"Uh, Cas?"

The angel's body twitched in annoyance.

"Whenever you got a minute, you feathery-."

Dean was calling for him and Uriel was, once again, arguing with Castiel about his weakness concerning his charge and humanity in general. By the tone of the eldest hunter's voice, it did not sound like his charge was in danger.

"Cas...Dammit! This is starting to piss me off!"

Castiel growled quietly. Did the hunter think Castiel was his personal lap dog-?

You son of a-Cas!"

Castiel heard the new edge in Dean's call. He could almost see a thin line of alarm running through the hunter. He faded from Uriel's view and appeared at Dean's location. He immediately felt the supernatural presence in the room. It was powerful, old. It had committed atrocities against the innocent without punishment. His brother was the Angel of Retribution, but today...Castiel would be. He turned his attention away, ignoring the apparition as a human would ignore a fly. The being was of no consequence. He turned towards the hunter.

"Hello Dean-."

"Finally! What the hell took you so long? Little help would be fan-fucking-tastic!"

Castiel frowned, glaring at his charge at the demanding tone the human was using. He glanced around the room. It was empty, save for the Righteous One and the creature. The younger Winchester nowhere to be found. Perhaps that was why Dean was upset.

"Where is Samuel?"


Castiel took a step towards him and then stilled as Dean was thrown across the room.

Dean was not happy. What the hell was Sammy doing out there? Having a freaking picnic? His brother totally sucked. He focused on Castiel's question, but was abruptly cut off as the current monster-of-the-week appeared and slammed Dean into the wall. Dean's vision blurred as he bitched to himself about how lucky him and Sammy were. Why the hell did they always get the worst hunts? Seriously, this was supposed to be an easy fix. But no! If it's not fucking witches then its sadistic ghosts-Dean was suddenly thrown into the opposite wall. And Dean? Dean was starting to get really pissed off.

"Son of a bitch! That freaking hurt!"

Once Castiel ascertained that Dean had not been mortally wounded, he waited. He knew Dean and he knew what his charge would do. The eldest Winchester was going to do what he did best. Piss off the enemy.

The Ghost just smiled and walked towards the hunter, speaking as he moved. Dean started to realize things were getting a little hairy as invisible hands circled around his neck, pressing down lightly. Problem was the closer to Dean the bitch got, the more the phantom fingers tightened around his throat. Anytime Cas wanted to do... something, anything-.

"Did you think you or your brother could vanquish me? So many have tried. They have all failed. And died. What makes you different than the rest?"

"Oh my God! You wanna talk? Christ!"

The ghost flickered in anger. Then smiled.

"I haven't had an adversary like you in a very long time. Most hunters falsely believe themselves to be untouchable."

Dean smirked.

"I ain't most hunters."

"Yes, I quite agree. But, you have erred in the same way that all others make."

"And that would be?"

"You underestimate my...abilities."

"Abilities? Is that what you call it?"


"You're a real piece of work, aren't you? How long you been dead now?"


"And we're the first ones to give you a run? Maybe you shoulda went after someone who actually had a chance. Aren't your victims little kids? Real hero, aren't you?"

"This is my home! Mine! Any creature stupid enough to disturb what is mine deserves my wrath. If they trespass, they deserve to die."

"Why? Because you say? None of 'em would've trespassed if you weren't such a violent bitch! And what about before? You raped and killed little girls! Don't remember them trespassing! Maybe it was their parents? They trespassed alright...to string your ass up! Back when you were still alive!

They had no right! They were all blind to the creatures from birth! Stupid and blind!"

"You killed innocent little girls!"

"You know nothing! You are as stupid and pathetic as they were! No one saw, no one knew what they were, what they'd become!"

"And what was that? Girl Scouts? Mimes? Justin Bieber fangirls?"

Castiel tilted his head in confusion. Dean just rolled his eyes.

"You are as blind as they were."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll work on it, 'Kay? Can we get to the smiting and screaming?"

"Why are you so anxious to die, hunter?"

