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Ten Years Later

"Babe, Caleb, Sarah, Maggie and Baby Boy are here," Pogue yelled up the stairs. My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. I walked down the stairs. We redecorated the Parry residence after we were married four years ago. My in-laws were more than happy to give us the house. They wanted their future grandchild to grow up in their family home.

"I'm twenty-eight man," Tyler stated looking at Pogue. "I think I've outgrown the Baby Boy name." He walked past Pogue and followed Caleb. His arm was protectively around Maggie. Her round belly looked bigger. I waved to her as she waddled down the hall. She had a few more months.

"You'll always be Baby Boy," Reid said with a smirk. He had his arm around Ava as they walked out of the living room. She was due any day.

Sarah was holding her and Caleb's six month old son, William. His light blond hair resembled his mother but he looked just like his father. His big brown eyes looked around at everyone. Caleb had his hand on Sarah's lower back. He was beaming at his son and wife.

"Well if you have outgrown Baby Boy then I have outgrown Baby Girl," I commented as I reached the bottom of the stairs. "It's that right Chase," I kissed my five month old son's cheek. He giggled and blew bubbles. Pogue walked over to us with a big smile. "But I will always be Lil Bit to you," I whispered to Pogue.

"You only have that title for a few more months," Caleb said. "Gregory and Vivian's son will be the last one born not to mention Ava and Reid's baby." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and tickled Chase.

"Golden Boy's right," Reid chimed in. "But you'll always be our Baby Boy." He laughed at Tyler's face.

"Whatever Bubba," Tyler mumbled. Maggie hugged Tyler and laughed.

"I don't care what anyone calls you," Maggie laughed. "You're my man." She pulled him close to her and gave him a kiss.

"Wow his eyes look more and more like yours sis," Caleb stated as Chase giggled. I smiled.

"True, but he looks like his daddy," I smiled proudly as Chase grabbed his Tio Caleb's finger.

"Girls are going to go crazy over his eyes. I know I do looking at his mom's," Pogue kissed my head as he pulled me closer to him.

"That's not the only thing you went crazy for," Reid said under his breath.

"Stop Reid," Ava hit Reid lightly on the chest when she noticed Tyler's face. "We'll see how you feel when the boys chase after your daughter." Reid looked at Ava and made a face.

We were all shocked to learn that Ava was carrying twins. When we found out they were having a boy and a girl, Reid almost went into shock. The possibility of any of us having a girl was the last thing on our minds. The female line was supposed to end with me. We were all worried about what this meant for the Covenant and the baby. Reid was very protective when it came to Ava and the babies.

The guys teased Reid that this was karma biting him in the ass for all his womanizing when he was younger. Ava was excited as we all were but she couldn't help but tease Reid too. I knew no matter what, his daughter will have him wrapped around her little finger. But I think she will have all the guys wrapped around her finger. This was going to be fun watching these men fall all over a little girl.

"My daughter will be under lock and key. The only guys in her life will be her brothers, Uncles and me," Reid stated with a protective hand on Ava's swollen belly.

"Hey Lil Bit," Pogue whispered in my ear. I smiled at my nickname. "After everyone leaves and the baby is a sleep, I'd love to explain your nickname again."

"I will hold you to that Pogo," I whispered back before he kissed me.

"Isn't the wedding outside?" Tia Rosalind asked with a laugh. She was walking down the stairs with Aunt Evelyn next to her.

"All the parents are outside waiting," Aunt Evelyn said. She turned towards Sarah with a huge smile on her face. "There's my grand baby." She blew William a kiss. He giggled and threw his hands and arms around.

"Hello," Gregory said loudly as he walked into the hall. "I'm getting married in few minutes." We all turned at the sound of his voice. "And my future wife is locked in the bathroom."

"Sarah," I turned to my friend. She nodded and handed William to Evelyn's open arms.

Pogue took Chase and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Lil Bit, go ahead," he kissed my cheek.

"It's probably morning sickness," Sarah suggested as we walked past Gregory.

"But it's three in the afternoon," Gregory pointed out. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Sarah was sick almost twenty-four seven for the first six months," Caleb sighed. I remember how helpless he felt. "Don't worry about it. The girls will help her out."

"I hope Vivian is okay," I whispered to Sarah.

