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CHAPTER NINE-Heartache and happiness

Dean watched as Talia walked over to Castiel, spoke quietly and then smiled as the angel nodded yes. He was not thrilled as he watched him take her hands in his. When had he gotten so touchy-feely? Then it hit him. He was being Cas. He wasn't sure he liked Cas being Cas with anyone but him. He frowned. Where the hell had that come from? It was true though. And he also realized that he wasn't being Cas with her. He was being Castiel. A higher being. Helping out humanity like only he could do. Understanding, considerate, listening and reading her. Not on the same level as he did with Dean.

When he'd come back, Jesus, he'd been a mess, still was. But a damn sight better than before-because of the angel. God, it had been horrible; the nightmares and the paranoia and his own need to just go back-where he thought he belonged. Where he knew how things went and there were no surprises. Nothing ever changed. Just screaming, slicing, hacking. Same old. He'd spent longer down there than topside. Everything had changed when he'd come back. Sam had changed. That hadn't been Sammy he'd come back to. This new most definitely not improved version lied and lied; went off with Ruby; sneaking out and coming back smelling of dark blood and skanky perfume; eyes dilated and he wasn't so sure he wanted Sam 2.0 to come back; wouldn't have put it past him to leave and never look back or hell, done something worse-because the more he took off, the worse he was when he came back-and...and if it hadn't been for Cas... Where would he be now? God knows, either back down there or a worst version of himself after his dad had died and that was not a good thought. But, Cas had been there. Every damn time Sam walked out the door, he'd appear and no matter what Dean did; whether he yelled or attacked him; ignored or glared...somehow, Cas would always know what to say or he'd say nothing and each time, it was exactly what Dean needed. He'd stay until Sam returned, knowing even before Dean did; looking at Dean with his head tilted and the hunter would nod and he'd be gone. Taking Dean's peace with him. Until he'd found the feather in his bed. And he'd kept it in his jacket pocket. He wondered briefly what had happened to it.

A few days would go by and then Sam would get restless and leave and Cas would appear in in the room just as the door shut at his back. Always asking him the same thing, 'are you alright?' And he would be. He still worried about Sam but Cas kept him from drowning in doubts and worry, just stayed with him. And Dean liked it that way. The time that the angel spent with him was…peaceful. He was calm; felt like him before hell. Better though, relaxed, not always on guard. Safe. It was nice. It was something he'd never experienced, not since mom. And then Sam went deeper and deeper-and Dean could see his brother becoming...Something that wasn't Sammy. He hadn't realized until now, but that's when Cas stayed. Even when Sam came home; he had stayed. And his little brother had not been thrilled about his prescence. At first, he'd head into the bathroom until the angel had left and then he'd come out, never saying a word, just shake his head. It soon escalated to him glaring at the angel and bitching at Dean about the angel being his replacement and Dean would come back with the fact that he'd been replaced by a demon before he ever left the pit. It stopped Sam cold and then he'd be Sammy again, talking about feelings and reasons why and Dean got it, he really did, but telling him it was wrong and to trust Cas just...for some reason, Sam refused to trust the angel and spent the time trying to convince Dean that Ruby was the answer. Dean just stared, then they'd fight and then Sammy had screamed about Castiel being a liar and how did Dean know that he wasn't playing him, just like Dean kept accusing Ruby of doing? Dean had slammed his fist into his brother's face and spoke.

"Cas hasn't ever lied to me, not like your demon bitch, not ever. Maybe someday you'll get that."

Dean had walked into the bathroom and when he came out, Sam was gone and Cas was there, apologising on his brother's behalf.

"It is the blood and his belief that he is the only being that can save you. I'm sorry."

Sam hadn't come back for four days and by then, Castiel was a permanent fixture, because his brother had been busy. Doing God knows what-but had to have ingested a hellavu lot of demon blood, because when he came back he had turned his wrath on Castiel. Threatening, demanding, physically intimidating the angel-or trying to. Never touched him, but it was enough for Dean to realize he didn't have much of his brother left in there. And Cas? Cas was having none of it and Sam always backed down. Always...until the last time when his brother had come home reeking of blood and had attacked Castiel, slammed him into a wall; Cas returned the favor, only pushing him straight through and then they'd both vanished. Castiel had immediately appeared back in the room; bloody and wiping his hand over his mouth and then sliding two fingers across Dean's forehead and that was all Dean remembered. Until three voices woke him up. Cas, Sam and Gabriel-(although at the time he still thought he was the trickster). Still weird to think he was the friggin' archangel Gabriel. He had received a smile from Cas, a smirk from Gabriel and then they were gone, leaving a very white-faced, exhausted Sammy. And it had been his Sammy, through and through. Dean smiled at the memory. Sammy had been grinning and telling Dean it was gone. The need for the blood, for Ruby, for all of it...it was gone and his reasons for doing it in the first place-well, he'd been wrong. He was finally right in the head and could they just be brothers again? Dean had been leery, but he could see the change and when had he ever been able to deny Sammy anything?

Back in the present, the eldest Winchester shook his head. Apparently that was one thing that had changed. He sure as hell was denying Sam use of the angel's nickname. But dammit, the angel had fixed his little brother, fixed him. It still freaked him out the chance Cas had taken when he brought him out of the pit. He shivered. He wouldn't think about what would have happened if they hadn't escaped.

So yeah, Cas had given him his brother back and he did want Sam to be happy-if Cas was who he…wanted then…he needed to stop being a bitch and do what he'd always done-Whatever Sam wanted, Dean had always given-he'd never had a problem before…why was this any different?

And then that damn voice, 'maybe, because this is different. The angel saved us. Almost died saving us! Yeah, I'm you, only the smart part-shut up and listen! Would we care if it was some chick Sam wanted? No. Hell, we left him baby! Our 'pala. So, yeah, this is different-He's our angel! And if you'd get your head outta your ass, you'd see that! And if you don't wake the fuck up, what you told the girl? About nothing good ever happening to you? If he's gone, you'll be right and I don't care how much you bitch and moan, you'll regret it for the rest of our life. Understand?"

"Are you fucking done? God! You sure you ain't Sammy's sub-conscious? You talk too fuckin' much!"

Dean could almost hear hands being thrown up in disgust, but the voice was silent. Thank God.

