"Mom, is this stupid, why do I have to come along to greet Lance?"

"Oh Nashi, why are you so against seeing Lance? You haven't seen him since you were six years old!"

"And I don't want to see him again! He and Igneel used to bully me and exclude me all the time!" The sixteen year old whined as her twin brother had a knowing smirk on his face. "I rather not see him again, it was a good thing he went overseas!"

"Now Nashi," Natsu spoke up. "Lance loves you a lot and you can't say that about aunt Lisanna and uncle Laxus, now can you?" He asked as his four year old bounced around in his lap. "Besides, it's been ten years since that happened! He could have changed."

"That's right sweetheart, I'm sure he's changed and you changed, too." Lucy planted a soft kiss against the head of the blonde as she pouted.

"Nashi is just jealous that Lance didn't want to play with her but instead with me! It's because I'm cooler!"

"No you're not!"

"Yes I am!"

"No you're not!"

"Yes I am!"

"Kids," Natsu groaned as his two kids started to bicker back and forth. "stop fighting."

"You and uncle Gray do it all the time."

"Oh, they got you there," Lucy nudged her husband on the side making the rosy-haired male glared at his wife in response. The older blonde just smiled cheekily before taking her four year old daughter into her lap, kissing her cheek to hold her against her. "oh look, the doors are opening, now!"

"Great," Nashi muttered under her breath as Igneel put his phone away to greet Lance.

"C'mon, lighten up, sweetheart, I'm sure you'll enjoy his company." Natsu tried to convince his daughter as he rubbed her back in reassurance but all she did was roll her eyes and cross her arms over her chest. "Well, at least try to look happy when your aunt comes through, alright? You know how she is."

Giggling slightly, the blonde looked at her father and offered a wide grin making him grin back.

Suddenly, the squeal of her mother caught her attention and the Dragneel's all turned to see the blonde running towards a familiar looking silver-haired woman.



The two females both ran to each other and embraced each other tightly, the scene looking awfully familiar.

"Hi aunt Lisanna!" Igneel shouted excitedly as he held his younger sister in his arms.

"My, my, look who it is! You've grown so much Igneel! And little miss Luna has, too!" Lisanna cooed as she reached forward and grabbed the four year old into her arms. "You look so much like a man, now!" She praised making Igneel grin in pride, puffing his chest out.

"Where's Lance?"

"Oh he and his father are slow-poke, they'll be here soon," she waved it off as her eyes trailed behind the two to see Natsu and Nashi sitting and giving her a smile and small wave. "Natsu! Nashi!" She shouted as she approached the two. "I missed you, Natsu!"

"Missed you, too, Lis."

"And look at you, Nashi! Grown up so beautifully like your mother!"

"Excuse me," Natsu spoke up. "she's beautiful like me, not Lucy."

Scoffing, the woman brushed him off as she sat next to her niece, wrapping one of her arms around her as she held Luna in her other. "Oh, I missed you! I haven't seen you since you were probably six!"

"M—missed you too, aunt Lisanna..." The blonde said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Where your idiot of a husband and heartbreaker of a son?"

"Oh Natsu, you're completely correct! Lance is so handsome!"

"He's not a good looking as my son." Natsu argued as he reached over and brought his daughter back into his arms as she started to wiggle around. "My son is the best looking out there cause he looks like me."

"Sorry to break it to you, sweetheart, but my son is the handsomest out there."

"Shut up, your son looks like a gorilla!"

"You haven't seen him since he was seven, Natsu!"

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Nashi felt beyond irritated as her father and her aunt argued about whether or not if their son was better-looking. In all honesty, she didn't even think neither of them were good looking.

"Nashi, who do you think is better looking? My son, Lance, or Igneel?!" Lisanna suddenly grabbed the blonde to turn her around and ask her the question. The teenager girl stared at her father and aunt in awkwardness as she didn't know how to respond to that.


"You better hope Lance Dreyar comes out of that mouth." Another voice joined in the conversation making the three turn and look.

"Speak of the devil," Natsu smirked as Lisanna jumped up and hugged her son.

"Lance, look who it is! It's Nashi!"

Staring up at the tall older male, Nashi's eyes were wide as she just witnessed the beautiful male right in front of her. He was all muscles and height as his blonde hair was pushed back in a way she liked.

