right then, here it is. the new chapter short, and i would post again but i don't have much of a back log set up as I would like so i'm sorry, all you get is one chapter.


A common misconception among humans is what spirits do in the other plan.

Which is, nothing.

One does not do, one Exists until one is rudely intrupted by humans.

Once again the tug of a summoning started to caresed my essence like fish hooks just before they latch into place and start to pull, but, it was off. (1)

It was less an order and more,, A request? This was diffrent. What ever circle that wizard was useing, it was diffrent from any thing from the last ten thousand years.

Once more,, the words seemed off as well. (2), like the summoner was requesting me not demanding.

Well, it seems at that moment I had what every spirit dreamed of, a choice. Go to the human world. Or not.

On the one hand, I HATE being summoned, all the pain, orders and demands,(3) ugh. on the other,,,

well, the other hand has me highly curious about this, summonings. It, rings some chimes and stirs up, ideas that my cynical side had long since had burryed and floated down a river a long, long, long, (4) time ago.

So what was I to do?

Ohh, I am just know I'm going to regret this.

I went for it.

Sudden the magic 'back rubs' turned into tourment.

It was like being pulled though a screen, or a sieve, summoning was never pleasant don't get me wrong but it was like I was being ripped in half, like the Other Plane did not want to let me go.

For seconds or years my essence was torn between answering the summoning and the pull of the Other Plane till, like a rubber band I shot toward the summing.

There are four elemental walls that exist between the Other Plane your world. In no order, (5) they are.

Fire: solid sheet of the very IDEA of fire, of heat of the opposite of entropy. Enough heat to roast a turkey in 0.000124 seconds. (6)

Water: a wall of water, of the depth of the sea, enough water to drown the world eight times over and still have enough left over for a few thousand moons.

Air: a storm that makes any mortal concept of bad worth look down right tepid. Of winds a thousand miles strong and a blazeing storm of lighting and thunder.

Earth: a solid wall of crushing stone like a mountain, only MORE then any mountain (7) range in the world put together.

Each time a spirit is summoned we have to break though those gates. But this time, there was a fifth.

The magic that was unwillingly (8) draging me was now pulling me to a fifth wall.

Unlike the others which were all 'something' this one was notable because it was 'nothing'.

Literately. Take the most absent vacume, the darkest pit, deepest cave, the stuff holes are made of and you would not get close to what this was, or was not.

It was nothing the darkest pit of oblvion at least was a pit, this was true, compleat, nothingness.

And I was going right toward it.

Had I a mouth, I would have screemed as I entered the boundery.

1 had I a face I would have qunched my eye brows.

2 if my,, non ears were right it it was somthing along the lines of "I beg of servant who lives somewhere in the universe!", odd right?

3 go over here! Go over there! Lift that bail, sort my mail! I've done it all.

4 with a few more longs on top of that.

5 literly. The other plane is the anthisis of order.

6 and turn it to plasma in 0.000125 seconds

7 including the underwater ones

8 even more then I was normaly was.