He looked up at the back of Castiel's head and he wondered if that voice knew something he didn't.

Sam walked out of the bathroom and into the main room, hoping that girl was otherwise occupied and then he heard the sounds of the people in the bar. Moans and yeses and mores and he searched the crowds. Curious, just curious. It was like a sexual smorgasbord, girls with girls, guys and girls, guys with guys. On the dance floor, against the wall, at the tables. The place wasn't crowded, but damn, this town was open-minded, which was a bit of a shock. He'd once watched two guys holding hands in some crappy bar and the locals had threatened them-until Dean and he had stepped in. Didn't have that problem here-Boy, did they not have that problem. He chewed on his lip, for once wishing he was more like Dean; his brother would have let go and enjoyed himself; grabbed a couple of girls and found a bit of privacy; Dean was a manwhore, but he didn't think exhibition was part of his repertoire. Sam was starting to think maybe there was something exciting about getting it on in public. Was it getting a little warm in here? He felt someone slide up against him and froze. He was hoping it was Gabriel-he wanted- Gabe to do to him what that couple in the back were-.

"Dude, that your table over there? Me and my girl were gonna sit down if you're not-."

"Sorry, I am. Waiting for my brother. Think there's another one over there."

"Yeah, I see it. Cool. Well, have a good night, man."

Sam quickly walked back to his table and sat down. Thank God the dude hadn't been hitting on him. That's the last thing he needed…wait. Why the hell was he not getting hit on? Seriously, he was okay looking, kept himself in shape. He wasn't the friggin elephant man, so… Fuck. Dean was right. He was a big old girl. Just great.

Castiel slid into the booth furthest from his charge and took a breath. Again. This was becoming a bit worrisome. Why was he suddenly having physical weakness and why was it becoming harder to ignore? Could it have anything to do with the emotional aspects of the past two days? His closeness and subsequent anguish? When had it started? A few days ago, (had it been that long ago?),when he had sent that vile ghost to his fate? So, was his vessel beginning to break down? He'd only heard of that happening to his brethren a few times. He did not know the specifics; he would have to find out. There was no point in speculating. Father's Grand Library would have the answers. And if the answers related to his charge, he would have to think about distancing himself from the hunter. He could not protect him if his own vessel's strength was reduced. He sighed. His thoughts circled around, only to come back to Dean. What was he to think about the hunter's emotional state towards him? He was sure Dean had wanted him, but was it convenience or…it didn't matter, he'd seen the panic and he'd tried to move away, but Dean hadn't let him, he'd refused. And when he'd given in-as he always did when it came to the hunter-it had been wonderful…until others had ended their time. Dean had rejected him, belittled their friendship to another-one who was a stranger. Why would Dean keep him close and then suddenly push him away? Say hurtful things. He closed his eyes and heard murmurings from the hunter and the woman. He chose not to listen, he assumed it had nothing to do with him and as such, was none of his business. Then he realized, he was the business.

"He's the one, isn't he?"

"What? No! What the hell? Told you. Just a guy I know. Nothing special."

Jesus, what kind of bastard was he? Cas had saved him, Sammy. He'd just gotten through reminding himself about how fucked he'd be right now if it wasn't for Cas...and now he's talking about him like-.

"Hmmm, what I walked in on…looked way 'special'. Didn't look like 'nothing special'."

"Can we talk about something else, anything else. I'm tired of dealing with-."

Castiel turned sharply towards the front at his charge's words, hoping he'd misunderstood. Surely Dean would not be that callous-and then Dean did look up and the guilt in his eyes was enough to know his words had been true. He felt his face drain of color and he turned away, closing his eyes. It was time to do what he could for the woman and the little boy and go home, perhaps to spend time with Jonathon. Perhaps Balthazar. Dean used sexual intercourse to forget; maybe it would work for him also.

Talia just looked at him, said her piece and got up from the table and walked to the back booth.

"May I sit down, Mr.…?

He looked up and nodded, "my name is Castiel."

"Like the angel."

"Yes. You seem worried. I have been told I am a good listener."

She smiled, "I know. It's just my mom and Dad…it's so bad out there and they should have been here a long time ago and there's something wrong, I just know it…Brendan knows it and I already lost my younger brother and now my mom is…and I can't reach-."

Castiel touched her forehead and he smiled at her, "I know…Talia. There is no need for panic or pain. I will verify your worry is for nothing. Would you allow me to do that?"

She smiled, "but how, it's not safe out there and if something happened to you because-."

"Do you trust me?"

She nodded. He smiled and slid a finger across her palm to calm her and spoke, "I will return with answers, you might want to keep an eye on your brother, Dean is a good man, but he might decide a trip to a brothel would take your brother's mind off of your parents."

Her eyes widened, "I think I might have to hurt him if he even thought of-."

"It is only a possibility, but he once took me to one and the experience was gratifying. I fully enjoyed myself, although not in a typical human way. Now, please excuse me, I wish to get you answers."

Castiel gracefully stood and walked up to the table where Dean and the child sat.

"Brendan? I am Castiel and I will be gone just long enough to ascertain your parents have been unavoidably detained and are not in harm's way. I will return."

"Oh, yeah, okay. Thanks."

Castiel simply smiled, turned away and walked out of the front door.

Dean had watched with guilt and a bit of...something. He wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't like it. Castiel had leaned in and spoke quietly to Talia. She stopped talking as Castiel slid fingers over her forehead. Really? What was he doing? Friggin' baptizing her? She smiled and leaned in…closer. Like she was going to kiss him-she better not be trying to kiss him, dammit-and then his attention was brought back to Brendan, though his eyes stayed on the last booth.

"Dude! I said, are you going to eat that or not?"

Dean's eyes snapped to the boy who was pointing between his own empty plate and Dean's full one. God. What was he doing? What did he care what Cas did with someone else? Shaking his head, he turned to the pie and then to the kid. He just wasn't hungry, not anymore.

"Go for it, kid."


Dean watched as Brendan shoveled the pie into his mouth until the piece was gone. Yeah. He definitely reminded the hunter of himself. And right now, that was so not a good thing. He smiled slightly as the boy put his fork down, patted his stomach and leaned back in the booth. Dean's eyes felt more than saw Castiel speak softly and begin to slide to the end of the booth, as he got up and walked toward them, the boy spoke.

