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"It's not funny, Damon!" Elena growled, as they walked up to the front desk. He grinned at her, and she sighed in irritation.

"It kind of is." He flashed her his trademark smirk, and Elena glared at him. The man behind the front desk raised his eyebrows at them, and Damon turned.

"We need a room." Damon told him. "One night."

The man let out a dry, throaty laugh. "One night? You're kidding, right?"

Damon and Elena frowned at each other, wondering what he meant.

"What?" Elena asked in confusion. One night, that's all they'd be staying…right? This rainstorm surely couldn't last much longer…could it? She glanced out the window. The rain was coming down in buckets now, and she winced. Hopefully it would clear up by morning. It had to.

The man sighed. "This weather's meant to last for the next week. 7 days, I heard. Or that's what the weatherman said…before the power went out."

He gestured to the black TV screen behind him, and Elena groaned. The weather was so bad the power had shut off? Perfect, just perfect.

"A couple of the rooms have power left. I'll try and find you one that does." The man began to sort through some papers on the desk, and Elena looked at Damon.

"We can still drive in this." She whispered to Damon. "We'll leave tomorrow morning, okay?"

Damon frowned, shaking his head. "Uh, no. I'm not taking my precious baby out in this." He gestured out the window to his blue Camaro, which they'd parked under some trees to help it stay dry.

"Damon!" Elena hissed.

He smirked. "What's wrong, Elena? Afraid of spending a week alone with me?" He grinned knowingly, and Elena glared at him.

"I found one." The man interrupted. "The last one left, actually. We've been very busy tonight – there's no hotels or other motels around for miles."

"Great." Elena muttered, knowing how shabby this one probably would be. So she'd be spending a week alone with Damon Salvatore, in the middle of nowhere? Her cell phone wasn't working – no reception – meaning she couldn't contact Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline, and ask them to come get her…

The TV signal was out – nothing to do. Damon refused to drive his car – nowhere to go. And the rain was still pouring relentlessly down from the sky. The man was right. They were probably looking at around a week of this. A week before they could leave.

Damon swung the door open, and Elena immediately stepped inside, sighing in relief as she got away from the rain. Their room was on the very edge of the motel grounds – they'd had to walk for 5 minutes in the pouring rain just to get to their small, secluded building.

Damon reached for the light switch, flipping it on, and blinding light flooded the room. Elena sighed happily – there was power in this room.

The room was small, painted a beige colour, and barely furnished. There was a small chair in the corner, a table, dresser, and a tiny kitchenette. The little TV was propped up on the dresser, and Elena could see there was a bathroom on the side of the room. The floors were carpeted, and there was a bed.

Hold on. A bed? As in one bed?

No. No no no no no no no no no no… Elena desperately looked around the room, her eyes searching for another bed. But there was nothing but the lack of furniture and the bathroom.

"Damon!" She screeched.

He jumped at the unexpected noise, then recovered quickly. "Yes, Elena?" He said casually, walking over to the chair and putting their bags down.

"There's only one bed!" Elena cried, gesturing wildly to the bed. "What are we going to do?"

Damon rolled his eyes. "Really? You're scared of sharing a bed with me, Elena?" He walked up to her, and she flinched at their close proximity. His nose was almost touching hers now. "I'd offer to sleep on the sofa…but there isn't one." He grinned.

Elena groaned. This couldn't be possible.

"I'm taking a shower." She said grumpily, gesturing to her soaking wet clothes. She walked into the bathroom, locking the door firmly behind her. Damon better not try anything, she thought. Her bladder was close to bursting – she'd sat in a car for 10 hours – and she quickly used the washroom before stripping off her wet clothes and stepping into the shower.

Elena sighed in relief as the first stream of hot water poured down her back, and she washed her hair out with the shampoo provided by the motel. She scrubbed the soap all over her greasy body, trying to get the smell of Damon off of her. After sitting in his car for 10 hours, she smelled just like him: spice, the woods, and this other very sexy smell…

Wait, what? Elena scolded herself mentally. Stefan was her boyfriend, not Damon.

"Are you done yet?" A voice complained, and Elena nearly jumped out of her skin. The voice was close, right behind the curtain….

Oh god, was Damon in the bathroom with her?

Elena shrieked. "DAMON! Get out!"

She could almost see him roll his eyes and flash a smirk. "I'm just wondering when you'll be done." He said casually. "I want to shower too, you know."

Elena thanked her lucky stars there was a shower curtain, and glared at Damon through it, despite the fact he couldn't see. "Just get out!"

"Fine, fine." She heard him disappear from the bathroom, and breathed a sigh of relief. Still – she should've known locked doors wouldn't stop him.

Five minutes later, Elena wrapped the towel around herself as she examined her wet clothes. Thankfully, her bra and panties were still dry, and she slipped them on quickly before rewrapping the towel around her.

Crap. Her bag was still in the room, on the dresser.

"D-Damon?" She called, praying he would do this for her. "Can you pass me my bag?"

No answer. She groaned, unlocking the door and peering around the corner of it. He was lying on the bed, arms crossed behind his head, smirking at her.

"Nah. I don't really feel like going out into the rain." He said casually, shrugging his shoulders. Elena frowned.

"What do you mean, into the rain? My bag's right there." She pointed to the dresser…and her heart nearly stopped. She'd thought Damon had two bags! And he did…only they were both black, and both his.

"Where's my bag?" She cried angrily. He grinned.

"Oh. I didn't bring it in from the car."

