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(Chapter 6)

Naruto was in a pretty good mood today, as he had finished his sculpture for Gato, and it had been shipped off to the man in Wave. After the Gala Event at the Art Show, he had been in a good mood, the woman, Konan, having contacted him via the telephone to inquire as to his stance on the statues that her employer wanted made. Since then, he had been working on making statues of the Nine-Bijuu for them.

Afterwards, he had begun his teams training.

That was two weeks ago.

"Ya know, it would be a lot better if you stopped whining like a bitch." Naruto remarked as he casually sat on a fallen log, 'watching' as his team worked themselves into the ground. He had had them for exactly two weeks, and he forced them to get up every single day, go through physical drills, then meditation, then onto deeper studies of the Shinobi world.

To put it simply, it was hell for the recently graduated Genin.

The three of them could say, with absolute honesty and incredible malice, that Naruto Namikaze was without a doubt the world's strictest Trainer, and that he demanded perfection. There was no room for error, he would say to them, in the Shinobi world. One mistake, no matter how small, could cost them heavily.

They flourished, even if they began calling him the Sadist, under his training, and they shivered when they remembered his promise of making them beyond the others in Three Years time, even if they were a little miffed about his stating that they would have to wait for Three Years to become Chunin.

And, Neji had the stick that was up his ass ripped out brutally by Naruto the first time he had tried to pull his whole 'fate' bullshit. He didn't get very far into the speech before Naruto had threatened to blow him up with a large spider.

When he tried to call the 'bluff' of his new Sensei, Naruto had brutally beaten him into the ground. Lee would never forget that day, as he learned so much about the human anatomy from that...beat down. That couldn't even be considered a fight, as Neji didn't even stand a single chance. From then on, he devoted himself to learning the style he had been taught, and instead of the Devil Leg, he was given notes and information on how to access and use something called Haki, as well as eat something called a Devil Fruit.

"But Sensei, this is impossible! How can we get stronger if you won't explain the exercise?" TenTen asked in an irritated voice. She was really the only one who ever spoke to the blind Namikaze like that and survived, as Lee and Neji were effectively cowed and dominated into submitting to his will.

Naruto sighed as he stood from his stump, which he named in an affectionate manner Bob. "The exercise is, in all actuality, merely a way of building up your physical bodies for the harsh training I am going to put you guys through. And, after serious thought, I have decided to give TenTen a new...experimental set of skills."

TenTen froze at the 'experimental' part and looked at her blind sensei in alarm. She had been getting very excited about what he had originally planned. She didn't want to have to do anything but learn to use her weapons, but it seemed he was going to force her to. "B-But...I thought..."

The blonde simply kept his scowl as he 'looked' at her. She was whining and bitching about actually having to do shit, and he hated people who did that. "Listen, Buns, I'm offering you the chance for abilities and skills that normal Shinobi will have never heard of, and you're complaining? Suck it up. I'm making you stronger."

She had no argument for that. He didn't have to do a damn thing for her, and she was being a terrible student by complaining for the things he was WILLINGLY doing. "I'm sorry Sensei."

Sighing, he continued. "Now, for TenTen, I've decided to have two old...friends...come by and teach her, or in one case, give her something important, to her future abilities. As for the two of you..." Naruto pointed at Neji and Lee, who both gulped from their new position on the ground, struggling to stand. "The two of you will be reading over notes and information I've compiled on Rokushi Style and Haki." He pulled out two thick journals and two scrolls, which he tossed to the two of them, before grabbing TenTen. "Remember, take names and fuck bitches."

He body flickered them away before they replied.

(Tanoha Cafe)

"He's almost late." A soft voice said as she reclined in her seat, her entire face neutral. The woman had black hair in the fashion of framing her face, wearing a red scarf around her neck, as well as black shinobi clothes common for Chunin, as well as a flak jacket given to Chunin. Her grey eyes flickered to her companion.

The other woman was blonde, her hair done up, with a prominent nose and blue eyes. She had an emotionless face and wore the same attire as her friend, aside from the scarf. "Mikasa, you know him just as well as I do. He's never late. Simply...not here yet."

"Annie, you know I would never willingly be late for something like this. After all, I did ask the two of you to be here." The voice of the man they were speaking of said, even as said man appeared, TenTen standing beside him with swirly eyes after the Body Flicker.

Mikasa and Annie both looked at the blind man and smiled. Normally, they weren't able to spend much time with him, given the fact that he worked more as a Special Contractor Shinobi, who goes on missions alone, and they worked as enlisted Shinobi, being paid a salary by the village.

Annie Leonhardt was a member of the Konoha Demolition Squad, something Naruto was an informal member of, and was considered one of the numerous Ice Queens in the village.

Mikasa Ackerman was a squad leader in the Recon Squads in the Scouting Legion, an organization who mapped and plotted enemy territory, as well as scouted out possible outposts.