"You think he'll help?"

"Yeah. Dude's great like that, so stop worrying-."

Castiel stopped in front of their table, spoke briefly with Brendan, said his goodbyes and walked away.

Dean watched him until he walked out the front door and then vanished. At least he remembered not to mojo out of there in front of Talia. That would not be easy to explain. Dean frowned. Cas hadn't said a damn word to him, hadn't even looked in his direction. What the hell? Was he suddenly invisible or some shit? Freakin' angel, whatever. Talia interrupted his inner ranting and sat down by his brother.

"You're still worried, Bren. He's going to check, okay?"

"I know, I just…Can't help it. It's mom and dad and mom is already-."

"Let's just deal with one thing at a time, 'kay? Why don't you go check on JJ?"

"Yeah, okay. She's getting worse, too."

"I know. Misses your brother and she's old-old as J would be."

"I miss him too. Just seems like our family is all dying, Tal."

"Faith, okay?"


Dean watched as the kid walked into the kitchen and then he turned to Talia.

"You wanna talk about it?"

She shrugged, "not much to tell, our brother-he died about five years ago, a few years after Bren was born, when mom came back from the doctor and told us that she-well, it was expected and Bren blames himself. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Mom's always had health issues-serious ones, even when she was young, congenital heart stuff…doctors told gramma and grandpa she wouldn't live to be eighteen, and then twenty-five and then she might have a long life-but children were not in her future. Her body could not take the strain. She had us anyway. Chelsea, then there was me and I almost died. Daddy convinced her to adopt-she wanted more-that's how we got Theresa-I think you met her-worst mistake dad and mom ever made."

Dean looked up at the name. Shit, that was the waitress that he, "she's your sister?"

"Yeah, unfortunately. I'd watch myself, she thinks every guy new to town wants to take her away from this place and I think you're her new prize."

"Oh Great. How do I get myself into these messes?"

She grinned, "maybe keeping it in your pants might help? Chelsea calls her demon spawn and I believe it; she's always lied, cheated, stolen and that last fight with mom-what she said to her-well, I wish her delusions-the ones that tell her someone is going to take her away with him-I wish it would happen. She's just…enough about her. After her a few years passed and then my first brother-mom had a really hard time during her pregnancy and when he was born, he was special. God, I miss him. He was just like mom. So sweet and caring and the one that always thought Theresa could be better. He just didn't see what she was, until…anyway, after J was born, the doctors told her she could have no other children; her body could not take it. Mom was mom and she got pregnant with Bren-she was-it was bad-but she never regretted having him and then mom's health got worse, blood pressure, all kinds of meds, surgeries, doctors trying to find a way to help her get better. She finally told us all, it was a few years ago and she told us; she wouldn't be able to see her grandchildren and it hurt…and then, J-God, I think Theresa said something to him, because about midnight, he suddenly ran screaming through the house and out the front door. T-there was a semi-never even saw him….and then I saw Theresa and the look on her face-God, I hate her. So we lost J on the same night as we found out about Mom. Though Mom is so strong, they told her one year, it's been four, but now…now it's happening. She's frail and in a lot of pain and it sucks, but she keeps saying she isn't sad, she's going to be with J and wait for us, so…it's just Bren? He thinks it's his fault. Can't talk him out of it and I have a feeling-that's Theresa's doing. He won't say though. So, now you know."

"Jesus. I'm so sorry. Lost my mom when I was young; kinda lost my dad too. He was never the same after that. Then he died a couple years ago, fucking stupid what he did. Fucking waste. Nevermind. Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but enjoy the time you have with your parent's, you never know when it's gonna end, just like that."

Dean snapped his fingers and grabbed the water on the table, drinking it in an effort to compose himself.

"I think it's my turn to say I'm sorry. I take it you'd rather talk about something else."

"Yeah, thanks. Just one question. Who's JJ? Someone else who's sick?"

She smiled, "JJ's the family cat, really she was J's, mom and dad got him for J when he was a year old. Followed J everywhere. S-she spent so much time after he died looking for him and then we'd see her outside, in the middle of the street, sitting on the spot that J…she never got over it and now, she's just heartbroken, I guess. So, yeah, first J then mom and now JJ."

Dean took her hand, rubbing her palm. She looked up and smiled.

"Thanks for listening. Should've known, the strong silent type…both of you."

Dean smiled, "that'd be me", and then he looked confused, "both of us?"

"Your friend, Castiel. Can I ask you something about him?"

"If it's about him and me then-."

"No. Is he a priest or something?"

Dean smiled, "something like that, but not a priest", Dean grinned to himself at how pissy Cas would get being compared to a priest, especially considering they'd had to talk to a minister about a case not too long ago and the angel had actually walked up to the pulpit during the service and proceeded to tell the Man of God and the church-goers just how incorrect the passages in the bible pertaining to that week's lesson actually were. And when the minister had defended his own teachings, Cas had went off on an 'angel of the Lord' rant and Dean had been forced to drag Castiel out. The hunter had laughed and that had just set Cas off again. And the angel thought Dean was arrogant.

"Hey, you're smiling. Like really smiling."

"Yeah. Something Cas did."

She sat back, "Hmmm."


"Nothing. I asked about the priest thing because he's very…I don't know, as soon as I sat down with him, I felt calmer. Like he would fix everything. I only feel like that with my mom and dad or our minister and not even him in the last few months."

Dean smiled, he knew exactly what she meant and he suddenly had an urge to tell her Cas was his. A frown replaced the smile. What was is problem?

"So, he's not a priest. That's good, especially considering what I walked in on earlier. I was taught that kind of behavior got you a special trip to hell."

Dean laughed, "been there, done that."


"Nothing. Inside joke."

"So, Dean...You still insisting he means little to you?"


"Because I saw your face when he spoke with Bren and then walked outside. Didn't even look at you. You weren't fine with it. I have a feeling there's more going on than your willing to admit, although, his caution concerning you makes me think you two are not…what I thought you were."

"Huh? I'm confused. What did he say?"

"That I needed to keep an eye on Bren around you because you might decide a brothel would take his mind off of-."

Dean looked like a fish. Snapping his mouth closed, he spoke, "I would never do that!"

Talia narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms smugly, "so, he was lying about you dragging him to one?"