Dean smirked. He loved pissing these things off.

"Wanna get a move-on? I got reservations."

Castiel shook his head lightly at the hunter.

"I cannot decide if you are a brave human or a very foolish one."

Castiel had that thought about Dean on more than one occasion. The eldest Winchester rolled his eyes, twirling his finger, indicating the bitch just get on with it.

"Humanity is foolish. Each monstrosity was clever, cunning. Played the parts of the innocent very well. They fooled everyone. I was the only one to see their true natures. Only I saw what they would become!"

"Jesus, spit it the fuck out!"

"Godless, dirty, evil whores!"

Oh my God. Psycho fuck. Suddenly fingers squeezed his throat. He shot the angel a look. Not yet. Back off. Castiel nodded silently. Finally, the pressure lifted. The hunter spoke low, voice rough from both the creature's attempted strangulation and his own effort to pull in air.

"I think the only Godless dirty whore here is...well, you get the gist. And if you don't, I'll use simple words."

"Do not condescend to me! You are nothing but filled with depravity, sin. You should never have been allowed to exist! I was given a mission and I carried it out! 'They' were creatures that could not be allowed to breed, to sin and to disrespect God!"

Jesus, another one. The hunter's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"And yet they strung your ass up? How dare they! You destroyed families and they didn't fall to their knees to thank you? Jesus. You should've gotten out more, maybe got laid."

"I am not a sinner! You are!"

And I enjoyed every damn second of it!"

Castiel knew his charge had a few morally wrong habits; the hunter was unequaled when it came to saving others, risking his own life to save those who are innocent and destroying the evil that permeates humanity. Castiel focused back on the vile being as he hissed at the Righteous One.

"You! I despise humans like you! You think you can sin and still believe you are worthy enough to be loved, blessed by the Lord!"

"Never said I was."

'Dean, I have already warned you countless times to desist in speaking of yourself so negatively.'

Dean smiled at the voice in his head. Pissy arrogant angel-.

"You have spent your pathetic life sinning against God since childhood. Lying, cheating, stealing, whoring. I was born to do God's will. To do what was necessary to destroy all who betrayed the Lord! I have existed for centuries and my presence attests to the fact that God is still rewarding me for dedicating my life to his ideal."

Dean rolled his eyes, partly because he was starting to have a really hard time breathing, but mainly it was the fact that this..bitch actually believes his own bullshit. He smiled to himself when he noticed Cas standing still, pissed. The angel was going to smite the fuck.

Castiel had listened, heard his charge referred to as a lying, cheating...How dare this thing speak of Dean in that manner? And then he listened to its response. God's wishes? Rewarded for his depravity? The acts of evil he enjoyed when he lived; the things he had done in life and those he had killed, both as a human...and for the duration of his existence? How dare he commit the atrocities and falsely believe he was doing Father's will?

Dean caught Castiel's eye. The angel sighed.

"You actually believe all the crap you're spouting, don't you? Who the hell do you think you are? Jesus? Lemme make this quick. You ain't nothing but a dog that I can't wait to put down! You actually believe your own bullshit! What the fuck makes you think you had any right to do the sick shit you did?"

"I did the Almighty's bidding! Did those people a favor! Did what they could not do themselves! Those creatures I disposed of were sinners! None were innocent! I gave them a choice! Admit what they were and I would show mercy."

Dean could not believe this crap. He looked over at his guardian and felt Castiel's fury over this things smugness as he spoke of God.

Castiel could see inside this monster; this evil that had been allowed to continue killing even after death had claimed him. The angel knew the creature would finally and for eternity, know exactly how mistaken he had been to believe Father would command, condone and reward this thing for hurting the youngest of His creations. He would learn and he would feel what Father's littlest children felt. The terror and pain would be his constant for eternity. He would receive no mercy from the demons of Hell. He listened as Dean raged.

"Mercy? You ripped little girls from their parents, raped them and then buried 'em alive! You sick fuck! I used to torture shit like you every fucking day! Your free pass out of hell card is revoked! Better pack light. It's warm down there, you bitch!"

