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The fifteen years old silver-haired boy put on his stoic expression as he looked inside the crib into the cerulean orbs of the small baby girl that was just born a few days ago, probably one of the few who were born from the Organization. She had soft-looking, reddish brown hair. Curiosity and innocence reflected in her eyes would soon be replaced by cold and impassive eyes, as the dog of the Organization.

"Miyano Shiho? Not bad…" Gin muttered.

Sherry's seven years old older sister, Miyano Akemi, was smiling at her lovingly.

"It's not just 'not bad', it is a wonderful name!" She scolded him

He shrugged and left.

Their parents left them when Shiho was merely a few months of age and Akemi was the one who raised her little sister until she was five years old and they were separated soon after.

Now twenty years of age, Gin was the one who was responsible of keeping an eye on the little girl. Still quite ignorant of the outside world, Shiho never talked much with him. But he knew, if not more than anyone, that she was a bright child. Mostly they would just spend time together, not talking while Shiho read some easy science books and Gin maintaining his guns. It was weird that he had to be the one to raise the little girl since it's normally a woman's job.

But the Boss insisted on entrusting him with the task.

Around three years later was when Shiho earned the codename 'Sherry', around the time she was finally sent to America to study. It would be a waste if they didn't utilize her intelligence properly so she was sent to the best school. And she might be the youngest person who received a codename in the age of eight.

As expected, Gin was sent along with her as her guardian.

When Sherry was ten years old, Gin taught her how to use a gun. He knew she wouldn't be admitted to the Assassination Division but she still needed to at least learn basic self-defense and shooting is a basic self-defense in the Organization.

Sherry more or less mastered the gun shooting in one year, quite unexpected for a child.

Each year, there were new things she would learn. The girl never ceased to surprise him. And he would buy her a present for each of her achievement just to receive a smile from her.

Sherry graduated from the university on age 14 and went back to Japan afterwards, to continue her parents' abandoned project of APTX-4869.

And on age 18, she left the Organization as a traitor.

Chap 7. The Only Two

Shiho was reading a fashion magazine on the hospital bed when Shinichi was about to go to school. He went to check on her before school and now that he was ensured that she's alright, he would be going to school.

"Wait, Kudo-kun."

He turned around.

She closed the magazine she's reading and looked at him in the eyes, "Remember this, and I mean it this time. Do not ever mention my name when Mouri-san is around. Understood?" she said before she returned to reading the magazine again.

"I can't believe you can be that insensitive as to talk about other woman with your girlfriend on your first date and even end up buying something to other woman while at it!" she ranted.

Shinichi seemed a little annoyed but he agreed after all, not wanting to disobey her. "Hai, hai." Then he got out of the room, mumbling things like "What's her problem?"

After she was sure that the detective had left, she closed the magazine once more. Slowly, her hand reached to the necklace around her neck, caressing the small black wing as she scowled. A tint of blush made its way to her cheeks and she mumbled,


"I have club activity today so you can go home ahead, Shinichi!" Ran said as she bid goodbye to him and left to her clubroom.

He waved goodbye at him with a smile and shoved his palm into his pocket before he walked away, another hand holding his schoolbag. The weather had begun to warm since spring is coming. He thought of taking Ran to see sakura when they time comes. Perhaps he would bring Shiho with him too, if she still had time…

Looking at the grey sky, Shinichi sighed.

Shiho… she would be gone in only a few weeks. Sometimes he wanted to punch himself for confessing to Ran this soon. He should have just spent time with Shiho until the end of her life before confessing to Ran. Right now, she needed him more than Ran did.

Shiho would die…

Just the thought of it suffocated him.

Sometimes he wanted to cry but as a man, he mustn't. And he didn't want Shiho to worry more than she already did. That girl just might kill herself and he wouldn't want that.

He shook off the thought and continued to walk to the hospital.

What he saw when he entered Shiho's room shocked him to no end.

