Still wrapped in Thorin's arms Bilbo enjoyed watching the sunrise engulf the forest floor. A glint caught the Halflings attention. A pair of shinning eyes looked back at him from the underbrush of the forest; his small heart skipped a beat: he had seen those eyes before. An orc and warg pack was upon the vulnerable couple. Before "Thorin" could escape Bilbo's lips a clawed hand had wrapped around his waist pulling him away from his mate.

Thorin woke to a scream and the pounding of footsteps on the forest floor. His eyes flew open and the dwarf king went into action. He motioned for Bilbo but realized the hobbit wasn't next to him. Panic struck the king, his eyes darted about the orcs and wargs that he surrounded him, his eyes looking for those golden curls. The wargs had now completely surrounded him, spears pointed at his half naked and un-armoured body. "Thorin!" Squeaked the Halfling, Thorin's eyes darted to where the voice had originated from. There Bilbo sat on the back of a grey warg, and directly behind him sat Bolg. A growl escaped the back of Thorin's throat, he glared at Bolg, and the Orc returned the icy stare. "Bolg, give me the Halfling." Thorin demanded through a clenched jaw a grin spread across Bolg's face in return to the king's demand. Bilbo was shifting trying to get away from the arm that was holding him there but to no avail. He looked at Thorin, the dwarf king was collected however that calm reserved anger faltered when his gaze met Bilbo's. There for the first time in a long time, deep in those blue eyes Bilbo saw panic.

"Tie him down." Bolg's interruption broke Thorin and Bilbo's gaze and instantly Thorin was assaulted by orcs. The dwarf king fought valiantly but he was out numbered and out armed. Ropes and chains were shackled onto the king's wrists, ankles and neck and finally he was forced to all fours in front of Bolg, Thorin was almost within arm's reach of Bilbo. A whimper escaped a Halflings lips, Thorin desperately wanted to reach out and touch the hobbits cheeks and tell him that everything was going to be alright. The only thing the mighty king could do was give Bilbo a re-assuring look and mouth "Don't worry." Another warg and orc rider walked up next to Bolg; casually the orc tossed Bilbo to the other rider and said something in the black speech to him. Bolg dismounted. "All hail the majestic Thorin, King Under the Mountain." With that the orc gave a sweeping bow, "How nice of you to choose a lovely partner finally, he will make a lovely queen." The other riders laughed at the ill made joke. Another grin danced across Bolg's face "But alas great king we are not under your mountain! We are on the edge of the wilderness!" Bolg made a sweeping hand motion to the forest and wild around them.

Bilbo continued to struggle trying to get his arm free of his captors grasp on him, he needed to get his hand to his pocket... the ring. The orc obvious to Bilbo's attempts of freedom jabbed at the hobbit's ribs. Bilbo let out a little yelp which drew Bolg's and Thorin's attention away from each other, "Don't touch him." Growled Bolg before Thorin could make his own objection. "The little Halfling is all mine." The orc leader tenderly caressed Bilbo's cheeks before turning his attention back to Thorin, "You see the way I look at it Thorin Oakenshield, is that you took everything from me, you destroyed my father and my good name." Bilbo raised an eyebrow; he didn't realize that orc's cared about their reputations or even had them. "So an eye for an eye don't you think?" the orc leaned forward and whispered into Thorin's ear. "Your little hobbit will scream for you Thorin, he will cry for you, however you won't be there to save him." Thorin's anger unleashed at Bolg's words, "If you hurt him I swear I will hunt you down, none of your kin will be save from me." enraged the dwarf king pulled against is restraints angry growls escaping from him. Bolg just laughed "down boy! I think he needs a lesson!" the group laughed again and one of the riders threw Bolg a whip, a nine-tails to be exact. To Thorin it didn't matter he could be beaten a thousand times all what mattered was getting Bilbo away from Bolg. The orc raised his arm up and drew the whip down on Thorin's exposed back.

Bilbo still struggled against his captor; he needed to get the ring. As quick as the little hobbit could he elbowed his captor in the gut, there was a moment of release and the hobbit quickly dug his hands into his pocket. He felt the coldness of the ring against his fingers, there was no time to obsess about his precious right now. He slipped the ring on and elbowed the orc again. He dismounted the warg and ran towards Bolg; the orc had begun to swing the whip down on Thorin's back, with a small leap Bilbo launched in between Thorin and the whip. The tails wrapped around his abdomen, the Halfling's pale skin was no match for the power of the nine tails. Bilbo let out a scream and fell to the forest floor next to Thorin, the ring falling off his middle finger in the process. Bolg looked to the bleeding Halfling and smiled, "Thorin look what you've done. Taken him far from his land, forced him to steal your gold from a dragon, kick him out, take him back and now this?" the orc shock his head and knelt next to Bilbo, he lifted the little hobbit's head up to look at him. Bilbo's face was covered in tears as he tried to fight the pain that had been inflicted upon him. Bolg smiled down at him, "Do you love him?" he motioned to Thorin, Bilbo nodded. "Would you do anything to protect him?" Bilbo nodded again. "Come with me and I will spare Thorin's life." Bilbo opened his mouth to reply but for once in his life words failed him.