An update? Yes. I think so.

So, I keep getting reviews for this story, which is one chapter short of completion. I have no idea why people are still finding this fic and are reviewing it, to be honest. It boggles the mind. I read a chapter or two and dude. Do you smell that? I think it's cheese? The worst cheese you can find. Mmm... Cheese on toast... But anyway.

I'm aware I started this four years ago and left it hanging with only one chapter remaining which would blow your mind. Really, it would. Ask Sheena over there. She's the only one who knows the ending. Ohh and it's so good. Really though, it is.

You will be getting your final chapter shortly. This means you can stop the death threats and snarky comments in your reviews, too. 'Kay? 'Kay.

Ohh! Also, please be aware that four years ago I couldn't write worth shit so once the final chapter is up I may... may... do a re-write. I'm cool like that. I do work over 40 hours a week so I don't know how long it would take.

Thanks for your time.