Just a mere sight of a nurse cleaning up the room and the absence of the patient was enough to make him stop breathing. As he built up courage to ask the nurse,

"Excuse me, may I ask where Miyano Shiho who's been staying in this room is?"

"Miyano-san? She is—"

"My, my, fancy meeting here, Kudo Shinichi."

Upon hearing his name being called by a slightly familiar voice, Shinichi turned and was face-to-face with Hakuba Saguru, a detective he had been cooperating with once, though the Hakuba Saguru from that time was actually Kaito Kid in disguise so he might not remember about that. But how did he know his name, then?

"Could you be looking for Miyano Shiho?"

The name caught his attention and Shinichi quickly gripped Saguru's upper arms.

"Where is she?" he asked frantically. "D-don't tell me—"

"Ara, he does look pale. What did you do to him, Hakuba-kun?" it was Shiho's voice there's no doubt about it. And as urgent, Shinichi turned to look at the girl, examining her from head to toe to make sure she's fine.

He let out a long sigh of relief before he lightly hugged the girl.

"Don't scare me like that…" he whispered.

"I don't remember ever doing anything to scare you, though. What happened, exactly?" she asked, still puzzled by the situation.

"Nothing, Miyano-san, I just asked the nurse to clean your room since you're going to be discharged soon but it seems like Kudo-kun got the wrong idea." Saguru smirked. Obviously, he did that on purpose. Oh, how Shinichi wanted to punch that handsome face of his.

"I see…" Shiho nodded. "You hear that, Kudo-kun? Now let go of me. What will everyone think if they saw us? Seriously, you should be more considerate," she said in monotone.

Relief flooded him and he finally let go of the girl.

"Where's Hakase?" he asked.

"He's at home, preparing to leave for Hokkaido to distribute his newest invention."

"What?! He's just going to leave you behind like that?"

"I told him not to worry. Since he'll only be gone for three days anyway, I'm sure I can manage."

"Don't underestimate your disease! Dammit, I'll be staying at your place!"

"Huh? Are you okay in the head, Mr. Detective? I might let Edogawa Conan stay but definitely not Kudo Shinichi!" she crossed her arms, glaring at him.

"What? What's the difference?"

She frowned and messaged her temple before she shook her head and sighed. "You really don't get it, do you? Edogawa Conan is a kid while Kudo Shinichi isn't. And don't forget you have a girlfriend. What will she think of me if I let you stay at my house, just the two of us? Would you for once think it over before deciding anything? Good grief…" she whined.

"Don't worry. Ran will understand!" he grinned.

She groaned in impatience sighed roughly before speaking once again, "I don't want her to understand. I want you to open your eyes to reality that you have a girlfriend and shouldn't be spending more time with another girl. Oh God, you lack common sense!"

"But you're my best friend. What's wrong with spending time with you?"

Shiho was taken aback by the word 'best friend'. Well, she never did once think that he considered her his best friend.

"D-do as you please!" she turned around, preventing him from seeing her slightly reddening cheeks.

"Speaking of which, Miyano-san, why are you not riding your wheelchair?" Saguru butted in.

"What? What wheelchair?" Shinichi asked dumbly.

"I don't like that wheelchair. It makes me look vulnerable and unable to take care of myself. Just a little anemia won't kill me anyway," she answered coldly.

"Wait, you have anemia?"

"Yes. What's with it?"

"Why didn't you tell me anything? You didn't get any blood donor?"

"It's not like that. It's just… no one's blood matches mine. I can't just get random blood donor."

Shinichi frowned, noticing the color of her lips.

"Your lips are pale…"

"I have anemia so it's obvious."

"I can give you blood donor." He grinned.

"I told you my blood matches no one's. Probably the effect of consuming AP…TX…" her voice trailed off when she could finally understand the meaning behind that smug grin of his. "No, Kudo-kun. Don't even think of that." She warned.

