Infinite chapter 1:

All my classmates /were/ girls

The summer was as one might expect for someone in Ichika Orimura's situation... Especially with Cecilia Alcott, Laura Budwigg, and the rest of Ichika's female friends choosing to stay in Japan over the summer instead of going back home. Almost all of them seemed to show up at some time or another, each trying to get further with the always-oblivious Ichika. Now with Ron also trying to throw herself into the Ichika game things have been getting more confusing for him then ever... Summer was more stress for Ichika then school was... And that's saying a lot.

However, summer is now over, and Ichika will be safe for only two more years.

IS academy is even more busy then the previous year. Especially since there is apparently word of another male student, one that actually piloted an IS at the entrance exam just like Ichika. But so far, there has been no information what-so-ever on who is mysterious person is, or why they can pilot an IS like Ichika.

Ichika walked down the hallway. The halls were empty. He was, at least so far, the only one there. He read each room aloud as he walked down, "217... 218... Here we go!" He said as he got to the next room, "room number 219! My home room awaits!". Ichika strolled inside to see an empty room... "perhaps getting a ride with my sis wasn't the smartest idea... There's still two hours till school starts..."

"Well well well!" a British voice hummed out from behind Ichika's back. "Looks like the early bird does indeed catch the worm, as the saying goes".

"Oh?" Ichika turned around to see Cecilia standing there in the doorway. Her book bag was in hand, and her hair in its usual half strait, half curled style, only different due to a new black headband as apposed to her old blue one. "how have you been? I like the new headband"

"Y-you really like it?" she said as she blushed and began to look away, embarrassed for some reason or another. "I was thinking of maybe going with just a darker blue... But then I thought, well black goes with everything!"

"Yeah it really suits you" Ichika said honestly as he scratched his head.

"Oh, you're too kind Ichika dear" Cecilia said as she waved him away with her hand, "I feel like it has been ages since I have seen you in your school uniform, or in a classroom setting for that matter"

"Yeah, summer was pretty hectic though... It's almost nice to be back here" Ichika said as he sat down at one of the white, futuristic desks that were spread out evenly throughout the room. There was a short pause before Ichika spoke again, "You know... I think this is the first time since summer started that I've actually talked to you alone. You know, without Charl or Houki, or someone else showing up... It's kind of nice"

Suddenly Cecilia's heart began to race rapidly. Is... Ichika really saying what I think he's saying? He couldn't mean... No, he's far too oblivious... But still, Cecilia thought to herself as she tensed up. "Yes well, it is quite nice... Just the two of us. Alone. As you stated. Let's hope that doesn't-" suddenly Cecilia was cut off by a screaming and over excited Rein.

"ICHIKA!" she called out as she walked into the door.

"Jynx it..." Cecilia said with an exhale as her hopes of this conversation going quite further into something else were crushed before her.

"Hey Rein! How you been?" Ichika said as he waved to her, as if what he said to cecilia never even took place.

Rein walked in, looking the same as she did last year... Other then a little more development in the chestal region... She was a late bloomer. "Oh you know... Just improving my sweet and sour pork recipe! In fact I got some right here... Try it! Try it!"

"What!? No Ichika!" Cecilia interrupted, " I have been exploring in your Japanese cuisine and I made some of your famous sushi!"

"are you trying to kill him?" Rein muttered as she thrust the food forward to Ichika.

Ichika ducked back away from the food and said, "Actually... I ate this morning with my sister... She's a fantastic cook you know... "

Ugh... His sister is so selfish! People need to learn ow to share there siblings, both Cecilia and Rein thought in unison.

"well, I am sure you'd love to try my wonderful food at lunch today then? Hmmm Ichika?" Cecelia asked persistently.

"Wonderful isn't the word I'd be using..." Rein muttered, just loud enough for them all to here.

As Cecilia began to growl Ichika quickly interrupted. "Hey, haven't you guys heard about the new male student?"

Suddenly the two girls, who looked ready to start a cat fight, looked over and suddenly stopped. "Yeah... I saw him at the entrance exam... It was so weird. " Rein began to speak, "I was waiting, ready to take my year two entrance exam with the rest of us... And all of a sudden he just descended from the sky light in his own personal IS. I think his name was like... Cyro or Cyra... Or something like that. I didn't get a good look at his face, but his IS was none like I had ever seen... I think it's a fourth generation like Houki's... It was named Smoug, it was a dark green and dark grey and as soon as it entered the arena, all of this grey smoke started spewing out of the mech, covering the field in a smog. The instructor couldn't even see him. I think it's a stealth unite... I didn't see any huge cannons or flashy swords..."

"oh please" Cecelia said with a laugh, "I'm sure it is no match for I, Cecilia Alcott, and blue tears".

"Actually it sounds like this one could be right in your weak spot, Cecilia" Ichika said.

Cecilia responded with a shock, "What on earth are you talking about?"

