So... Enjoy!

Optimus's POV

I watched as Bumblebee picked her up. Her body was limp, blood smeared all over, her face was begingin to lose it's natural tanish color.

"Optimus, WE NEED RATCHET!" Lita yelled. I nodded.

:Ratchet, Noelle is coming-Me

:Got that-Ratchet

Our ground bridge opened. Arcee was helped through as Bee ran full speed through. I grabbed Elita's servo and pulled her after him. The yells of humans and other Autobots, echoes inside of my ears.

"BEE!" I heard Ratchet yell. We came upon the Med bay. Ratchet had Noelle all hooked up already. He connected a needle for Blood transplant. The red liquid shot through the tube into her neck.

I stood there, I went through flash backs


Elita, Bumblebee , and I were walking around the Orphanage. I don't remember being in one since I was a child. I was an Orphaned Sparkling, but took in by Ultra Magnus at a young age.

"Optims," Lita whispered and pointed towards the floor. A girl, with brown hair, was holding her knees and crying on the floor. I bent down and tapped her.

"Are you ok?" I asked. Her head shot up, her brown eyes were watery adn her cheeks all red.

"My name is Orion, this is my wife Lita, and our son Bee," I knew immidiatly that she was confused with Bumbleblee's name.

"What is your name?" Lita asked. The girl said nothing. The Ms. Bennet at the front desk then came up towards us.

"This is Noelle. She hasn't talked to anyone since she came here 3 years ago. Why are you crying?" Ms. Bennet asked. "Was it those mean girls?" She hugged the woman and nodded.

"Hoe would you like to be adopted?" Lita asked. I was unsure, is she the right one? Noelle hugged Lita and smiled.

"I take that as a yes,"

"Noelle!" I yelled. I pulled her off the chains and held her agianst my chest. She snuggled up against me as I supported her broken leg.

"Lets get back," Ratchet said. A ground bridge opened up and we came into the Med Bay. Ratchet had a machine used to make cast in under a minute.

I placed her leg under the thing, she stared at me as I did it. The machine beeped and I pulle out a new casted leg. Ratchet gave her crutches and we walked down to the Rec room.

"SWEETSPARK!" Lita yelled. She ran over in her hologram and hugge the little girl, who just go off the ship not to long ago. She was still not in good shape.

"BEE!" I heard a little girl yell. I looked down to see Noelle, her mouth closing

"Noelle, you just talked," Arcee announced.

"Meg-a-torn did some-thing to neck," She tried to say. I turned to get Ratchet to come over. Noelle ran over to Bee who, in return, swung her in a circle nad placed her on his hip. That is what I call a good son and brother.

Bee began to hum a song, Noelle rested her head on his shoulder. We all left, as I leaned on the outside wall.

"I love you, big brother," she said perfectly.

"I love you, too, baby sister," Bee said. I smiled and began to walk towards my room.

Flashbacks: Ends

My Sparking... is dying in front of me.

"Optimus... Please leave," Ratchet quietly said to me. His optics were watery with tears, as the humans call it.

"Dad?" I looked at my son. His chest plates were red with blood, his hands were also stained.

"Bumblebee... I'm so sorry," I said. Bee stood there looking at his hands. I stood and stared at him.

"I...I don't.. I.." He stuttered. I ran over to him and held him against me. He cried into my chest as I rubbed his back. I then felt another person hugged me from behind.

"Lita?" I asked. My sweetspark kissed my cheek plate and hugged me even tighter.

Ratchet began to sew up her wound and attempt to fix the lungs, but she slowly was slipping away form us.

"Optimus, someone wants to see you," Ratchet announced. My family let go of eachother and rushed over to Noelle's bedside.

"Hi..." She said. Her eyes were open, but she looked dead as a rock.

"Your going to be ok," Lita said. She shook her head and smiled.

"Noelle, you are way to young," I said. She smiled and held out her hand.

"Daddy, Primus is asking for me. My parents will take care of me," She said. I brushed a piece of her brown hair out of her face.

"Your my baby sister," Bee cried. Noelle touched his face.

"It's up to Primus now," Ratchet said. Noelle hicupped and sniffled. Ratchet then kneeled down and placed her locket around her neck. I smiled.

"Thank you," She held her locket and sighed. For an 8 year old, she was such a mature kid.

"Don't leave us," I said. She turned towards me and frowned as she closed her eyes.

"I won't ever leave you, never," She closed her eyes, her hand fell limp as the monitor started to beep. Ratchet came over and turned it off.

"She was a Sweetspark," Ratchet said

Noelle's POV

Everything began to go blurry, then went extremelly bright. Now I'm on a cloud. I stare at myself. I have a white tutu, white tanktop,silver sandals, and on my back... Silver sparkly wings.

"Noelle...?" A familiar voice calle for me. I turn around to find... my dad. My mom and brothers came floating in.

"Mom! Dad!" I cried and ran and hugged them. My dad opened his arms and picked me up. I hugged his neck, but my fingers went over a hole on his head. I looked at my moms, forehead. She had a deep hollow hole.

The twins, John and Jimmy, had multiple holes that shot through their backs. I touched my chest. A hole was in the center of where Megatron shot me.

"Noelle... you were so lucky," Jimmy stated.

"Ya, was," I turned around to look at the golden bridge of where I'm supposed to fly through.

"Noelle, God or um... Primus, wants to grant you one wish," Mom held out a purple and blue cube.

"Ummm..." I asked as I took it into my palm.

"Just squish it and wish," John reconized, my older brothers burst out laughing.

"I missed you guys, and I promise to see you when I get older," I said. Mom and Dad kissed my forehead.

"Make a wish," Dad whispered.

'I wish for to have my life back.' I thought. A magnificent blue and silver light swallowed me up and I felt awkward. I opened my eyes, to see myself in the med bay. I swong my legs over the side and jumped off. A mirror was on the ground from Ratchet. I held it up and looked at myself. My chest was completely silver with metal,

I took hold of my necklace and though of my dad.

:Dad, where are you?- Me

:Noelle? Is that you? Where are you?- Dad

:Ratchet the Hatchets lounge-Me

:Be right there!-Dad.

I heard footsteps run down the hall. Ratchet and Optimus came rushing in.

"Noelle?" Dad asked. I nodded.

"How? It's been half a year?" He asked. I waved and rocked on my feet.

"Primus!" I announced. Daddy trned into his hologram and hugged me. He placed me on his hip.

"We finally delt with M.E.C.H, that necklace was the key to charge up any Cybertronian. Your Mother, worked here, not to long ago... She was given the necklace by Primus, himself, and given to you. I charged you with it, and now you are ok, you haven't missed a lot," Ratchet said. I touched my necklace. The locket was beautiful and glowed like normal.

"Thank you and my mom?" I asked, Ratchet chuckled a bit.

"Your mom actually worked in here with me as a human specialist. I traced it back to her, except her name used to be Maria Clementine, not Maria Rue. I huess she had gotten married to your dad and had you and your brothers," Ratchet crossed his arms and shifted a little onto his right foot.

"Wow... Daddy?" I whispered into his ear.

"Yes, Noelle Pax," He asked. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder, as my metal chest stayed flat, of course.

"I love you," I said. Daddy placed a hnad on my back and kisse my cheek.

"I love you, too" He began to walk down the hall into the main room, full of people, bots, animals... My family.