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Chapter 1

I can't believe I let him talk me into coming here. What was I thinking? I really need to have my head examined. Honestly, I don't know him that well. We may have the same father, but neither one of us really knew him. I just consider him David the sperm donor. I don't think he loved my mom and I know he didn't love me. He made sure I knew that when I was fourteen.

I pulled my dark brown hair into a ponytail. I'm glad I straightened it before I left California this morning. If I didn't it would look like a bushy tail. Actually it would look like a really long bushy tail. My hair goes almost to my waist when it is straighten. My ponytail goes about mid back. Maybe I'll cut it, new school and new hairdo.

I pulled the strap of my carry-on bag over my shoulder and walked out of the airport. I headed to the cab line. I checked my phone again to read the text message. *Sorry I can't pick you up. I will make it up to you. I put my phone back in my pocket. I am seriously going to kill him. I can't believe he didn't pick me up.

"Hey girl!" someone yelled.

I looked over to the cab at the curb and noticed the cabby was gesturing to me. He looked like Santa Claus. "Sorry," I said. I loaded my stuff in the cab. I gave him a polite smile and said, "Spencer Academy in Ipswich, please."

"Sure thing, miss. You must be really smart," Santa said as he pulled away from the curb.

"What makes you think that?" I asked. I mean I guess I am. I get straight A's. I am in all the honor classes back home. But then again, school just comes easy for me. I liked to learn new things.

I could see that he was little red in the rearview mirror. I gave him an encouraging smile to continue the conversation.

He cleared his throat. "Spencer is one of the best prep schools in the country," he said as he shrugged. "I just figured you had to be smart. They wouldn't admit just anyone to their school."

"True, but what if I was a rich kid, whose parents made a huge donation just to get me in because I was a troublemaker," I said. I had a hint of humor in my statement. I played with my iPod, debating where or not to listen to it.

"Okay, let's say you're telling the truth," he replied. "Why would you take a cab instead of a limo?" he asked smugly.

I gave a chuckle. "I'm a bad seed. My parents are tired of me taking advantage of the money and opportunities they have provided for me. Instead of appreciating it, I just throw in their faces and do whatever I want." I crossed my arms over my chest as if I won the argument.

"I would believe that story, except you're a good kid. I can see it in your eyes. Which by the way are very beautiful." He shifted around uncomfortably. "I hope that didn't make you feel uncomfortable.

I shook my head. "I hear that a lot, so I don't get uncomfortable. Don't worry about it. Thank you though. And you're right, I am a good kid." I put my iPod away. I noticed he opened his mouth. "Before you ask, they are dark blue almost purple. It depends on the shades of color I wear. If I wear dark, they are almost purple like right now. But if I were lighter colors, the blue shows more." I was wearing a black coat with a black long sleeve button shirt and dark blue jeans with my black heel boots.

"How did you know I was going to ask?" he asked curiously.

"Everyone always does," I said smiling. He seemed like a nice man. I mean anyone that looks like Santa Claus can't be bad.

We continued with our conversation. We really just talked about music, the weather, and home. I learned his name is Tom and he has been married to Kayla for the last forty years. They have two boys, who refuse to get married and have kids, typical males afraid of commitment. I told him my name. Which he said suits me.

I looked to the left and noticed a castle like building. The closer we got the bigger the building. Then I noticed more buildings. I could see a stadium angled behind a single story building.

"Where do you want me to drop you off?" he asked slowing down to make the turn into the school.

I pulled a paper from my bag. "I need to go to the Administration building."

He pointed to a sign. "I guess we just have to follow the arrows."

"Kind of like follow the yellow brick road," I said laughing. I looked out the window trying to take in the school. It's huge. There are so many buildings and they are far apart. I hope I don't have to hick to get to my classes. I took it all in, just letting it sink in.

This is my home for the next eight months. I let out a sigh. Well Spencer is known for sending more kids to Ivy League schools than any other prep school. Considering I want to go to Harvard like my dad Michael, this is the perfect place to go, even though that wasn't the main reason. With my grades and the recommendations from all my teachers and the organizations that I volunteer at, I could have stayed home and still gotten into Harvard. Let's be honest the only I am here is because of him. He wants to be a family and more importantly he doesn't want to be alone anymore.

"Samantha, hey are you there?"