How can the snot-nosed brat that used to tease and bully her turn into this beautiful guy who looked super nice?

"What's up, Nash. I can see you've grown, too."

"She's sixteen, Lance!"

"How old are you, again?" The pink-haired father asked as he stood up to see how tall he really got. "And it looks like you got your father's height, too." He murmured as he has to tilt his head up slightly to look him in the eyes.

"Hey uncle Natsu," Lance offered a smirk. "I just turned eighteen."

"Jeez, time does go by quickly..."

"Tell me about it!"

"Lance!" Igneel suddenly shouted as they all turned to see the blonde Dragneel run on over to them. "Lance!"

"Hey, bud. Look at you," he offered a smile as he messed up the mop of hair he had. "you've grown."

"Lance, I got this new game, you gotta play with me!"

"Now Igneel, Lance just got here. I'm sure they're all tired—"Lucy tried to say but Lance waved it off.

"Its okay, aunt Lucy, I'm not that tired." The handsome young adult offered a smile towards his blonde aunt who smiled right back. "Let's go, Iggy, I'm up for it if you are."

"Yeah!" He shouted excitedly as the two turned around to walk away.

But right as the eighteen year old turned around, his crystal eyes locked with the brown ones that belonged to the other twin making her face explode into red. It left the male smirking as everyone started to walk away, chatting excitedly.

All except Nashi Dragneel who stood there thinking about how weird she felt.


"Lance, since when have you grown up this handsome?" Erza asked as she gave his back a hard pat making the male wince. "You truly grew up to become a man, indeed!"

"Oh Erza, you're flattering him so much!" Lisanna giggled as she felt pride swell up in her chest as everyone spoke about how her son grew up well. "He got the looks from his parents, didn't you?" She cooed at her son who laughed and agreed wordlessly.

Meanwhile as all the adults chatted excitedly in the kitchen, the kids all sat in the living room minding their own business.

"Nashi, did you hear about how Shuni and Kat got together?! Kat knew I liked Shuni! Urgh, I am so mad! I can't believe—Nashi? Are you even listening to me?" Rosemary, the youngest that belonged the Fernandez family, whined making Nashi snap back into reality.

"H—Huh? Yeah, I am, sorry, so Kat?"

"She is not listening! She's too busy drooling over Lance over there," Mika teased making Nashi's face glow red.

"W—what?! No! Psh, I—that is a lie!"

"Then why are you blushing?"

"I don't need your input, Storm!" The blonde growled at the thirteen year old Fullbuster who shrugged as he went back to gaming with Igneel and Reiki. "And I see you smiling, too, Reiki!"

"Oh calm down, Nash. I won't tell." The younger Fernandez son said with a sly smile on his face. "But I don't know anything about Gale—"

"Lance!" The ten year old Redfox shouted as he walked up to the oldest. "Nashi is talking about you!"

"I swear he is a devil!" Nashi cried out as she stood up and ran towards the adults and to where Gale was.

"Oh?" Lance quirked his brow up in interest. "And what did she say?"

"She said—Mmph!"

"I said, nothing. Gale is so funny! C'mon, bud, let's go back..." The blonde awkwardly laughed as she placed her hand on the mouth of the scarlet-haired male. "See ya! Have fun with the adults!"

"Hey, Lance, come play with us!" Igneel suddenly shouted making Nashi whip her head over to where her brother was to shoot him a glare. He merely smirked right at his sister and grabbed an extra controller. "C'mon!"

"Coming," the deep voice behind her rumbled as the tall male brushed past her. He held a smirk on his face as he gave her a glance making her stand there and swallow thickly. At the same time Gale pushed away from the teen as he ran after the oldest, the males all sitting down in front of the large television.

That left the blonde standing there all flustered as she debated whether or not if she should go join them. But the presence of Lance made her all jittery and she didn't want to look obvious—what more could she do?

"Nashi, sweetheart?" Lucy asked making her turn and look at her mother. "You want to help me in the kitchen?" She asked, knowing what her daughter was going through making Nashi let out a breath of sigh and nod, walking over towards her mom. "And by the way, I completely think you should go for Lance." She whispered in the ear of her daughter making her face glow red.


"What? What's going on?" Natsu joined in as his favorite girls approached them while he was holding his youngest in his arms. His eyes darted from his wife to his daughter who both looked suspicious to him.

