Emmett's point of view:

I smiled as I leaned against the doorway of Arian's room while my wife put Arian to bed. I loved this room since it was a typical little girl's room, and Alice had done a great job making it simple. Rosalie carefully placed her in the bed after pulling back the covers, and kissed her forehead before leaving the room. As soon as she reached me, I pulled her into my arms and closed Arian's door.

"I need you," I muttered against Rose's neck. "I've missed you."

"Mmmm, I've missed you too," she replied against my lips as I walked her backward and into our room.

Once we stepped into the room, I slammed the door with my foot. Turning our bodies around, I picked up and pinned Rosalie against the door, causing it to rattle. I groaned when she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me close to her center. I attached her neck and jaw with kisses as my hands gripped her hips. My fingers dug into her skin as I crashed my lips against hers.

I moved my hands up to push her shirt over her head. A growl erupted from my chest as my eyes scanned her perfect chest with no bra. I palmed her left breast as I licked the other one.

"Too … too slow. I need you, Em," she said huskily into my ear.

She reached down to release me from my pants as I tore hers off. I drove into Rose, causing her to groan and roll her head back. I grunted as I thrust into her, and I couldn't believe how good it felt. She'd always felt amazing, even though we've had sex countless times, her tight heat got me every time.

"Oh, faster, Emmett," Rose said, her breath fanning against my skin.

I obliged, moving fast and quick against her.

"Yes, just like that … oh don't stop!"

"Rosalie, I'm so close."

She gasped and I felt her clutch around me. A growl erupted through my chest as I came along with her, and we rode out our orgasms together. I gave her a slow, deep kiss as we came down from our high. I shivered as her fingers ran through my hair.

"I needed that," I told her as I held on her tight while still buried deep inside of her.

"Me too," she said.

"You just want a piece of your baby-daddy," I teased as I pulled out of her and set her on her feet.

Rose rolled her eyes as she removed the rest of her clothes but froze when we heard coughing and vomiting in the next room. Our eyes met briefly before we moved to get clean clothes on. I couldn't move fast enough to get into the other room, and it seemed the same for Rosalie. We rushed from our room and into Arian's thankful that Esme put her room next ours.

The little girl was sitting up, crying, with vomit down the front and on the sheets. Her eyes were filled with pain and fear as she looked up at us. The next moment Rose had her in her arms.

Shh, sweetie, it's okay. I'm here," she said to Arian before turning to me. "Will you get the bath started?"

I quickly moved to the bathroom just as Esme and Carlisle came into the room. I could hear Esme take the sheets off the bed as Carlisle had Rosalie take Arian's temperature. I stepped into the bedroom to watch my wife take care of our daughter.

"Her temperature is a little high," Carlisle said.

Arian started crying harder from Carlisle's nearness as he took the thermometer out of her ear. He reached out to check her body over, but it was too soon and she cried out. A pang ran through my heart. I growled at Carlisle and he backed away. Rose moved into the bathroom to clean her and I had to follow. Rose bathed her, which seemed to have a calming effect on her since her cries went from sobs to whimpers before they stopped.

I handed Rosalie a towel as she pulled the plug on the tub. She carefully dried Arian off, but despite the gentle touches, Arian cringed.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked Carlisle, who stood at my side.

"I think she's having muscle aches, which isn't uncommon for withdrawals," he explained.

"Is there something we can give her?" I asked.

"All of the oral medications I have aren't strong enough because her high temperature will just burn it off, and I'm hesitant to inject her with something." Carlisle shook his head as he crossed his arms. "I don't want to give her another reason to be afraid of me. I have some cream that may help."

"So, we just wait it out?" I asked.

"I'll wait until she's asleep before I give her something."

"Anything we can do in the mean time?" Rose asked as we moved into Arian's room.

"I'll grab the cream, so don't dress her yet." Carlisle quickly moved out of the room as Rosalie laid Arian on the clean sheets that Esme put out.

I took the soaking wet towel as I watched my wife and daughter. Arian's face looked ashy and tired as Rosalie covered her with some blankets.

"I hurt, Mommy," Arian muttered.

A heaviness settled on my chest. The first time Arian called Rosalie 'Mommy' should've been while they were both happy and followed by hugs and kisses. That's how Rose would've imagined it, not while our daughter was sick and hurting.

"I know, baby," Rose said, running her fingers along Arian's cheek. "Carlisle is getting something that will help."

"Why I hurt?"

"People get sick sometimes."