Castiel shook his head as the hunter shouted about his upcoming...itinerary. His stay in what he believed Dean would call the 'hottest vacation spot the world had to offer'. He waited for the eldest Winchester to finish railing at the creature. And waited. And waited even longer, Dean was still talking. His charge never had learned moderation. He sighed.

Dean flicked his eyes over to the angel and grinned. Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes being Dean Winchester rocked!

"Hey! You listening? All your hard work has freaking paid off! Con-fucking-gratulations! You win an all-expense paid trip down south to the warmest tropical paradise you will ever imagine! So many entered, none ever leave! Included in your package is unlimited use of a private room with a king-size rack, but don't worry, steel hooks, chains and wire cuffs will keep you from falling to the floor! You'll also have daily visitors to keep you entertained. Private and exclusive events! They're good too; make you laugh so hard, you'll scream. In fact, they're such a riot; you'll hear the screams of every other winner! Forever! They're just that good! But wait, I'm not done! You also are the proud recipient of a free-no cost to you, frequent deep-tissue body sessions with the finest crafted tools ever created. Something for every kink. Glass, wire, scalpels, electric shock therapy, any and every kind of knife you would ever want! And for the special guests? The VIP's?"

"You will be in for a surprise when the Lord takes my hand and leads me to Salvation. You're little games of imagination do not frighten me. That is your destiny-."

Dean grinned, though the images were beginning.

"Nope! Been there, done that! Here's a tip: the screwdriver shoved in your eye? The shard of glass cutting out your tongue? Forced to choke on your own intestines? Battery cables hooked up to your...dick? No? Flaying or peeling your skin while you watch. How 'bout the hook tearing you apart or my personal favorite: your scalp being ripped from your skull? Yeah, that's a fun one; So many sensations, hot, cold, sharp, dull, pain and torment, agony...and they have the best client satisfaction rate. If you don't like the daily sessions, they'll do it all over again...no extra charge...they love their jobs. And...the best part? Surveys. You're gonna love the surveys. They like you enough, love your shouts and begging and screaming, you'll be promoted... Ohhh, the things you'll do, the pleasure it'll give you...to cut and slice...rip and you'll hear their screams...forever...it'll never end... never stop...never..."

Castiel did not like the tone and the way the hunter's voice went cold, terror running through his words. The look in his eyes. The hunter was pale, trembling; on the verge of...

No. He would not allow it. He prayed to his Father that the nightmares did not return that night as Dean slept. He closed his eyes briefly, concentrating on the grace he'd left within Dean as he had threaded the hunter back together after the ascension. Physically, it had manifested as the palm print on his bicep. He was thankful he'd given part of himself to Dean and that, more than anything, had assisted in the hunter's healing process.

He used the grace inhabiting Dean's body to calm and center the hunter. The creature hissed. Opening his eyes, he ignored the vile entity in his grasp and watched his charge.

Lost in his own memories, Dean swallowed. He could hear Alistair, Ruby, the screaming, the white hot pain of being sliced. Ripped. Torn open. And then made whole. Just for the bastards to start all ove-. And then they began to fade. First the pain, then the voices and finally the memories themselves. And he opened his eyes. Cas. He'd saved him again. Just one more rescue. Seems like Cas was always doing that. He breathed with relief and his gaze went to the angel. Dean smiled at the head-tilt. Cas' version of 'are you alright'. He nodded slightly. Keeping himself centered by focusing on the angel's eyes. When his heart slowed back to normal and he remembered what he was supposed to be doing, Dean mentally bitchslapped himself. What the hell had made him think going there was a good idea? The shit he'd had to deal with and the memories of his stint in the pit had subsided months ago. He still had the nightmares, but they were brief; ending almost as soon as they had begun. Cas. He knew damn well that he'd be a damn mess if the angel hadn't stuck around. Convinced him he wasn't going back, run interference. And now his mouth is bringing the memories back?