Sarah and Vivian were roommates in college while I lived off campus with Pogue and Caleb. Tyler, Maggie, Ashley, Reid and Ava went to Boston University. Gregory followed Ashley but he lived with Tyler and Reid off campus. The three of them were thick as thieves during our college years.

When Sarah and Caleb got married four years ago, Vivian met Gregory who was single after breaking up with Ashley three years earlier. The moment he locked eyes on Vivian he never left her side. They were perfect for each other. Ashley helped Gregory calm his jackass ways but it was Vivian who showed him what an amazing person he is. It took Gregory three and a half years to convince Vivian to marry him. Even after they found out she was pregnant it still took some convincing. We were all surprised at how well she took the news about the Covenant. I still don't why he took so long to tell her. Hell Vivian accepted him with open arms.

But we all understood why Vivian took so long to accept his marriage proposal. Ashley had a way of showing up and causing trouble. I had a strong suspicion that Ashley was up to her old tricks. She couldn't get it in her head that Gregory moved on and was completely happy. I know it caused problems for Reid and Ava over the years. But ultimately it was Ashley that cut ties with Ava. She didn't want anything to do with Ava if she was friends with Vivian. I took a deep breath as I remembered the night I had to erase her memories of everything that had to do with the Covenant. All her other memories of us and Gregory were intact.

We walked down the hall to the bathroom by the family room. I used the family room as Vivian's dressing room. I gently knocked on the door. Sarah was biting her lip as we waited for Vivian to answer the door. The lock clicked and I slowly opened the door.

"Hey Viv," I greeted the dark hair beauty. Vivian's hazel eyes had tears spilling down her cheeks. She moved uncomfortably on the side of the tub. I noticed she placed her hand protectively on her stomach. She was only three months along but you couldn't tell. She pulled her robe tighter around her body.

"I take it this isn't morning sickness," Sarah said taking a seat next to Vivian.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked handing her a tissue.

"Ashley stopped by earlier," Vivian replied as she wiped her eyes.

"When?" Sarah asked upset. She rubbed Vivian's back as she continued to wipe at her eyes.

"When I let the caterer in," Vivian began. She took a deep breath. "I was relaxing and waiting for you girls to get here before I put my dress on. Pogue left to pick up Gregory at Reid and Ava's. The doorbell chimed and I answered it. The caterer was early but I figured no big deal. I came back to relax and in walked Ashley."

I took a deep breath. "What crap did she have to spew now?" I asked irritated.

"She congratulated me on the pregnancy and for finally trapping Gregory into marriage," Vivian said. "I was angry that she showed up unannounced."

"Of course you were angry and you have every right to be," Sarah offered Vivian her support. "But why are you locked in the bathroom?"

"After I kicked her out, I came in here to calm down and I um… um….," she stopped talking and wiped at her eyes again.

"What is it?" I asked growing more concerned. I kneeled in front of her.

"I dropped my engagement ring down the sink," she said bursting into tears. "It belong….to…to Gregory's…. mother," she choked out.

Sarah quickly pulled her into a hug, we'll I moved to the sink. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the ring. I opened my eyes as the ring popped out of the sink. I quickly caught it and turned to Vivian.

"Is this yours?" I asked with a smile.

"Sam, oh my God," Vivian shouted. "Thank you so much." She was on her feet jumping up and down.

There was a pounding on the door.

"Vivian are you okay?" Gregory shouted as he continued to pound on the door.

"Everything's fine honey," Vivian smiled and laughed as she put the ring on her finger.

"Just last minute wedding details," Sarah stated. "Give us five minutes."

"Are you sure?" Gregory asked. The door handle jiggled and I quickly opened the door an inch. "The wedding should have started five minutes ago."

"If you come in here, so help me Gregory," I scolded. He took a step back from the door. "The wedding starts when the bride walks down the aisle. Now go," I said waving my hand at him. "It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." I pointed for to walk down the hall.

"Okay okay," he conceded with his hands in the air. Pogue walked up to Gregory and patted him on the shoulder.

"Let's go groom," Pogue laughed. "Your bride needs to finish getting ready."

"Thanks," I said with a smile. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. "Where's the baby?"

"He started to cry when Reid tried to hold him. Ava has him," Pogue said with a huge smile.

"I think you get some satisfaction that Chase cries with Reid," I pointed out.

"Me," Pogue said in a fake hurt tone. "Never." He was walking with Gregory down the hall.