"Well... Your IS requires you to see the target so you can get a clear shot... This, Smoug seems to take the element of site and accuracy right out of the equation".

"I'm sure this is all just talk, I'll show you that this person is no match for I, Cecilia Alcott! I will destroy this new student, and his IS!"

A thick German accent rang out, "I wouldn't be underestimating my opponents if I were you... I learned that lesson the hard way". Laura and Charl were standing in the doorway, Laura with her usual eye patch on, and Charl waving sweetly at the three in the classroom.

"Ah Ichika" Charl began in her French accent, "It is nice to see you again, yes?"

"hey Charlotte, hey Laura, we were just talking about the new male student"

Charlotte spoke out first, "Ah yes, big news right? I heard about his random appearance at the entrance exam"

Laura then said, "I heard a rumor that Tabane made that mech specifically for the male student... There is lots of mystery surrounding him... There is also rumor that he is related to Houki and Tabane"

"you're kidding!" Rein said shocked.

"what?" Ichika said with his mouth wide open, "No... He couldn't be related to Houki.. I mean, she would have told me if she had a brother"

"Maybe she just doesn't care about you..." Rein suggested.

The the girls rippled with responses like: "yeah", or "if I had a brother I'd tell you". Each of them trying to eliminate the competition any way possible.

"AHEM!" Houki Shinonono stood behind them, her face red with anger and smoke flowing from her flaring nostrils. Then she decked Rein on the head before she sat down... "So what are we talking about!?" Houki said, still angry.

"Oh nothing, nothing... Just... Food" Charlotte said, trying to change the subject.

"oh yes! We were all talking about how Ichika is going to try the sushi I made!" Cecilia called out excitedly.

The rest of the girls shouted out, "ARE YOU TYNG TO KILL HIM!?".

After that, other students here and there began to enter the classroom and take there seats. The seats closest to Ichika were the ones to fill up first... Naturally. Then the other male student walked in. The room fell silent as he took his first couple steps into the classroom room. His hair was almost opposite of Ichika's, a golden blond, with many curls that suited his head nicely. His eyes were a light blue... Extremely light blue... Almost neon blue that could pierce through someone's soul with a simple glance. He had a green and grey necklace which he would use to deploy Smoug. He was relatively tall, and thin, but not too much of either. His skin was also a pale white. He took a seat near the front, not introducing himself to anybody as new and shy students often did.

So that's the new guy hmm? About what I expected... Doesn't seem quite as powerful as Rein made him seam though... Ichika thought to himself.

Ichika stood up and walked over to the desk where the new kid sat... "Hey there! My names Ichika! I can't believe we actually have a new guy here! You are a guy right? Sorry if that's rude... But Charlotte was originally Charles"

The new kid looked up, he had a confused look on his face... "They have cross dressers here?" He asked.

Ichika began to laugh and said, "No no no! I'm sorry... It's a long story... nice to meet you" he said as he put out his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Cyrus" The new kid said as he shook his hand, "I'm... Sure it's a good one?" he said, still feeling awkward.

"So... how long have you been piloting an IS?" Ichika asked.

"Well ever since Tabane made Smoug for me... She told me I would be perfect for an experiment of hers, I complied, and now I'm here", Cyrus stopped for a moment, "Its actually a longer story then that... But I think class is supposed to start s-" and like that he was cut off.

"YOU THERE!" Cecilia shouted pointing her finger at Cyrus. "I heard you did fairly well in the entrance exam?"

"ummm... Yeah? Why?" Cyrus said, blinking a few times at the blond British beauty pointing her finger at him.

"Then I! Cecilia Alcott, Britain's Representative contender, challenge you to a duel!" Cecilia shouted, remembering how much Rein had talked him, and his IS Smoug up.

"Really Cecilia?" Houki began, "You heard that Ichika defeated an instructor last year, and you challenged him just to barely win... Haven't you learned from your mistakes? If that match would have gone on even another second, the Byakushki's barrier disabling attack would have left blue tears in pieces".

"How dare you Houki Shinonono!" Cecilia shouted, raising her fist in the air as her eyes burned with anger.

"Ummm... I'd love to duel" Cyrus spoke out.

The attention of both girls turned to the new boy, "You would?" Cecilia said blinking. "well then! The training field... after school"

"yeah, sure... Ummm... Sorry I'm new... Where is that exactly?" Cyrus asked curiously.

"Oh let me sow you!" one girl called out, "no I can do it too!" another called out.

"hope you enjoy attention..." Ichika said whispering, "you'll be getting it all year..."

Cyrus looked over at all the girls, "well... I'm not hating it..." he said with a shrug.

"Er... Right, I'll just show you around" Ichika generously offered.

Then all of a sudden the bell rang, and someone yelled, "quick! The teachers coming!". And like that everyone took there seats. Then a woman in a suit walked in... "isn't your teacher here yet?" the woman asked.

"no 'mam" the students all said in unison.

Then the woman pushed up her glasses and said, "oh dear... We never should have even hired that wackjob..."