Story 4

"Parental Guidance"

(Based off ideas written by nightmaster000)

It was spring break and the girls were back heading back to their homes. It was around midnight as Winnie checked the clock at the park, she was waiting 30 minutes she glanced at the sky, admiring it's reflection in the pond as she heard footsteps approaching her as she got up and walked to the source of the footsteps

"What took you so long, Papa?" Winnie asked in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"I had things to do" Her father responded

"How is school this year" Her mother asked giving her a hug as Winnie started walking with them

"Usual, oh I made this for you" Winnie said handing her parents a contraption she made

"It's a meat grinder I made it myself"

"It looks lovely" her mother said placing the device in Winnie's suitcase

"We don't want it to get damaged" Mrs. Wolf said as the three of them continued walking thru the forest until they reached their goal. They entered an old wooden cabin in woods

"I'm gonna gut down some wood for the fire" Winnie's father said grabbing an axe and heading to the woods

"Is Papa upset or something, he hasn't talked much on the walk home?" Winnie asked pulling out her meat grinder attaching it to the table

"What, No…he's just tired" her mother responded placing some meat in the contraption and turning the handle

"Tired, about what?" Winnie asked

"Let's just say it's a time of the year where Mama's needs increase" Mrs. Wolf winked

"I'm confused" Winnie responded cutting the meat

"Let's say there's a reason your birthday is in nine months" Mrs. Wolf said pouring some lemonade

"Oh, your heat cycle, why didn't you just say so" Winnie said as her mom handed her the glass "So that's where I get it from" Winnie said

"Get what?" Mrs. Wolf asked confused

"My Heat, I usually get it around this month, how do you not know that?" Winnie asked

"You've never showed any symptoms, you are still a virgin right?" her mother asked grinding the meat

"Of course I am, I only use… it for peeing, I mean the month is hell but I'm not going to use my body like that" Winnie said

"So you don't masturbate" Her mom said confused as Winnie shaked her head

"Winnie, there is no shame in pleasuring yourself, when I was your age it really helped me deal with stress" her mother said finishing her lemonade

"I think it's time he have this talk, I'll be right back" Mrs. Wolf said walking to room getting a box as she came back to the kitchen she pulled a key out of her pocket and opened the box, pulling out a rounded wooden pole

"What's that?" Winnie asked

"It's called a dildo, I used it when I was your age, think of it as a safe alternative to sex, I want you to have it" Her mother said as Winnie held the wooden piece, rubbing her hand across it it was sanded and felt incredibly smooth.

"So when I'm in heat I use this to simulate sex" Winnie said confirming what her mother said

"Just do it in private, and don't tell your father, this is a girl to girl thing, he wouldn't understand" Mrs. Wolf said as Winnie gently took the box

"I'll put it in my room" Winnie said walking to her room. As she closed the door she sat the box under her mattress and went back downstairs for dinner.

"Hey, how much longer is Papa going to take?" Winnie asked impatient

"Probably an hour, that's how long he usually takes, maybe an extra 30 minutes" Her mother said

"I'm so bored" Winnie said in a deep breath

"Go play upstairs sweetie, oh and if you want to use your new gift, go ahead, I won't tell" her mother said mashing some potatoes as Winnie entered her room considering what her mother said as she locked her bedroom door and pulled out the box and observed its contents and pulled out a letter and read it


If you're reading this, I've given you this masturbation kit to help you deal with your canine heat in the sense you're growing up, you're probably a teenager by now, but I don't know, I hope these utensils will help you, The wooden piece is called a dildo, it represents a penis, the bottle right next to it is a lubricant, this allows the dildo to enter your body with less strain, the first few times your vagina ill bleed, this is normal and is nothing to fear. It helps to cover your mouth when masturbating to prevent heard moaning, when I was young I bunch up my panties in my mouth, I hope you act responsible with this kit

With love, your mother

Winnie sat on the corner of her bed as slowly pulled of her undergarment, deciding not to take the risk she rolled them up and placed them in her mouth as a gag as she pulled out the tube a squirted a layer of lubricant around her crotch as she picked up the wooden dildo and gently slid it between the folds of her pussy as she stopped at the feeling of pain but continued pushed as her throat let out a muffled moan as she slid he piece back and forth as she felt a sharp pain she pulled it out noticing the tip was coated in blood, Winnie disregarded this as placed it back in as slid it slowly as he muscles clenched in tension as they griped the piece tight making it hard for Winnie to push and pull on the dildo as she grabbed the end and just rammed it as he muscles loosened up slathering the dildo in a white sticky substance as Winnie let out a faint squeal, sweating she laid on her bed panting as he muscles pushed the dildo out landing between her legs as she just laid there, sweating, panting, In pain and covered in her own juices. But the strange part was she liked it.