After making love, the two sweaty teenagers collapsed on the plush bed. Their vulnerable, naked bodies were entwined within each other as they slept in the older teenager's bedroom, cuddling for warmth. The teenage Ritsu's sweet scent wafted through his beloved's nose as it spread across the book littered room.


Waking up a little while later, the teenage Masamune had watched the brunet peacefully sleep. Ritsu was such a beautiful and delicate looking creature that it still amazed him that he was a boy. That soft and rather sizable appendage down there between his high hips was enough to let him know, but whenever he looks back at Ritsu's rosy cheeked face, he was still thrown for a loop.

With the window still open, small pink petals of the cherry blossom wandered inside the dark room, one of which traveled onto Ritsu's soft hair before slipping to his rosy cheek. Instead of taking it off, Masamune just let lie where it was. To him, the little petal seemed to add to the charm as it brushed up against Ritsu's long eyelashes. The soft breaths leaving his parted lips however, were enough to cause the petal to slip away from his face and down onto the bed.

Even in the darkness of the moonlit room, Ritsu's sleek body seemed to have a soft glow… until the point he had started to shift. "Ritsu?" His furrowed brow and shaking fists clenching onto the soft blanket allowed Masamune to know that his beloved was having a nightmare. "Wake up, Ritsu." He gently whispered, shaking Ritsu's thin shoulder.

"…!" Bright emerald eyes flashed open as Ritsu jolted himself upright, awake and alert. His bare chest rapidly rose and fell as he took in heavy breaths. "Just a dream…" He weakly panted out, grasping his clammy forehead with his fingers.

"Are you alright?" Masamune had worriedly asked, getting up to comfort his kouhai. However, Ritsu strangely didn't respond to his question as he started to calm down. Still worried, Masamune grabbed Ritsu's slightly shivering shoulder. "Ritsu?"

The brunet immediately turned around to reveal his soft emerald eyes. "Saga-senpai! I'm sorry! Did I wake you up?"

"I was already awake." Masamune slightly frowned as he patted Ritsu's soft head. "…Did you have a nightmare?"

"… Yes." He meekly said. Ritsu was taken by surprise when Masamune wrapped his strong arms around his lithe waist before pulling him back down on the soft bed. Holding him close, Ritsu could feel his senpai's rapid heartbeat coming out of his chest as he embarrassingly stammered before calming himself down.

The brown-eyed senpai blinked twice when he saw the changed look on Ritsu's face. His emerald eyes shimmering in the moonlight held a lost and pained expression as he stared at his lover. "Senpai, you know I…"


He gave a small smile as he shook his head. "Never mind."


He felt his head pounding as he slowly opened his brown eyes. "Ugh… my head feels like crap…" Looking up into the ceiling, the man recalls that he's back in the dark meeting room and down on the carpeted floor. Feeling something heavy on his chest, Masamune looked down to see the sweet smelling brunet groggily waking up. He looked so adorable when he slowly opened his beautiful eyes and rubbed them as if he were a kitten.

Finally noticing their position, the brunet shoots upwards, "Eh?! Sorry, Takano-san!" Moving too suddenly, Ritsu fell backwards, only to be stopped by a large hand grabbing his arm.

"Calm down! Geez, you panic over the smallest things." Sitting upright, the larger man pulls Ritsu to his chest. Much to his chagrin, Masamune swiftly opened up the brunet's button shirt to reveal his pale chest.

"T-Takano-san?!" Before he could retaliate, Masamune pushed him down to the floor as he rested his head on Ritsu's bare chest.

He pressed his ear over Ritsu's heart as the brunet, shocked, was unsure of what to do. Hearing Ritsu's strong, yet slightly rapid heartbeat, Masamune held a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness…" Slightly moving up, Masamune wrapped his arms around Ritsu's neck as he took another deep breath. "You really are…"

"…You were that scared for me?"

Immediately, Masamune presses his hands against the floor as he looms over Ritsu. "Of course I was!" He yelled. It surprised Ritsu when he saw the painful look in the taller man's brown eyes. "…You have no idea how I felt when I found that your heart stopped. I thought my own was going to stop as well. I never want to lose you again…"

"…!" Closing the gap, Masamune pressed his warm lips against Ritsu's. His husky scent wafted through the brunet's nose as his moist tongue slipped past his lips. "Ah…" The blushing brunet shuddered as Masamune gently put a hand behind his head. Getting caught up in it, Ritsu slowly lifted up his arms.


