Chapter 1: The Investigator

Ash was traveling the Hoenn region with two new friends May and her little brother Max. And of course the Pokemon Breeder Brock.

As they walked along a road in hopes getting to Rustboro City. Ash was hoping to get there so he can have a gym battle.

Hey Max when do we arrive at Rustboro City?" Ash asked the young boy. "Well let me take a look at my Navigator." The young boy. As Max looked at his Navigator, he noticed a sign next to the road.

"Hey what's this sign say?" He asked. Ash and others looked at the sign.

"The sign says there is a Pokemon Gym with strongest Pokemon in the world." Ash said as he also noticed a silhouette picture of Pokemon.

"Hmm let's check this gym out you guys." The Trainer said. "Okay lets go you guys!" Ash said in exciting voice.

Ash and his friends made their way to the Gym. As they arrived at the Gym a young boy came rushing out and falling to his knees. "Hey what's wrong?" Ash asked the young Trainer.

"Oh man its crazy and can't be possible, that's not a normal Pokemon!" The Boy shouted and then he ran off.

"Do you think that he just lost the worlds most powerful Pokemon?" Brock asked the gang. As they turned around a young woman with long black hair and yellow eyes. And she was wearing a long purple dress with the black leather jacket and on her face was round glasses. Ash walked to her.

"Who are you miss?" He asked the woman.

"Hmm? Who are you and what are you doing," She asked. Ash told the girl that he was here to battle the gym leader. "I see well that's why I'm here too." She replied. Ash was going to ask her another question but Brock suddenly ran up to her causing him to bump Ash down on trail.

"Hi I'm Brock and you're beautiful! I'd cook anything for you I.." Brock soon dragged by his shirt by Max. "Come on stop." Max groaned.

"Well my name is Shino and I'm also here for a reason." She answered. "Really and what reason is that?" May asked the young woman.

"You'll find out soon." She replied as she walked right up to the gym.

Ash and his friends followed the mysterious woman. "What do you think she's up to?" Max asked. "I don't know Max but maybe she's a Trainer too." May said to her brother.

Ash and his friends looked around along with Shino. Suddenly a man with a Pokemon came out of nowhere.

"Hello challengers my name is Anthony and this my Pokemon Pelipper!" He said looking confident.

Ash walked up to the gym leader.

"Hi my name is Ash and these are my friends May, Max and Brock." He said. "Hi!" The Gang said.

Anthony soon noticed Shino. "Hello miss." The gym leader said to the beautiful young woman.

"Hi my name is Shino and I'm here for a battle." She answered. "See I told you she was a Trainer Max." May whispered.

Max didn't answer her as he stood silent. "Well I accept your challenge." Anthony said.

Ash and his friends sat on a bench. "Man I was going to ask him for a battle!" Ash groaned. "Relax Ash at least we'll see at what makes this Pelipper the strongest Pokemon at this gym." May said to the Trainer.

"Lets begin this battle go Pelipper!" Anthony called out as the water bird Pokemon flew.

"Hmm lets go Gardevoir!" Shino called out. "Whoa what Pokemon is that?" Ash asked himself as he got out his Pokedex.

The Pokedex scanned. Gardevoir the Embrace Pokemon. Gardevoir has the psychokinetic power to distort the dimensions and create a small black hole.

'I wonder what attacks this Gardevoir knows?" May asked. "Well May Gardevoir is Psychic Pokemon. Therefore it can use Psychic attacks." Max said.

"Well lets get this battle going! Pelipper use Wing Attack!" Anthony called out. The Water Bird flew at the Embrace Pokemon. "Use Double Team!" Shino called out. The Embrace Pokemon started create a team of itself. Pelipper looked around wondering where the real Gardevoir is. "Man this will be tough." Anthony said quietly.

"Hmm use Thunderbolt!" Shino called out. The Embrace Pokemon let out a electric jolt at the Water Bird Pokemon. " Use Thunder!" Anthony called out. "What did he say?" Ash asked looking confused. "Pelipper can't use Thunder." Max said looking also confused.

A jolt of electric came right out of Pelipper's mouth.

As two electric attacks collided it caused a explosion. "Whoa there attacks are even." May said. "This battle is just begining now use Vine Whip now!" Anthony called out. "What now Thunder and now Vine Whip. What's going on here?!" Max shouted. "Use Light Screen!" Shino called out. The Embrace Pokemon created a yellow barrier which halved the damage.

"Well try this on for size use Flamethrower!" The gym leader called out. Shino just smiled which Anthony noticed.

"Hold on Pelipper can't use Flamethrower." Max said looking even more confused. Brock looked at Shino who also noticed that she was smiling.

"Use Psychic." Shino said. The Embrace Pokemon eyes glowed as the fire attack was sent back to Pelipper. "Oh no!" Anthony said looking shocked. The fire attack fried the Water Bird Pokemon. "Now use Psychic again but this time turn Pelipper upside down." Shino ordered her Pokemon.

Once again the Embrace Pokemon eyes glowed as it flipped the Water Bird Pokemon upside down and coming out of Pelipper's Beak was a Bellsprout, Magnemite, and Magby.

"What's this?" Ash asked. May, Max and Brock got up wondering where did the Bellsprout, Magnemite, and Magby came from.

"Just I suspected." Shino spoke up. "Wait how did you know about this?" Max asked the young woman.

Shino reached into her leather jackets pocket and holding was ID Card. "I'm a Pokemon Investigator." She replied.

