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Canton, Ohio

Once Castiel arrived back at the motel, he stood next to Dean's bed and tapped him on the shoulder. "Dean, we have a lead." He said. Dean moaned, "For crying out loud… it's … " he looked at the clock on the night stand, "only four am Cas… we've had two hours of sleep!" he whined. Cas shook his head as he stared at the Hunter. "I know, and I apologize. I will drive if you wish, but we need to get moving." That got Dean's attention. Castiel never offered to drive. He always found the cars too confining.

Dean got up and saw Sam was still sound asleep. He figured he could fill Sam in later, but wanted the info now if it meant an all nighter trip. "So what's the news?" he asked as he rubbed his face, a shadow of a beard beginning to grow because he hadn't had the chance to shave.

"Bobby had a friend awhile back that was part of something called The Watcher's Council. They trained mortals like you to protect and guide a Champion." He explained. Dean just stared at him confused as hell. "I'm gonna need some coffee." He groaned. He headed to the little kitchenette in the motel and started a fresh pot.

Castiel sighed, he wished he had the ability to zap some urgency into Dean so he would realize how important this was! It was so frustrating at times but he knew he had to be patient. Sam and Dean were great Hunters after all, and played a major role in the Apocalypse. "Dean, we don't have time for this. We need to get to Sunnydale, California." He insisted.

Sunnydale caught Dean's attention. There was a mention of it briefly in his Dad's journal. "Sunnydale, that's where a lot of crazy shit happens right? Unexplained deaths, mostly vamps though right?" he asked. Castiel sighed, at least this was getting him motivated.

"Sammy, get up. We have some news and need to get going." He explained. Sam groaned a bit and threw a pillow at his brother, who just put the coffee cup to his mouth and made the drink spill all over him. Castiel couldn't help but grin, life was never dull with these two.

Sam grudgingly got up and gave his best bitch face at Dean. Dean smirked back at him, "Rise and shine sunshine." He said. He went back to fix another cup of coffee and ignored the giant stain on his favorite shirt. Castiel walked over to the table and sat down.

"There is a Champion, chosen in each generation to fight the evil that destroys mankind." He explained. Sam fixed a cup of coffee and sat across from Castiel as he heard him talk about the Vampire Slayer.

"So let me get this straight. One girl is fighting with the strength of demons? So wouldn't that make her a demon?" Sam asked. Dean looked at Castiel, he was concerned about this too. It sounded like it was a too good to be true situation. He hated those. "In the early days of man, a tribe did posses the abilities of a demon and transferred them into a young woman. With the spell they used, they made it so that once that girl died, another rose to take her place." He declared.

"But according to Bobby's friend, there are currently two Slayers. How the heck is that possible?" Dean asked. "Buffy Summers is a great soldier. I met her the second time she died and was placed in heaven for a short term." He replied. Dean looked more perplexed. "The first time she died, a new Slayer was called forth. Kendra. The vampire Drusilla killed her. That made the call for another Slayer to rise, even with the first Slayer having survived her death. Faith is the other Slayer." He explained.

Dean sighed, this was getting to be too much for him to take in. So there's a different type of vampire that bursts into flames in sunlight and has a weird demonic face when they try to feed. Peachy. "So wait, the tribe that gave these women the power they have. It's demonic? I still don't understand that. They have their own conscious but have the power of demons to fight off evil?" Sam asked.

Dean got his gear ready to go and headed out the door, "Let's finish Slayer 101 on the road shall we?" he asked. He was already agitated, even with the coffee. He figured he'd need at least two more cups down the road before he could fully function.

Sunnydale, California

Buffy was back at home. She was so tired but couldn't fall asleep just yet. After the banter with Spike about who was going to wear the necklace, she headed up from the basement to talk to Willow. The plan was that the following day, they'd head to the Seal. But something was telling her they wouldn't be ready. It wasn't the fact that she had a nice little chat with the First, imitating as herself. It was something else. She walked around the house, seeing the Potentials nestled in their sleeping bags all around the place. Willow was in the den on the couch. "Couldn't sleep huh?" the red head asked her best friend. "Nope, looks like you can't either. Thought Kennedy was helping with that?" she smirked. She was happy for her friend. Kennedy could be a bitch sometimes but as long as she treated Willow decent, she didn't have much of an issue with her.

"Ha ha. She was great, but my nerves are still wracked. Buffy, I don't know if I can do this." She said with a pout. Buffy sat next to her on the couch as they whispered. "Will, if anyone can do this, I know it's you. But, maybe we should wait. I feel like there's something else missing." She sighed. Willow studied her friend, "Was it another vision?" she asked. Buffy nodded. "Two men, and … I know it sounds crazy, but … I think the third was an angel." She replied.

Willow's eyes widened, "Wait… an angel, like angel angel? With wings and everything?" she asked shocked. Buffy nodded her head. "I couldn't really see the wings but I sensed them. He felt familiar some how." She said. Buffy thought maybe she was remembering her brief time in heaven. That would be the logical explanation as to why she felt familiar about him.

"That's pretty interesting but why do you think that means we should wait?" she asked. Buffy sighed, "I don't know. It's like the Powers That Be are trying to tell me help is on the way. We just need to wait. We'll tell the others in an hour or so." She said, which meant she wouldn't get any sleep.

Willow closed her eyes and sighed, "You want me to try and do a locator spell on these guys? I mean I think I could with a visual description." She offered. Buffy shook her head, "No, I feel that they're headed this way. I know the angel is good, but the guys… I don't know." She said. With that, Buffy stood and yawned, "Well I'm gonna go try to get some sleep… maybe we'll tell them in a few hours instead of one?" she laughed. Willow nodded and yawned in agreement. The two friends headed back to their beds, well Buffy headed back to the basement to be with Spike.

Once she was nestled in the vampire's arms, she sighed and let go of it all. "Tomorrow will bring what's meant to be." She said to no one in particular. Spike nuzzled his head closer to Buffy's and she smiled. It felt safe in his arms. She didn't know why, but it did.