"Uh, okay. Yeah, that one's on me. I did that. But there were circumstances…I'm serious."

"If you say so. He doesn't exactly seem like the brothel type. Or even, the sexual type-."

Dean mumbled under his breath, "you'd be so friggin' wrong."

"Did you say something or may I finish, Mr.-you'd-be-so-friggin'-wrong?"

Fuck. She'd heard him. Damn smug woman. Taking a page from Cas-speak, he said, "My apologies, please continue."

"You sound like him. I was going to say he didn't seem the sexual type unless you were to see what I saw earlier; you both seemed to be enjoying each other. And from what I saw, I'd consider myself damn lucky if I had some hot intense guy in a trench coat wrapping himself around me like that. So, he free?"

Dean's eyes narrowed at her and she smiled. This boy is gone. She wondered if he would 'fess up. She doubted it.

"Free? No. He's not…free, dammit! What is it with people, first Sam and now you-?

She looked even more smug, "that's what I thought."

"What? What does that mean?"

"Only that you are so into him."

"Why does everyone keep saying that? I am not! In fact I took him to that damn brothel to get laid! Would I do that if I had a thing for him?"

"I don't know. He did say he had a good time."

Dean frowned, "He what? Just what the hell did he tell you? Never mind! I don't wanna know!"

"I think you do. So maybe you should ask him yourself and stop being such a bitch."

"Talia, I think you are confused. Samuel is the bitch and Dean is the jerk. And I would appreciate you not speaking of my charge in that matter."

Gabriel watched as Sam walked into the main room and finally looked around. Interesting. He opened up a line of communication and listened as Sammy thought about what he was seeing. He fully agreed that the boy had a public sex kink and he would definitely be examining that tonight, sooner rather than later, he hoped. He was a bit surprised by his description of Dean's fight in another bar after seeing the local's close-minded threats towards two guys who were having a drink. Why would Cassie's charge help out someone whose lifestyle he disagreed with? Shaking his head, he turned and watched as a man got way too close to his boy. He started to walk towards them and make his presence known when he realized the man was just asking about his table, as Sam walked back to the booth, the archangel grinned at his thoughts.

"Oh my tight-ass, you have no idea how many leers and dirty thoughts, (not to mention, the men that were hard and the women who were drooling); all focused on you. Gabriel had a strong urge to smite some humans, though it might make his Sammy a bit grumpy and that would not be conducive to his plans. He had a sasquatch body to see and that self-same boy to do. His thoughts were diverted by that parasite and the idiot bartender talking behind him.

"So, don't see anyone rushing over to you. Sure he's not imagined or is he the one you were slutting over earlier? The big one that was sitting in the booth over there?"

"No, when mine gets here, you'll know, the whole bar will know. Told you, he can't keep his hands off me."

Gabriel was not happy. He was also a bit disgusted. The girl was a real piece of work. He hoped whoever was stupid enough to have sex with her ran straight to the nearest clinic to get tested for disease. His sense of Sammy increased when the younger hunter sat down at the booth. and still they talked. They were starting to grind on the archangel's last nerve.

"You really should go sober up. Don't think whoever you fucked today is gonna show. Chelsea's in a mood. She'll make good on her threat."

"Whatever. I ain't losing this chance to get out of this damn town because of her. "

"Again, Shelly? The last time you said that, the guy couldn't get out of town fast enough."

"He'll be here. And I am just going to have to make him a little jealous; he'll realize his mistake in taking so damn long and beg my forgiveness. And I know just who fits the bill."

Gabriel turned to look back at them to see just who she'd picked out as her next victim...and found them both staring towards...his boy. The archangel clenched his fists.

"Hey, isn't that the table she told me to keep 'em in food and drinks? Pretty sure Chelsea's new friend is already involved with him or weren't you listening?"

"Whatever. Besides, he was watching me earlier, he's playing' hard to get, but I guarantee by the time I'm done, the only thing he's gonna be is hard-so very hard...for me-."

Gabriel had heard enough. He turned, walked a few steps and grabbed the girl by her arm, hissing into her face.

"First things first, bitch-."

"How dare you talk to me like-."

"Oh, I could do a hell of a lot worse than just talk to you! You're lucky I have plans! So, yeah, I'll talk to you however I want and you will listen up, think you can do that?"

"You don't scare me. You're just-."

"Are you stupid? If you had any idea who I was, you'd run away screaming. I don't give a fuck what you do, but you will keep your ass away from MY boy. You got it! He's mine! Don't piss me off. You wouldn't like me pissed."

"Y-you…what? You the hulk all of a sudden? Fucking asshole-."

Gabriel gripped her arm tighter and leaned in.

"I could make your life a living hell, literally; but my boy is waiting and as long as you keep your hands and eyes off of him, we shouldn't have a problem. Understand?"

"Y-yes. Just let go."

"Good. Just don't fuck with me or Sam", Gabriel turned to the bartender, "and you, I want two Hot Chocolates with a shot of whiskey in each at that table, got that?"

Gabriel grinned when the guy nodded his head quickly, never looking him in the eyes.

"Y-yes sir. Anything else right n-now…"

"Just keep 'em coming. I wave, bring on the next round."

"Yes sir."

Gabriel turned, clapped his hands and honed in on the hunter. That was fun, but the fun was just beginning. He walked his happy ass over to the booth that held his boy.

Dean's head whipped around and he forgot he was pissed at Cas for ignoring him as the angel spoke in a warning tone. It was a little hot. Just a little. He frowned, after the shit he'd said, he didn't deserve Cas defending him. Only problem was that Talia was right, he was acting like a bitch.

"Cas. It's okay-."

"No, Dean. It's not. You are aware of how I feel about..." the angel turned back to the girl and continued,

"I know you meant no disrespect, but he has been through trials so horrific-."

"Cas. Enough. She has a point."

Castiel turned his head towards Dean and sighed, "As you wish. You may continue your description of Dean's", the angel used hand quotes, "behavior similiar to a nasty woman or a female dog."


Dean frowned until he saw the slight upturn of his mouth, "Now you're just messing with me."

"On the contrary, I am doing as you wish and fully agreeing with her assessment of you."

Dean rolled his eyes and grinned, "smartass."

"No. That would be you."