"Our little Nashi has a crush on Lance."


"What?!" The rosy-haired male cried out. "Oh no, no way! Not Lance!"

"What?" Lance piped up from the living room making Nashi frail around.


"What's going on?"

"Nastu, really? Lisanna and I hoped this would happen!"

"But still..! Imagining becoming in-laws with Laxus and Lisanna makes me..."

"Mom! Dad! Please!" The teen whined, looking behind to her make sure nobody was looking as her parents completely discarded her and continued bickering.

"She is sixteen, now! She is allowed to date."

"Lance is eighteen! That is, like, illegal! And no way am I allowing that gorilla to touch my precious baby girl!"

Glowing red from embarrassment, Nashi let out a loud groan as she covered her face, standing in-between her parents who argued about her future.

"Oh dear, it's okay, Nashi. You know how your parents are," Mirajane suddenly said as her baby bump brushed against her arm making her turn and look at the pregnant woman. "but y'know, I wouldn't mind you marrying my nephew." She winked making Nashi gap.

"Not you too, aunt Mira!"

"Welcome to the family, Nashi!" Lisanna cried out in joy, grabbing her hand to grin widely as the blonde finally decided she had enough of this.

She quickly turned around and ran out of the kitchen leaving the entire place silent.

That is, until the oldest stood up and offered to go get her, chasing after the blonde where he knew she ran off to the backyard. He carefully approached the door where he noticed it was open slightly, looking out the glass door to see the said blonde standing out there by herself. He watched her from afar for a bit as he admired her beauty, wondering when and how she got so beautiful over the years.

He remember when she was just a little girl, running around and crying about how he wouldn't let her play with her brother and him.

During that time, he found her cute, as well.

Lightly brushing his knuckles against the glass to make a sound, he caught the attention of the blonde Dragneel who whirled around in surprise.


"Hey, crybaby." He teased as he walked towards her making her gasp and pout. "I'm kidding."

"W—whatever... what are you doing here?"

"Well a certain someone just ran out of the room looking as if she was going to cry so of course I had to check up on the baby of the family." He offered a smile as he stood right in front of her, gazing down at the blushing blonde. "So what was happening in there that made you so flustered?"

"I—It was nothing..."

"Sure didn't seem like nothing."

"Don't worry about it," she murmured while looking away from the male in front of her making him quirk a brow at her. "just go back inside, I'm fine."

"Nah," he refused as he suddenly sat down on the ground right by her feet. "I think I want to stay because it's pretty nice out here."

Silently watching the male that was sitting by her feet, Nashi didn't know what to say or do.


"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to sit? You're making me feel awkward with you standing," Lance chuckled making Nashi gasp and sit down right next to him, making sure she was arms length away. She pulled her knees up to her face and looked the other direction as her heart raced in her chest.

That only left Lance smiling even wider as he leaned back with his palms, his crystal eyes watching the blonde beside him.

"You know, Nash..."


"You grew up nicely."

Turning her head to look over, Nashi was bewildered at the sound of that.

Did Lance Deryar just say she grew up nicely? As in... he thought she was pretty? Lance Deryar?

If it was even possible, she felt her heart skip a beat.

"N—not so bad yourself..." She murmured, trying to be polite. That made Lance chuckle in response.

"You were actually a very ugly baby, I gotta admit."

"What?! That's such a rude thing to say, Lance!"

"Not my fault, all you did was cry and whine and you had this ugly haircut. You always dressed like a guy, too, so at one point I thought you were one."

"Okay, okay, that's enough!" Nashi cried out, embarrassed how Lance was telling her how ugly and weird she looked as a child but he kept going.

"And then like, you would come home all muddy and stuff that you looked like a pig. But then one day... your mom put you in this pretty pink summer dress and I thought: wow, she looks pretty cute."

Gazing at the eighteen year old beside her, Nashi realized that he was serious and it made her heart thunder inside her chest.

"So, after seeing you in dresses and realizing how cute you were, I asked aunt Lucy to start putting you in more dresses." His eyes flickered up to see if she was still listening. "And I eventually went shopping with her just so I can pick out the dresses you would wear."

"Wait... I'm really confused."

"About what?"

