Story 5

"Valentine's Day"

(Idea by nightmaster000)

It was Valentine's Day at the town, at the Grimwood School the girls were decorating

"So what do you plan on doing" Phantasma asked hanging a paper (human) heart on the door

"I don't know Phanty, excluding the cadets, the only male nearby is Shaggy, and he's off limits" Sibella said dusting the hallway

"How is he off limits?"Phanty asked pulling a piece of tape

"He's a teacher" Sibella said

"That's your worries, I'm giving my valentine to Scooby" Winnie said cutting out a decoration

"Scooby, are you serious?" Sibella said giggling

"What, he's nice" Winnie said as she finished cutting out a shape in the paper

"Technically no one said Shaggy is off limits" Phantasma said taping decorations to the wall as the girls smiled

"Finished, what do think, I hope Scooby Likes it" Winnie said showing the others her card, which was shaped like a dog-bone and had a Scooby snax taped in it

"He'll probably like it," Tannis said as Winnie left the room

"So what are you going do Tannis, considering you're too young for 'special events'? Phanty teased

"What do you mean too young?" Tannis said in a sense of mild offense

"You know what I'm talking" Phanty gestured with her fingers

"I could get action, if I wanted" Tannis claimed

"I'd like to see you try" Sibella said

"How will you know if I did it" Tannis asked

"Shiw us your panties stained with his cum" Phanty

"You're on" Tannis said accepting Sibella's challenge as she left the living room to go upstairs to her room to get ready

"I can do this" Tannis said to herself knocking on Shaggy's door as Shaggy opened the door

"Like Hi Tannis" Shaggy said letting the small mummy girl in her room as she sat on the side of his bed

"Shaggy can I talk to you about something…personal?" Tannis asked as Shaggy sat next to her

"Sure, like if you want to man" Shaggy responded as Tannis turned to him

"The other girls were teasing me because I'm younger than them and I'm still a virgin" Tannis shyly said

"Well, I'm like surprised you would tell me" Shaggy responded

"Look, I trust you, and its Valentine's Day, will you please take me" Tannis said nervously

"So like you want me to have sex with you" Shaggy questioned

"Yes, please shaggy, I need you, but this is my first time" Tannis said pleading

"Well ok, but this like has to be secret" Shaggy said as Tannis nodded as she crawled over his as their noses touched as their lips rubbed as Shaggy placed his hands under her dress and grabbed the strand of her panties and slid them off and spread her legs apart

"Tannis, I honestly think you're too small for me" Shaggy said as Tannis unzipped his fly

"I can take it, I want this" Tannis said clenching Shaggy's penis

"Shaggy, no matter how much I beg you to stop, keep going" Tannis said rolling on her back splitting her legs as Shaggy lifted her up as placed her on his dick as she pulled a ball-gag out off her dress pocket

"Where did you get that?" Shaggy asked

"Sibella gave it to me" Tannis said as Shaggy fastened it on her as he placed he tip of his dick against her vagina as she squealed muffled as Shaggy trusted as he slid thru her as her muscles clenched as she pulled a small butt plug out of her dress pocket

"How many things do you have?" Shaggy asked confused as she held up two fingers as Shaggy gently slid the plug up her anus as squeezed the pump causing the plug to expand as Tannis' face was turning red thru her bandages as she came on Shaggy as he pulled out of her as e kept squeezing the pump as Tannis pointed to her gag

"You want me to remove it" Sahggy said unfastening the strap on it hid the bed coated in drool

"Pull the pump out please" Tannis said as Shaggy pulled out the rubbed plug which was as a big as a fist

"So are you content" Shaggy asked

"Yeah" Tannis responded picking up her panties wiping the tip of Shaggy's dick as she placed them on and left blowing a kiss-

Winnie was looking outside as she saw Scooby sitting near a shade tree as she approached him

"Hey Scooby" Winnie said approaching him handing the card to Scooby as he held and admired it as he ate the snax

"Thanks Winnie" Scooby said (note I'm translating Scooby's dialog so it's not all Rhanks Rinne)

Winnie walked next to Scooby

"Hey Scooby can I sit on your lap" Winnie asked as Scooby shrugged his shoulders "I guess so"

As Winnie sat on his lap facing him as she started licking his paw

"Uh Winnie-Shh. Enjoy this Scobby" Scooby said as Winnie smiled swiveling her crotch arousing Scooby as he lifted the wolf girl's dress

"No underwear?" Scooby said as their crotches were rubbing

"Do you want to be my valentine?" Winnie asked caressing the tip of Scooby's penis with her folds

"Yes" Scooby responded as Winnie pulled a packet out of her dress as she opened it handing it to Scooby

"A condom, do I have to?" Scooby asked

"Were both canine's, you might get me pregnant… and if the cubs looked you do yo know what my Papa would do to you" Winnie said sliding the condom on Scooby as they proceeded o make sweet love under the moonlight

(I hope you loved this valentine's day special chapter)