Talia watched them stare at each other until Brendan ran out of the kitchen and up to the angel.

"Tell me they're alright! Tell me they're parking the truck! Tell me they're okay! Why aren't you telling me anything? Oh no! It's bad isn't it? That's why you're not saying anything! I knew it! I just knew it-."

"Brendan! Hush! Castiel is not saying anything because you won't shut up!"

"Oh. Okay."

"So, Cas. What's the word?"

Castiel looked at Dean, again confused, 'the word? I do not know what you are wanting from me. What word? I assumed Talia and this boy would rather hear of the results of my…investigation. Was I supposed to retrieve 'the word' from them in order for all to know I did indeed find them?"

"Cas! It's slang. Don't give me that look! Just means how did the search go? What happened?"

"Then why did you not say that? Sometimes you frustrate me, Dean…", he turned to Talia and her little brother and smiled slightly, "you might want to answer your phone."

Brendan and Talia both looked towards the phone and then back at Castiel.

"But it's not ring-", the phone shrilled so loudly that both the waitress and her little brother jumped. They turned back to Castiel and the angel looked at Dean. The hunter just nodded and spoke, "think you should answer that. Might be important…"

Both angel and hunter smiled at each other and then watched as they both ran to the phone, Talia grabbing it by virtue of longer arms. She closed her eyes as she spoke.

"H-hello…..Dad? Dad, is that you? I'm not yelling-, she pulled the phone away to yell at the others, "it's my dad!" She grinned and put the phone back to her ear, "okay, that was yelling. Where are you? Are you alright? Where's mom? What happened? Why aren't you-please tell me you aren't in the hospital or…alright, alright, sorry. We've just been scared, Dad…Yeah, he's here…okay, hold on. Hey, Bren, mom wants to talk to you."

Brendan yelled happily and grabbed the phone, "Mom? Oh, Dad, thought mom was…I do too love you as much as mom…hey, you're laughing-that is so not funny…Mom? Mom, you okay? No, you sound good, like really good….I thought…yeah, no, okay, okay, yeah, alright. Love you too. I'll tell her and uh, he's here. Don't know but he is. Yeah, I will, alright just hurry up, okay. Love you too dad, geesh..." he slammed the phone down and followed his sister's example.


Talia whooped and spun her little brother around and then frowned. "Hey, I wanted to talk to mom too!"

"Phone was cutting out, they're on their way, should be here in a few minutes."

"Why don't you go get your things ready while we're waiting, okay?"

"JJ too? Mom asked about her."

She turned towards him, "she did?"

"Yeah and Tal? Mom sounds really good."

"Really? Are you sure?"

She grinned like her face was going to split and she took a step towards Castiel and then stopped and looked back at her brother.

"We dont want to keep mom and dad waiting, alright? Good, now go!"

Brendan ran into the kitchen, he went one step further than his sister's smile. His grin was actually splitting his face in two. Talia walked up to Castiel and pulled him into a tight hug, "Thank you. Thank you. I don't know how you did it or why you even risked your own life for strangers, or why mom sounds good to Bren, but thank you so very much. We owe you so much and I don't know how I will ever repay you."

By the time she was done, tears were pouring down her face and she heard a clearing of a throat to her right, just as the man in the trench coat spoke.

"There is no need for recompense. I am glad I was able to assist you."

"Hey! Can we break up the little hug fest here? Cas, that's quite enough 'assisting', seriously."

Castiel looked at Dean thoroughly confused and Talia looked smug.

"Did I do something wrong, Dean. If I did, my apologies. I believe I will say my goodbyes to the boy and return to where I'm needed. "

Dean watched him walk away. Dammit, he'd done it again. He just wasn't sure what he'd done this time. Looking at Talia, he had a feeling he was about to find out.

"I was right, Dean."

"'Bout what?"

"Having Castiel hot and intense and wrapped around me like that….If I was that damn lucky, I'd do whatever I had to make sure he was with me always. He's special, isn't he; no…I don't mean to you personally, you've already made it perfectly clear it's not like that. What I mean is he's not your average dude off the street, he's special isn't he."

Dean smiled, "Yeah, he is."

"Thank you, Dean. The feeling is reciprocated."

Dean's face turned red and he stuttered, "Cas, no, that's not what I meant."

Castiel straightened, looked into Dean's eyes and spoke, "Of course, I am sorry I misinterpreted your words", he turned to Talia, "and I thank you for the kind words. They are deeply appreciated. Your parents should arrive soon, so I think I will take my leave", he turned back to Dean, "I wished to speak with you, but I will discuss my quandary with another. Goodnight Talia."

Dean put his hand on Castiel's shoulder to stop him, "Cas. Wait-."

"Goodnight Dean."

He shrugged the hunter's hand off and for the second time that night, walked out the front door.

Dean stared at the door long after it had closed behind the angel. A voice caused him to turn around, Talia was putting her coat on as she spoke, "So, you can talk until you're blue in the face, but you weren't happy about how close I got to your...friend."


Maybe if he pretended he had no idea what she was talking about, she'd let it go.

"Please, clearing your throat and telling us he'd done enough assisting. If that wasn't jealousy then it was damn well possessive and I have a feeling it wasn't me you were unhappy about."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Mhmmm, I'm just surprised he didn't get it. He's not very social, is he? Nevermind, Oh, he was your ride...", she winked and sighed when he didn't rise to the bait, "oh, wait, It's not like that, sorry. I wouldn't mind riding…" Talia watched as the hunter's eyes narrowed and his lips thinned out and she put her hands out in supplication, "easy, tiger. My husband wouldn't be happy about that, although, my sister Chelsea, well, she really needs a good guy. So if I'm totally off base, then they'd make a good fit. Chelsea's-she deserves someone like him-she's so damn smart, unfortunately she's kinda dumb when it comes to guys."

Stiffly, Dean spoke, "Yeah, well, sorry, we ain't gonna be in town for much longer...so."

She grinned to herself, this was going to piss him off, "Well, you seemed to imply he's sexually hot, so a night of hot, steamy, moaning-gasping sex would make 'em both smile. Don't 'cha think?"

"Excuse me? Did you just-."

Wow. She had expected a reaction, but not this. He was sputtering, clenching the table with his fingers; his forehead was wrinkled and the guy was pissed.

