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Okay, College wasn't that bad.

Realizing that College wasn't all about studying, he found the joy of going to College. He recently found out that College was about partying, getting drunk, meeting new friends, and find hot babes to fuck. Natsu Dragneel enjoyed college. Except for the fact he needed to work and study hard.

Thanks to his friends he has found the joy of waking up early in the morning.

Sure, he was planning on not going to college and staying home (With the poor education he's got) he was thinking he could live an easy life. After being begged numerous times by his friends and foster-parent, he finally agreed to go to some University—some surprised he even got accepted to the best school in the community—that was named Magnolia University.

Natsu Dragneel sat at the library, trying hard to concentrate about a book about chemistry but being distracted by the giggles and whispers, he couldn't. It was his third year in Magnolia University and he knew what was coming.

He just didn't understand the concept of going to college for four years. Sure, he wanted his degree and wanted to be successful in life but what was the point?

Natsu's eyes shifted to his phone as the screen lit up and there came a text from his friend. He sighed and picked his phone up; tapping the screen he entered his pass code and looked at the text. He leaned back against the chair as his eyes read the text, a small smile coming to his lips.

Fairy Tail, tonight?

Natsu never refused to go to the club. He always loved going to the dark clubs with music blasting and hot woman grinding against each other. He didn't know what it was, maybe it was the woman or the smell of alcohol, he just loved it.

Fairy Tail was the name of the club and he was in love with the place. It wasn't a type of place where they hung Fairies around the room—it was one badass of a club.

Right next to Sabertooth, of course. The second best club compared to Fairy Tail.

Natsu punched in a quick, "Yes!" Before gathering all his books and things. He pushed open the doors of the library, the cool autumn air hitting his face. He walked away from the library going to go find his dorm to change.

The sun was setting and it was a perfect day.

He hates to admit but he loved going to school here. It was one of the best places where all his memories got made. He got plenty of girlfriends here, made plenty of friends here, and even had a reputation.

Once Natsu had gotten into his dorm, he changed into a red dress shirt and some faded jeans. He fixed his spiky pink hair into the mirror, rolling the sleeves up to his elbow; he unbuttoned some buttons in front of his shirt. His usual attire. Girls go crazy for his crazy-hot body and his unbelievable handsome face.

Something he obviously loved to brag about.

Once he had finished he left to go to his friend's dorm, knowing the usual routine. He knocked twice, waiting for the idiot he knew since elementary school. The door swung open to reveal another handsome man, his ink colored hair all messy and spiky as he showed off his bare chest. He gave the pink-haired man a smirked and invited him in, the other male leaving to go put on a shirt.

"Hey Gray, we're going to fairy tail, right?"

"Why wouldn't we? I need to go find myself a girl; I need to release all this stress," The male sighed as he buttoned up his dress shirt, Natsu raising a brow at him.

Natsu lost count on how many girls this guy slept with. He also lost count of how many he slept with. It was a game at first but now, it was their only sense of stress relief and pleasure.

Once Gray had finished, the two males left the dorm on their way to the club. It wasn't far; it was walking distance, another thing Natsu loved about.

Once they were close, they both could hear the music booming from inside.

A smirk made its way to the pink male's lips, noticing how there were people here and there, some dressed in slutty outfits and some looking for some bait. There was a long line right by the door but Natsu and Gray walked past the line that was waiting to enter and gave the guard a nod. "Evening, Elfman." Gray greeted as he opened the small gate. "Evening Natsu, Gray."

"Packed today, eh?"

"Lots of college students,"

"Must be my lucky day. Any hot woman?"

"Plenty. Just don't let me find panties falling out of your pockets tonight,"

Natsu and Gray both chuckled, ignoring the muscular man they entered the place.

Immediately they separated, looking to find some woman. Natsu went to the bar ordering a beer his eyes roamed the place. Natsu wasn't that picky with his woman but he did have expectations. He knew he'll have woman falling into his arms as soon as he cracks a greeting but so far, none had caught his eye.

"Your beer," The bartender said catching Natsu's attention. He reached for the brown bottle but when he saw another hand reach for it, he looked up, alarmed. His eyes found a pair of brown ones.

A woman, perfect.

Natsu's eyes observed her whole body, checking out every single part and detail of her. She was perfect. Her body was curvy, her lips were a pretty pink and plump, her eyes were beautiful and whoa—her chest was huge. Her curled up blonde hair fell perfectly over her shoulder and Natsu immediately thought she could be the one that'll he would take home.

"Is that yours or mine?" She spoke making him want to drool.

Her voice was perfect too!

Natsu looked to see her fingers grabbed the top of the bottle, her head tilted to the right in a curious manner. "You can be mine," He said smoothly as he watched the blonde scoff and roll her eyes, looking a bit disgusted. "Another man looking for some woman to fuck, eh? There must be a million of you," She took the bottle from his hands. "Well, if a man found a sexy lady in front of them, it couldn't hurt to try, right?" Natsu smirked as he gave the blonde a wink. The said woman rolled her eyes and turned around, about to leave but Natsu quickly grabbed her wrist, "What's your name?"

"What's it to you?"

"Trying to see who'll be coming home with me tonight."

"Your mother," She gave her wrist a flick and it was out of his large warm hands. She shot him another look before disappearing into the crowd. Natsu stared at where she had disappeared to and he couldn't help but smirk. He loved a woman that played hard-to-get. Of course, they'll be his in the end but a little chase wouldn't hurt.

"What's with that stupid grin?" He turned to see his best friend since elementary school, a woman already by his side giggling like a school-girl. Natsu just smirked and grabbed the beer the bartender gave, looking at his friend that stared at him.

"I think I found the perfect one."

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