Life With Jack Frost: Teen Guardian Parents

Chapter 1: The Orphan Boy

It's the time when kids get to bed and also the time for you to fly round the world and do your responsibility as a guardian. You stood in the air, in front of the bright full moon surrounded by the dark, yet starry sky. You spread your angel wings wide and closed your blue eyes as you breathed deeply.

Your gloves started to glow and letting out an icy blue like glitters around it. You opened your eyes and your lips twisted into a rare smile and flew a little higher and stopped.

After a few seconds, you flew down as fast as you can and you can see the three gems on your gloves shone brightly. The cold wind blew your silver hair and started to spread the shining blue glitters around the place.

Your speed is just unbelievably fast and even your fellow guardians can't see you clearly, in other words, you're almost invisible to their eyes.

You went place to place using North's magic portals to make your work easier. But what exactly is your work? To your fellow guardians, you are called The Guardian Angel. The name says it all, you're a guardian of all the children. You guide them, you comfort them, you make their fears disappear and replace it with strength, faith and bravery. You also make them believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny and, of course, the winter spirit, Jack Frost.

You've been doing this for a century and counting. But you have a new hobby after your tiring, yet fun work. And that is going to an orphanage. It's a small yet simple building full of sweet little orphan children.

You looked through the window carefully, trying to check if no one's awake before opening it. You looked round while avoiding to make any noises that will wake the kids. Suddenly, you noticed that one of the beds was empty.

You shook your head with a grin and went to the place where you and Jack Frost first met. The whole place is covered with white snow and the trees are like corals covered with frost. You also heard someone playing music with a flute and saw a young boy, seven years of age, has brown hair, pale skin, same eye color as you when you were just a simple human being, white shiny teeth and pinkish yet a little pale lips.

He's sitting on a bench with his chin propped in his palm. He looks gloomy and sad and you don't know the reason why. He's usually jolly and excited whenever you visit him. The young boy glanced at you and feigned a smile. Walking towards him, the young boy looked down and gave a deep sigh.

"That's odd?" you said with a grin, "What happened to your smiling face?" you added and sat beside him.

You put your arm around the boy's shoulders and stared at him. After a minute or two, the boy looked up and stared at your white angel wings and to your face after.

"What's wrong?" you asked heartily.

The boy shook his head and touched your hands while cuddling them and said, "No… no one wants to adopt me…"

Your looked at him with pity ad kissed his forehead gently. You brushed your fingers through his brown hair and touched his pale face.

"Why sweetheart?" you asked and added, "There's nothing wrong with you… You're smart, kind, talented and of course… handsome."

Then both of you laughed and made the boy smile even for a few minutes. "Some…. Something changed lately… I- I don't know if it's just me but…" said the boy and paused.

"But?" you asked interrupting the silence.

"(F/n)…" he whispered and stared at your light blue eyes, "I can't feel cold."

Your eyes widened and checked the boy's temperature but he's absolutely fine then he added, "The- the other kids would wear tons of clothes when we will go outside cause, of course… It's already winter, but me… I can't even feel it. I can only even wear a shirt or jeans when I go out. I put my hands in the snow but nothing…"

Your heart started to beat fast and you don't know what to say to the young boy. You looked down and thought deeply while glancing at his silver glass flute that he's holding.

"What's wrong with me?" asked the boy felt worried about his situation.

"You- you're just special dear…" you said gently and kissed his forehead.

"The kids are calling me a freak…" whispered the young boy.

You hugged him tightly and brushed his sleek brown hair. He rested his head on your lap and hugged it until he fell asleep. You stared at the boy and sighed deeply.

"Oh…" you murmured, "I'm so sorry sweetheart…"

Suddenly a cold breeze blew and you quickly hugged the boy preventing him to wake up. Then a teen boy with silvery hair, wearing blue hooded jacket, brown jeans, still barefooted, stood in front of you.

Giving him a furious look, the young guardian scratched his head and looked in different directions except your eyes.

"Is he sleeping?" he asked in a nervous manner.

"What do you think?" you said madly.

"Sorry…" whispered Jack and sat beside you with a grin on his face.

"How's my little me?" asked Jack and kissed your cheek. You felt his cold lips that made you smile and lower your anger at the winter spirit.

You glanced at Jack and at the boy after and said, "I'm worried…" with a frown look on your face.

"He's changing, Jack…" you whispered and glanced at him, "He said lately that… he can't feel cold…" you added.

Jack widened his eyes and looked at the sleeping little boy. He touched your hands and made you look at him with your shaking blue eyes.

"The- the kids are teasing him because of his ability of not feeling cold. He doesn't have friends. What else could they do if he-"

"No…" Jack interrupted and touched your cheeks with his pale cold hands and added, "I won't let that happen. I know how it feels to be… a… loner…"

You touched his pale hand and kissed it sweetly as you stared at his light blue eyes. "And you know what it feels like to have no friends." Added the young guardian.

Silence fell upon the three of you and while staring at the sweet little boy lying on your lap, the winter spirit brushed the boy's hair and kissed his head.

"Could you carry your son back to the orphanage?" you said breaking the silence.

Jack Frost grinned and moved closer to you. He gave you a passionate kiss that lasted about a minute or two. He backed away and saw your cheeks turning red and whispered, "You mean OUR son…"

Jack stood up and gently carried the boy. You slowly took his flute and followed the winter spirit back to the orphanage. You opened the window slowly and the Jack, carrying the little boy, went inside and tucked him in.

"There you go little kiddo…" whispered Jack and kissed the boy's forehead and said, "Good night… Jef Wynter Frost."

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