Brianna's point of view, Christmas Eve:

I brushed out my long hair before I put it up in a simple bun, leaving a few strains of hair loose as I sat at my vanity. Just as I went out to pull out my make-up, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," I called out, looking at the door through the mirror.

The door opened with Mom and Dad entering, and Mom closed it behind them. Both of them were dressed up; Mom had a on simple black cocktail dress while Dad wore slacks and a button down dress shirt.

"We wanted to give you something before dinner," Mom said, holding a small, square gift.

"Oh? I thought we were giving gifts in the morning." I turned toward them.

"This was something we wanted to give when it's just the three of us," Dad said.

I accepted the gift from Mom. After tearing off the Christmas tree themed wrapping paper, I opened the black box. Inside was a charm bracelet with two charms on it: a blow dryer and the Cullen crest. My hand flew up to my mouth as tears filled my eyes. I'd wanted something with the crest on it.

"Oh, it's perfect." I stood, letting the tears fill my eyes as I reached for Mom. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, sweetie." Mom pulled me close to her.

I cried as she held me, nearly sobbing as I felt Dad wrap his arms around both of us. My parents were so good to me. They'd taken me in and adopted me. Dad was paying for school and wouldn't hear of me paying him back. Both Mom and Dad were open to talk about anything and everything. I didn't deserve great parents like them. I was too broken and damaged.

"We love you so much, Brianna," Mom said as if she could read my thoughts, hear the doubts running through my mind. "Thank you for being our daughter."

"We never thought we'd have more children, Brianna," Dad added, and I pulled far enough away to look up at them. "Especially with the size of our family now, we thought we wouldn't adopt anymore, but we're so honored for you to be our child."
"I don't know what I'd do without you two," I said, brushing my tears away. "You've given me so much, and I don't feel like I deserve loving parents like you."

"Oh, we love you so much, darling." Dad kissed my head. "We're honored to have you as a part of our family."

"Thank you. I love you, Daddy." I reached up to kiss his cheek, and he held me close to him.

"I love you so much, my daughter." I felt him kiss the top of my hair again.

"I love you, Mom." I gave Mom a kiss on her cheek, earning one in return.
"I love both of you." Mom stroked my cheek. "Do you need help putting our bracelet on?"

"Sure." I grinned as I pulled out my new bracelet and handed it to her. "It's so cute."

"And you'll be getting a few more charms tomorrow," Mom said as she clasped it around my wrist.

"Thank you. I love it." I ran my fingers over the cool metal.

"I saw it and thought of you," Mom said. "Your father thought to add the crest."

"Thank you." I kissed both of their cheeks again.

"You're welcome. Well, we'd better let you get ready for dinner. We'll see you soon, sweetie," Dad said, kissing me on the cheek one more time.

"All right, Dad." I hugged him. "I'll be down soon."

I smiled, watching my parents walk away and feeling blessed to have them.

Rosalie's point of view:

I stood in the doorway of my daughter's room, watching the sunlight start to shine through the room as the sun came up. The light splashed across her face as she slept. A year ago, I didn't have a daughter; and now I'd been blessed in the way that I never thought possible. Her peach colored skin glowed as the rays of the sun hit her skin. Her little lips were slightly open as she snored softly. A contented sigh ran through her as she turned over.

"You two are so beautiful," Emmett said as he approached me. His large arms wrapped around my waist and my back pressed against his broad chest, making me feel safe and content. "On our wedding night, I never thought you'd be more beautiful, but seeing you as the mother of my child …" His lips caressed my neck.

I grinned, running my hands over the muscle of his forearms. "I love you, Emmett." I turned in his arms and kissed him soundly. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Merry Christmas." His breath hit my lips. His eyes were dark with lust and desire, as well as love that he felt for me.

"Merry Christmas." I smiled up at him as his hand ran through my hair. "Christmas with our daughter."

"Yes." His fingers ran under my chin. "Our daughter."

"Sometimes it doesn't seem real." I hugged him and put my head on his chest where his heart was. Rumbling came from his chest; a sign that he was contented.

"I know, baby." He laughed softly. "You're the best mom in the world."

"Thank you." I kissed him again. "I can't imagine raising my daughter with anyone else, Emmett."

I pulled him down for a kiss, getting lost in his touch.

"Mommy?" Arian asked behind me.

"Yes, my love?" I pulled away from Emmett and turned around, still in my husband's arms, to see our daughter sitting up in bed. Her hair was tousled and she rubbed her eyes.

"Is it Christmas day now?" she asked, her voice thick with sleep.

"It is, baby."

"Oh, it's really Christmas." She clasped her hands and sat up straighter. "Did Santa come?"

"Let's go find out," Emmett said. "I bet I can beat you downstairs."

"No way, Daddy." She pushed with her hands to get out of bed and started to run, pumping her arms. "I'll beat you!"

I laughed as I watched my husband and daughter 'race' down stairs. When they ran down the stairs and into the living room, Arian skidded to a stop. Our parents, siblings, Jacob, Ness, Elizabeth, Billy, and Brady were sitting in the living room already, talking quietly. The conversations stopped when Arian gasped loudly.

"Oh, Santa came! Mommy, look! I really am a good girl," Arian said so loud she was almost yelling as she danced in her spot. "Presents, Daddy!"

