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Life With Jack Frost: Teen Guardian Parents

Chapter 44: Cheer Up

"What happened?" North quickly asked after Jack put you in bed in your room. Everyone wanted to know that question. The two kids, however, was guarded by the Tooth fairy in your son's room. Bunnymund, Sand and North waited for Jack's , the winter spirit faced them and breathed deeply for luck.

"It was Pitch." Whispered Jack, "But he's not alone." He added and they all gazed at each other.

"What do you mean he's not alone?" asked the Easter Bunny with a curious look on his face, "Who's with him?"

"Him." Responded Jack and rested his staff on his shoulder. "Pitch brought him to help him." He said trying to make the situation more complicated.

"What?" they all said in unison.

"They're two Pitches, alright! Two!" shouted Jack forgetting you're sleeping.

The three guardians' eyes widened in surprise and fear. They stared at the winter spirit then, the Sandman and Bunnymund passed the gaze to the leader.

"Pitch copied himself?" asked the Easter Bunny but North was too scared to respond. "Jack? Are you serious about this? Maybe it was a trick or something. It's not possible for-"

"It's not a trick, a dream or hallucination, Bunnymund." Jack chimed in. "I know it's real and Snowflake might know the reason why. Yes, she was surprised when she saw two of them but not puzzled about how it happened." Explained the young guardian formally and sat on the edge of your bed.

"She called the other one past Pitch." He continued. "I don't know what that meant…"

Suddenly, Jack heard you moan. He quickly went to you and cupped your cheeks. He planted a light kiss on your forehead and stared at your face. You slowly opened your eyes and the winter spirit uttered a light gasp. You gingerly sat up, with a little help from Jack, and saw the three guardians. You gazed at the room and noticed that the two kids weren't there.

"Where's Jef and Ashen?" you quickly asked and tried to get out of bed but Jack lay you back down.

"Easy…" he whispered with a chuckle. "They're alright. Tooth's watching them."

"Ar- are they're hurt? What happened?" you stammered and the winter spirit smiled.

"They're fine… don't worry… the question is… are you alright?" he asked and you don't know what he was talking about.

"Alright? Of… course" you responded, "Wh- what are you talking about?" you added and Jack made a mirror made of ice in front of you. You can't believe what you saw… the color of your eyes changed. Changed to its original color. You gazed at Jack and then your wrist. The amber bracelet that MiM gave was gone.

"The bracelet…" you whispered. "I remember…" you said sadly and looked in Jack's bright, blue eyes. "One of Pitch's Nightamares caught my whole arm. I freed It but I saw the amber bracelet turned to black sand and melted."

"And... I have a feeling that this have something to do with your eyes?" said Jack and touched your hands.

"Yes… MiM told me not to lose the bracelet no matter what happens. I didn't lose it… It was destroyed. It's what keeping me and Jef here in the past. Now that… mine's gone… I think… I have no much time left." You explained and everybody listened. Jack put his head down and hugged you tightly.

"Then we'll just finish this before that happens." He whispered and you closed your eyes to feel his warming embrace.

"That's the problem… I don't know how to finish this…" you said and jerked your head back then stared at his pale face. "They're two, Jack… Pitch is strong alone… but.. Two…" you stuttered and sighed deeply and worry.

"Speaking of Pitch," said the Easter Bunny with his arms crossed. "How did it happen? I mean the two Pitch- es…" he added and everyone, including you, uttered a light smile.

"It's complicated…" you said with a frown. "But… I'll try my best for you guys to understand."

Everyone went silent and waited for you to continue. Jack gently grasped your hands and you gazed each of them. "We know that there's two Pitch right? One of them is from the past and the other one is from the future, my time." You started and they all nodded signing they understood what you explained. "I noticed that one of them was wearing a golden locket, same as Ashen's. That's the past Pitch."

"How did you know that?" asked the young guardian.

"The future Pitch doesn't have one when we met the first time." You responded and smiled. "Maybe he lost it or something." You added. "So, Pitch from my time, stole something from MiM." You continued and glanced at the guardian leader. "A thing that can control the past, present and future. I know that it belongs to an old friend of yours."

"Ziel.." whispered North.

"Yes… Ziel…" you echoed and gave out a small smile. "And I think that explains everything. With Ziel's gloves, Pitch can do whatever he wants with time. The first guardian, on the other hand, sent me here and Jef to…" you stopped and put your head down.

"I- I don't really know what we're going to do anymore..." You admitted and sighed deeply. "There's something MiM didn't say to me…"

"That's the same thing you did to me." Muttered the winter spirit and you shot him your furious look. "What? It's true!" he argued and you rolled your eyes.

Suddenly, Jef entered, with Tooth and Ashen, and ran to you to give you a tight hug. You giggled as you brushed your son's brown hair and the winter spirit watched silently.

