( Based off ideas by Anonymous and sw0rd slinger)

It was another dark stormy day at Grimwood's , all the girls were doing various activities. Sibella was reading in her room, Tanis was building a sand-pyramid at the edge of the school's moat, Winnie was climbing trees in the woods, Phanty was practicing her organ, and Elsa was work in the school science room.

"let's see, connect the red wire to the generator and…success" Elsa said testing her new device creating a field of energy as the device started glowing as a shape started forming

"boo" a voice said revealing to Phanty causing Elsa to drop the device

"Phanty, what the hell" Elsa said putting the device back on the table

"I'm bored" Phanty replied

"I'm busy, bother someone else" Elsa said

"Is Work all you ever do, learn to have fun Elsa" Phanty teased

"My Science project is due in two days" Elsa replied

"You always work too hard" Phanty teased rubbing her hand on Elsa's back

Phantasma, I don't have time to goof off" Elsa said as Phanty gently tapped her butt

"You need the time to relax and get off" Phanty said as Elsa put her tool down

"Fine! If I take a break will you leave me alone" Elsa said as Phanty tugged on the edge of Elsa's dress

"Trust me you'll like this" Phanty said sliding her hand up Elsa's dress rubbing her fingers against the front of her undergarments as Elsa's eyes widened

"Phanty, why are you doing this" Elsa asked in a calmer voice

"I'm just messing around" Phanty said putting her hand inside Elsa's underwear softly picking her clit as she squirmed as Phanty unfastened her blue dress falling thru her body lying on the floor

"Here let me help you with That Phanty said noticing Elsa was unfastening her dress as Phanty helped take it off as they were both standing naked as Phanty laid down on Elsa's work table

"You have really interesting stuff here" Phanty said holding up a metal pipe

" Be Honest, how much of this could you take" Phanty asked

"I don't know 8 inches" Elsa guessed

"Let's find out" Phanty said sliding the pipe up Elsa's vagina as she groaned while Phanty kept pulling it in and out as Elsa grinned her teeth as there was a knock on the door

"Give me a break" Elsa said softly

"It's Ok, I invited them for back up, Come on Girls" Phanty said as the door opened and Tanis, Sibella and Winnie entered the room

"You two started off without us" Tanis said unwrapping her bandages revealing her decayed skin

"You 'just' warmed her up for us I suppose" Winnie said pulling her dress overhead

"Trust me, I'm not letting her cum that easy" Phanty said as they tuned over led Elsa to her bed, a huge slab of metal supported by chains as Elsa laid on the bed as Sibella picked up a glass test tube as Elsa looked strangely

"That looks like a good tool Phanty said still jerking the pipe in Elsa as Sibella slid the tube up Elsa's butt as she grinned

"Hey save some action for me" Winnie said walking up to the bed squatting over Elsa's face as they both smiled

"Eat me out" Winnie said smoothly

"Gladly" Elsa responded putting her hands on the she-wolf's side as she pressed her lips against Winnie's pussy making a slopping sound as she almost shrieked in pleasure

"Oh right thru yoooowuuu" Winnie gently howled

"Hey what about me?" Tanis asked sliding one the supporting chains running aginst between her flaps making the chain shiny and wet

"You can do a handstand right" Winnie said as Tanis nodded

"Come here, I wanna taste you" Winnie said as Tanis walked over doing a handstand as Winnie supported her and placed her tongue in the mummette's pussy

"Sibella you wanna do something like that" Phanty asked

"Elsa can you take it from here" Sibella asked as Elsa took her hands off Winnie's hips, now supporting herself with Tanis as she grabbed the pipe and tube and continued fucking herself

"Let's bump" Sibella said laying on Phanty rubbing their aroused clits against each other

"Hey Winnie, can I get a taste of you" Tanis asked running her ice cold finger up Winnie sending a chill up her spine

"Got for it" Winnie replied as Tanis' slimy cold tongue made its way into the wolf-girl as they both tasted eachother.

The arousal lasted for a good 5 hours as they were all tired out

"I'm gonna take a bath and wash up" Tanis said wiping her bandages aginst the parts of her body plastered in cum

"Let's join you" Sibella said

"Elsa are you gonna take or leave" Winnie asked as all the girls were re-dressed

"I'll leave I'm too tired out, I'll bathe later" Elsa said as Winnie unraveled her neck bow

"Suit yourself" Winnie said snapping her bow like a towel

"Last ghoul in the tub is a fresh egg" Winnie joked as the girls ran out