They were both old friends of Naruto's from his time in the Academy, and they were both good friends of his, each having become Chunin in the same Exam, after exemplary performances. He had asked them here to train TenTen in the use of the Kyojin Serum, something Annie's father made for her, as well as the 3DMG. He had gotten her, these last few weeks, in shape for it, and now he was leaving her in their care.

"Alright, since my job of escorting the girl here is over, I'll see you two later. I have to get back and supervise my other two brats and make sure they don't kill themselves trying to figure out how to use the skills I left them. Plus, Neji and lee need to eat a Devil Fruit to really begin. Ciao." Naruto said in a quick way. He could smell the honey scent from a mile away, and knew just what would happen to him if he had stayed.

(Back at the Training Field)

Naruto appeared and watched as Lee began to go through the motions of the Rokushi and held back a smirk. The boy was truly a prodigy of Hard Work, something that no one saw but himself and Might Guy. The fact was, since he didn't have Chakra, he would be able to be the perfect infiltration expert, and a brutal hand to hand combat specialist. Where others would continuously tire themselves out by using Jutsu that took Chakra, he would be able to make the same Jutsu, to some degree, and use only physical energy to do so, something he had in spades.

Neji, on the other hand, was using an entirely different energy all together. Haki was the force of one's Will, and he had Will in spades. Now that he thought about it, he may not give the Hyuuga a Devil Fruit, and instead fiddle with his idea of creating special gauntlets that focused his Will more, and released Ninjutsu on command and hand motion. It would certainly aid the boy, and help increase his Chakra reserves as well.

"Alright you two, come here. I have something to say to the two of you." When both of his Genin were in front of him, he continued. "I'm making another amendment to the training. Neji, you won't be getting a Devil Fruit, but rather, a pair of gauntlets to help focus your Will like in your Haki. Lee, you will still learn the Rokushi, but also get a Devil Fruit. Buns is currently learning from two VERY GOOD friends of mine, so she will only be joining us for missions and the general training I have for you guys. Any questions? Good! Now get back to work you nutters!"


Kushina looked at herself in the mirror and grimaced at the poor sight she was. Her eyes were bloodshot and her skin pale, while her long red hair had lost it's beautiful sheen. She looked like a mess, and she knew why. It was admitting it that was the problem for her.

Ever since his episode with Orochimaru's Revenge poison in the park, Naruto and her hadn't had any contact with one another, as she had been too fearful of how he would react to her cowardice during the situation.

But, in her mind at least, she had an excuse for why she would be scared. She hadn't been a mother to him for all of his childhood. When the Kyuubi attacked and it's chakra destroyed Naruto's ability to see, Orochimaru had taken up the role of guardian, and the Snake Sannin had done an excellent job. It explained why Naruto was so intent on being the best of the best, anyways.

But did that excuse her for her actions? No. She had followed him to the Art Showing at the new Museum, and had seen his interaction with Gato and his ordering of some sculptures. And to make matters worse, she had learned that a woman from Ame, a foreigner, had hired him for a job sculpting several statues of the Nine-Bijuu.

Wait. Maybe that was it. If she could convince Minato to hire Naruto for a sculpture, then maybe she could at least attempt to mend that incredibly large rift in their relationship. It wasn't much, but it was a start at least. Maybe during the course of the creation of his art, he would be able to speak with her, and they could talk in a decent conversation?

(Back with Naruto)

He had to admit, Rock Lee was a stubborn kid. He had spent all day after being given the scroll on the Rokushi Style reading and attempting some of the moves. He had gotten Storm Leg down to a very small degree, and was practicing the movements in using it. The others he had only skimmed over, and Naruto had him reading in depth each one.

Neji was currently attempting to access the first Haki, Observation, and was doing decent. Not good, not bad, but decent.

All that remained was time. And hey, they had three years.

(In Ame)

"So, he has agreed to meet with me? Excellent work, Konan." A man with rippled eyes said as he stood on the tallest tower, staring down at his village as the rain pounded away at his village.

Konan simply stood there, blank faced, as she soaked in the praise. "It will be fairly simple for us to get him to Ame, all we need to do is submit a mission specifically requesting him."

"I am afraid it won't be as simple as that, Konan, as he has taken on a Genin Team, from what our spy says. And besides, 'he' wants to go about this carefully. Naruto Namikaze is known as the Human Lie Detector, and can sense a lie from miles away."

"Is that why you had me place in an order for statues of the Nine-Bijuu? So that it wouldn't be a lie and I could speak to him with a steady heartbeat?" The blue haired woman asked.

Pein simply shifted his eyes to her and nodded. "That, and he is a talented Sculptor."

Konan stifled a giggle as she turned and left, her duty done. Now, it was up to Pein and his persuasive power to see if Naruto Namikaze was worthy to become a member of the Akatsuki.

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