A trail of saliva went down Ritsu's dainty chin as he wrapped his arms around Masamune's broad back, pulling him close. Slightly surprised, Masamune smiled in the couple's long kiss. A warm hand went down to one of the brunet's exposed nipples before Ritsu turns to his nearby bag when he hears his phone going off.

Pulling out of the kiss, Masamune frowns as the ringing buzzes throughout the room. Ritsu blushes even more when he realizes their position, him underneath the taller man with his shirt open and vulnerable to Masamune's touch. Masamune sighed as the phone continued to ring. "Go on… answer it…" Watching him go for his bag, Masamune immediately held back a snort when he noticed Gabriel standing in the corner of the room with his pink wings over his little eyes.

Pulling it out with a gloved hand, he composes himself before answering. "This is Onodera Ritsu speaking. Ah, yes we can keep the appointment. Eh? She told you what happened?" The brunet held a slight grimace before he continued. "….I can still go, just give me half an hour. Where? Oh, ok. See you soon, bye."

Putting away his phone, the brunet refrained from making eye contact. "That was Ma- Esmeralda. She wanted to call about the appointment."

"You just died! You really shouldn't be going to that appointment."

Ritsu's eyes instantly narrowed, brimming with hidden wisdom. "Then what should I do, Takano-san? Go to a hospital? I already told you that the doctors can't find anything." Grabbing Masamune's warm hand, Ritsu held it to his beating chest. "My heart is just fine now, so…"

"How can you just brush that off?"

Emerald eyes slightly widen before they shift to the side. "… I just can. It would do me no good if I let it get to me."

"You say it as if you're used to this kind of thing."

"…" Not saying anything, Ritsu keeps from making eye contact as he buttons up his shirt. He swings the straps of his bag onto his coated shoulder, momentarily grasping at his still recovering arm before recomposing himself. Hastily getting up, Gabriel follows him as he makes for the door but stops when he heard himself being called out.


"W-what?" His shaking hand is on the doorknob, he doesn't look back. Looking at his trembling shoulders, Masamune felt a pang in his chest as he saw how fragile the brunet became. It was as if he could break at any second.

By surprise, the larger man wraps his arms around Ritsu's trembling frame. Pulling him close, he rests his firm chin on the shorter man's small head. Slouching over, he lifts up Ritsu's dainty chin and plants a light kiss on his cheek, whispering. "You don't have to try so hard, Ritsu."

Having not seen this coming, Ritsu immediately turned around to face him, completely red in the face. "Wha…? Why are you-" Staring deep into his eyes, the blushing brunet unconsciously stammers out, "I… I…"

He was quickly cut off by someone banging on the door behind them. "Oi! Masamune! Are you in there?" Called out a familiar muffled voice.

Masamune annoyingly clicked his tongue in response. "Tsk. I'm busy, Yokozawa! What do you need?!"

"I need to talk to you again about your proposal! What the hell are you doing in there?!"

"Important business! How the hell did you know I was here?!"

"…A bird told me." Takafumi had meekly said in reply. If it weren't for his deep voice, neither of the two editors would've heard him.

"Hah?! What kind of excuse is that?!"

"No, seriously, a bird flew into the building asking for someone named Kero-chan. It also told me someone with the name of a famous sword smith was in here. So I assumed it was you." The business man had calmly told. As ridiculous as his statement had sounded, it seemed like Takafumi really was telling the truth.

"…What the hell?"

"Wait…" Ritsu held a wave of realization through his emerald eyes as he turned for the knob and abruptly opened the door. "Kero?!" On the other side of the door was the infamous salesman, clad in a navy blue suit and letting a white and grayish colored bird perch on his broad shoulder.

"You…?" Sapphire eyes blinked twice at the sight of Ritsu. Takafumi recalled seeing the brunet on the train, looking ready to keel over but now he looked like some of the color was brought back to his face. To be honest, it took him all he had to not yell at Ritsu to just go to the hospital. However, he looks like he can manage on his own now, even though it was odd how he could recover this quickly.

"Kero-chan~! I missed you~!" Flapping over, the white-faced cockatiel perches on Ritsu's shoulder. He happily rubbed his soft head against the brunet's cheek. Chuckling, "Heh, you always say that." He lovingly rubs the bird's neck with his finger.

Kind of lost, Masamune asks, "Onodera, you know this bird?"

