Waking up in the morning, Natsu usually was the one to wake up last. Maybe it was because he stays up later and has much more energy than Lucy so he needs more time to re-energize but it really was peculiar when he wakes up with Lucy still asleep besides him. It's even weirder to see her sprawled on the bed only dressed in one of his t-shirts practically flashing him and drooling. But he finds it cute and times like these, he always takes advantage.

The thing that snapped him back into reality was his grumbling stomach and the annoying super neon circle right on their calender that kept catching his attention. It was July and oddly enough—it was Erza's and Jellal's wedding today.

It was barely eleven and the wedding starts at three. He was hungry and Lucy was still sleeping and the time was ticking.

Leaning on his stomach, he leaned in towards the blonde. "Lucy," he whispered in his ear. "Luce, wake up."

She didn't even budge as she was such a heavy sleeper. She didn't even let out a hum in response as she always would but instead, she continued to sleeping.

Poking her cheek, Natsu tried to see if she would wake but the best he got was her to move and take up more of the space on the bed making him groan. "Lucy," he huffed as he laid his hand on her exposed stomach to tickle her awake but she slept through it making him find it really weird.

He let out an annoying huff and moved his hand further down to tickle her in her sensitive area right above her pelvis but froze when he heard a whimper come out of her lips. Looking up to see if she was waking up but she only appeared slightly flushed as she continued sleeping making him groan.

Taking the position she was in to his advantage, he slid right in-between her legs and smirked to himself. "Fine," he huffed and he slid the cotton panty down her slender legs. "I'll just have to wake you up in a different way."

Tossing the fabric on the floor somewhere, Natsu was fascinated over the naked flesh he played with almost every day. Running his fingers up her wet core, he could feel the moisture she had produced with the naughty dream she was having.

Kissing her softly in her inner thigh, he leaned in and gave her a light lick. Eyeing her to see if she woke up but she just continued to sleep peacefully making him feel slightly irritated and annoyed.

Circling his tongue around her clitoris, he kissed it softly making a moan and whimper come from the sleeping female as he continued to work his magic. She merely moved her hand on her stomach to scratch and go limp once more, her other hand falling right besides her.

Natsu gently sucked on her nub a he reached up and held the soft delicate hand that belonged to her, finding it cute that she intertwined her fingers with him even in her sleep.

Chuckling against her, he felt her squeeze his hand lightly as her breathing started to become ragged.

Using his other hand to tease her center, he continued licking and sucking as he eventually slid a finger into her and eased it in and out. Inserting another finger, he went in a slow and steady pace and he could only hear her breathing speed up but her eyes didn't open. Curling his fingers inside her, he got great results as she quietly moaned and bucked her hips to his face.

Smirking against her, he started to speed up the pace of his fingers as he flicked her nub making her whimper.

"Natsu," she let his name pass her lips in a quiet moan. Natsu felt her waking as he rose his head and looked at her pleasured-expression, continuing to finger her while teasing her swollen nub with his thumb. "Natsu," she moaned again but this time it came out even louder and she gripped his hand even tighter.

She was about to release and that's when her eyes fluttered open and her eyes met his. She looked confused for a moment but then realized what was happening and groaned as she pulled him up and grabbed his bicep, digging her nails into it.

Not even daring to stop, he continued easing in and out of her as he watched her flush face. Watching in awe, he felt her hips moving with his hand as she rode her orgasm with his hand, her lips parting and her legs trembling as she gripped his hand even tighter. Her chest pushed itself against Natsu's as her back arched with her orgasm, a loud moan filling the room to have it soon turn into harsh pants.

"Good morning, babe." He said as he pulled his fingers out of her wet core, smirking slightly as he licked it clean. She steadied her breathing as she stared up at him, her face flushed. "Urgh," she huffed as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down against her. "what a lovely wake up."

"What? You didn't like it?" He asked as he heard the sarcasm that was laced in-between her words. He kissed the corner of her mouth as she snuggled into his chest, exhausted. "No, I did... it's just now I'm really tired."

"Well somebody wouldn't wake up no matter what I did."

"You know I can be a heavy sleeper," she pouted as Natsu held her against her chest. "you could have just let me slept a bit longer."

"I was hungry and we have to get ready for Erza's wedding. Remember? You have to help set up because you're the maid of honor." He reminded her as she sighed and softly kissed his exposed collarbone. "I know," she mumbled against his skin making him kiss the crown of her head. "So, let's get up, hm?"

"I will... but first, don't you think I should repay you for the kind act?"


He looked up at his fiance in surprise as the blonde sat up and pushed him down, watching how she smirked wickedly at him. "And I'm not going to be as kind as you, sweetheart."

Smirking right back, he leaned back comfortably. "It wouldn't be fun if you were."


Dressed in a royal blue sleeveless A-line strapless pleated beading knee-length dress with red heels, Lucy ordered this person to do and that as Natsu watched from behind. He wore a black suit with a blue tie as his beautiful little bridesmaid tried getting the wedding perfectly set up as Levy helped.

The wedding was red and blue themed, making it look like it was some American party with all the red, black, and white.