"Are you alright?" asked Jef but didn't remove his arms around you. "Are you hurt?" he added and gazed at you. Jef's face was blank when he saw your eyes. You beamed at him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"It's OK, Jef… I'm perfectly fine." You said and smiled.

"What happened to your eyes?" he asked and glanced at the winter spirit, asking for an answer.

"One of the Nightmares got Snowflake's amber bracelet." Said Jack and your son took your wrist and searched for it.

"Th- then that means…" he whispered. "You can't leave me here. I- I don't know what to do if ou disappeared." He said almost a cry but he fought that feeling.

"I won't." you said trying to build up his courage, "I won't leave you and disappear. Trust me. We'll just… finish this as soon as we can."

Ashen went into the room and stood in front of you. Jack glanced at Pitch's daughter and smiled. "Thanks Ashen… for saving us." Said the winter spirit and the Nightmare King's daughter blushed a little.

"Th- That's nothing…" she responded bashfully and you lightly laughed.

"You're pretty strong, are you?" you asked and everyone looked at the girl.

"I- I don't really know that I could do that." She dmitted while playing with her hands, "I- I'm just scared and angry. They almost got Jef and… I have to do something about it."

You secretly glimpsed at your son and saw him blushing. He was staring at Ashen and when he glanced at you and the winter spirit, giving him a mischievous grin, Jef looked away.

"I- I know what you mean ab- about my dad." Continued Ashen and you can hear the pain in her voice, "I- I'm scared of him… It's like I don't know him anymore." She added and tears started to come out of her gold-black eyes.

Jef's shyness abated an he hugged his friend. Ashen sobbed silently and buried her face in Jef's chest. "I want him back…" she whispered.

"We will get him back." Jef said and kissed the girl's head that made Ashen to stop crying. "I promise you that."

"I don't know Jef…" stammered Pitch's daughter, "He already put you all in trouble."

"That's because he didn't know that you're there." North said with his Russian accent. "What do all think if Pitch saw her daughter alive and well?"

"Hmm… let me see… when the Bogeyman saw Ashen, her daughter, with the guardians, his enemies, I'm PRETTY sure that he will take her away from us and will make her a weapon… against us." Said the Easter Bunny and everyone, including you, stared at the floor, thinking that that might happen.

"Or… " said Jack Frost, "We can negotiate… wait… what? That's not going to happen. I don't know why I said that. Negotiate?" he added while saying last word sloly,tasting it, and everyone laughed even Ashen giggled a little but quickly disappeared.

"We'll think of something. Something dangerous and stupid." Continued the guardian of fun and you lightly nudged his shoulder.

"What?" he murmured.

"Dangerous and stupid?" you repeated and Jack glared.

"OK so, what if I say that I think we should let Pitch and Ashen have a reunion and let's see what will happen. It's worth a try." He continued and smiled evilly.

"You really are stupid." You muttered while grinning.

"But of course, we have to be ready if something… happens." Added young guardian then shrugged.

"Want to meet your dad?" you asked and they all widened their eyes, except for the young guardian.

"You're seriously agreeing with frostbite?!" asked the easter Bunny with an over reacting tone.

"Yes…" murmured Jack with a smirk on his face.

You gazed at your teenage husband with a mad look on your face and switched to Bunnymund. They both stopped but the winter spirit was still doing some things to irritate the Easter Bunny.

"Are you eggcited… whoops.. I mean excited to see your dad?" said the witty guardian and the two kids, you, too, laughed.

"Oh yeah North, did you already prepared the microwave? I feel like DEFROSTING SOMEONE." Said Bunnymund and you all laughed even harder.

"Haha… not funny. Why don't you eggercise or something or…" he said with a grin and the Easter Bunny was waking closer to he winter sprit.

"Or what?" threatened Bunnymund and the winter spirit smiled evilly.

"One more step Easter Kangaroo and I'll send you to the hare-after." Finished the young guardian and everyone laughed harder.

"If I hear one more laugh, I'll blow your heads off!" shouted the blushing Easter Bunny and everyone obeyed.

"What? With-" before Jack Frost can continue, you covered pale, mouth with your hand. The winter spirit gazed at you and raised brow.

"Stop it." You muttered and he nodded.

Ashen giggled and the winter spirit looked at a girl. "Thanks… you made me laugh just for a while." Said the Nightmare King's daughter and the young guardian closed his eyes and nodded once. You put your hand down, realizing Jack wanted to say something to the girl.

"My pleasure is all mine." He said formally with a bow. "Just let me know if you want me to make you laugh again. I enjoy it myself."

"Jack…" you whispered but the winter spirit noticed the anger in your voice.

You cleared your throat and stared at the girl for a while. "It's your decision, Ashen. Do want to see your dad?"

The place went silent and everyone was waiting for Ashen's answer. She glimpsed at Jef asking for help but the winter spirit son just looked at her with blank face.

"OK… I'll try…" she whispered and everyone sighed, not in relief but because of fear.