Elena shot him a look of daggers. Perfect, just perfect. Now she had no clothes on except for her bra and panties, and a towel. No way in hell was she sleeping next to Damon Salvatore in a towel.

"Please get my bag, Damon." Elena said, trying to sound as friendly as possible. He smirked at her.

"Nope." He said, popping the 'P.'





Elena groaned, burying her face in her hands. He was such an asshole sometimes. Did he ever think about anyone but himself?

"Please." She tried one more time, praying he'd listen. He shook his head once again, flashing her a 200 watt smile.

"I don't feel like going out in the rain to the car. But you can borrow this." He walked over to his bag and pulled out a black shirt, throwing it at her. Elena caught it before it hit the ground and examined it. It was better then sleeping in a shirt.

She locked the bathroom door again and dropped the towel, pulling Damon's black shirt on. It came down to her mid thighs – not nearly low enough, but it would have to do. She grimaced, knowing what was next.

Slowly, Elena unlocked the door and tiptoed out, heading for the bed quickly. Damon's eyes were wide, and his gaze lingered on her long, lean legs for a moment before going back to her face. She dove under the covers, and he grinned.

"Suits you well." He said, referring to the shirt. She rolled her eyes, pulling the blankets up over her chest. Damon got up, heading for the bathroom, and she lay her head on the pillow, trying to relax.

He emerged from the bathroom 10 minutes later, clad in only a pair of black pyjama pants that slung low on his hips. Elena desperately tried to keep her eyes off his bare chest and quickly rolled over to stop herself from staring.

Damon climbed into the bed next to her, the weight on the mattress shifting. She watched as he lay his head on the pillow, and he pulled the blankets up slowly.

"Now, listen up." Elena instructed. "You stay on that side of the bed, got it? I swear to god Damon, if you move, there'll be hell to pay…"

He chuckled, swatting at her playfully. She rolled away, scooting over to the very edge of the bed. He was still too close, or at least it felt like it. She was beginning to not trust herself…

Damon scooted over too, and she gasped. "Damon! Go away!"

He chuckled. "Just keeping you warm kitten."

She groaned, pushing him back to his side of the bed. "Okay, look. I know you don't usually get rules to abide by, but listen to me. You have to stay on your side of the bed, alright?"

He pouted, and she rolled her eyes. Damon's warm arm encircled her waist, and she gasped.

"Damon! What did I just say? Okay, seriously! I need some personal space!" She pushed his arm off, and he chuckled again.

"No need to be so rude." He said quietly.

"Clearly." She snorted.

Damon sighed, and Elena jumped up when she felt his breath tickle her neck.

"DAMON! Just get this into your freaking mind! I don't want to sleep beside you, and this is already bad enough! Just stay on your side of the bed!"

She began to push him, trying to use her pathetic human strength to push him to the side of the bed. He began to laugh, and Elena punched his chest, even though it would do no damage.

"There happens to be something you can't cross, Damon! They're called personal boundaries! Clearly, you need to make some for yourself!"

"Ouch." Damon said snarkily.

"Look. I am a person. A person who wants space. I am not…with you…and I just want to sleep by myself. But I can't. So at least give me some space, okay? Normal people do not usually cuddle with their boyfriend's brother!"

She swatted at him, and he raised his eyebrows playfully.

"Okay, okay!" He smirked, and she fell away from him, shooting him a glare before settling down on her side.

Damon shut off the light, and they both fell silent as the room plunged into darkness. Elena's stomach lurched. It was completely black, all around her. There were no lights on outside, due to most of the rooms not having power, and it was almost…scary. And there was no way she was asking Damon if they could keep the light on all night…he'd never let her live it down.

She glanced over at him. Where was he? It was so dark, she couldn't even make out his face anymore.

In fact, she couldn't make out anything. Not the bedside table, not the bottom of the bed, and definitely not Damon.

"D-Damon?" She said quietly, feeling the need to hear someone's voice. There was no answer, and Elena sucked in a sharp breath. She twisted around in the comforters. She needed to find the light – but how could she in this light?

"Yes, Elena?" His voice was like smooth velvet, soothing and comforting. She sighed in relief.

"Nothing." She answered quickly, not wanting him to know she needed his voice.

The room fell into silence again, and Elena shivered. God, she'd never liked the dark, and this didn't exactly help…

The rain was still pouring heavily outside, but hearing that, despite the fact it was a noise, was not helping at all. It just reminded her of water, and she wasn't so fond of that anymore…

Images of the bottom of the lake filled her head. Her father's pale face…feeling the air being sucked from her lungs as the car filled with water…no one there…

A clap of thunder echoed outside and Elena squeaked, sitting up in bed. She didn't care about her pride anymore, she needed him. She needed Damon.

Elena threw herself across the bed, feeling her body collide with a wall of muscle. Damon.

"Something you need?" Damon asked, and she could hear the smirk in his voice.

"I-I just…I-I…I need…" Another clap of thunder roared in the sky and Elena flinched. She curled into Damon, feeling his warm breath tickle her neck.

"It's okay." He whispered soothingly, seeming to understand she didn't want to talk about it. "I'm right here." He tucked an arm around her waist, pulling her against him, and she lay her head on his chest. She felt safe.

He was so warm, and inviting. Damon stroked her hair softly, soothing her instantly.

"It's alright, I'm not leaving." He whispered, then smiled into her hair. "Where would I go?"

Elena let the ghost of a smile skim her lips, before letting out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding and closing her eyes again.

"You sure understand personal boundaries." Damon muttered, before closing his eyes as well.

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