There were red and blue china, blue present boxes with red ribbons and red present boxes with blue cake was large and tall made with white icing but by each corner, there were red and blue roses next to one another. There were red foods and blue foods, flowers and hearts everywhere.

Lucy did an amazing job planning everything and Natsu was goddamn proud of it.

The bridesmaids all wore the same dress Lucy wore with the same kind of heels. They had a bouquet of red roses while Erza's was just simple white roses. Though, their hairs weren't entirely the same, they all looked beautiful.

The groomsmen were requested to wear a black suit but every one of them had a royal blue tie to go along with it.

Erza and Jellal would absolutely love the wedding since he knew he did. He just needed somebody like Lucy to plan his wedding.

As time went by, guests appeared one by one. Either coming with a date, friends, or family. The chapel started to became crowded and everyone started to admire the beautifully decorated place.

Erza was in her room getting ready with the rest of the bridesmaid as he was forced to greet people with Jellal outside with the men.

It was exhausting but he really couldn't say no—this was for Jellal and he knew Jellal would do the same for him.

"You pink hair ruins the entire blue and red theme." Gray spats moments later when most of the guests arrived making Natsu shoot him a look. "What? Did you expect me to dye it just for Jellal's wedding?"

"Well, you should have because your hair is ruining the wedding."

"Gray, it's not. Natsu can't help it," Jellal joins in making Natsu nod. "Yeah, it's not like I asked for pink-hair ass-for-brains." He rolled his eyes making Gray snicker. "Well, if you could have asked, you should ask for a better looking face."

"Alright asswipes, stop fighting at somebody elses' wedding. You're ruining the cheerful mood."

"With you in the room, the cheerfulness dies, Gajeel." Gray and Natsu both deadpan making the male growl. "What did you say?!"

"Come on, guys. You'll break something and mess up the wedding. And if you want to die from the wrath of Lucy who worked so hard for this and the wrath of an angry bride, I advise you to continue." Loke said making the three freeze and look at Loke in realization.

Going back to their formal posture, they ignored one another for the rest of the greets until the priest announced the wedding was about to start very soon.

The moment he did, Jellal started to sweat and freak out.

"God—I'm nervous. What if Erza bails on me the last minute? What if she has another man in her life and she was too scared to admit it to me till now?" Jellal asked making the four laugh and shake their heads, trying to calm the male down. "Dude, Erza's not that ruthless. I'm sure if she had another man, she would have dumped you long ago."

"Idiot! You don't say that!" Gray hissed at Natsu as he noticed the color drain from Jellal's face. "Jellal, don't listen to him."

"Yeah, you seriously shouldn't listen to Natsu."

"Hey, shut it, Loke. I mastered the act of love way before you." The pink-haired male growled making Loke smirk. "Excuse you. I have a date to the wedding."

"What's your point?"

"I scored."

"Alright, alright—we're not going to talk about how you scored with Aries now. Right now, it's Jellal's time to shine. Now don't worry, bud. Erza loves you and I promise she can't find a better man to marry. She's lucky and you're lucky so just take a deep breath and listen to what the priest tells you to do."

Taking in a large deep breath, Jellal offered a nervous smile to his groomsmen. "Thank you, guys. You calmed me down a bit."

"Just try not to think about falling."


"What?" He asked innocently as Jellal paled once more and the three shot the pierced male a glare. Ignoring Gajeel, Jellal let out another nervous laugh. "I—it's okay. I think I got this."

"Great! Now let's go, we gotta hurry and walk down the isle." Loke said as he gave Jellal's back a slap as the boys all went to get lined up and find their partner to walk down the isle.

Loke got paired up with Lisanna since she was one of the bridesmaids and Gajeel obviously got Levy. Gray found Juvia during the middle and of course Natsu and Lucy were together. Jellal was in front of them as he started to sweat bullets, occasionally tugging on his collar to let the steam past as he didn't want to marry Erza drenched in sweat.

Jellal instantly stiffened when he heard the music start playing, signalling he was supposed to walk down the isle very soon. Natsu who was right behind him with Lucy, he gave his back a pat. "Don't worry, pal, we're right behind ya."

"Jellal, Erza is really beautiful! You're lucky! Don't worry—she's nervous as well!"

"Yeah, so do it for Erza!" Natsu cheered as Jellal gulped and took in a deep breath, flexing his hands to close his eyes. He had to do this for Erza—the love of his life, yes, he had to. If not, Erza would probably skin him alive since she was looking forward to this. This was about him and her—he shouldn't care what others thought of them.

"The groom will now walk down the isle, Jellal Fernandes."

Hearing his name being called, he quickly sped walk down the isle to avoid stares and embarrassment, his face dusted pink. His heart thumped loudly in his chest and he felt a lump in his throat as he looked down the isle to see his friends all walking down the isle arm in arm.

They went in a slower pace than he did but he could tell they were feeling a bit nervous as well with all the stares.

Feeling his body grow cold and stiff, he realized that the bridesmaid and groomsmen already walked down the isle, leaving the ring bearers and flower girl. Afterwards, it was the bride and he didn't feel ready to see his Erza dressed in a wedding dress walking down the isle towards him.