"You... you used to tease me all the time as a kid. To the point where I thought you hated me!" Nashi pointed out as she looked over to lock eyes with the male. She quickly adverted her gaze someplace else as she felt the heat. crawl up her neck. "You always wanted to play with Iggy and whenever I wanted to join, you said no."

"Yeah, well, I didn't want you getting hurt." He confessed as he watched her trail her finger against the concrete of the ground. "Didn't you notice how whenever Iggy and I would go and play we would be climbing trees and playing with sticks? I didn't want you getting hurt accidentally so I always said no."

"But... but you always called me names and stuff!"

"Yeah, like crybaby and whiny." He reached over to poke her nose. "You still are a crybaby and whiner." He stated making her scowl slightly. "But that's what I like about you. Y'know, if you're going to be like that, it gives me more of a chance to protect you. Makes me feel like a man," he boasted making her giggle and nudge him on the side.

"Now you're starting to sound like uncle Elfman."

"It's in my blood," he smirked, boasting about his appearance making her roll her eyes and scoff.

"You know what else is in my blood?"


"A vow."

Quirking her brow, the Dragneel tilted her head to the side as she stared at the man beside her. "A vow? What kind of vow?"

"A vow that... that I'll make you Nashi Dreyar one day."

At the sound of that, Nashi felt her heart come to a complete stop as her eyes widen in size. She slowly raised her head and looked at the blonde next to her who was looking away in shyness, his cheeks also dusted a bit pink.


"Nash, I always vowed to myself that one day I was going to marry you..." he reached forward and grabbed her left hand, tracing his thumb against her ring finger. "so you don't need to worry about all that because I vow Im going to marry you." He offered a soft smile, looking up to lock eyes with the blonde. "but now isn't the right time. I live across the country from you and our ages are different. Maybe in the future but not now... okay?"

"L—Lance..." Nashi sputtered in pure shock and embarrassment as the male in front of her smiled sweetly.

"Wait for me, okay?"

Soon, tears started to blur her vision and Nashi couldn't help but launch herself into the arms of the male she fell in love with so quickly, the two embracing each other in the warm summer air.

"Okay... I'll wait for you."

"Is this the part where I kiss you now or is that too weird?" Lance asked making her laugh and grin widely, her cheeks a soft pink.

"Well, I think—"

"Hey, punk!" A shout cut her off making the couple turn and look over to see Natsu stomping out of of the doors, his face red in anger. "Get your hands off my precious daughter!"

"Oh shit," Lance muttered as they pulled away from each other and stood up. "uncle Natsu, I swear I didn't do anything."

"You better haven't or else I would whoop your ass!"

"Dad!" Nashi cried out in embarrassment as Lance laughed sheepishly, holding his hands up in front of him. "Stop it!"

"Natsu, get back here! You're ruining their moment!" Soon, Lucy came out, angrily scolding her husband who argued about how Lance was taking away his precious daughter's innocents.

Suddenly, it occurred to Nashi that they were spying on them and she look back to see almost all of them guests were by the door, watching and listening.

"W—were you all spying on us?!"

"N—no!" Lucy sputtered. "No, we weren't!"

"You suck at lying aunt Lucy." Lance smirked making Lucy shoot him a look as Natsu stepped in front of him a growled.

"Don't touch my daughter. She won't be dating till she is at least twenty five!"

"Natsu, you're taking it too far!"

"Yeah, dad! Twenty five is too much!"

"C'mon, you're ruining everything!" Lucy grabbed Natsu by the arm to pull away making him curse and shout at the blonde Dreyar as he couldn't help but smirk. "Come on, sweethearts, we're about to have dinner."

"Yes, mom." Nashi murmured as she followed after her parents as everyone disappeared from the door as well. But as she was about to walk inside with her parents, Lance grabbed her by the arm to stop her from entering. "Hm?" The blonde hummed in confusion as he suddenly leaned in and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek making her face light up.

"Since I can't kiss you romantically, I'm going to leave you with that." He offered a cheeky smile before entering and leaving her standing there in daze.

How did a simple thing turn her life into this?

"Nashi Dreyar..." the blonde whispered, trying out the name herself. "Nashi Dreyar..."

Having a large smile crawl up to her face, she chased after her future husband who was already inside.

Guess she didn't have to chase him, after all.

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