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Yasui Ki had a pretty good life.

She was a 19 year old kunoichi. She had been a chuunin for 3 years, and was now at the time in her life where she could decide whether she wanted to move on to jounin, or to stay a chuunin. She had two loving parents. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was an herbalist. Yasui was engaged to shinobi, by the name of Hiko Shikon, the son of the counselor Kuroki Shikon. She and her fiancé lived together in a normal two person apartment, and were going to be married in 8 months.

Overall, a pretty good little life.

And it is about to be shattered.



"What the hell?!" Shouted a newly awoken Yasui. Hiko got out of their bed and ran over to the window in their apartment, followed closely by his fiancé. They both got a glimpse of something that terrified them to their very souls.

The Kyuubi no Kistune was currently just outside Konoha's walls, and it was in the process of bashing them down.

Both ninjas paled. "Oh shit! We've got to go help get the civilians to the bunkers!" exclaimed Hiko.

Dressing quickly into their ninja gear, they ran out of their apartment, and towards a residential district that was closer to where the Kyuubi was. After running across rooftops for a good 2 minutes, they reached their first destination, Hiko's father's house.

"Father!" Hiko barged into the home. "Father, we have to get you out of here!"

"Okay, let me get some things" came Kuroki's voice from down the hall.

Yasui was starting to panic. 'My parents house is closer to the Kyuubi! We have to hurry!' "Forget your things! Get out here!" she shouted.

"Alright! I'm coming!" All three left the house and saw a stream of people running down the street. On the road, there were a few genin directing the flow.

"Listen to those genin father, they will take you to the bunkers. We have to go help get others out." After Mr. Shikon left with the others, the two chuunin took off towards the Ki household.

From a distance, the block that Yasui knew her parents' house was on, looked to be on fire. And it sounded like there were some people trapped inside their homes, screaming their lungs out for help. What was worse, the Ki household appeared to be completely engulfed in flames.

"NO!" screamed Yasui.

Hiko went through some hand seals and yelled. "Water Release: Exploding Wave!" Sadly, neither ninja had been very proficient in water release, and the resulting wave was not enough to even put out the flames that were around the front door.


Another earthquake shook the area, and this one was so violent that both Hiko and Yasui were hard pressed to not fall flat on their backs.


The home decided that it could no longer stay standing, and collapsed onto itself, resulting in a massive dust cloud being raised. Soon after, an explosion rocked the area as something went off inside the rubble, blowing pieces into the air.

Yasui could not comprehend life without her two loving parents. Tears began to cascade down her face as she fell to her knees.

"Yasui! I'm sorry... we were to late, but we have to go help others! We need to leave!" Dragging his sobbing fiancé along, he approached the next house, and after making sure that Yasui could understand what they were doing, ran inside to find survivors.

Over the next 30 minutes, they went around to different houses and found people that were trapped and took them out of their homes and sent them on the way towards the shelters.

Their next stop was the final house in the area. The couple was tired and dirty, and had a few burns and scrapes on their bodies, but knew that they had to keep helping. As they were taking the last person out of the building another earth shattering quake shook the area.

Part of the roof started to shift and bend, leaning towards the retreating civilians and shinobi.

"Move!" Hiko shouted as he shoved a young boy out of the way of the falling debris.


What Yasui saw when the dust cleared, completely broke her.

Hiko's body had been impaled by a falling beam. His chest was crushed and had a few ribs sticking out of the flesh. Blood was pooling around his body, and was staining the ground red. The worst part was that his neck had been partially severed by a falling tile and there was only a small piece of flesh connecting his now limp body to his bloodied head.


It was a few days after the sealing of the Kyuubi, and Sarutobi had just called a council meeting, to go over the events, the reconstruction, and to talk about the life of a certain whiskered newborn.

Kurokui could not believe what he was hearing. "Hokage-sama, listen to me." he demanded. "Do you see these stains on my robes? Do you want to know how I got these stains? Before I came here, my so-o-on's fiancé came over to my house, and spent the last two hours crying into my chest! Her parents home collapsed on them, because of the Kyuubi! My little boy...DIED because of that monstrosity!"