Yeah. He was a fucking idiot. How long had he'd been focused on Cas? He shook his head. Didn't matter. Back to business.

As Castiel had calmed him, he gazed at him, waiting to see if he had successfully brought the hunter back to the present. Once he had Dean's attention, he tilted his head in question. Dean had nodded. Smiled. Good. He kept his eyes on the hunter's until Dean broke the contact, blinked and turned back to the creature. The movement brought Castiel back to the present. He couldn't still the thoughts. The angel wasn't sure what had just happened. He had been unable to look away from his charge. He had felt...different. He dismissed it. Perhaps his vessel had some type of human viral bacteria. He would speak to his own guardian on the matter. After Dean was safe and the creature had been dealt with.

After Dean's monologue, the ghost became livid. How dare this...thing assume he would send him to his fate. Assumed his fate was to be sent into the fires of Hell! The human stupidly believed that his existence would end today by the pathetic human and he was enraged. He was on a mission from God. When he did leave this world, he would be welcomed in Heaven, a special place set aside for him, a higher reward for his diligence to the Almighty. He sneered at the human. How dare he speak to him as he did! He was nothing! He would punish him for his sins. The condescension and arrogance, the nerve! It was time for this human to pay.

"I tire of the filth spewing from your mouth. You will learn how inferior you are."

"How? I'm not a little girl. You prey on children. I'm not a child and I intend to make damn sure that you don't hurt anyone again. Ever!"

"And you believe you will be the one to do this? You? I am far stronger than you could ever hope to be. You are nothing. I was born to eradicate sin. My mission is altruistic and as I tire of repeating, given to me by God."

Castile's feathers ruffled furiously and Dean's eyes shot to the angel's. He smiled. This bitch was toast. The angel was livid.

Dean smirked. "Yeah? Too bad. See, I know something you don't."

"And that would be...what? That your brother is outside intent on burning my bones? Do you think I fear either of you? With a thought, I will destroy both of you."

Dean's throat burned. Okay, so maybe it wasn't smart to piss off the ghost that was choking him. Smart? Maybe not. Smartass? Yep, definitely. Dean grinned. Well, he grinned as much as he could considering the bitch was slowly choking the life outta him.

The angel stayed on guard, ready to attack. He would have ended this on his arrival, but Dean had been very arrogant and demanding of late. The angel was not happy with the hunter. Not at all. Dean's behavior was forgotten as he listened. The spirit spoke conceitedly about Dean's iucoming demise. And of Sam's whereabouts. Oh. So, that is where Samuel was.

The elder Winchester was having more and more trouble breathing. His lungs were beginning to burn. And then, for a few seconds, he felt his lungs fill and he pulled in a breath. Cas. 'Bout damn time. Just a little and why the fuck didn't Cas just smite the bitch? Whatever. Want something done, gotta fucking do it yourself. At least he could drag in air and the spots in front of his eyes cleared. After a few seconds, it was enough for him to quickly glance at Cas and there was that look. Shit. Dean really had to stop being so...Dean. Because that look? The smitey one. The one that said someone was in an ass-load of trouble and Dean was just glad it wasn't directed at him. The hunter's eyes returned to the ghost and Dean spoke.

"Nope, but ya see, you ain't just dealing with a couple of hunters...although one of 'em is pretty damn perfect-."

Castiel smiled minutely, shaking his head as Dean spoke of himself as being perfect. His charge definitely did not have any physical self-esteem issues. It was a good thing the hunter wasn't female. He would never engage in fornication. He was already full of himself. Castiel frowned. Perhaps, he had been spending too much time around the hunter. He was picking up Dean's...Deanisms. The way he spoke. The hunter influencing the angel's thoughts and words. His human slang. This could not be a good thing. He would have to spend time in heaven meditating, centering himself. Let his charge control his own fate for a time. Perhaps Dean would realize Castiel was not his personal bodyguard. The creature spoke, pulling the angel from his thoughts.

"Did you just dare speak as if you are my equal?"

