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Touched by an Angel

I sat on swing in the middle of playground that was empty pushing myself back and forth by the tips of my toes. To my left was a large slide that ended with sand pit and to my right was a set of see saws. The temperature was just right as the sun shone brightly in the sky and a cool breeze blew through the surrounding trees. It was the heaven of a nine year old little boy who had lost his battle with leukemia. It was the one place I liked to go to think and to get lost in my memories.

"Shell, look!" Sam's smile was the biggest I had ever seen it as he pumped his little legs back and forth. "I'm going to swing so high I'll get to the moon!"

"Good job, buddy," I praised matching his ever growing smile until I turned to locate Dean.

That's when I saw him with his own smile on his face but it wasn't one of happiness but like he was getting away with something he shouldn't. I followed his line of sight and from where he was sitting at the edge of the sand box he could look up the girls' skirts as they climbed the slide.

"I've been looking for you."

I jumped at the sudden appearance of the blue-eyed angel. "Jesus, Cas, some warning might be nice."

"I don't know why you like it here," he stated looking around the playground. "I've always been partial to the random Tuesday afternoon of an autistic man."

"Did you come here just to chat?" I questioned with a sigh. I had come here for a reason; to be alone with my memories and I wasn't ready to leave just yet.

He awkwardly sat on the swing next to me and as he spoke he kept his gaze straight ahead not ever looking over to me. "You fought hard in this civil war. We had many casualties on both sides but we came out on top. I owe you for your service."

"You saved me from happily ever after in hell I think we're even," I half laughed as I continued to push myself back and forth.

"I could send you back," Castiel stated without warning and I almost fell off the swing. "If you so desire."

I was silent for a minute trying to figure out if this was real or not. "You…you said you wouldn't be able to keep me with my family. It was here or hell. Now I came here and fought next to you expecting to be here indefinitely. What changed?"

"You don't want to return," he titled his head to the side as he looked at me with confusion written on his face.

"I didn't say that," I immediately went on the defense, "but it's been awhile. They have families of their own now and they've moved on. I don't want to disrupt their lives."

"I could send you somewhere else. Somewhere of your choosing," he offered though he had picked up on some human tells during the time I had been in heaven. "I think you need to hear something."

He placed two fingers on my temple and I heard a woman's voice.

Dear God, please help him…

I pulled away for a minute turning all my attention to the angel sitting next to me. "Jess? Is that Jessica?"

"Just listen," he stated placing his fingers back on my head.

He's so lost and I don't know how to help him. He tries, he does but there is something missing and Michael needs his father. Please God, I'm begging for some reassurance, some help.

"What happened to Sam?" I demanded the protective sister coming out in me as fierce as ever. "What's wrong with him?"

"Do you want to return?" He countered not answering my question.

I stood from the swing and tried to take a calming deep breath. "Tell me what happened to my brother!"

He got up from the swing, looked me straight in the eyes and answered. "You."

That one word brought the weight of the world crashing down on my shoulders so hard I had a difficult time staying on my feet. He was supposed to be alright everything was supposed to be fine as long as he had Jessica next to him.

"He couldn't deal with your death."

"W-why didn't you tell me sooner?" I stuttered the need to go comfort my baby brother was growing inside of me at an alarming rate.

"We were at war," he stated simply before putting a hand up to stop me from yelling at him. "I will take you home."

He gently placed a hand on my shoulder and in the blink of an eye we were standing along the tree line of Sam's backyard. I stood in awe as I watched a toddler running around. Time must have been different in heaven because it felt like I had just left but the little button nose and shaggy hair told me that it was Michael.

"I will forever be grateful," Castiel stated before disappearing.

I took a couple steps forward unsure on how I was going to approach the topic of me being back when Michael noticed me and ran towards me at full speed. I bent down just in time to lift him in my arms and give him one of the many hugs he had been missing out on.

"Michael!" Sam called from the back porch but when he didn't get an answer he made his way out to the yard. I smiled knowing that all the years of hunting hadn't worn off as Sam instantly took a fighting stance. "Put him down!"

I set the boy on his feet and walked closer to Sam with my hands up in surrender, "It's me, Sammy, it's really me."

I was a little shocked to see that he still carried a knife with him but I just shook my head as I snatched it out of his hand and ran it across my arm. "I'm not a demon, I'm not a shapeshifter, I'm not evil, buddy. I'm just me."

"No," he whispered like he thought he might have been dreaming.

"Sam, I know…" I tried to tell him something, anything, to make him believe it was me but I was cut off as he gave me a bear hug.

The rest of our family was immediately called as we got into the house and after we cleaned up the glass Jessica had dropped when she saw me walking through the kitchen.

"Keep praying, someone is listening," I whispered in her ear and gave her a wink before going to play with Michael in the living room.

Dean, Andrea and Lucas showed up and I had to make yet another cut on my arm and swallow a cap of salt mixed with holy water before I saw the smile on Dean's face appear and he placed a hand on Andrea's swollen stomach. I had never been more proud of him then I was in that moment. He had, for the first time in our lives, listened to me. He had gotten out of the life, he had married Andrea and they were expecting their first child.

"Pa-pa," Michael peered out the window with a smile on his face.

I couldn't believe that old truck was still working after all these years as I heard the engine cut off in the driveway right behind the Impala that Dean had showed up in.

He strode through the front door and we both just stared at each other for a minute. He looked tired with a few more gray hairs then I remembered. The rest of the room had gone quiet not knowing what to expect.

"Seashell," Dad breathed out and that was all it took for me to launch myself into his arms.

He easily caught me and held on for dear life. Years of fighting, of hatred, all washed away as we both shed a few tears. "I love you daddy."

"I love you too, Michelle, I always have."

The rest of the night was filled with endless stories of what had happened over the past couple of years. I sat on my dad's lap feeling like a little girl again as I listened as Lucas told us how he was going to be the best big brother ever.

There was a brief cold sensation of lips on my cheek but when I turned I was the only one who had noticed. I would miss my blue eyed angel. We had become friends during the war but I was home and this is where I had always dreamt of being.