I shook my head a little. "Sorry, must have spaced out." I gave him a sheepish smile.

"No problem," he said as he stopped in front of a building. I looked out the window and noticed the Administration Office sign.

"Thanks for the ride Tom." I gave him the money for the cab fare and grabbed my bag as I got out of the cab. I took a step towards the building.

"Hey Sam," I heard Tom say. I turned around and he had the window rolled down.

"Yes," I replied. I suddenly felt scared. I know nothing is going to happen to me, but looking at the school, I felt scared.

"Don't be afraid of these rich brats. Hold your head high and don't let them change you." He gave me a wave and drove off.

I pulled my shoulders back and held my head high. He's right I shouldn't be afraid. Even though I only know one person. I can make friends. I walked into the building and heading to the Provost office.

I walked through the door and went to talk to the secretary. She had short blond hair with light green eyes. She was a little on the heavy side but it suited her. She had a very warm smile.

"Hi my name is Samantha Melina. I believe Provost Higgins is expecting me," I said. I kept my voice friendly and upbeat. I was a little nervous.

"Welcome to Spencer Samantha. I am Ms. Williams. I hope your flight was okay," she said. She pushed a button and handed me some paperwork and a key. "Your room number is on the top paper and I have also given you, your class schedule. Most of your classes are AP classes. There is also a map of the school and the location of the dorms. If you have any questions please feel free to ask." She held out her finger as a male voice spoke through the intercom.

I didn't bother to listen. I looked through the paperwork and noticed my schedule. I have all AP classes except gym and photography. I put the paperwork and the key in my bag. I looked up and Ms. Williams hung up the phone.

"Samantha, dear, go ahead and take a seat. Provost Higgins will see you in a minute." She pointed to empty chair. I guess when I walked in I didn't notice the chairs or the cute boy sitting in one of the chairs. He had curly brown hair and blue eyes. He had on the school uniform. This uniform consisted of black slacks, white button shirt with a tie and a blazer. I gave him a smile and he returned it. Maybe it won't be that bad, if all the guys look like him. I took a seat next to him.

"Hey beautiful, I'm Aaron Abbot," he said. I don't know if he was trying to be sexy or not but his voice sounded rough. Before I shook his hand I could tell he was one of those guys, nice to look at until they open their mouth. Basically just sit there and look pretty.

"Samantha Melina," I said as I released his hand.

"I could show you around Spencer. The school and where your classes are located. My dorm, because I have a feeling you are going to be there a lot." He tried to sound sexy but wasn't pulling it off. He rubbed his hand down my arm. Thank goodness I still had on my coat.

Before I could answer, Ms. Williams called Aaron up to her desk. He gave me a smirk that looked like a grimace. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. Before I had time to ponder this ridiculous boy who thought he was God's gift to women, the door next to Ms. Williams's desk opened.

"Samantha Melina," a man in a suit said. I stood up and walked towards him. He stuck out his hand. "I am Provost Higgins. Please come in and take a seat." I shook his hand and walked into his office. I took a seat and placed my bag on the floor next to my feet. I pushed my ponytail over my shoulder and gave Provost Higgins a smile. He was an older man that had thinning hair. He had salt and pepper hair color.

"Miss Melina, I'm glad you finally decided to show up. You do realize that school started three weeks ago? I almost gave your spot to someone who understands what a privilege it is to attend a prestigious school such as Spencer." I opened my mouth, but he just waved me off with a hand. "I don't know how things were done at your previous school, but such behavior will not be tolerated." He gave me a stare that said he was not playing. "Now the only reason I did keep your spot open is you happen to have very high marks and excellent recommendations." He gave me another look and continued. "Ms. Williams has your dorm key, schedule and some maps of the school." He waved his hand as if to dismiss me, but I was not the kind of person who is easily dismissed.

"Provost Higgins, I do realize that school is three weeks into the semester, but I do believe my mom called explaining my later start," I said. I was furious that this pompous ass thought he could belittle me and that I was actually going to take it. "My grandfather was ill and passed away last week. His funeral was two days ago and I was not about to leave for school without showing him the proper respect he deserved." I kept my hands in my lap because they were slightly shaking. "Also Ms. Williams has already given me all the paperwork you just mentioned."

Provost Higgins began looking through a file on his desk. He gave me a look and scoffed at me. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was stilling looking at the folder and stopped flipping through the papers. He cleared his throat and pulled on his tie.