"Hey, are you okay? You're face is really red."

He just stared at her. "What the hell do you expect? Talking about Cas with...fuck and you know what? Cas ain't like that! He doesn't do that shit! He's better than that and if he's gonna be getting all sweaty and hot, it'd damn well be with-."

Dean suddenly stopped talking, got up and grabbed another water, gulping it down while he tried to get the images out of his head, both Cas with this Chelsea girl or replacing her with himself. Jesus, the images. He looked up into the glass mirror, shit, his face was blood red. He was losing his shit, seriously. Why did Cas sleeping his way through-No. He wasn't going there. He sat back down and took a deep breath, "You done trying to piss me off or is it that you want him for yourself? Doesn't matter, you can't have him...Wait, you're married? What the hell was all that talk about having the angel wrap himself around you about?"

"Purely for reaction purposes, although he is one damn hot man; but, alas, my guy is in the marines. Been gone for over sixteen months-a few more and hopefully he'll be stationed stateside, especially if Mom…"

"Oh. My dad was marines, Sammy always called him a drill sergeant, but he did what he did to keep us safe and after what happened to Adam…well, Dad was right. Never mind, doesn't matter. "

"Really? So something we have in common. Yeah, my dad was marine to the core. Retired a couple years ago. Always talking about his first tour, he joined later in his thirties, said he was green but a couple of guys kept his stupid ass in line. Just wait, when he finds out your dad was one of 'em, you're gonna hear it. But in the meantime, I wanted to thank you."

Dean still looked confused, "Why? I didn't do anything. Except, apparently, act like a bitch."

She smiled and grabbed his hand, "Yes, you did. You went searching for a bar and ended up here and when you found out what was happening, you stayed, made Bren feel better, hell, you made me feel better and then you got your friend to come and…And thank you. With everything that's been happening in my life in the past few years, I think I lost faith, in a higher being and most of the regular human ones too. And because of you and your friend, the one you call an angel, well, I think I believe in good things again."

Dean hated this kind of stuff. He didn't deserve it. Especially after doing what he'd been doing with Cas today, both the sex stuff and the way he'd treated him. He shook his head. Maybe diversion and humor would stop her words. He didn't deserve them.

"Like I said, I didn't do anything and I got pie out of it, so…"

She stood up and bent over, kissing him on the cheek, "alright, I get the message; I think I better see if that pie I'm sending home with you is ready to come out. Sit tight."

He grinned, "For pie? I ain't moving, my dear."

She shook her head, grinned and spoke as she walked backwards into the kitchen.

"Y'know, you really are adorable and If I wasn't married and you weren't already with an angel, I'd…"

Last thing she heard after the kitchen door closed was Dean yelling.

"I ain't with the angel! Doesn't anybody listen?"

She just laughed and finished getting the pie out, adding her own little message so she could have the last word. Stubborn man. It was only a matter of time before he figured it out. It would just be awesome if she was around to see it. She really hoped Dean's angel, Castiel, showed back up before they left, which brought up a problem. How was Dean going to get home? Hmmm, she was going to have to think about that. She smiled to herself. She knew just what to do.

Out in the front, Dean was having similar thoughts. It was still pretty bad out there. He couldn't go back to the motel, hell, after his night, he didn't want to go back to that damn room. Sammy and Baby were out there and he really needed a drink. He wasn't so sure about the sex-wait, what? He groaned to himself. Fucking angel had him spinning and he didn't like it. Not one bit.

Castiel flew to another site that offered him comfort. Mount Tabor. As he walked around, he remembered all of the times he begged Gabriel to recite the story of his most blessed brother. As he had brought Peter, James, and John up high on the mountain and Father had transfigured him, his face shone as the sun, and his raiment was white as snow. He knew that both Moses and Elijah had spoken with him until Father's voice had spoken, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him." Although, Gabriel had paraphrased, much to Castiel's consternation or what Gabriel called, "his prissiness." His own guardian had said, 'Our best bro had taken two friends up into the mountain and then he'd shined brighter than the sun and Dad had spoken, telling 'em how proud he was of his son and he'd brought him home. The end."

He shook his head as he stood in place, silently contemplating all that had happened. With his brother, but also, what he had done when he had found the human girl's parents. It had been as they thought. They'd been involved in a fatal car accident, their mother only minutes away from death, their father had lost consciousness and had severe head trauma. Any longer, they both would have died. There was something about the family that had helped him to quickly make the decision. He didn't know what it was, but something. Perhaps, it was because of the way fate had treated the family lately. So much pain. They'd lost so much and they'd also lost their faith, in both his kind and humanity as a whole. At the time, the decision had been easy; but now, if it had been their time to be brought home, did he have any right to play…Father? He sighed. Perhaps time spent with Jonothon would provide him with answers. He always thought well when he concentrated on his friend. And he still had to figure out his problem relating to Dean, or rather was it Dean that made him lose control or the act of fornication. Sighing again, he vanished off the mountain and arrived in time to see Jonothon and Balthazar enjoying each other's company.

Dean looked out the window and noticed the storm had calmed down. Good. Maybe he still could get to the bar-the sudden ringing of his cell had him look down, great. Sam. Again. Damn kid had a sixth sense or something.

"Yeah, Sam."

"Tell me Castiel showed."

"Yeah, he did. But he left again."

"What? What the hell'd you do this time?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"So you did something."

"Didn't I just say I didn't want to-look, Cas was here and now he's gone. The problem is dealt with and it looks like it's clearing up, so I'm gonna head over-."

"Oh no you aren't!"

"How the fuck you even know what I was gonna say?"

"Have we met? Brother-hellooo!"

"You're starting to friggin' sound like Gabe."

"Stop interrupting, I got this. Okay, so you talked to Cas and straightened out your problem, but he must not have been happy because…well, it is you-shut up, I'm talking. Anyway, he left and you are still at the diner and noticed the weather wasn't so bad, so you're thinkin' about walkin' over here. Did I miss anything? "

God, his brother was a bitch.

"For your information, we never even got to talk about…whatever it is you were bitching and moaning about before; what we did do, or Cas anyway-the girl who runs the diner and her little bro were scared about their family, because of the damn storm and Cas took care of it. He did something good and then left. I'm waitin' on them, hopin' they'll give me a ride to baby."