"Why not? You told me once yourself that we are the only beings in this world that are anatomically identical. It explains why your blood matches no one's too. Since you said so yourself too, that the drug reconstructed our bodily function so we can only get donors from each other. Right?" he explained wisely.

"I'm impressed you still remember that…" she said in monotone, sounding uninterested. "But it's okay. I don't think I need any blood donor for now. I'll be fine after a proper rest so let's go home."

"Are you sure?"

"I am."

"Alright, then. But tell me when you're not feeling well."


Once they excused themselves to Saguru who seemed to not be paying any attention to their conversation, they went out of the hospital, Shinichi hailed a cab and they rode home to the Agasa household. They arrived just in time when Hakase had just finished packing his things and was about to depart.

"Don't eat high-calorie food, don't sleep late and remember to give me a call once you've arrived there." She crossed her arms. Hakase laughed nervously and nodded.

"I think that's it. Have a safe trip," she smiled and gave him a hug before waving him good-bye.

"I'll be back in three days. I'm counting on you to watch the house, Ai-kun. And Shinichi-kun, I'm counting on you to watch over Ai-kun." He said before he hit the gas and made his way to the airport before Shiho could say any word of protest.

"Geez! I told him I can take care of myself!" Shiho scoffed.

Shinichi snickered, "Now that Hakase told me that, I can't possibly leave you alone in the house, right? Wait inside, I'll get my things in a sec!" he burst out of the Agasa's, not even waiting to see Shiho's reaction.

Shiho, who was petrified on her spot, at last groaned and sighed, "Men in my life…" she murmured in exasperation before getting inside the house.

Shinichi threw himself on Hakase's bed. He would be using this bed for another three days so he might as well adapt now.

He had put his things aside and had taken a bath, plus he had finished the dinner Shiho made him so taking a nap wouldn't be a bad idea, too. As he rolled about on the bed, he didn't realize that he had grown very drowsy that he fell asleep the next second.

When Shiho finished washing the dishes, she went to the bed and saw the detective sound asleep on Hakase's bed.

Sighing, she fixed his sleeping position and tucked in the blanket to cover him.

Smiling, she then prepared to sleep herself.

She slightly hugged her arms. It felt slightly chilly these days, probably because of the anemia.

Wanting to warm herself, she slid into the bed and tucked the blanket below her chin before she comfortably drifted into sleep.

Half an hour after sleeping, she felt awkwardly cold despite the fact that she had been diving into the blanket even further. Her body started trembling, her lips felt dry and broken. Clutching her blanket even tighter around her chest, to cease the cold and trembling.

"…Haibara, are you cold?"

Shiho's eyes slowly fluttered open and she slowly turned around to meet his worried eyes.

He was crouching beside her bed.

"A little…" she answered. Her voice slightly trembled.

"Being dishonest again, aren't you? You look too unwell to be only a little cold," he said as he removed her blanket and lay beside her before covering them with the blanket again.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing, Kudo-kun?" she stuttered. Her voice trembled for a whole different reason when his arms found themselves around her waist and brought her closer. Her palms found themselves on her chest, trying to keep the distance between them.

"What are you doing? You're cold, right? I'm trying to warm you up."

"What?! There are a lot of other ways to warm me up so let go!" she tried to push him away but to no avail. And worse, he even pulled her closer she could feel his warmth spreading around her body involuntarily.

"Just stop struggling for once!" he groaned.

She stopped her effort sighed in exasperation.

"Good girl." He grinned while playfully patting her head, much to her annoyance.

"Let go of your goddamned hand, Kudo-kun." She glared.

He laughed nervously and removed his hand from her head.

Knowing that struggling would be futile, Shiho gave in and rested her head on the detective's chest, seeking for more warmth. Unconsciously, she snuggled closer. Shinichi smiled at this. At least this girl was being honest for once.

"Thank you, Kudo-kun…"

He smiled.

"Sweet dream, Haibara…"

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