The soft knock on the front door echoed through the house. I wasn't quite sure it was a knock so I let it be. The soft tapping echoed once more.

Who could it be at this hour? And in the middle of a blizzard in fact.

I unlocked and pulled open the front door, a burst of cold wind and stray snow entered the room.

"Hello?" I asked because nobody was visible. I heard a small groan from by my feet. I noticed a boy, not much younger than I, sitting on the snow covered step.

"Hey! Are you alright?" I asked shaking the boy's shoulder.

" You shouldn't be out here! Especially in what you're wearing." I stated noticing the old t-shirt and ripped jeans he wore.

"Che. I don't need someone freezing to death on my doorstep." I said picking the boy up and slinging him over my shoulder. I stuck him next to the stove and draped a blanket over him. He was passed out and breathed heavily. I examined him closer as he 'de-thawed'. He had white hair that was frozen together in clumps, and a red scar down his face; a perfect pentacle on his forehead. His left arm was blood red, and had a cross imbedded into his hand. I was truly fascinated by the boy, and wondered what on earth happened to him. The kettle on the stove began to hiss and I pushed aside my thoughts of the boy to attend to it. I thought back on the mission I was currently on and wondered how long it would take to find the goddamn innocence this time. I set down the two cups of tea I had made onto the table as I shook the boy awake.

"I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY!" He screamed as soon as I touched him.

"I don't want your money, kid." I replied

"You're not with 'them' right?" He asked looking around cautiously

"What? No. I'm the one who pulled your dumb ass in from the blizzard." I replied handing him a cup of tea " Here, drink up, I don't need you getting hypothermia or something."

He took the cup suspiciously, and I curiously watched as he held the cup with his left hand.

"Thank you for letting me in mister." He said after taking a sip.

"Don't call me 'mister'. It's Kanda. Kanda Yuu, but call me Yuu and I'll slit your throat."

"I'll keep that in mind. I'm Allen Walker." He said putting down his cup and extending his hand. He smiled his lips still blue from the cold.

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