"You can't be serious, Dean! It took Castiel to get 'em there safe and sound and you want them to drop you at a bar, just so you can get fuc-."

"Goddammit, Sam! Just want to make sure you and the 'pala get home safe! Fuck!"

"Wait. If Castiel was there, why didn't you just have him-?"

"I-he's not-what does it matter?"

"Which means you said something that-fucking call him or I'll-."

"What? You'll call him yourself? I'll take care of it my-."

Sam huffed, "That is not what I was going to say! You're such an asshole! Maybe I can get Gabriel to find Cas and tell him to head back to you."

"Why would he even do that?"

"Uh, he is Castiel's guardian."

"He's...what? How the hell do you know...gettin' kinda chummy with the angel, aren't you?"

"Do you want to get here or not? Because I can get Gabe to stop by and he can get me and the car back to the motel."

"Oh, hell no! Tricks ain't touching baby!I'll take care of it! Don't go anywhere!"

Dean slammed the phone down on the table and looked up at the ceiling.

"Cas? Said you were going where you were needed. Well, your needed down here, so...Really need to talk to you! It's important! Like life and death stuff! So…Come on down!"

His yelling was interrupted by a loud engine and then a very excited Brendan came running through the kitchen on the way to the front door. Just as he reached for it, it swung open and he smiled, launching himself at who Dean assumed was his father.


The older man smiled and hugged his youngest, until the boy complained.

"Can't breathe, dad."

Looking backwards at a woman behind him, he winked, "not letting go of my baby."

Dean smiled when the boy started struggling, "Dadddd! I'm not a baby."

"Brian! Let go of my child and move out of my way, I'm comin in."

The man just grinned, turned, picked her up behind him and pulled her around against his chest, making sure the door was closed to keep out the wind and rain. She looked up at her husband and smiled, "behave yourself."

He just grinned and pulled her into a kiss and then smiled when Brendan started gagging theatrically.

"Eww. Talia! They're being gross!"

His sister came running out of the kitchen and straight into her parent's arms, unable to let go until her dad spoke up.

"Tally, we're fine and you're crushing your mother."

"Shit. Sorry, mom. C'mon, you should sit down."

"Tally, I am fine. Good. Better than I've been in a long time, although your dad's getting old, so he might need a nap and a glass of warm milk."

Their mom giggled when Brian growled into her neck, "only thing I need is a warm…you-in my bed."

She looked up at her husband and whispered, "That can be arranged."

She smiled as her children both rolled their eyes, "What? A girl has needs."

She began laughing when both of her children yelled at the same time.


Her husband grinned and took her hand, leading her towards the booth where a young man sat smiling, "I wanted to thank you for…wait. You're not the one that helped-."

"Dad, this is Dean. His friend is the one who found you. If he hadn't shown up here…well, they're friends", she looked at the hunter, "really, really good friends."

Brian smiled and sat down in the booth, attempting to pull his wife in with him. She would have no part of it. She just smiled at Dean and then looked back at her husband, "Dear? I think you're going to have to settle for a warm milk after all; this young man-Talia? Get me a spoon, I want to eat him up."

"Mom! Seriously, that's just wrong."

She grinned at Dean, "they always ruin my fun. Tell me, young man, is your friend as hot as you are? Because if he is, I see a threesome in our future-."

Dean just grinned back at her. "And have to share you? I don't think so. Tell you what, you create a diversion and I'll run down the road to the bar and get my car and then we can run away together."

The older man growled, stood and pulled his wife out of the bench and to his chest, "Alright, woman! That's enough! Can't take you anywhere without someone threatening to take you away! You are mine, little lady! Mine! And don't you forget it!"

She kissed him and then whispered. "I love when you get all possessive, makes me hot-."

"Oh. My. God!"

Talia looked at them and then at Dean, "my parents are perves, sorry. C'mon mom, need to talk to you", without waiting for a response she grabbed her mother's hand and along with Brendan, they disappeared into the kitchen. Their father watched them leave and then sat back down in the booth.

Dean raised his hands up, "not gonna shoot me now, are you."

"I think you know the answer to that. Just wanted to thank you-and your friend. For more than just the help out there. I gather Tally told you about my Liv", at Dean's nod, he looked toward the kitchen at the sound of his wife's voice.

"Don't worry young man! I will thank you good and proper! Hope you're back seat fits two!"

"Woman! The only backseat you're gonna be seeing is the one with me in it!"

Dean hear a girly giggle and then a smiling voice, "yes, dear."

Brian shook his head and turned back to Dean, who was smiling.

"Nice to see a smile. I get the feeling you don't do that very often, am I right?"

"Yeah, I guess. It's just you two remind me of my mom and dad, it's nice to see."

Brian turned back to the door and sighed, "I don't know what happened, what your friend did, but it's important that I thank him. He'd done more for us than he can ever know."

Shit. Does he know? "I don't know what you're-."

"I think you do. That man who showed up at the side of the road? Calm, dry, hair wasn't even blowing and he had such a way about him. And he turned and opened the truck door on Livvy's side and I tried to tell him that it was too late, she was almost...and then he smiled at me and my liv? She sat up, looked intently at him and kissed his cheek. Then the storm abated and the road was clear and he spoke, said there was worried family waiting to go home and then he was gone and Liv, she smiled, kissed me and told me to get a move-on, her children were waiting to go home. And here we are. And it's a damn miracle, you saw her. She hasn't felt this good, hell looked this good in over three years. I'd forgotten how beautiful she was. Don't get me wrong, she's always been beautiful to me, but, now, she shines again, just like she used to. She's like she was before things went bad. With J and her health. She's been so sick and it seemed to me everyday I was closer to losing the love of my life. Don't know what I'm going to do when that happens. Probably die soon after. She's my life, y'know?"

"I'm sorry. And I get it. Saw my dad go through it, he lived a long time after mom, but it wasn't living, not really. I guess I'm just a little jealous they didn't get the time to grow old together."

"Father must be a strong man. I know when the Lord calls my liv home, I'm gonna be lost."

"No, my love. You must keep our family together, be strong, keep them strong."

Both men looked up at the woman who had appeared silently and watched as she sat down, pulled her husbands head to hers and kissed him. As she pulled back he shook his head sadly, "can't. Can't do it! You've always been the strong one Liv. Kept us all together, even Theresa. Damn girl."

