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Short little chapter but I didn't feel like it needed more. This was an idea I got from wandertogonder who has been a big help in all of my stories she is definitely my muse =)

They Don't Understand




It was the fourth day we had been cooped up in the run down motel room while my dad was out hunting. To top it off it was winter break at school so we had no escape and the boys were climbing the walls.

"Toons!" Sam yelled trying to grab the remote away from Dean who being two years older towered over him. I couldn't help but think maybe Sam would never hit his growth spurt.

"No way, the car show is on," Dean said holding the remote above his head so Sam couldn't reach it.

"But I want to watch toons!" Sam argued.

"Yeah, so?" Dean questioned turning the volume up to try and drown out Sam's whining.

"Guys, agree on something or I'm turning it off," I said as I sorted our laundry into three different piles; whites, darks and trash.

"You're not the boss of me," Dean smirked turning up the volume the highest it would go.

"You know what?" I asked as I walked over and snatched the remote out of his hand and turned the television off, "No one can watch it."

"You can't do that!" Sam yelled putting his hands on his hips like some drama queen.

"Actually I can, now I'm going to go throw the laundry in the wash down the hall, don't leave the room and don't kill each other," I said taking the remote with me as I grabbed our pile of dark clothes and a few quarters.

Luckily, dad had picked a motel with washers and dryers and our room was about 10 feet away from them. I know we weren't supposed to leave the room for anything but I figured laundry couldn't hurt. I purchased some soap, making sure not to use the one Sammy was allergic to, and started the machine praying that the blood from my first hunt would come out of my favorite pair of jeans. That was fun trying to explain to Sam why I had come home with blood all over and no injuries. Dad had started training with Dean but I was trying to keep Sam in the dark as long as possible, I mean you're only young once and I wanted him to have the childhood I never had.

I got back to the room and saw the television lying in a broken heap on the floor and before I could even form a thought Dean spoke up.

"He wanted to watch cartoons and I said no and he wouldn't listen and tackled me!" Dean exclaimed.

"I did not!" Sam argued, "You threw me into the dresser!"

"I was trying to get you off of me, you little jerk!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled at Sam, not that I was blaming the whole thing on him but fighting was so unlike him.

"That's what I would like to know," Dean added.

"I wanted to watch toons," he shrugged like what he had done was no big deal.

"Samuel Winchester!" I growled, "Go stand in the corner!"

I know not much of a punishment but I have never raised my hand to either brother for discipline that was my dad's solution.

"No," Sam said crossing his arms.

"What?" I questioned completely taken back that he was being defiant even Dean was looking at him like he was crazy.

"I said no," he stated before adding the part that threw a knife right through my heart, "you're not my mom."

"Sam!" Dean gasped in shock before turning to me for my response.

"No, I'm not but I am in charge while dad isn't here, now get in the corner," I said as firm as I could trying not to show how much what he had said hurt me.

It looked like Sam was going to continue to be difficult until Dean basically shoved him into the corner.

"Shell?" Dean questioned as he saw me staring at the broken television.

"I should go check o the laundry," I stated heading for the door.

"But you just put it in," Dean commented but I walked out the door and down the hall a few steps before I couldn't hold the tears in anymore.

I slid to the floor and pulled my knees into my chest and let it all out. I loved my brothers and would do anything for them but it wasn't fair, my dad should have been the one here dealing with all of this. I was supposed to be there older sister not a parent.

I stayed out of the room until it was time to put the laundry in the dryer. After switching adding a dryer sheet I walked back into the room to see Dean had put the television back on the dresser and was trying to shove the broken pieces random places around the room while Sam still stood in the corner.

I was about to say something when the phone rang once and stopped and then rang again letting us know it was dad calling.

"Hello?" I answered.

"I finished early, start packing I'm pulling into the parking lot."

"Yes sir," I replied before hanging up.

"Time to leave?" Sam asked quietly from the corner.

"Yeah, pack up," I answered and Dean obliged but Sam didn't budge, "Sam?"

"I'm sorry," he said softly avoiding my eyes.

"Come here," I said with my arms out and once he got close enough I pulled him into the tightest hug that I could.

"I'll listen from now on," he said as I released my hold on him and I couldn't help but let out a small laugh knowing that this would be the first of many arguments we would have.

Dad walked in looking exhausted and smelling like a bar but even with tired eyes he immediately saw the broken television.

"Does someone want to explain to me what happened?" he bellowed pointing to it.

"It was an accident," I spoke up.

"You did this?" Dad questioned turning his anger towards me.

Dean went to speak up but I answered first, "Yes."

In one swift movement he grabbed me by the arm and spun me around before giving me a hard smack on my backside. I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't scream out in pain but if it meant that Dean and Sam wouldn't get hit then I would take the blame every time.

"Dad," Dean spoke up.

"What?" Dad said in his gruff voice and I pleaded with Dean to just keep his mouth shut.

"We have clothes in the dryer."