"I must apologize for the unnecessary remarks I made earlier. It seems I was not informed about you grandfathers illness or of his passing," he said. "In light of the circumstances that I am now aware of, I believe that you should take the next couple of days for some personal time and attend classes starting Monday. I will inform your teachers of the situation and make sure that they have all or any work you will need to catch up by Monday." He stood up and gestured for me to follow him to the door.

I grabbed my bag, gave him a nod and walked out the door. He is not one who can apologize and actually mean it. I heard the door close behind me with resounding click. I turned to Ms. Williams. "Do you mind showing me where the dorms are located on the map?" I asked. I wanted to go to my room and unpack and take a nap before I have to see him.

"Sure dear," she said as I handed her the map. A hand reached out and grabbed the map.

"Excuse you," I said. "Please give me back the map." I stated. I didn't even have to glance to know that Aaron Abbot was holding my map.

"Ms. Williams, I can show Samantha to the dorms." He gave us both the biggest smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. It was more of a devilish smile and it still wasn't attractive on his face.

"Aaron, what are you still doing here? You should be in fifth period." Ms. Williams did not sound happy. But Aaron just continued to smile.

"Fifth is almost over and I have a free period after that. Besides, I think it's only right that I show Samantha how helpful the students at Spencer are to new classmates." He looked at me and licked his lips, still not attractive.

"Ms. Williams, it's okay. I really don't mind if Aaron shows me to the dorms." I gave her a smile and slightly pushed Aaron towards the door. I continued to walk out the front door and down the steps. Aaron stopped right next to me. I gestured for him to continue and show me the way.

"Listen babe, the dorms are a little ways down and the fastest way there is to take my car." I rolled my eyes at him and he just gave me that stupid smirk. "Or you could take the map, figure out where they are and walk."

"Fine, we can take your car," I said through my teeth. I followed him to black Mercedes E350. Nice car, too bad Aaron's a jerk.

He gave me a smirk as he hit the alarm button. "You can get in sweet cheeks." I got into the passenger seat and put my seat belt on. He revved the engine and pulled out of the parking space. He threw it into first and gassed it. I don't know if he was showing off but he was just proving my theory, nice to look at, until he opens his mouth.

He pulled into a parking spot and got out. I followed him and closed the door. He hit the alarm and continued to walk. We went up some steps and through two big doors. I got the paper with my room number on it and my key out of my bag. He threw his arm around my shoulders and grabbed the paper.

"You are in room 228, which is on the second floor. My room is on the third floor, room 359." He leaned in closer and whispered, "We can go to my room and hang out for a while." He licked my ear and blew on it.

I grabbed my paper and pushed him away. I wiped my ear. I need a shower. I feel dirty just standing next to him. "Don't touch me and definitely keep your nasty tongue away from me." We were on the second floor and I went in search of my room. He grabbed my arm tight but I was able to pull away.

"Come on babe, I know you like me. I'd love to see those beautiful eyes and your fine ass body underneath me. Moaning my name and begging me not to stop," he said as he continued to follow me. I put my hand in my bag and grabbed my pepper spray. "Sammy, baby I promise not to biteā€¦much," he said chuckling.

"Aaron, leave me alone. Trust me, you have nothing I want. Go away." I noticed by room was a couple of feet away. I slowly pulled out the pepper spray from my bag. I was about to turn around and tell Aaron off, but a frizzy red-head girl walked out of a door to my left.

"Aaron baby, what are you doing here? How did you know I was here?" she questioned him. As she walked by me, she gave me a dirty look.

I reached my door and unlocked it. I quickly went into my room and locked the door. I could hear Aaron telling Kira, the red-head frizz ball that he was looking all over for her. She must be the dumbest girl in the world to believe an ass like him.

I turned the light on and noticed all my boxes had arrived. I looked around the room and saw one bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet, bathroom and loveseat. I looked at the paper in my hand that stated I had a single room. Cool, no roommate. Now I don't have to worry about anyone going through my stuff. My friends back home kept telling me horror stories of roommates from hell and dorm life. I grabbed my phone and sent him a text. I gave him my room number and to call me later. I looked at the time and realized everyone had about fifteen minutes before their last class of the day started. I put my bag down and took my boots off. I opened the first box and started organizing my room.