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Chapter One

"Quick!" Gasped Hermione, as her and her two friends Harry and Ron chased after her. They were late for their 'Care of Magical Creatures' class with Hagrid. Hagrid was a half giant, and among other things, was 'Keeper of the Keys' at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With a large bushy beard that hides half his face, and beetle black eyes, it would be hard not to mistake him as unfriendly. But as Harry and Co. found out in their first year at school, Hagrid was as friendly as you can get. And with a big kind heart, it was difficult not to like Hagrid. Now in their 6th year, the three came to think as Hagrid as a part of their family.

Ron clutched a stitch in his side as the three sprinted over the grass to their class.

"Well if you didn't- didn't forget your books!" Ron said gulping for air. Harry nodded in agreement. As they finally reached the class, they noted that everyone was sat down and Hagrid was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Hagrid?" Harry asked, as Ron behind him brushed some of his red hair from his eyes and wheezed for breath. Neville Longbottom, their accident-prone friend looked up towards Harry.

"He's gone to get the creature! From what he told us before he went for it, it's very dangerous! Though the way he talked about it you'd think it was a harmless kitten!" Neville's eyes darted from where Harry assumed Hagrid has disappeared to. "Hope I don't have to touch it…" He finished. They all knew that Neville wasn't that good at most subjects (Potions was his worst), apart from Herbology, which he was brilliant at. Ron collapsed down beside him.

"Did he say anything about us? Being late? Did we miss anything vital, that might come up in an exam?!" Hermione asked panic stricken.

"Oh no! You've missed five minutes of a class! Your whole future is screwed now! Might as well go back to them muggle's you call parents now! Save the shame of failing!" Drawled a voice from behind her, soaked with sarcasm and fake concern. Hermione turned around to be faced with Draco Malfoy. He grinned to Crabbe and Goyle, who where stood guffawing stupidly next to him.

"Awww! Didn't know you cared that much Malfoy! I'm touched, really, I am! Thank you for your concern! But, I think I'll stay!" Hermione answered, plastering a fake sweet smile on her face and fluttered her eyelashes. The grin faltered on his face for a moment, as this wasn't the reaction he had expected. Ron, who had now recovered from the sprint looked up at Harry, who was spitting with laughter. Harry had guessed that Malfoy had half expected Hermione to get angry and get her wand out, or run away crying. Malfoy soon recovered and thought up a come back.

"Aww, poor Granger! Does no one love you? Is that why you think I care?" Crabbe and Goyle smirked as Malfoy brushed back a fallen strand of blond hair, and then crossed his arms.

"My fan club mightn't be as big as yours, but at lease my friends are honest, worthy, loyal," Hermione ticked off on her fingers, "And at least they aren't butt kissers! Now please, get out of my space and go boil your head. I'm sure one of your "friends" would be delighted to help you." Draco narrowed his eyes and started to get his want from his cloak when Hagrid came around the corner holding two large boxes.

"…Better be careful…" Hermione heard Malfoy mutter harshly as he walked away. Ron and Harry both looked at Hermione with a mixture of awe and shock registered on their faces.

"Well that was, er, interesting!" Ron said to Harry.

"Very interesting!" Harry agreed.

Hagrid placed down the two dark brown boxes on the patch of mud to the right of all the students.

"Class! If I could get yeh attention? Good. Though' it would b'good if we got teh know some more interesting creatures! So, in each o'these boxes there is a skunger!" Hagrid moved over to the two crate-like boxes. Many of the class looked at Hagrid questionably, but Draco raised one eyebrow and snarled; "You expect me to handle a creature with a name like that?!"

"If yeh wan'teh pass end of year exams!" Hagrid answered, looking at Malfoy challenging. He remained silent so Hagrid continued. "Could anyone tell me abou' Skunger's?"

Hermiones hand, to no ones surprise, shot up in the air (just missing Ron's ear), but to Hermiones surprise Hagrid called someone else's name.

"Malfoy?" Hermione turned to look at Malfoy who glared at her. 'Since when has he been interested in this class?' She thought to herself as Malfoy opened his mouth to speak.

"Skunger's are a cross between a skunk and a badger. In the United Kingdom, the only known place of inhabitation is South Wales. They hate loud high-pitched noises, which scare them; in retaliation they 'spray' the source of the noise. Their fur also helps in certain healing potions." Malfoy recited lazily as Ron almost choked on his tongue in shock.

"Good, good. Well-done Malfoy! 10 points teh Slytherin!" Hagrid said, beaming in delight that someone knew something. Harry nudged Ron, taking him out of his trance.

"Did you hear that?! Hagrid gave Malfoy some House Points! Slytherin, House Points!! Did I enter an alternate universe instead of walking into the bathroom this morning?" Harry whispered to Ron. Hermione was too much in shock to notice.

"As Malfoy said, Skunger's spray their 'threat'. The spray is infectious if its soaked into yeh skin, so I'll warn yeh now. No loud noises! Or else yeh'll be in quarantine for at least three months! But really if yeh careful, they're 'armless!"

Hagrid had seemed to not notice most of the class back away from the boxes, just that bit more. Neville was looking more worried than ever. Raising his hand slowly, Neville took a deep breath.

"Yeh Neville?" Hagrid's voice boomed over to where Neville was still sat.

"Infectious? W-why is it infectious? What does it do to you?" Neville had gone quite pale. Hagrid scratched his beard in thought.

"Well, It's nothin' that can kill yeh. It's only spread by touch from the infected person. But it does make yeh feel horrible for a few days, and when tha's gone, you get all sensitive to light. Hurt's yeh eyes too. After that yeh ok. But yeh have teh be in quarantine to be sure the infection has gone. Right then! Who wants teh touch em first!" Hagrid clapped his hands together and looked around the class. No one seemed to want to go first, not even Harry. "Anyone?" Hagrid said, sounding a little let down. He went to one of the boxes and took one out carefully. He came back to the class and talked in a lower calm tone of voice.
"Look at 'em! Wont 'urt a fly! Jus' gotta be quiet! Harry? Ron?" Hagrid offered, but the two boys shook their heads.

"Oh come here." Hermione said bravely stepping forward. Hagrid smiled kindly at her and placed the Skunger in her arms.

"Jus' tickle him righ' behind his ears... that's it…" Hagrid said, as Hermione ticked the creature. A few of the class came forward slowly to stroke the Skunger, as Hagrid went to collect some more. Fifteen more minutes gone and almost everyone was holding their own skunger, and talking quietly to each other. Hermione was still standing away from the class, near the boxes with her own creature.

"Finally found yourself a proper friend then?" Came a cold voice. Hermione turned around to be confronted with Malfoy, who was one of the few who point blank refused to hold one. Hermione stared at him for a moment.

"Yes, I think I'll call him... Malfoy. Suits him, doesn't it?" She said, turning the Skunger to face Malfoy. As she said that, Malfoy had got his wand out and muttered a few words, making Hermione screech very high and loud, sounding like a cat who's tale had been stepped on.

'Oh no...' She thought as she felt the Skunger tense up in her hands. Before the Skudger had any chance to spray her, she dropped the Skunger on the ground and turned to run, only to fall on top of Draco, who had stayed to watch the 'fun'.

"GET OFF ME!" he screamed, but it was too late. The next second, him and Hermione where covered in a smelly liquid.

"Look what you've done you stupid idiot!" Was all Draco heard from Hermione as the rest off the class backed away as much as they could.

"Neville. Go get Dumbledore." Hagrid said, as he took Neville's Skunger off him.

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