Dean laughed. It hurt but there it was.

"Equal? Puleeze! You ain't shit. And in case you're deaf as well as stupid, lemme repeat myself. I got a secret and it's a big one."

"Foolish human. If you are trying to delay your death by speaking such idiocy, I will warn you. It will not work. I will win. I always do."

Dean felt, rather than heard the angel slowly walking up towards him.

"Hmmm, really? Wouldn't bet on it. See, my secret weapon...well he's kind of a big deal and he's a buddy of mine."

"Another human? You people are pitiful!"

Dean saw Castiel clenching his fists out of the corner of his eye. He grinned.

"Human? Hardly. Angel of the Lord mean anything to you?"

The ghost sneered. "Pathetic lies from a pathetic human. Your time has run out."

Dean suddenly felt fingers squeeze tight around his neck. Fuck. He couldn't breathe and the spots were back. Panic was-he thought he saw...yeah, he did. He waited for it. Focused on the angel. Still waiting. Okay, anytime Cas wanted to jump in...Shit. He loved that look. Cas could be a bad ass mother fucker when he wanted to. Dean was starting to get impatient, he's ready for this whole hunt to be over...be really sweet if Cas would...hurry the fuck up!'

The fingers on his neck squeezed harder. 'Fucking dumbass. Did he not get that Cas was a threat? Did he even see him? Was he blind and stupid? There. There was the first part of it. The look was coming. Awesome.'

Dean called it his pissy angel face. It so did not do it justice. Dean was happy as shit it wasn't directed at him. He'd been the focus more than once, usually when he did something stupid. Ok. Fine. He saw the look way too often. And that look? It was his 'I'm-an-Angel-of-the-Lord-and I'm-sending-you-straight-to-hell look. Fuck yeah! And then suddenly, the pressure on his throat was released and he slid down to the floor, trying to catch his breath, coughing. Fuck. He could feel the damn bruises...which...were made by a ghost...so how the hell did he have-He looked up when he heard Castiel hiss.

The angel had smiled slightly when Dean announced that he had a buddy who was 'kind of a big deal' and liked how it felt when Dean described him as such. He just wasn't sure exactly what the hunter meant by that. Castiel's hands clenched when the apparition spoke of his violent crimes, both before and after his death. His words of superiority and the stupidity and filth he felt at this entity using Father to excuse his deviant behavior against humanity. This angered him. To murder and destroy the little ones and say it was Father's plan? How dare he? As much as Dean continued to err in his belief that the angel was his personal puppet on a string, it did not change the fact that this was Dean and he refused for another to speak to the Righteous One in such a disrespectful and degrading way. Dean had his negative traits; Fornication with any who shows interest, habitual drinking that has worsened since his return and his unwillingness to err on the side of caution when it came to his own survival. He had already made it very clear to the hunter that he would not tolerate Dean's self-loathing and speaking of himself with negativity. And then he heard the creature speak. Threaten his charge. The angel appeared directly behind the ghost, aware that Dean was close to losing consciousness. Castiel growled, ripped the ghost away from his charge. As he spun the ghost around, he used a wing to assist Dean's slide down to the floor. He held the creature in place as he focused on the hunter, verifying Dean was no longer at risk. Dean suddenly looked up at him and nodded slightly. Satisfied the presence had not caused permanent injury, he turned his attention back to the monster, keeping his vessel's body between Dean and the evil being. Castiel's eyes narrowed when the hell spawn began hissing out his fury.

"How dare you! Release me now! I know not how you are able to bind me in this way, but it matters not! Unhand me and I will kill you quickly, painlessly."

Castiel growled.

"Do not ever threaten an angel of the Lord!"

"Angel of the Lord? I do not know what you are, but I am doing God's will and if there is an Angel of the Lord within this room-."

"Wouldn't go there If I was you-."

Castiel heard Dean's voice. It was strained and low from the attempted strangulation. But, it still did not stop Dean from being...Dean.

"Dean? That is enough."