"I want no sick." Tears ran down Arian's cheeks.

"Me neither, but it'll be gone soon. I promise."

"Don't go, Mommy."

"Never, my love."

Carlisle came into the room with a jar in his hands.

"You'll need to rub this into her skin, and it should help her relax some," he explained while handing the jar to her.

Rosalie unscrewed the lid and took a thick amount of it before smoothing it on Arian's skin gently. Arian whimpered a little, but seemed to relax when it started to work. We watched in silence as Rosalie finished just as Alice flitted into the room with a frown on her face. Her eyes unfocused, but refocused instantly.

"I hate that I can't see her," Alice muttered. "I wish I could see what she needs."

"And you don't trust my skills?" Carlisle asked.

"Still … hate that I'm useless here …" She bit her lip.

Rosalie rolled her eyes as she screwed the lid before dressing Arian and wrapping her in blankets.

"I'll get some medicine ready," Carlisle said.

I moved to sit in our rocking chair to hold Rosalie and Arian as we waited through the night, hoping that her illness wouldn't last long.

Brady's point of view:

I leaned down, eyeing the bike I was working on. After working in Jake's shop for a few years, I made the move to Sam and Felix's growing motorcycle shop. I worked on making and painting custom designs for clients, and I enjoyed my work. My newest bike had one of the most intricate designs I'd ever done with a high-paying client, so I had to get it right. I made a few touch ups with the paint before standing, feeling pleased with my work.

Looking around, I realized I was the only one left here. When had everyone left? The clock on the wall said it was eight. I put my tools away, thinking about what I'd do tonight, since it was Friday. Most likely call one of the guys to grab a beer. I felt my phone vibrate, the screen showing I had one new text.

Ashley had the baby, come by the hospital-Jacob

I sighed as I finished putting my tools away and cleaning my workspace; another baby was born into the pack. Within twenty minutes, I walked into the hospital waiting room, where the pack took up majority of the room.

"Hey, guys," I said, taking a chair across from Jacob, Collin, and Paul, and all of them said their hellos.

"Have you seen the baby yet?" I asked.

"No. Ness popped out to say he was born, and she was going to help them situated before we can see them. Seth was taking Abby into the room first," Jacob explained. "Seems like it's been a while."

"You just want Ness to be out here," Paul said, causing Jacob to snort.

What in the world were they talking about? I raised my eyebrow at Collin, who rolled his eyes. We talked for the next thirty minutes before Ness came out. I was surprised when Jacob pulled her into his lap. She turned red as he wrapped his arms around her.

When had they entered into the romantic part of imprinting?

"Jake," Nessie said, trying to pull away from him. "They're ready for us to see the baby."

"You knew I couldn't resist," Jacob whispered into her ear.

She rolled her eyes but kissed him on the cheek as we all stood. Jacob took Ness' hand as we walked toward the room. An aching developed between my shoulders, but I shrugged it off as we walked into the tiny hospital room. In Ashley's arms was a tiny baby. Seth watched his wife and newborn with a huge smile as he held Abby.

"What's his name?" Rachel asked.

"He Jordan," Abby said. "My budder."

I smiled and shook my head at her. Everyone took turns holding Jordan as I watched from the corner. The women fawned over the baby, which I didn't get. He looked like all of the other babies that had been born into the pack. His face was squashed and red. Time seemed to go slowly, but luckily the nurse claimed visiting hours were over, and I quickly left with Collin.

"Do you want to get a drink tomorrow?" I asked as we walked to our cars.

"Can't, I'm going over to spend time with Nina," he said with a huge grin on his face. "We're going hunting."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Great, another Saturday alone, I thought. It was becoming way too often. The guys seemed to be spending more and more time with their imprints and families. I understood, it just made me feel out of the loop because I didn't have anyone to spend that special time with.

I walked to my car and drove home to apartments. Pulling into my usual spot, I quickly turned off the car and went up stairs. As I reached the second level landing, my eyes met with a girl that lived next door. I knew someone moved in about a week ago, but this was the first time that I saw who.

Her strawberry colored hair was worn down to her lower back. She was petite while wearing short-shorts that showed off her legs. She was cute. She noticed me just as she opened her door as she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Hey," I said quickly.

"Hey," she said blushing.

Our eyes maintained contact as I walked by and she stepped into her apartment. She broke off the eye contact when someone said something behind her. With one last glance at my cute neighbor, I strode over to my apartment to open the door.

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