Happy Birthday Hinata: A simple Date


Naruto x Hinata


Hinata glanced around the unfamiliar foliage of the forest. She couldn't help but wonder where Naruto was taking her. Then again, a blush formed on her face. She didn't mind as long as she was with Naruto. Being at his side filled her with confidence. He was her passion and together they could accomplish anything. "Ano, Naruto-kun, how much farther are we going to do?"

"It's not that much funnier Hinata-chan. What's wrong, those sweets making you sluggish?" he playfully teased as Hinata's face went crimson.

"Naruto-kun." A whine escaped her lips. She knew he was joking, but considering her nature, Hinata was rather bashful about talking about her figure. Whether it be bad, but honestly it was more along the lines of compliments. There was even a time Hinata thought that Naruto wouldn't find her appealing because of her rather large breasts. Thankfully, Naruto, while a healthy young man he wasn't a perverse fiend.

"I'm just teasing. It's not that far." He said as he continued to lead her down the trail. He insisted that she would enjoy what she would find.

Hinata relented. Sometimes Naruto seemed to forget that not everyone had his endurance. When they finally arrived she realized what Naruto meant. It was a spectacular garden with many lilacs, roses, or other species of flowers grown and arranged to form a name of sorts.


That was the message the little display spelled out. This sort of thing would have taken months to cultivate and develop. Then again, one of Naruto's hobbies was gardening. As Hinata continued to gaze in awe, she saw a picnic basket of sorts made up the dot that was the I's dot. "Are you ready for a romantic lunch my lady?"

Hinata, still stunned, could only nod. Hinata was stunned at the spread. Teriyaki, rice balls, Shogayaki, and other bento box dishes. Not to mention Cinnamon buns. Hinata had to force her eyes away from the treat, lest she wanted her mouth to start watering.

"The flowers thing was easy; I just needed to get some seeds from Ino. The good, I had a lot of help with that." He admitted with a sheepish smile. "So, let's dig in."

Lunch was rather fantastic. Hinata had to personally think whoever helped Naruto. After that they began admiring the flowers.

"You know, those cinnamon buns were supposed to be enough for three people. I suppose I should have accounted for the fact that my girlfriend was you."

"You can be so terrible Naruto-kun." She replied to her boyfriend's teasing. She wanted to be annoyed. She tried to be annoyed. But when he did that cute little smirk of his and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close, she found herself melting when he kissed her. She was getting a fill of her two greatest loves.

"That's why I have you." And he was cheesy. Though, the sweetness easily made up for that. "Now it's time for the last part of your super awesome special birthday present."

"Oh? And what's that?" she couldn't help but be curious.

"This…" Hinata was surprised when Naruto suddenly pressed his lips against hers. After all, they had only recently started dating and had been thinking days slow. Then again, why complain when she was having such an amazing time. When he pulled back, she stared up at him with dream dazed eyes. "I take it that was the right thing to do?"

"Uh-huh," she answered with a giggle. Closing her eyes she savored the moment as well as the tastes on her lips.

"Happy Birthday Hinata-chan."

Without a doubt, this was one of the best birthdays ever.