The creature tried to free himself, until he heard the human stupidly open his mouth. He was livid. How dare the human interrupt him as he spoke of mercy for this...unknown being. He did not know who or what it was, but the temerity of the human was beyond insulting! A human talking to him in this manner? He waited for this unknown entity to turn his anger onto the human at the blatant disrespect. It did not happen. The ghost was furious, he hissed.

"You will release me at once! I do not know what you are nor do I care, but I am a faithful warrior created and chosen by God-."

His words were cut off as Castiel gripped him around the throat, just as he had done to Dean and effortlessly lifted the hell spawn high above the ground and then threw him into the opposite wall. The creature stared in shock. It had hurt. He hadn't felt pain in centuries-.

Castiel vanished and re-appeared right in front of that creature. He leaned in.

"Faithful Warrior? You do not actually believe your own lies, do you-?"

"Desist speaking to me-."

Castiel had limitless patience. He had to considering who his charge was, but even he had his limits.


The creature sneered at him. Castiel was done. Was this evil being aware of whom he was dealing with? He would cease to exist and soon, but first he wanted this 'Warrior' to explain just why he was convinced he was doing Father's will. His feathers ruffled and he heard a voice.

"Cas, you might wanna tone it down just a little. Really don't feel like gettin' all blown apart because this fuck pissed you off and you did your smitey-angel thing."

"Yes, Dean. If you are sure. I will attempt to calm my ire, now please be quiet."

"Hey! I wasn't fin-", Castiel turned around and frowned at Dean, "Okay...I guess I was."

Castiel sighed and calmly faced the creature.

"I am curious to understand why you believe Father has requested you punish and destroy those who have sinned."

"That is none of your business! That is between the Almighty and myself! Suffice to say that He rewarded me for my faith and righteousness in absolving the world of sinners-."

"Hey bitch! You are one crazy motherfucker! I'm the damn Righteous One and don't you fucking forget it!"

Castiel sighed and turned around.

"Dean. Do you mind?"

Dean just grinned.

"Nope. Not all. Carry on. You might wanna hurry it up and get to the smiting. Righteous One's in pain over here."

Castiel smiled at the hunter, shaking his head.

"Yes, Righteous One. My apologies."

"'S alright. You are forgiven...now make with the smitey-."

"Yes, Dean."

"You need to shut up before I cut your tongue out, human!"

Dean was so sick of this bitch. He watched Castiel's expression morph from the slight amusement in his eyes and quirk of his mouth to barely concealed anger. Oh, shit. He so wouldn't want to be that bitch right now.

"You dare threaten my charge? You speak of Father as if you know him! You do not! I do!

You are a stupid and violent creature that has gotten away with your actions for far too long! Your belief that Father has a place set for you by his side in reward for your sick behavior is so unbelievably idiotic, I cannot even comprehend-."

The creature growled, twisting; trying to escape this foul being's grasp. He yelled when he was unable to free himself.

"You know nothing about my reward and my God! But you will see that you are nothing and I am God's chosen-."

His words were abruptly cut off when Castiel closed his fist around the creature's evil and squeezed, getting his attention.

"Your voice grates on my nerves and I am tired of listening to you prattle about things you foolishly believe are true!"

"I am not the foolish one! Nor are my words false! Your stupidity concerning your creation and your arrogance are lies. Arrogant falsehoods!"

Oh, fuck. If Dean could have moved the hell out of this room and appeared in...freakin'... maybe the South Pole? Nope, too cold. Siberia? Shit, that's even worse...hmmm, something tropical...warm...plenty of alcohol and...naked girls and...Pie! Lots and lots of pie! Maybe take Cas, gotta be some girl out there that the angel would-gross, now he was imagining Castiel with some island-. Dean shook his head. Really not the time.

Castiel could hear Dean's thoughts. They were...strange to him, but very Dean. And why is his charge showing interest in getting the angel involved with another? It would not happen. He had no interest in the sins of the flesh. He sighed once again. He was beginning to behave like Dean. Losing focus. He suddenly had no trouble focusing; the creature had stated Castiel was arrogant? That he was speaking lies. How dare he?