Climbing up onto his other shoulder, the pink penguin gave a small wave to Kero, who fanned out a wing and waved back. Takafumi, unable to see Gabriel, raised an eyebrow at the odd gesture.

"Ah, yes. This is Kero, he's my family's pet bird. But wait, if you're here, then where's father?" The brunet looks at both ends of the corridor but finds that they're the only people present. Ritsu turned to Takafumi to ask if he had previously seen anyone with Kero but was cut off by the chirpy bird.

"I escaped from curly fries!"

Emerald eyes blinked twice as Ritsu tilted his head. "Eh? Why did she have you?" Putting a gloved hand to his shoulder, Kero hopped on as Ritsu moved it over so he was face to face with the bird.

"She kidnapped me because she wanted to crush somebody!" Both of the older males' eyes widen, but Ritsu's expression becomes a slightly annoyed one. "Sort of… hehe…"

What else is new?!

"I see. But why did you want to find me? I bet father is worried about you…"

"Surprising reunions! Surprising reunions!" The bird excitedly chirped, with gray wings flapping about.

"Surprising re-"A flash of realization crossed his face. "Wait, that's why you came?"

"Oh! Is that the infamous Kero I see?" Hearing the new voice, everybody turns to see the president of the company nonchalantly coming down the vacant hallway. Just coming from one of the company's departments, Isaka was currently making his rounds throughout Marukawa's new building.

"Isaka-san, you know Kero?"

"Of course I do!" Isaka giggled as he stepped over to where the others were. Excited, Kero flew off of Ritsu's hand and landed on top of Isaka's head, who giggled even more when he saw Masamune's and Takafumi's stunned reactions. "I told you before, right? Me and your dad have been golfing buddies for years. He always brings this old bird with him whenever we go golfing. Heh, I always ask for Kero's fortunes whenever I get the chance."

In unison, Takafumi and Masamune ask, "Fortunes?"

Isaka's wise eyes blinked twice in surprise as he pointed up at the white-faced cockatiel. "Didn't you know? This bird can tell the future. He's so accurate, it's scary!" Getting picky, Kero flew back to Ritsu's side, landing on his raised arm as Isaka leaned over. "Hey, Kero. Will you give me a fortune?"

"Hmmm…" Putting a feathery wing to his beak, Kero slightly hummed as if he were pondering before shaking his small head. "I don't wanna~!"

"Aww, and I just so happened to have this box of pocky…." Isaka pulled out a fake pout accompanied by a red box of the delicious snack out of his pocket.

"I'll do it! I'll do it!" The bird chirped, flapping his gray wings in excitement.

"Kero! What have father and I told you about taking bribes?" Everybody flinched from Ritsu's little outburst. Looking at how he was talking to Kero, it seemed like Ritsu was acting like a stern parent.

"But Kero-chan, it's pocky…. Pleeeeease?" The bird had begged. Putting two wings to his stomach, Kero slightly swooned in place as he complained. "I'm so hungry… Curly fries wouldn't let me have any pocky… she's a meanie… she only gave me bird food and vegetables…" Unbeknownst to Ritsu, everybody else started snickering as the bird started making more complaints.

Ritsu just sighed at his bird's childishness. "You should thank her for that! You know you can't eat chocolate! Sorry, Isaka-san. Kero can't eat those."

"Why can't he eat them?" Masamune had asked. Amber eyes blinked twice when Ritsu and Takafumi turned to stare at him with bewildered looks. "What?"

Takafumi just sighed before he filled him on it. "Chocolate is poisonous to birds. Masamune, didn't you know that?"

"Sorry, I never bothered owning a bird to care." He had shrugged out.

"I hate you, Kero-chan!" Everybody except the young brunet chuckled at the bird's declaration. "Hmph!"

"… Do you want me to call father and tell him you were going to eat chocolate?" Ritsu had calmly said as he pulled out his cell phone. Even though his small face had a little smile, his emerald eyes definitely weren't.

"…I love you, Kero-chan!"

"Well, that's a shame." Sighing, Isaka put away the red box but caused Masamune and Takafumi to lift an eyebrow when the president still had a knowing smile on his handsome face.

"Hmmm….. I changed my mind! I'll tell it!" Surprising Masamune and Takafumi, Kero closed his dark eyes before opening them to reveal a deep emerald that was identical to Ritsu's own eyes. He slightly hummed as he stared at the ceiling, flapping his now shimmery wings before he made his announcement. "You're going to have lots of fun tonight!"