Watching how Milliana and Sho walked down the isle together with Milliana throwing petals on the ground, he tugged on his collar once more.

Letting out a shaky breath, he tried to keep his cool but he soon realized that the music stopped and the brides music started playing.

He nervously eyed his men to see what they thought and he only received smiles and thumbs up. Looking back down the isle, his breath was instantly knocked out of his body as he witnessed his beautiful scarlet princess dressed in a long traditional strapless white wedding dress. Her scarlet hair was let down since Jellal liked it best down and she held a bouquet full of fresh red roses.

She looked beautiful and Jellal finally got the meaning of took my breath away.

Erza did take his breath away and he felt like he wasn't breathing as she approached him in all her beautiful glory.

"Y—you... you're so beautiful." He whispered making her cheeks dust pink and her brown orbs look down. "T—thank you..."

Bringing his bride right next to him, they faced the priest and the entire chapel sat back down. Opening the book, the priest cleared his throat and flashed a wide grin.

"We are all gathered here today for the lovely couple Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes' wedding..."


"Do you, Erza Scarlet, take Jellal Fernandes as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"Do you, Jellal Fernandes, take Erza Scarlet, as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Jellal said proudly making Erza smile brightly as the preist flash a smile. He closed his book and nodded in approval. "You may now, kiss the bride." He said making the couple turn towards one another. Grasping each other's hand as of their life depended on it, they leaned in and their lips pressed against one another making the entire place cheer.

Pulling away, Jellal guided Erza back down the isle towards the other room where announcements and celebration was bound to happen.

People congratulated the couple as everyone sat in their respected table, the bridesmaid and groomsmen all sitting at one table with the bride and groom as everyone else sat someplace else.

There were beautiful china and silverware spread out on the tables with flowers and other stuff as food was about to be served.

"I'm going to do the flower-toss, first." Erza announced as all the single females stood to go snatch the roses to maybe find luck on getting married. Lucy was about to join in for the fun but Natsu stopped her, shooting her a disapproving look. "You're getting married, sit your ass down."

"But Lisanna is even going!"

"She's allowed. You're not."

"You ruin the fun."

"Shut up," he nudged her playfully as he held her hand as he watched the large group of girls try to grab the bouquet. Levy was standing right in the middle but her short-self didn't help as everyone else towered over her.

The entire crowd watched as Erza closed her eyes and tossed the flowers right behind her. But with her strength, she ended up throwing it above the crowd of screaming girls for it to land in Aries lap, the pink-haired woman blushing at least fifty shades of red as Loke cried out in surprise.

Lucy merely laughed at the faces of the couple as the crowd of woman all groaned in agony, returning to their seats to have food be served.

"I'm never going to get married!" Levy groaned as she came back to where Lucy and everyone else was. Mentioning that, Lucy eyed the table to see if Gajeel was present and noticing that he wasn't, she now knew why she said that so loudly. "Levy-Chan, don't say that!"

"I mean, urgh, how long will I remain in a relationship but not officially marked as married?!"

"Levy, you gotta give it some time."

"I don't want to hear it from you two!" She cried out making the couple eye her weirdly. "You two got engaged after like, five months of knowing each other! I've been with Gajeel for almost five years! To think that he might want to settle down by now?" The short blunette complained making Lucy smile sheepishly as Natsu sighed and put his large hand on the crown of her head. "Don't worry, Levy. You'll get lucky soon enough."

"I swear, if Gray and Juvia get engaged before me, I'm going to blow up."

Just then, Gajeel returned from wherever he was at and sat himself down next to Levy. He looked pretty calm but when he looked up and saw the death glares coming from the ladies, her furrowed his brows in confusion.


He merely got ignored as the boys threw him a sympathetic look making him even more confused.


Lucy sighed as she watched her best friend slow-dancing with her husband, the couple as close and cute as ever. They swayed back and forth with the music as she was sitting at the table sipping on champagne, watching the two with such affection she wanted to cry.

Erza was really happy and that made her really happy. They've been friends since forever and seeing her best friend get married, it shows how time flew by so quickly for the both of them.

She remembered how they met back in middle school and now, they're graduating college together and getting married!

Letting out a soft sigh, Lucy tasted the champagne which felt like stars in her mouth.

"Whats with the sigh?"

Looking up, she watched how her pink-haired fiance sat himself down right next to her and scooted close until his knees touched hers. "Is something bothering you?" He asked as he reached forward and grasped her hand in his making her shake her head and offer a smile. "Nah... I'm just really happy for Erza."

"Yeah, she looks really happy."

"She's lucky."

Watching how Lucy stared at them with the look of envy and love, Natsu chuckled and leaned in to press his lips against her palm. This caught her attention as she eyed the male next to her who grinned. "What's with that look? That'll be you very soon."

"Yeah... I know. I'm lucky, too." She smiled at Natsu who smiled back, scooting closer to pull her into his chest as she leaned against him. "I can't wait."

"Neither can I..."

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