Castiel growled.

"You dare speak to an angel of the Lord in this manner? You. Are. Nothing! You speak of Father as if you are one of us! You are not! You believe Father is saving a place for you at his side? Father would never reward the heinous, violent things you have done to the littlest angels of humanity! Father's children! You are vile, repulsive and I will take great pleasure in sending you to your true reward!"

Dean just watched, grinning. Damn. Cas is a badass! He looked at the ghost bitch and thought. Fucking idiot. Even now, he acts all...cocky, arrogant. Dean shook his head. Seriously? No one does arrogant like the angel. And the hunter would know. He swallowed. Ow. Shit, that hurt. He hoped Cas was getting to the good stuff. Dean sat back and watched the rest of the show.

Castiel heard the groan of pain behind him. He needed to send this creature out of this world. He repeated the same words he spoke each time he ended the life of something evil.

"Do you have any last words before you cease to exist, at least in this form? A last prayer to Father. Perhaps atonement and forgiveness from all those you have murdered and the pain you caused both to the children and their families?"

The creature sneered.

"I have done nothing but rid this world of sin and degradation, those who have filthy, disgusting souls. Those who have no right to live! Like that...thing", he flashed his eyes towards Dean as he spoke, "he pollutes the world with his presence and his end will be long. Painful. I will listen to his screams and revel in them. And you will watch-."

Castiel clenched his fists and slid his eyes across the room. The creature was suddenly airborne and a loud crunch was heard. Dean felt the vibration all the way down to his toes. He musta missed something. Looking up, he froze. On the same wall the hunter was sitting against, a few feet to his right, the wall was caved in. Holy...How damn strong is the angel that he threw the ghost-(an incorporeal bitch at that)-through a freaking wall? He turned towards the sound of heavy footsteps. He knew those footsteps. Fluid, smooth, a definite purpose. Fury coming off the angel in waves. More outrage then he'd ever seen before. Oh, shit! He watched as the angel walked to the ghost, grab him, pull him forward and slam him back into the wall again. Hard. Dean would swear on pain of death that if the thing had been human, Cas would have snapped his neck in half. He felt a shiver of...he didn't know...something ran through him. What the hell had that been? Whatever it was, it had felt good. Really good.

Unaware of the hunter's thoughts, he had given the creature a chance to express sorrow and to request forgiveness. And how had the creature responded? With his plan to destroy the hunter; eradicate his black soul from this world. While Castiel watched. It would not happen, not while the angel still lived.

The Angel of the Lord was done. This vile creature's time ended now.

Dean turned his head to get a better look. He wasn't gonna miss this. He'd never been this close when Cas went all furious-commanding-arrogant-Angel-Of-The-Lord. Well, he had; but not when he wasn't on the receiving end of it. And this? He'd never seen Cas this furious before. He looked to the side, bit his lip and thought back to that shiver he'd felt at the power of the angel. It had gotten him hot. Turned him on. Why couldn't he have been in a girl vessel? He'd have totally hit that! He froze. He didn't just think about...He must have a Concussion. Or he had hit is head really hard. Which he had. Or…Something. Castiel's voice brought Dean's attention back to the present.

"You are a filthy, detestable, disgusting, vile creature; an unnatural presence that has preyed on humanity for far too long. Your false belief that you have Father's approval and your faith that he condones the sins you have committed are undeserving of forgiveness. Your decision to take the lives of those who were innocent, those you sacrificed in the name of The Heavenly Host, as well as your attempt at destroying the Righteous One and his brother and the sheer pleasure you feel at what you have done and believe you should be allowed to continue...in Father's name, with Father's blessings? You are contemptible and you will have eternity to regret what you have done. Your existence will no longer be a threat to those you have hurt and destroyed. I banish you to the fate Father thinks you deserve."

Castiel placed his hand on the creature's head and heard the scream of rage before it vanished, leaving nothing behind.