FYI: This is a alternate timeline where everybody lives. It takes place after the battle of the five armies. Enjoy! :)

Despite everything that Thorin had been through, he couldn't get that silly Hobbit out of his head. He had achieved many accomplishments: he won his home back, defeated Smaug, and brought his people back, but without the Hobbit in his company he felt half full, still homeless and powerless. The Hobbit had left without a word to him, it was almost insulting. He had taken his 14th of the treasure and left, had the mighty king been used? Anger began to boil up inside of him, now that was unacceptable! He was Thorin Oakenshield and he would not be used by the likes of Bilbo Baggins. He was a king after all; he could take whatever he wanted: including the hobbit.

"Fili, Kili." I growled, marching into their chambers with Balin swiftly walking in behind me. Both of their heads popped up, "Yes your majesty?" I hesitated for a moment. "I'm going to be leaving for a day or two-" Fili interrupted me: "But uncle we just got settled?" I shot him a glare "Bilbo Baggins has stolen something from me, and I want it back." My two nephews looked confused, "Bilbo stole something from you, Uncle?" I nodded, "Yes, I'm going after him and getting it back. While I am gone however you two are in charge." With that I decided not to allow the two to inquire anymore and I began to leave the chambers. Balin appeared at my side, "Majesty what did our little burglar take?" My Happiness I thought to myself. "Gold, dear Balin... he stole some of my gold." I didn't wait for Balin to object anymore, I needed that Hobbit back in my company more than anything. I hastily readied myself; Bilbo could only be a day ahead of me, if I was fast enough I could catch him before the sun went down.

Bilbo did not know that he was being hunted by Thorin, nor did Bilbo even realise that he had stolen anything. In reality Bilbo had taken his share of the gold and left simply because he couldn't bear to say goodbye to his beloved friends, and in particular Thorin. So he packed up his things, grabbed a pony and left for the Shire, in hopes that this adventure would eventually fade into the back of his mind, however Bilbo was very mistaken. It wasn't the memories that plagued him; it was the emotion, the rush and the thrill of Thorin Oakenshield.

"You fool" I muttered to myself, "Why would a king have any interest in you, especially a well respected king like Thorin." I lowered my head, no matter how much I tried convincing myself that Thorin had no interest in me, I could not shake the moments of catching his eyes across the fire, fighting side by side, the way he protected me. Looking ahead on my path I could see the forest of Mirkwood in the distance, it was still a long way home and I dared not look back on the fear that if I did, I would run to him... I would run home. No. Home was the Shire. As quickly as the thought entered my head I dismissed it: I was a Baggins of Bag End, not a dwarf, not Thorin's. But only if I was, the thought of being held by Thorin once again consumed my mind. I rod until the sun was about to set. Jumping off my pony I began to make camp, alone. While unpacking my cooking supplies a pot fell out of my hands and onto the dry ground, fumbling I bent down to pick it and then I felt it: the small and distant vibration of horse hooves, or what I hoped where horse hooves. My eyes darted to the fire I had made, an obvious give away. I began to pack up my supplies, in a rush I repacked everything and hid my pony around the corner, leaving the fire burning I wanted to see who or what was following me. Dipping my hand into my vest pocket I felt the coldness of the ring against my finger, a wave came over me: I must hold it, I must wear it. My mind was consumed by it... my precious. My mind darted back to the current panic it was in, the vibrations had turned into the sound of pounding hooves; whoever or whatever was following me was approaching the fire. I slipped the ring onto my ring finger and disappeared, quietly I crept around the corner towards the fire. The rider had just emerged from the bushes; thankfully it was a pony, not a warg. The rider walked his pony into the ring of light given by the fire, walking closer to the fire the riders face was concealed by the cloak that he was wearing. I had to get closer, I could tell it was a dwarf but who was it? Fili, Kili maybe even Bofur? My mouth dropped, I was only about 4 feet away from the rider now, and it was no ordinary dwarf: it was Thorin King Under the Mountain.

Thorin had chased the hobbit all day and finally he had caught up to him, the fire had been abandoned but he knew Bilbo was here: he could feel it. "Bilbo?" I called into the night. I waited for a reply, for a sign but no reply came. The fire crackled drawing my attention away from the tree line for a moment. "Yes?" a familiar voice cooed back to me, I turned to the direction and there was the Halfling poking his head out from hiding behind a jagged rock. I grinned a little, "My dear Master Baggins, I do believe I've been looking for you." Concern flashed across the hobbit's face, "Why? Is there something wrong Thorin?" I dismounted my pony, and began to walk toward Bilbo. From his hiding spot he began to walk towards me, meeting in the middle he smiled up to me. I lifted my hand to his shoulder, "My little one, did you actually think you could leave me? Without my permission?" confusion hit the hobbit's face "I don't understand-" before he could finish his sentence Bilbo Baggins was thrown over my shoulder, a squeak of protest was heard. "Thorin what are you doing?" there was mild panic hidden in the hobbits voice. I threw the hobbit little body over the saddle, and then mounted my pony. "Thorin, where are we going-" I grabbed the hobbit's head and lifted it up so I could stare into his eyes, "My wonderful Bilbo." I leaned down and kissed Bilbo on the forehead, "My brave little one." I kissed him again: "I'm taking you home."