The wedding started twenty minutes late but it was worth it. Gregory had a permanent smile on his face when he saw Vivian walking down the aisle. Everyone was outside in the front waving bye to Gregory and Vivian as they left for their honeymoon. Chase was a sleep in his Grandma Beatrice's arms. Grandpa Wayne had his arm around both of them. William was falling a sleep in his Grandma Evelyn's arms as well. His little hand was wrapped around her pearls.

"It was such a beautiful wedding," Tia Rosalind said trying not to yawn. "The garden looked wonderful Sammy." She gave my shoulder a squeeze.

"Thank you," I answered. I turned and put my arm around her waist. "How long are you and Tio staying?"

Pogue walked over to his parents and the baby. He's a great father. The love and pride in his eyes when he looks at our son, fills my heart with so much love for my husband. Sometimes I think my heart is going to burst from the love I have for him and our son.

"We decided to stay until after Maggie and Tyler have the baby," Tio said putting his arm around my shoulders. "But Tyler and Maggie want us to stay longer. So it looks like you are stuck with us for quite some time." He laughed and kissed my head.

"Hey, having you two around is not being stuck with you," I pouted. "I love having you both here, not to mention Wayne and Beatrice. Pogue is trying to convince them to stick around as well. Chase would love to have his grandparents around."

"We look forward to spending time with him too," Tia replied. "I can't believe how big he is getting. He looks so much like Pogue." She turned to look at Chase as Beatrice entered the house. Gramps was right behind them.

"But he has his mother's beautiful eyes," Tio stated.

"Thank you," I said as we entered the house. "But I think you're biased."

We walked down the hallway to the kitchen were everyone was mingling. The photos on the wall reflected the last ten years. We passed a Prom picture with all of us smiling with Pogue and me in the middle of the group wearing our crowns.

I smiled as I passed our High School graduation picture. The guys were holding me and Sarah, Ava and Maggie were on their boyfriends back. Ashley didn't want to be in the picture. Tio straighten the picture of all of us with our parents. He had his arm around me while my Tia had her arm around Tyler.

The many pictures from our vacations over the years were hanging all over the place. Along with everyone's wedding photos. Gregory and Vivian's will hang up there soon enough. I could hear the laughter floating out of the kitchen.

Pogue quickly pulled me into his arms as soon as I entered the kitchen.

"My mom and Evelyn took the boys upstairs. They were knocked out," he said chuckling.

"How long are your parents staying?" I asked rubbing his back.

"They are thinking of moving back in here or building a new house here on the property," Pogue replied. "Either way they will be here for long time."

"The house is big enough for all of us," I pointed out. "Tio and Tia are staying here too."

Tyler and Reid were laughing at something Caleb said. Sarah and Maggie were putting out plates of food. My Tio and Tia were looking at pictures that Wayne pulled out of Chase. Joseph and Meredith were sitting with Ava, who had her feet up.

"Oh no," Ava exclaimed. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Reid raced to her side.

"What is it honey?" he had his hand on her stomach and the other on her cheek.

"My water broke," she said with a huge smile on her face. Reid smiled before he passed out.

Thirteen Years and Six Months Later

Gregory stood at Putnam Barn with his nephews William Danvers, Chase Parry, Dylan Garwin and Benjamin Simms. His niece Gabriella Garwin was walking with his son Michael. I knew he couldn't believe that his son was already turning thirteen. The parents were waiting for our return at the Parry House. His wife Vivian was a bundle of nerves. I stood a few feet away trying to block out his thoughts. I think he was more nervous than Michael.

"Okay everyone start forming a circle," Gregory called out to kids. "We have ten minutes." He walked over to his son. Gabriella gave Michael a hug before running over to stand next to Chase.

"Hey dad," Michael shrugged. "Any last minute words before I get fried by lightning." He was kicking the tip of his shoe against a piece of wood.

"You're not going to get fried," Gregory laughed. "I'm sure your Tia Sam and Gabriella told you what to expect as well as the other boys."

"They did. Tia Sam gave me some stuff to drink before we came out here," Michael said as he walked to the middle of the circle his sister and brothers were forming. "Plus you already told me what is going to happen. I think I'm good." He ran his hand through his curly blond hair. He looked at his dad with his big green eyes.

"You know it's okay to be nervous," Gregory whispered. "I was when I was your age."

