Chapter 1: The Fire (Part one)

Squirrelflight dropped the branch. "Help me push it into the fire, Ashfur!" Squirrelflight yowled. Ashfur gasped the branch in his powerful jaws and flung past the wall off lapping flames and into where Hollyleaf and her brothers where. Ashfur's eyes filled with something Hollyleaf didn't understand but she braced herself. Ashfur stood at the end of the branch, blocking the way out. Hollyleaf stepped toward the branch but paused. She felt a cold weigh creep into her belly as she looked at Ashfur's glimmering eyes. Squirrelflight's eyes filled withy confusion "Ashfur, get out of the way! L-Let them out!" she meowed puzzled. Ashfur glared at her for a moment but then sneered "Brambleclaw isn't here to look after them now!" What? Hollyleaf bristled. Her brother, Lionblaze stood up "What have you done with my father?" he howled through the hungry flames. Ashfur eyed him and meowed slowly "Why would I waste my time with Brambleclaw" Hollyleaf glanced around; her nose was filling with smoke. Please Ashfur, let us go! She silently pleaded. Squirrelflight got up and got face to face with Ashfur. Her fur with bristling with fury as if she was fighting a warrior. "Your quarrel with Brambleclaw must stop! Too many moons have pasted and you need to know I am Brambleclaw's mate, not yours." Squirrelflight hissed as her tail twitched. Ashfur's ears flicked in surprised "I have no quarrel with Brambleclaw and plus I couldn't care less about Brambleclaw. It's not his fault he fell for a faithless furball." Faithless? Hollyleaf began to growl but she stopped as she watched the two cats: One her mother and the other, a nut.