"Ooh, what kind of fun?"

"Kinky sex! Kinky sex!" As Kero chirped out his fortune, everybody couldn't help but start to snicker. Even though he was red in the face from embarrassment, even Isaka couldn't stop laughing as he leaned against the wall for support.

Ritsu held his hand to his mouth as he chuckled out, "Kero would say that out loud…"

Everyone momentarily stopped as they heard Kero go, "Aww~"

"What's wrong, Kero?" Lifting up a gray wing he pointed over to Takafumi.


His eyes widen as he points to himself. "What? Me?"

Like a fangirl, he puts his wings to the sides of his face as he teeters left and right. "Lots of lovey-doveyness for you!"

"Eh?" His eyes widened as he thought of his lover, Kirishima. "You're getting some tonight!" At this point, the sharp eyed man couldn't help but blush as everybody started cracking up again. "And some more tomorrow!" At this point, everyone started guffawing.

The red faced Takafumi was the only one managed to stop laughing as he bluntly asked, "Onodera, why the hell is your bird so perverted?"

"I'm not the one who'll be asking for it!"

Laughing at his come-back, Masamune chortles out, "God, I love this bird."

Suddenly flying off the brunet's shoulder, Kero repetitively circles over the group's heads, eyes still full of emerald. The sound of flapping wings had echoed throughout the vacant hall as Kero started to chirp. "Yay! He's here! He's here!"

"Eh? Who's here, Kero?" Ritsu curiously asked.

Landing down, he perches on Ritsu again, but this time on the brunet's head. Like a metronome, he flips his shimmery wings from left to right as he counts down. "3… 2… 1…!" After finishing the countdown, the group hears the nearby elevator's ring followed by the opening of the doors.

The brunet blinked twice at the sight of a tall man in an unusual looking black suit getting off the elevator. "…Java?"

At first, Isaka puts on a smile but his eyes go wide as he becomes aware of the situation. "Geh…" By instinct, he takes a step back. Masamune and Takafumi grew confused as he had gone pale.


Hearing the sound of his high quality black shoes clicking against the solid floor, they turn back to see the tan skinned man standing a few feet away from where they were. The light scent of coffee wafts through their noses. Professionally adjusting his sunglasses, he rests his right gloved hand over his chest as he slightly bows. "Good evening, Ritsu-sama." Sharp amber and sapphire eyes go wide at the mention of 'Ritsu-sama' since this is the first time they've heard anyone refer to him as such.

"It's been a while, Java."

"Java!" Excited, Kero flapped over to the stranger and perched on his broad shoulder. He happily rubbed his small head against Java's caramel cheek, similar to when he was with Ritsu. The now black-eyed bird slightly cooed in pleasure as Java rubbed his feathery neck with a gloved finger.

"Onodera, who is he?" Masamune had asked.

"Oh, right. Sorry, this is Java. He's our family's servant." Masamune and Takafumi were slightly taken aback by the unexpected intro as Ritsu proceeded. "Java, this is-"

"Takano Masamune and Yokozawa Takafumi, correct?" Java nodded to himself before he turned to Isaka. "Of course, I'm already acquainted with Isaka-sama."


"Hey… how'd you know who we are?" Being their first meeting, the two were pretty sure there was no way this man would know their names. Masamune momentarily thought of the possibility that since he and Ritsu had gone out during high school, his butler might know about him. However, it still didn't explain why Java knew Takafumi.

Ignoring the question, the dark haired man doesn't say anything. "..."

Noticing the tension in his right hand and foot, Ritsu starts to pick up on it. As Java is about to move toward Masamune, the brunet automatically steps in front of his boss. Masamune and Takafumi stood there in confusion as Ritsu tries to fix the situation. "Onodera?"

"Hey, Java. Did you drive here?"

"Yes, Ritsu-sama. Why do you ask?"

"I'm actually running late for an appointment with an author. Is it okay for you to give me a ride?"

"Weren't you just-" Takafumi was about to ask him what was the point of Java coming here but was interrupted as the president of the company quickly elbowed him in the side, swiftly shaking his head.

"Don't!" He quietly hissed.

Both subordinates looked at him in utter confusion as Java calmed down from his silent fury.

"…Of course, Ritsu-sama."