"She's just lost her way, that's all. Now, before one half of our hero team feels the need to throw up because of how sensitive my sexy husband is….can we move onto other things, like where our other young man is. I am not leaving before I'm able to thank him."

"Liv, after seeing what is still happening out there and what he did, you want him to-."

"Hush, Bri…he is perfectly capable of braving the storm without fear of harm, am I right, young man?"

"Um, I'm not sur-."

"I am waiting and I think you are well aware of exactly what I am saying."

Dean sighed, "Yes, ma'am. Although he might come faster if you…"

"Possibly, but I have faith that your friend will arrive at your…heartfelt request."

Brian looked between them and realized she knew what he did. But how? She was so close-.

She smiled and spoke softly, "I know, my love. He explained, there's no other reason for how he reached me, spoke with me, brought me out of…may we just enjoy ourselves or I might just have to take this young man up on his offer."

"Hmmph! Son, you keep your hands and thoughts away from my wife, we got a deal?"

"Yes, sir."

"Evil man, taking away my boy toy; you better be prepared to rock my world later tonight."

They both laughed when Dean mumbled, "it's like listening to my mom and dad, ugh."

"Message clear son…Dean? Have we met before? You look vaguely familiar."

"No. Don't think so, me and Sammy, that's my brother, we travel a lot though."

"Wait. Your name's Dean and your brother is Sam?"

"Yeah, why. Who are you", Dean started to put up his guard and reach for his gun but the man stopped him.

"Relax, it's just your names…damn I wish my memory was as good as it used to be. Only reason this old dog retired from service."

"That's right, Talia said you were a career marine. My dad was too. He did his last tour right before he put in for a civilian life, after he got with my mom and I was born. Left for good a couple months before Sammy was born."

The hunter looked at the older man who was staring and then he spoke.

"Son, what's your last name-no, don't tell me, let me say this first and bear with me, my daughter probably warned you about my early days as a green recruit. I'd been courting this here woman all through high school and college, wouldn't give me the time of day. Figured a few years as a successful business man would change that."

Olivia rolled her eyes, "You were an arrogant ass sir, besides I was involved with a bad boy, I told brian here, if he wanted a shot, I had a thing for a man in uniform."

"Yep, so I joined the marines."

"That wasn't what I meant and you know it! I had a thing for a mechanic, up until he left town a couple years later-maybe I'll tell you more about that if you are in town for a few days-for now that man was-well, he was-anyway, Brian here thought I meant the service and off he went, only sending me a letter to explain where he'd gone and just why he'd enlisted."

"So, did my basic and was sent off to the front lines. The captain was tough on the men who had attitude, but damn, he sure as hell looked after me. Said I reminded him of a friend that died. He'd been cut down before he could get to him and so, he took a personal interest in me and later I realized if he hadn't, I wouldn't have made it through that first tour, let alone rising in the ranks to retire as a Colonel. It was funny, he could yell like no one and with so much authority, but at night-he bunked with the rest of us, always said it was so none of us would try to go AWOL, but really, it was protection detail, he swore he'd never lose another one. Now, at first, he was gruff, took no shit, scared the hell outta me when I arrived and then when he came back from leave that first time, he was…smiling-wouldn't say why-but later, I found out. Anyway, six months later he had another leave-seemed he had a lot of leave saved up, only this time he had pictures-wedding pictures-he was walking on cloud nine-so happy, fast forward six months later and if I thought he'd been happy before…he shouted he was gonna be a dad and he'd put in his time and had three months and was going home. Two days later, we were attacked, bombed. Cap was hit the worst, well, except for the ones that had been killed outright. Only five of us were left and me? Shrapnel, my heart-real close...anyway, the others-the ones that were still alive-were even worse off, we knew we'd never get home, y'know? But the Cap? He dragged the four of us into a foxhole, patched us up as best he could and then dragged himself over thirteen miles to a safe zone. Next thing I know there's a helicopter and he'd jumpin' out, bloody and hurt; mud and dirt caked to his clothes and his hair and his hand-he'd come across six of the enemy; he'd been seen; they started shooting, only one got a shot off-his hand, he'd shot the same time as the last one standing and the gun had recoiled, gun exploded; his hand was...it was bad. Remember hearin' the doc telling him he'd never use it again. Damn, did he prove them wrong. Apparently, he killed the last one and dragged himself with that hand another two miles to help. When he jumped from the heli-it was still bloody, dangling, thumb and forefinger almost torn completely off, just hanging there-he'd refused help until all his men were safe and looked after. Next thing I knew I was wakin' up in a army hospital, Cap was in the bed next to me and he was screaming about being let go, terrorizing the staff and screaming about his wife and how she was due anyday and so help him if he missed it, he'd come back and make every single one of them sorry they'd ever met him. He was actually poking at the poor MP and the poor boy was terrified. And then she walked in, almost floating. Beautiful, blond and I recognized her from the picture he had showed us. Although, the woman who came walking into the room, well, as soon as she figured out what he was doing, she...that girl was a force of nature. She gave him a look, pushed Cap back in bed and told the MP he could leave, she would deal with the patient. She smiled and everything. She turned saw me, smiled, said hello and then turned to the Cap. And boy, was I glad I wasn't him. There she was, all big and pregnant, looking like she was going to burst-and she pushed him towards the bed until he sat on the edge, then slapped him in the back of the head...hard and finished off with a strong left to his upper arm. She got right in his face and...I can still hear her voice.

'Marine! If you don't lay the hell back down and stop threatening the staff, I will kill you where you stand!. You understand me?'

He shut up really quick."

"Sounds like my...sounds like she wore the pants."

"She definitely did and the wonderful thing, from what I saw is Cap was grinning from ear to ear-definitely loved her more than life itself. Kinda like me with Liv. I remember she stayed until he was released and he was, well, he kept her at his side, yelling and getting jealous when he thought they were taking an interest in her. She'd give him a look, he'd sigh and then say anything for his 'Mare'. That's what he called her-."

Dean's head snapped up, "Wait, marine and Mare? That's what my-."

Olivia smiled, "My love, you are right, he does look just like his mother."

Behind them a voice spoke.

"Yes, Dean. You do look like your mother, you always have."

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