gone too far but I have a message". "Yes, what is it, Bluestar?" the gray cat asked.

Bluestar looked down as a white cat came bounding toward them. The gray cat shifted

her paws as the white warrior's ear twitched. "Now Yellowfang, you don't have to fear evey single cat here." The white cat meowed. Yellowfang looked up "Well, at least I'm not so mouse-brained that I trust everyone, Whitestorm!" she shot back .Bluestar looked up "We're wasting moonlight now so there is no time to bicker like kits!". Whitestorm looked down at his paws but Yellowfang just snorted. "A black cat will come and will change the Forest" Bluestar meowed. "I thought black cats bring bad luck!" Whitestorm fretted. "That doesn't mean there isn't a chance this cat will be bad." Bluestar continued.

Yellowfang glanced around" "What is this cat suppose to bring upon the clans?" Yellowfang asked. Bluestar looked down and sighed "I don't know who the cats is or what he or she will do but the cat will change the warrior code forever" Bluestar got up and walked away will her friends behind her. Yellowfang looked back "Whoever this cat is, let the black cat bring luck". Snowfur lead the 3 cats back into StarClan camp.