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Sam's Departure




I walked into our motel room we were calling home for the time being to see Sam and Dean clinking beer bottles.

"Come on guys," I sighed throwing my keys on the table, "Can't you at least wait until after lunch to start drinking?"

"College boys drink all the time," Dean smirked taking a long swig from his bottle.

"Yeah but you're not a college boy, now are you?" I questioned not catching on to what he was saying until I looked at the huge grin on Sam's face, "You got in?!"

Sam nodded excitedly, "Stanford, here I come."

"Ahh, I knew you could do it!" I squealed as I jumped into his arms and he spun me around in a circle, "Alright, sasquatch put me down," I laughed as my feet dangled off the floor.

"I had them send any letters to the school because I didn't know where we would be but there was some mix up with the mail so I just got it today even though I should have gotten it like three weeks ago but I mean I can't really complain because I'm got in…" Sam rambled like he always did when he was overjoyed by something.

"Breathe Sam, you know it's ok to take a breath every once in awhile," Dean teased as I sat on the bed next to him, grabbing the beer out of his hand and taking a sip, "What happened to no drinks before lunch, huh?"

"Thought we were celebrating," I shrugged handing it back.

"Why couldn't you have gotten your own?" Dean whined as he wiped the top of the bottle with his sleeve like I had some how contaminated it.

"Because hearing you complain just makes my day," I said pinching his cheek to further annoy him before turning my attention back to Sam, "So, when do you have to leave by?"

"That's the thing," he started and I saw him shift his weight on his feet something he always did when he was unsure of how to say something.

"What did you miss orientation or something?" I questioned trying to figure out what was going on, I didn't however hear the door open and my dad walk in or I never would have asked the question in the first place.

"Orientation for what?" Dad asked casually.

I wanted to answer first to hopefully put the heat on me instead but Sam took a step forward and handed Dad the letter.

As he quickly read over it I whispered in Dean's ear, "No matter what happens, just remember I'll be back, I promise."

He looked at me with confusion on his face but before he could ask what I was talking about Dad spoke up.

"You're not going," he stated folding the letter back up and I knew that was going to be the last calm thing he said today.

"Yes he is," I said standing up from the bed.

"Excuse me?" Dad asked taking a step closer to me and putting his hand up to his ear as if he heard me wrong.

"I said, he is going," I repeated crossing my arms preparing for the fight that was about to start.

Dad stood there staring at me for a second before looking over to Sam and then back to me before busting out laughing to the point he almost had tears coming out of his eyes.

"It's not a joke," Sam clarified softly.

"Sam," Dad shook his head, "I didn't let Michelle leave when she got accepted and Dean knew better than to apply, so please tell me why you think I would let you go?"

I could feel the gazes of my brothers shift to me with shock. It was true I had applied to college after high school and I had even thought for a brief moment of going, to have the normal life that I had always wanted, but when I came back to the motel that night and saw Sam sick in bed I knew I could never leave them.

"I chose to stay, you had no say in the matter," I said taking a slight step to the right so I put myself in the middle of Sam and Dad, "And you have no say in whether he goes or not."

"Wanna bet?" Dad asked ripping up the letter and throwing it at Sam.

"Sam, grab your bag we're leaving," I told him without taking my eyes off of my father.

"You aren't going anywhere," Dad hollered as Sam threw his duffle over his shoulder.

Now the only problem was actually getting to my car keys on the table and getting past Dad that stood between us and the door.

"Come on, let's go," I said taking a few steps forward. Before I even knew what was happening Dad had me pinned to the wall by his forearm and the smell of alcohol rolled off his breath.

"I'm still the parent around here, God damn it and I said no!" Dad screamed in my face as Dean tried desperately to pull him off of me.

"Stop being so fucking dramatic, it's college, you should be proud of him," I yelled back not caring anymore what happened to me.

"Proud? Of what? He is abandoning this family!" Dad bellowed as Dean finally pulled him back enough so I could move away from him. All the years of frustration and hatred towards the way he treated us, the way he treated me, had finally come to a head and I was done.