We laughed as she raced to the tree and crouched down. We followed our little girl and sat on the floor on either side of her. A huge smile crossed my face as I watched her.

"Santa brought me some books!" Arian lifted up three new books. "Oh, I love to read."

We laughed as she hugged them to her chest.

"Yes, he did, my love." I picked up a doll. "I think this for you too."

"A doll for me?" Her eyes went wide in surprise.

"Boy, Santa must like you, Arian," Emmett said.

"Did he bring anything for Baby Elizabeth, Daddy?" Arian asked. "I don't want her to be sad."

"This is for her, Arian." Emmett handed her a soft baby doll.

Arian left her books and doll on the floor and walked to Ness and Elizabeth.

"Look at what Santa brought you, Baby Elizabeth." She held up the doll to Elizabeth, who blinked rapidly at her new toy.

"Thank you, Arian." Ness took the doll from Arian. "Look at your toy, Elizabeth."

Elizabeth held up her tiny fist to inspect her new toy and she pulled it into her mouth.

"Oh, do the rest of you want to see your presents?" Arian asked, clasping her hands while she looked around at the rest of the family.

"We'd love that, my dear," Carlisle said, smiling at his granddaughter from the couch with his arm wrapped around Esme.

"Okay, Grandpa!" Arian replied. "I got you a present. Um, I'm not sure where though."

"It's this one here, Arian," Alice said, picking up a gift. "We wrapped these, remember?"

"Oh, yeah!" Arian took the gift from Alice and carried it to Carlisle with her tongue sticking out. "Here you are, Grandpa."

"Thank you, my dear," Carlisle replied.

"Open it please." Arian clasped her hands as she watched her grandfather.

He took the gift and tore off the red paper and green bow, opening a black wallet.

"Thank you, Arian. It's lovely." Carlisle kissed Arian's cheek.

"But, Grandpa, you have to open the inside because we put some pictures of us in there. And I put a surprise in there too, Grandpa," Arian insisted.

"Okay, my dear." Carlisle opened the wallet and flipped through the pictures. "Oh, it's all of the grandchildren, even Elizabeth. And I believe I have a dollar in here too."

"I put that in there, Grandpa! A whole dollar." Arian hugged his knee.

"Thank you, my dear." Carlisle danced as he kissed Arian's cheek again.

"Grandma, may I give you your present?" Arian asked, turning to Esme.

"I'd really like that, sweetheart." Esme smiled at Arian as Carlisle put his wallet to the side.

"Okay, Grandma." Arian took the box from Alice. The box was almost the same size as Arian, so she carefully walked across to Esme. "This is a surprise gift, Grandma."

"I can't wait to see what it is, my love." Esme took the gift from Arian.

She opened the paper, careful not to tear it, to reveal a large, white box. Esme lifted a large photo album out of the box.

"Oh, Alice." She smiled as she flipped through the pages.

"Grandma, Aunt Alice, and Aunt Bella, and me, and Abby helped make that for you," Arian said. "Aunt Alice said you'd like the pictures of the family because you love us so much."

Esme laughed gently. "I do love you all so much."

"We love you too, Grandma!" Arian held her arms out to be picked up.

Esme set aside the scrapbook and picked Arian up. She cuddled Arian in her arms while the rest of us started to pass out gifts. For hours we opened presents, revealing books and the latest gadgets. There were many squels of joy and laughter throughout the room. Arian ended up getting a lot toys and, thanks to Alice, clothes that would last her for the coming months. We also gave her a locket with the Cullen crest on the front with the picture of a three of us on the inside.

"Grandma, I need to give Mommy a special gift," Arian whispered.

"All right, my love." Esme kissed Arian's head before putting her down.

Arian scurried over to the tree.

"Mommy, Uncle Edward and I have a special gift for you," Arian said, holding up a silver package that was the size of her hand.

"Okay, my love, let's see it," I said.

"Oh, I'm so excited for you to see it, Mommy!" Arian said eagerly as she clasped her hands. "We worked so hard."

I tore off the paper to reveal the latest iPod.

"Why thank you, Arian." I kissed her cheek.

"But, Mommy, you have to listen to the song on there," Arian argued. "It's special, just for you."

"It's the only song loaded on there," Edward added.


After searching through the menu, I found the song labeled "Ode to Joy". I hit the play button to hear a piano playing.

"Mommy, I'm playing that song," Arian whispered.

"Oh, it sounds lovely, Arian." I kissed her cheeks.

"Mommy, you have to listen to the whole song, okay?" Arian said.

"All right, my sweetheart." I pulled her into my lap and wound my arms around her.

The song played for several more moments. When it ended I got the hugest surprise.

"I love you, Mommy," Arian's voice said from the iPod.

"Oh, Arian," I whispered.

"That was me talking, Mommy," Arian said. "Did you hear me?"

"I did, sweetheart." I sobbed as I hugged her close to me.

"Don't you like it, Mommy? Why are you crying?" Arian patted my back.

"Because I love it so much, Arian. Thank you for the wonderful gift, sweetie." I kissed her cheeks and cuddled her in my arms.

"Merry Christmas, Mommy." She hugged my neck.

"Merry Christmas, my love."

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