I decided to create another chapter...this IS the last one

"Moyashi stop staring at me while you eat." I growled, starting our usual lunchtime show for everyone. I snapped my chopsticks for emphasis.

"Can't I look in that general direction, BaKanda!" Allen snapped back and placed an empty plate on the tower to his left.

"No you can't, Moyashi." I replied and pushed my empty tray to the side.

"My name isn't Moyashi, BaKanda! It's Allen. Al-len. Can't you remember? I've been here almost a year and you can't remember my name." Allen demanded and put his last plate on the tower.

"I know what your name is, Moyashi. But, Moyashi fits you much, much better." I smirked and Allen stood abruptly.

"Allen settle down!" Lavi said from his seat, he'd been ignoring our quarrel up until now.

"At least my name isn't stupid like yours! My name doesn't get used in everyday conversation like yours, Yuu. And I am not short! I'm an average height! You're just tall!" Allen yelled slamming his hands down heavily on the table, rattling the tower of plates. Allen stalked from the room, fake furious and I finished my meal before following him. These fake quarrels have been going on ever since we returned from that first mission, and each day after we did our routine Allen would head to my room and wait for me. I'm still slightly amazed that we are able to keep up the act, and as I walked down the halls today, I couldn't help feel like something horrible was going to happen. I brushed the feelings off and opened my bedroom door. Allen sat happily on my bed, waiting for me.

"Kanda we need to talk." Allen stated as I sat beside him, a rolled my eyes knowing where this conversation was going.

"It's been almost a year, and I'm tired of this fake fighting. We need to tell someone any one! I can't keep such a big secret any longer." Allen said

"I know, I know, I hate it too. I hate every part of it. If you want we...uh, can tell people. Make some big announcement at dinner." I replied, not wanting to deal with questions at the moment.

"Really?!" Allen exclaimed happily, standing quickly. I nodded and his smile widened. He hugged me saying thank you over and over.

"You should go, I'll see you tonight." I said and Allen released me from his hug. He kissed me quickly before leaving the room.

~Allen's POV~

I smiled happily as I closed the door of Kanda's room. I wasn't paying attention and walked straight into Lavi who, apparently was standing before the door waiting for Kanda.

"What were you doing in Yuu's room?" Lavi asked and I gave a nervous chuckle. Lavi lifted an eyebrow in question, and I sighed.

"I guess I can tell you now!" I smiled. I beckoned him closer and pulled him down so I could whisper into his ear. "I've been dating Kanda for almost a year." I whispered and Lavi pulled away quickly and looked at me confused.

"You've been what?! I thought you guys hated each other and...and...what?" Lavi questioned and I smiled at his confusion.

"It was all an act, Lavi." I explained and Lavi nodded slowly.

"Am I the first person you've told?" Lavi asked and I smiled before replying 'Yes'.

"Want help telling people? No, I'm just going to anyways so, better give me your permission."

"We were going to wait until dinner, but you can if you want." I replied and Lavi jumped around happily.

"I'll go do that then!" Lavi exclaimed and skipped down he hall happily. I sighed and turned back to Kanda's door. I opened it slowly and stepped back into my boyfriend's room.