Robotech: Macross

After watching Robotech and Macross, which I have to admit are very well-written shows. I always thought what would happen if the show was given a reboot in the vein of "Battlestar Galactica". There will probably be major changes and some plot points would remain the same. This is the first anime story I've ever written, I was never really a fan until now.

Main Idea:

Setting: In 2019, the world was engulfed in the flames of war. The United Nations and Anti-United Nation governments fought over the rights of singular sovereignty, the right to govern a nation without the authority of an International Government.

The war was fought on every inhabitable continent. In the chaos, Cities were destroyed, lives were lost, and many were left homeless. By June of the same year, the conflict was in its fifth year; it seemed there was no end in sight, then a miracle happened.

When people think of miracles, they think of some divine intervention that has given aid to the weary and mend some catastrophe. But there was no religious advent, no earth shattering event brought upon by God. It was something far from that, something that nobody expected to happen at all.

On June 21st, 2019, a fleet of Anti-UN Ships attacked the naval base at Macross Island, A strategic refueling and research facility for the UN. For several hours, the violent struggle between the Anti-UN fleet and the UN forces stationed there wrought severe damages and losses on both sides. Then an ear-piercing sound was heard from the heavens, a colossal fireball descended toward the small Island. Fortunately, it landed miles away from the base. To the amazement of the gathered militaries there, the vast object was not a meteor…it was a spaceship.

A treaty was signed and for once global peace had been achieved. The new United Nations government soon gathered the worlds foremost experts in Biology, Archaeology and engineering to study the alien craft, which was soon dubbed the Super Dimensional Fortress 1. Upon investigation, they found even more surprises.

Just as amazing the discovery of life beyond earth was; they discovered the beings that piloted the ship. They all measured at 40 ft in height and piloted mechanical suits that still dwarfed us. In fear of an Alien Invasion, the government began studying the equipment onboard the vessel in an attempt to reverse-engineer the alien technology.

The year is now 2029.

Main Characters:


Ensign Richard "Vermilion" Hunter

Major Roy "Skull" Fokker

1st. Lieutenant Lisa Hayes

Lynn Minmei

Henry J. Gloval

Ensign Max "Silver" Sterling

Ensign Ben "Titan" Dixon

Claudia Grant

Frederick "Pops" Hunter

Emil Lang

Amanda Gloval (Original Character)


Breetai Krid

Exedore Fol

Miriya Parina

Supreme Leader Dolza Dez IV

Khyron Krav

Azonia Tur

Supporting Characters:


Lieutenant Kimberly Young

Lieutenant Vanessa Leeds

Lieutenant Samantha Porter

Major. Jack "Wolf" Archer

Major. Isabelle "Red" Randal

Vince Grant

Jean Ellison-Grant

Ensign Shin "Vox" Kudo (Character adapted from Macross Zero)

Ensign Edgar "Joker" LaSalle (Character adapted from Macross Zero)

Linn Jason

Private Arturo Estevez (Original Character)

Private James McMillan (Original Character)

Private Alexei Romanov (Original Character)

Updated Mecha:

VF-01 Valkyrie: Instead of being modeled after the Tomcat, I envision it to a twin-engine fighter with a body frame based on the soon to be deployed F-35 Lightning II.

SVF-04 Tomahawk: A stealth Veritech fighter modeled after a futuristic B-2 bomber.

VT-13 Hoplite: A mecha that that transforms from a tank into a bipedal war machine.

SDF-1 Macross: Larger and More sleeker than the original series version, it can house a city whose size would be comparable to London or Tokyo.

Won't reveal anything else about the plot, because that would be spoiling on my part; Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at what to expect.

(Also, please read my Hobbit/ Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover when it is published) Happy New Year!