"Kind of like you did the second mom died," I stated snatching my keys off the table, "You had three kids who needed the only parent they had left but getting revenge on the damn demon was more important, so we grew up in run down motel rooms with second hand clothes and whatever the special of the day was at whatever gas station you decided to pass through before dropping us off in the motel room so you could go drink away her memory! I was more an adult at five years old than you have been the past eighteen years! I was the one who raised them, I took care of them when they were sick, I am the one they came to when they were scared or hurt or had a problem at school, I'm the one that potty trained Sam, I'm the one who taught them to tie their shoes, and to drive and you know what? I would do it all again in a heart beat because they deserve everything the world has to give them and more and I'll be damned if they don't get it," I finished with my hand on the door and Sam standing next to me.

"You walk out that door, don't even think about coming back," Dad threatened.

"Goodbye Dad," Sam said and followed me out to the Impala.

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest and my hands shook with anger as we pulled out of the parking lot and towards the highway. It felt so good to get that out after so many years of wanting to give him a piece of my mind.

"Shell," Sam started breaking the silence we had fallen into since we left the motel room, "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Why didn't you go?" he asked but when I didn't answer he continued, "You could have gotten away five years ago, you could have been graduated and starting a family of your own right now."

"You are my family, buddy," I smiled and turned the music up.

It took us two days to get to California and the way Sam's face lit up when we pulled up to the campus entrance made everything we had been through completely worth it. We got him registered for classes and I took the list of books he needed while he went to get his room assignment. After getting some help from a few students in the book store I had finally gotten everything on the list and sat on a bench outside to wait for Sam. I gave Dean a quick call to make sure everything was alright and to reassure him again that I would be back as soon as I got Sam settled, a few sarcastic comments later and we were saying goodbye. I sat there and just people watched; off to my left a couple of girls were hugging each other and trying to decide who had the best summer vacation, off to my right was a group of guys discussing the morals of world and straight in front of me, in the middle of it all, was my Sammy getting the normal life I had always wanted.

"So, I'm in the Franklin building, third floor, room 314 and my roommate's name is Zack," Sam informed me reading off a piece of paper that the office had given him.

"Is he cute?" I asked trying to keep a straight face.

"What?" Sam questioned.

"I mean I would probably visit more if you had a hot roommate," I shrugged before not being able to stop myself from laughing.

"Ha-ha very funny," Sam mocked.

"Well grab your books," I said pointing to the large bag by my feet, "I think they weigh more than Dean."

We walked around campus so he would know where all the buildings were and we went to his dorm room so I could line the windows with salt and pull up the worn carpet so I could draw a devils trap before shoving it back in place. Now came the time I was dreading, saying goodbye.

"Alright, you've got all your books and you've got your phone so you better be checking in unless you want me to barge into one of your classes because let's face it I've already made a copy of your schedule," I said as I straightened out the collar on his shirt just like I had on his first day to school, "And I know you will study your ass off but don't forget to have fun and go out but be safe and don't take drinks from people you don't know and…"

"I'll miss you," Sam said cutting me off and engulfing me in a bear hug that once again lifted my feet off the ground.

"I'll miss you too, Sammy," I sniffling back a few tears, "Alright, put the short person down."

He put me down and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before heading to the door.

"Good…" Sam started but I put my hand up.

"It's not goodbye, buddy, I'll see you soon."

I called Dean again when I got in the car and apparently Dad had found a new case in Utah. After eighteen hours on the road, and five cups of coffee later I pulled into the motel parking lot they were calling home for the time being. I knocked on the door and Dean answered.

"I didn't actually think you would be back," he admitted softly as he fully opened the door so I could walk in.

"Michelle," Dad nodded acknowledging me as Dean shut the door.

I however didn't answer instead I threw my bag down on one of the beds before walking over to the mini fridge to see what alcohol we had.

"Seashell," Dad sighed, "About what was said before…I know I should have done things differently. The boys had you to turn to but you didn't have anyone and I'm sorry I should have been the one teaching you things."

"Don't worry you did teach me something," I said taking the top off the whiskey and putting the bottle to my lips.