Ash and his friends were shocked but confused.

"Why is a Pokekmon Investigator like you doing here?" Brock asked. "Two days ago a female trainer told about this non gym having a Pelipper that uses different attack moves well it sounded strange so I came here to see why was this Pokemon able to use different type moves." Shino explained.

"So what are you are going to do Anthony's gym?" Max asked. "I'm afraid I have no choice but to close down his gym forever." Shino proclaimed. The group gasped.

"No please Ms Shino I didn't mean any harm I just wanted to have the most powerful Pokemon." Anthony said falling on his knees. "That's no excuse for what you did. It was dishonest so I'm going to have shut down your gym." Shino replied with serious look. Ash and his friends stepped in.

"Look Shino I know what Anthony did was dishonest but closing down his gym sounds wrong." Ash said. "He's right I mean if you shut down his gym Anthony and his Pelipper are going to live on the streets." Max exclaimed. "Yeah I mean I'm sure Anthony is sincere so give him another chance." May said. "Please Shino give Anthony another chance." Brock begged.

Shino sighed and just about to give them answer when three robots hands snatched Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Pelipper. "Hey what's going?!" Shino asked.

"Prepare for trouble."

"We're Team Rocket make it double!"

"To protect world from devastation!"

"To unit all people within our nation

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach of the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blast of to the speed of light!"

"So surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth that's right!"

"Team Rocket!" Ash shouted. "Give back Pikachu!" Shino wasn't familair with Team Rocket. Anthony stepped in. "Hey give back my Pelipper!" He shouted.

"Sorry twerps but Pikachu, Gardevoir and Pelipper are ours." Jessie said with a grin. "Right so Cacnea!" James said throwing a Pokeball. Cacnea appeared but then went to hug James. "Hey let me go and attack the twerps with Pin Missile!"

The Cactus Pokemon Shot out sharp pins right at them. Shino then stepped in. "Go Xatu and use Light Screen!" She said throwing a Pokeball. The Mystic Pokemon created a light wall that blocked Cacnea's attack. "Whoa what Pokemon is that?" May asked as she got out her Pokedex. "Xatu the Mystic Pokemon this Pokemon is a Flying and Psychic Pokemon and it can also can see both the past and Future." The Dex explained.

"Wow I heard that Pokemon is from the Johto Region?" Max said looking amazed. "I'll help to Shino go Magby, Magnemite, and Bellsprout!" Anthony called out. Three Pokemon that were in Pelipper's beak were ready to battle. Shino looked at him and smiled. "Arrgh Seviper use Poison Tail on Bellsprout!" Jessie commanded. Seviper began to power up it's attack. "Magnemite use Super Sonic!" Anthony commanded.

The Magnet Pokemon let out of sonic wave at the Snake Fang Pokemon causing it to get confused. "No Seviper!" Jessie yelled. "Cacnea get in there and use Pin Missile!" James commanded. Cacnea shot out pins. "Magby use Flamethrower!" The non Gym Leader commanded.

Magby blew it's fire attack that burnt Cacnea's Pin Missile. "Uh oh." James muttered. Meowth then charged at Magby. Go Bellsprout use Razor Leaf!" Anthony commanded. The Flower Pokemon swung sharp leaves at Meowth sending him flying back to Team Rocket's balloon. Shino then took out another Pokeball. "Go Venusaur!"

The Seed Pokemon appeared. "Whoa that's a Venusaur!" Max proclaimed. "Go Venusaur use Razor Leaf on the robots arms!" Shino commanded. The Seed Pokemon launched a bunch of sharp leaves at the robots arms and broke them. Ash caught Pikachu. Pelipper flew back to Anthony and Shino called back Gardevoir.

"Go Pikachu use Thunderbot!" Ash commanded. "Magnemite use Thunderbolt too!" Anthony commanding the same attack. The two Electric Pokemon let out their attacks causing the robot to explode and send Team Rocket flying. "Looks like we're blasting off again!" They screamed.

Ash and his friends cheered but then looked back at Shino and Anthony.

"Look Shino I'm sorry and you're right what I did was dishonest. So I"ll shut down my gym." Anthony said starting to get teary eyed. "There's no need for that." Shino responded. Anthony and the gang looked at her at what she said.

"I"m grateful that you saved my Pokemon Gardevoir so I"m going to let you off the hook in words I'll give you another chance." She said with smile. Anthony and his Pokemon jumped with joy. "Oh I have an idea instead of your gym having the worlds most powerful Pokemon how about you have the worlds most powerful Pokemon Team." She said. "So you're suggesting a Pokemon Team would make my gym excited for challengers to come and battle me," He asked. Shino nodded.

"Hmm that's great idea, so Magby, Magnemite,and Bellsprout how would you all like to be part of my team?" Anthony asked the other Pokemon. The three Pokemon smiled which meant they would like to join him.

Anthony and Pelipper ran to hug their new teammates. "Well looks like everything worked out." Max said. "Yeah." Ash agreed. Brock then ran over to Shino and started to flirt with her. "Come on Brock stop it." Max said dragging his friend by his shirt.

Shino began to walk away. "Hey Shino thank you for giving Anthony another chance." May said. "Yeah that was very generous." Ash said agreeing with May's statement. Shino smiled at them and waved good bye. Brock let out tears as his friends sweatdropped.

Ash and his friends left as they waved good bye to Anthony and his Pokemon Team.

The End