AN: I have just read a Naruto story where he was blind and had explosive release. It was a good story, and had some nice bashing of characters that I love. I thought that it would be an interesting thing to attempt, so here it is. I have also recently come out with several new fics, some of which you must read.

The story has Naruto and his girls at 17, and the pairing will be Naruto x Hana x Yugao x Rin. These are the only girls I will except. No suggestions. Now, watch this…. Did you see it?

(Chapter 1)

Minato Namikaze sat behind his desk, looking at the shinobi in front of him. Guilt coursed through him at the sight of the boy turned man. He had been wounded fighting his old sensei, horribly so. But he had won. Beaten the man responsible for ruining so many lives. Pride filled him at how powerful he was, but that turned to guilt fast.

The man before him stood at an impressive 6'3", blonde hair spiked and short. He had on a skin tight long sleeved shirt, a red sash over his shoulder, various seals on it holding weapons and other things. He had red arm guards and black pants with the ends tucked into his boots. His hands were taped and had the kanji for peace on them. Across his back was a nodaichi. The sword had a black and gold handle, the guard in the shape a star. The sword itself was black with steel gray waves on it.

But what would draw the eyes of many was the Konoha headband tied around his eyes.

The man was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and he was blind.

It had all started when Naruto was four and the Kyuubi attacked.. Minato was about to seal the beast into his just born daughter, Kasumi, when Sarutobi Hiruzen knocked him unconscious. When the Yellow Flash awoke, the beast was sealed in his daughter, and his wife was safe. But it was what they learned next that hurt them.

When the Kyuubi attacked, it released a lot of it's vile chakra. The chakra had seeped into the eyes of their four year old son, blinding him for the rest of his life. They had gotten him a special tutor to teach him to read and write blindly, and had abandoned him after that.

The boy was reported to have prodigal level skills, and they ignored him, focusing all of their attention on their daughter. Even when he became a genin a year after losing his eyesight, an impressive feat, they ignored him. His genin team sensei had been Orochimaru of the Sanin. The snake like man had taken the boy, teaching him all he could. He even went and found the secrets of explosive release from Iwagakure, teaching them to the blonde.

The Snake Sanin had gotten his team into the Chunin exams when Naruto was seven, already adapting very well to his newfound abilities. Out of the three man cell, Naruto was the only one to survive the exams, the others dying in the preliminaries.

Minato had been wide eyed at the exams, as had Kushina, when they saw Naruto brutally kill all of his opponents. He had shown why he already had a Bingo Book page. The 'Mad Bomber of the Leaf.' He was promoted to Chunin at seven, and shortly after had been promoted to Jonin after he had successfully crippled a major drug ring.

He had set the standard for shinobi of his age, many striving to become his peer, when only a few could boast as such. Itachi Uchiha, Anko Mitarashi, Hana Inuzuka, Yugao Uzuki, and Rin Inuzuka were the only people who could even begin to fight hi son, and they would be hard pressed to do even that. They were all close, the females of the group had their eyes set only on the Blonde Bomber, much to the irritation of the males of the village. And as far as Minato knew, Naruto had a harem. Even though they didn't live together, they were still close. That was something to, Naruto had moved out when he made genin, Orochimaru being his main guardian, and they didn't notice, or even care. That night, Kushina had cried herself to sleep.

Minato cleared his throat and asked, with as much tact and delicacy as he could while his wife was in the room. "Is it done?"

A gruff "yes" was his answer as Naruto shifted his weight to his other foot, in obvious pain. Minato asked him to explain, and a grunt came from the younger blonde. "Orochimaru-Sama fought till the end, but he still fell to my explosion clone. He was incinerated, along with a good 100 feet of the forest. After, his apprentice, Kabuto, attacked me in my weakened state, thus all of the wounds."

Minato hated the gruffness of his son, who should be filled with such life. Instead he had been turned into the ideal shinobi, capable of shutting his emotions off in a heartbeat. He wanted to blame it on Orochimaru, but couldn't. It was the fault of he and his wife, who was trying to be indifferent to the pain their son was in, both emotional and physical, but was failing.

She had been depressed because of her actions, or inaction, to their son. She had cried the night he left their home, all night, but had gotten over it when Kasumi had shown her a picture she had drawn the next day. Now she had a complete detachment to the blonde, or so she tried to convey. Minato knew she was an absolute mess. The woman had never liked Naruto after he had been basically raised by the Snake Summoner, going as far as to demand he drop their last name.

She had been admitted to the hospital after that, suffering from concussions and burns. Naruto had ignored her and went back to his drinking, something she had internally frowned at, and dropped an explosive spider which blew up in front of her. Kasumi had been watching and was in awe of her big brother.

Minato sighed and said. "Naruto, you have the week off. Go home and relax."

The gruff voice of their son answered them. "Got it, Hokage-Sama." And he vanished in a swirl of leaves, even as Kushina's tears spilled over her eyes. She hated what he had become, hated how he felt closer to a traitor like Orochimaru than his own parents. She hated his gruff and blunt attitude, an attitude for old men who have lived through war, not a young adult.

But more so, she hated themselves as parents. She was an Uzumaki, and family was what had always been important to them. She had willingly abandoned her own son, favoring her daughter who had shown no want to be a shinobi. The girl didn't know why her big brother didn't talk to her, but would always seek his approval.

Minato held his crying wife as he too cried. They had inadvertently turned their son into a cold and callous shinobi. Hell, the team he was supposed to lead as a jonin sensei would most likely be making their first kills at least two months out.

That was when Minato got an idea. An idea to get their son back.

(With Naruto)

Naruto grunted as Rin and Hana pulled kunai out of his body, his torso completely bare to them. He had taken ff his head band and had his milky blue eyes open, not that the woman cared. They cared about him as a person, not about his appearance.

He purred as Rin rubbed his cheek, his sensitive skin there causing the noise.

This was a very rare thing from him, and they loved it, this show of weakness. He didn't mind, as he loved them all. He never said it, but they knew. They saw how he always took a defensive posture whenever a male came too close to them. He had even beaten several perverts, including his Godfather, who had tried to get fresh with them.

HE grunted in pain as the last one came out, even as Hana ran a hand covered in medical chakra over his back and chest. Hana had come into his life when he saved her from being raped by several Chunin and one jonin. When she awoke in the hospital and saw him, she attacked him, and he let her hit him. When she calmed down, he was covered in bruises but was still standing there. Hana had been so ashamed of herself, remembering how he had saved her, she had immediately apologized.

He just waved her off, smirking as he left.

She had sought him out after she was discharged, asking him over for dinner at the Inuzuka clan home. He had accepted and met the matriarch who thanked him profusely for saving Hana. Naruto just waved off the praise, stating how he was just glad he got there in time.

After, Hana and he had started to date. Simple things really, a lunch here, a dinner here. Naruto had even taught her how to "see". He taught her his echolocation technique, which showed surprisingly sharp detail. In turn, she taught him medical jutsu, even though she only treated dogs he was thankful.

Rin hugged his side, feeling him tense then relax, knowing he needed it after killing his father figure. The man who had basically raised him, who had shown kindness he hadn't to even his old teammates. The Snake Sanin had genuinely liked Naruto, treating him better than everyone else.

Naruto was shaking slightly and Rin knew he was crying. She and Hana exchanged looks as they held him, even as he openly sobbed in their arms.

This was rare for them to see him so vulnerable. So open. They had tried in the past to open him up, getting some success out of hearing him speak in public.

They simply held him until he fell asleep in their arms, knowing Yugao would be pissed at the Hokage.

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