Turning around, the brunet quickly bids his farewell. "I'm leaving now, Takano-san. Good work, everyone." As they make for the elevator, Kero waves at them as he stays perched on the brunet's head. "Bye bye!"

"Oi! Onodera, I-" Remembering the fact that his beloved just died not too long ago, Masamune didn't want to let him out of his grasp. However, he was cut off from his attempt to stop him when Isaka tugged at Masamune's arm.

As soon as the doors close, Isaka takes a deep breath and slumps against the wall as he exclaims, "Oi, Takano! What the hell did you do?!"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Eyes full of shock, Isaka immediately stepped forward as he exclaimed. "Didn't you just see what Java did?! God, it's been so long since that guy had gotten so mad..." Grimacing, Isaka wiped away a bead of sweat from his clammy forehead. "For a second there, I thought I was the poor sap…"

The two subordinates start chuckling. "…He was mad?"

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Isaka pointed at the floor where Java stood. "…Didn't you guys notice the little present he left with his foot?" The man just shook his head. "Geez, this was the new building too…"

Looking at the floor where the man stood, both were shocked as they found a large indent. "What the hell did he do to the floor?!"

He chuckled at their bewildered reactions. "Looks like you owe little nanahikari one. Right, Takano?"

"Onodera? Why?"

He face palmed. "Why do you think he stepped in front of you when he asked for a ride?! It was obvious Java came here because he was going to go off on you." Exasperated, he crossed his arms over his chest. "So what did you do? If nanahikari didn't know he was coming here, it must've been something pretty bad."

"How am I supposed to know? I never met the guy!"

"Well, since he's with nanahikari this time, you'll be fine... just stay in populated areas and you won't have to worry about anything." His eyes shifted to the side. "Probably…"

"Probably?" It was Takafumi's turn to grimace at the concept of Java. "…Is the guy really that bad?"

"No, that guy's just super protective of nanahikari and his pops. Seriously, he would take a bullet for those two." Isaka just shook his head as his gaze turned to where they had gone on the elevator. A flash of what seemed like nostalgia flitted past his wise eyes before Masamune realized something.

"What about Onodera's mother?"

At that point, his serious expression faded as Isaka snorted and burst into a fit of giggles. "T-that's a good one!" Realizing their shock, he stops laughing as he wipes away a tear. "Wait, you're serious?"

"Well, yeah. Is there something we're missing?"

Isaka cautiously sighed as he scratched the back of his head, not making eye contact with either of his subordinates. "…Well, I guess you could say that she's not the type of person people like being around."

Realizing this would be a good time as any to talk about an important topic, Masamune decided to switch over to it. "Oh yeah, you knew who that maid stalking Onodera was. I already know that she's Esmeralda's assistant, but who exactly is she?" Unbeknownst to Masamune, Takafumi had flinched at the memory of today's incident on the trains. It obviously seemed like Ritsu and the maid knew each other but to what extent was unknown.

Thinking back on when the train suddenly had the strange black and red set-up, the salesman held a hand to the side of his aching head. Even now, he still can't make out as to why that supposed-to-be-dead woman was on the train or why she gave him and Ritsu the apples, along with the strange penguin hat of course.

"Nanahikari didn't tell you?"

"… No, I never told him he was being stalked by a maid."

Isaka sighed before he gave a small chuckle. "Well, he most likely knows since this isn't the first time it happened."

"She's stalked him before?!"

Giggling, Isaka happily nodded at their reactions. "Yep! She's actually friends with him and his dad. Even Java is good friends with her."

Extremely dumbfounded, Masamune and Takafumi simultaneously had the same thought. "What… the hell is that woman?"

"Well, I heard that the first time she stalked him, nanahikari wound up throwing a rock at her."

"A rock?"

Sighing, Isaka solemnly nodded. "It seemed the kid had a terrible attitude when he was little, well I couldn't exactly blame him though… but I guess it's thanks to that woman that he was saved."


"Yeah, at one point she wound up breaking into their house-"

"The hell?!" Masamune had yelled.

Exasperated, Isaka scolded his subordinate before he continued. "Let me continue! Anyway, from what I've heard, it looked like that the little kid was kidnapped. Before you assume, the maid didn't do it."

Both subordinates' eyes went wide. "… He was kidnapped?"

"Yeah, it was one big surreal mess. The police weren't doing anything, his dad was on his way back from the hospital, nobody knew where his mother was, and the only thing they had to go by was a note the kid left. After that, she and Java teamed up and wound up looking for him."