"I wasn't," I said with a laugh. They both looked me. "I didn't know about the Covenant remember."

"Oh yeah," Gregory exclaimed with a smile.

Michael nodded before pointing at something behind us. Gregory and I quickly turned to see a man standing a few feet away from Gabriella. She screamed when she noticed the man. Chase stood in front of her with his power at full force. William told everyone to stay where they were and not to move an inch. He was so like his dad, taking command of the situation. Gregory looked at me as we both recognized the guy but couldn't understand why he was here.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you sweetheart."

"Stay away from her," Chase growled. Gabriella was holding on to his shoulders.

"Then maybe you should have forewarned us that you would be here Everett," I scolded as I moved in front of my son and Gabriella. "That would have been the polite thing to do."

I noticed that the entire Covenant was present, even the grandfathers. Gramps stood next to Tio with a fierce look in his eye. Gregory walked over to me. Pogue was standing next to Reid and Dylan with his hands on their shoulders. Bubba stay with Dylan. Gregory and I have Gabriella. Reid nodded when he noticed my eyes. Gregory motioned for the kids to turn and watch Michael while he stood next to me. I gave him a look to let him know that he should watch his son as well. Lighting flashed across the sky. There was a low rumble of thunder far away.

"I only came to see how the new Covenant was progressing when I noticed this young girl," Everett pointed to Gabriella.

"We can talk about this afterwards," I stated. "I'm sure my brothers Caleb and Reid will have some things to say." I kept my eyes on Everett. I was still grateful that he saved me all those years ago but it didn't mean I trusted him around my family.

Michael cried out when the lightning hit him. Out of the corner of my I could see him. He clenched his teeth together to keep from yelling out again. I knew he felt being the youngest; he had to be strong and not show weakness. He fell to his knees before he slumped back and was lying on the ground. Go Gregory, Reid is on his way over. Gregory nodded before he took off towards his son up. Michael turned to the side and noticed his dad was carrying him. He closed his eyes drifted off.

"It seems your brothers showed true respect and admiration towards you by naming their children after your parents," Everett stood in front of me with his hands behind his back.

"Yes they did," I responded. "Why are you here?" I felt when my husband, Reid and Caleb stood behind me. I knew Tyler was helping Gregory load the kids in the Suburban.

"I told you years ago that I would be back to check on the future Covenant," he answered with a smile.

"You could have done that from a distance. There was no reason for you to approach our children," Caleb stated.

"Normally I would have done that but I was quite surprised to see a girl standing in the circle," Everett said. "I thought Samantha was the last of the females." He looked at me curiously.

"It seems my daughter is the last of the female line," Reid snapped. "Stay away from her. If there is a price for her being born, then I will pay the price."

"Hello Everett. It's been quite a while since we last saw each other," Gramps said. He may have lost a step or two over the years but he was as feisty as ever.

"I'm not here to cause trouble," Everett quickly said raising his hands. "I was surprised to see a girl among the Covenant. That's all. There's no price to be paid or anything of the sort."

"Gabriella doesn't have power," I stated. "She's a normal girl surround by family that loves her."

"How did you…" Everett began. I pointed to my head. "Aaa I see…or rather you see."

"She's not a threat to us or you," Gramps said. "Besides her Life Force is quite capable of defending her, should you make the mistake of coming near her again."

"Yes," Everett replied. "That young man seems to have a lot of power inside him."

"Which he was born with," Pogue retorted. "My son couldn't help being born into all those powers." He stood next to me with his arms crossed over his chest.

I looked at my husband and smiled. My stomach still did a flips when he kissed me and looked at me in that special way. Even though his hair was a lot shorter than when we first dated all those years ago, he was still my personal Adonis.

"I guess that's my cue to leave," Everett laughed. He tried to keep his laughter light but I could hear the awkwardness in it. He smiled before teleporting.

"He'll be back to check on the next Covenant," Caleb said angrily. "We'll just have to prepare the kids so they are ready to handle Everett when the time comes." The Suburban was gone as well as Tyler.

Caleb grabbed my hand and teleported us to my house. We stood in the living room for a moment before walking into the hallway. Gregory was coming down the stairs.

"How's Michael?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around Pogue.

"He's a sleep," he answered. "Vivian is with him." Tyler was walking down the hall rubbing his hand.

"Gorman that was pretty cool saying my daughter had a Life Force. That sure as hell stumped Everett," Reid said laughing.

Pogue and I looked at each other before facing Reid. He continued to laugh as Tyler stood next to him. I know we probably should have told him sooner but Reid is so protective of Gabriella.

"What's so funny?" Tyler asked still rubbing his hand.

"Did you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar again?" Caleb asked trying not to laugh.

"Yes," he snapped. "Sarah ratted me out to Maggie and… well." He raised his hand. There was a red mark shaped like a spoon on his hand.

"When the wife says no, that means no Baby Boy," Reid said laughing. Tyler turned a deep shade of red.

"I told you to stop calling me that…Bubba," Tyler hissed. Reid stopped laughing.

"That's not funny," Reid snapped.

"Okay enough bickering," Gramps said. "I'll be in the study with a glass of whiskey." He kissed me on the cheek and walked down the hall.

"Hey what were you laughing about earlier?" Tyler asked as everyone entered the kitchen.

"Gorman told Everett that Gabriella had a Life Force," Reid answered. "I'm cool with it, as long as it keeps Everett away from my daughter."

Ava turned and kissed her husband. "I'm proud of you babe," she wiped her lipstick off his lips. "Caleb thought you were going to flip when you found out." Reid's face turned red. Ava looked at Caleb. "You didn't tell him did you?" she took a step back and looked at her husband.

"What the fuck…" Reid started to say.

"Hey the kids are in the family room," Sarah scolded. "No swearing around the kids Reid." She gave him a look. He closed his eyes and took a breath.

"Someone better start explaining," he hissed.

I took a step forward and took Reid's hand. "Bubba open your eyes," I whispered. He slowly opened his eyes. Ava gasped when she saw a ring of fire swirling around his eyes.

"Explain Princess," he said in a demanding tone. Pogue growled but I patted his chest to keep him calm. We didn't need two hot heads in the room.

"I noticed after Chase turned thirteen he became a bit more protective of Gabriella," I began. "Everyone thought it was cute. Even you thought it was great." Reid took a deep breath.

"After the twins turned thirteen," Ava continued. She took her husband's hand in her own. "I noticed how Gabriella began to follow Chase around."

"I noticed that too," Reid admitted reluctantly. "But what does that have to with the Life Force."

"Well you know Sam and I read everything that had to do with the female line born into the Covenant," Ava said. Reid nodded. "I came across the Life Force part and it always stuck with me." She looked at me and Pogue. "I always thought we had a fairy tale love story but Sam and Pogue really have that love story."

"You know Pogue would never hurt me," I said. "The Life Force won't allow it."

"Come on Reid, you know how I felt about Sam when we first met," Pogue pulled me closer to him. "You even pointed out how she affected me."

"Basically your son will never hurt my daughter," Reid stated. Pogue and I nodded at Reid. "But I don't want my little girl shacking up with him when they are seniors in high school."

Pogue smacked Reid in the back of the head. "You know for a fact that it was different for me and Sam," he growled. "If she would have grown up with us, the Life Force would have been gradual instead of full force."

"I'm sorry Princess," Reid whispered. "I just want to keep my little girl…while little for as long as possible. I remember what I was like in high school. I don't want my daughter with someone like me." Ava gave him a hug.

"You weren't that bad," Ava rubbed his chest.

"I wasn't that bad in high school either," Pogue added.

"You're not helping biker boy," Reid snapped. "Don't forget what you were like before you met Princess." Pogue looked at me.

"I still don't want to know," I said with my hands in the air. Reid laughed.

"Sorry Pogue, I didn't mean to say…" Reid rubbed the back his neck.

"It's cool man," Pogue shook Reid's hand. "I love Gabriella like my own. I would never let anyone disrespect her. Not even my own son."

"I know," Reid said. He pulled his wife closer to him.

"Think of it this way Reid," Ava grabbed her husband's face. "If Chase does do something stupid, Gabriella has four brothers who will defend her." Reid smirked at his wife.

"Shit yeah," Reid yelled.

"Reid," Sarah yelled. Caleb put his arm around his wife and tried to hide his smile.

"Idiot," Tyler and Maggie said under their breath. They looked at each other and laughed.

"I love you Lil Bit," Pogue whispered.

"I love you too," I whispered back before he kissed me.

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