Thinking about what he just said, Takafumi states his assumption. "Sounds like he ran away instead of being kidnapped if he left a note. But for the police to not do anything…"

"Well, there were people who assumed he wasn't the only kid that was taken."

"…!" Both men's mouths slightly hung open. "What do you mean?"

Opening the box of pocky, Isaka snapped open the bag to grab the sticks as he continued. "Apparently, on the same day he was taken, there were reports of a truck going around Tokyo and there were people who heard the sounds of kids crying inside it. Freaky isn't it? The weird thing is that nobody else even reported having a missing kid." Taking out a stick, Isaka chomped down on the chocolaty end before nibbling on the rest of the biscuit.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course. Actually, people say that truck is still around... but whenever somebody goes after it, the truck winds up disappearing. Whenever somebody reports the truck, the police just brush it off. Hell, the people who reported those missing kids were apparently their teachers. All the parents got off with no charges. From what I've heard, this is actually an everyday occurrence."

"Are you serious?" Takafumi had asked. At this point, he couldn't help but be a little pale. Whether or not this story was blowing everything out of proportion, the businessman couldn't help but grimace at the concept of children being so prone to kidnapping. Thinking of Kirishima Hiyori, his lover's daughter, Takafumi just felt the worry building up as Masamune asked the next question.

"This sounds like a bad campfire story. But how did the maid save him?"

"That maid was actually the person who found him. But even that situation seemed kind of ridiculous."

"What do you mean?"

Isaka solemnly sighed as he stared at the chocolaty biscuit pressing against his lower lip. "…When they found him, apparently the kid was on the brink of death. Actually, if they hadn't found him when they did, he really would've died of shock from blood loss."

Masamune went completely pale. "He almost died from blood loss?"

"Yeah, apparently that woman found a trail of blood that led up to an alley and they found him all cut up, sitting in a pile of his own blood. They actually found some glass imbedded in his stomach when they examined him. How an eight year old managed to walk that far, I have no idea."

"Eight years old? How far did he walk?"

"…The woman noticed the first drop of blood from about a mile and a half away from where he was."

At this point, Takafumi angrily took a step forward. "What the hell?! If a kid walked that far, then wouldn't someone say something?!"

"Crowd mentality is a bitch isn't it?" Taking out another stick, Isaka held it between two long fingers as he swung it around with the flick of his wrist. "It's obvious. Somebody else will help him, so I don't have to. Somebody else will help him, so I don't have to. Somebody else will help him, so I don't have to."


Stopping himself, Isaka momentarily pointed the baton-like snack towards the ceiling before taking a bite out of it. "That was probably what those people thought as they saw him walking through the crowds of Tokyo."


He sadly smiled. "Good Samaritans, huh?" Still unsure of what to say, the subordinates followed Isaka to the elevator. They still had to discuss the proposal, so it'd be best that they didn't dawdle for too long. Once they were inside, they pressed their buttons for their respective floors before Isaka remembered something. "Oh yeah, come to think of it, that was the second time he was kidnapped."

The doors closed as the two subordinate's eyes blinked twice in surprise. "He was kidnapped twice?"

"Yeah, I think the first time it happened was about six months before the second time." "The first time it happened was all over the news. You kiddies were probably too young to remember it." Chuckling, Isaka moved his hand to the height of his abdomen. "I think you tall kiddies were about yea high when the police cars were lining the streets."

The cheerful look in his face immediately disappeared as a shadow cast over his eyes. "Oh, but that's something I really shouldn't be talking about." Stepping out of the elevator for his floor, Isaka did one final turn before the doors closed. "You'll have to ask Onodera directly if you want to know about that one."

"Masamune?" Shortly after the doors closed, Takafumi flinched as Masamune pounded a strong fist against the metallic wall.

"It just keeps on coming…" The editor-in-chief breathes out a frustrated sigh as he leaned against the wall, waiting for the elevator to go to their desired floor. "There's so much more about him that I don't freaking know about…"

"…" Takafumi momentarily held a hand to his aching head as he recalled what the woman had mentioned on the odd train. With this new brand of information, it seemed like she really was telling the truth, even though he now feels really awkward about knowing of a portion of Ritsu's childhood. However, he snaps out of it as the elevator gives the signal for their floor and the two men reluctantly walk out of the doors.

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