"My sister lost both of her little daughters when one of that thing's tails came crashing down!" shouted another councilor.

"As I was saying, we have lost so much because of that demon, and now that we have it in the form of a helpless baby, you will not kill it?!"

"Councilors, I know that we all have lost a lot because of the attack, but you have to understand, this is NOT the Kyuubi! This baby is a hero! Without him, acting as a cage holding the demon back, we wouldn't be alive to argue in this damnable room!"

"Hokage-sama please allow me to have the child. I would be able to turn this great tragedy into a boon for our village. With my training he will become a great weapon to be used against Konoha's enemies." came the voice of the ever serious Danzo.

Sarutobi turned a steel gaze toward the bandaged man. "That is not going to happen Danzo, I want him to live a normal life, one where he has emotions." Danzo simply blinked his one visible eye, then sighed.

The arguing went on into the night, with nobody backing down, until the Hokage finally used his authority to pass a law where anyone, besides himself or Naruto, that mentioned the sealing of the Kyuubi or Naruto's status as a jinchuuriki would be executed.


Over the years, the Hokage attempted to befriend the little blond boy, but each time he came over to the orphanage or took Naruto out for ramen, the next day he would have the civilian council telling him he could not give the 'little monster' special treatment, and attempting to use more and more loop-holes and small print to subvert his authority on the subject.

The Hokage grimaced as a shredded another paper from a council member. 'I'm sorry my boy, looks like I won't be able to take you out to ramen much anymore, these damn council members are getting smarter. Their tactics are getting subtler. I'll do what I can from behind the scenes, but anything public is off-limits now.'


A small 5 year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, whiskered-marked boy was currently wandering around the poorer districts of Konoha. It had been a full year since he was thrown out of the orphanage, and he had been living on the street ever since. Stealing what he had to, he lived a difficult life of a street urchin. Though, one good thing (he didn't realize it at the time) was that his skills in stealth and evasion were becoming increasingly good.

As he walked along, people would glare at him, sneer at him, and sometimes they would throw rotten food and rocks at his head. 'I don't get it, what did I do wrong?' He mentally sobbed.

He had on a tattered grey shirt and small blue shorts with many a hole covering the fabric.

Soon, Naruto began to notice the buildings were more, colorful, than they were yesterday. 'I wonder what all the colors are for...'

His stomach decided it was at that moment that it couldn't take it anymore and growled.

Frowning, he looked around at the shops and restaurants. 'Man, I'm really hungry.'

Then, he picked up a heavenly smell wafting his way. Looking over to his left, he noticed a small cart with what looked like pastries sitting on top in little stacks. They looked fresh, if the steam rolling off them was any indication, and though not exactly healthy, were just what his body could use at that moment. Now normally, Naruto would have been able to assess the situation a little better and come up with a plan of action to steal the pastry, but not eating for days overrode his logical thinking. Drooling slightly, he made his way over to the cart and turned his head left and right to see if anyone was looking. Seeing no-one (or so he thought) he quickly grabbed one and ran off.

"Hey! That little monster stole a pastry!" Shouted the angry cart owner as he gave chase.

While Naruto ran, he turned around to see how close the cart owner was to catching up, and he was happy to observe that the old man was too slow. It was at that moment that he ran head first into one Yasui Ki. She looked startled for a moment, then she looked down and realized who ran into her. She glared daggers at the boy, and attempted to grab him, which he dodged around and then he took off running again.

Throwing a kunai at the jinchuuriki she went after him. "Come back here you cretin!"

'Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!' Mind rapidly churning through that mantra, he rounded another corner and dashed off.

One would think that a chuunin would be able to easily catch and subdue a small 5 year old boy, but Yasui had actually been discharged 4 years ago, so her skills were pretty rusty. Ever since the loss of her fiancé and parents, it was deemed that she was not stable enough to be a ninja.

As Naruto ran, he went towards what looked like a large metal chain link gate.

Now normally this gate would be closed, but at that moment, a thirteen year-old Anko Mitarashi was opening the gate to head home, which happened to be inside the Forest of Death. She didn't always live in the forest, but ever since Orochimaru betrayed Konoha, she decided it was the safest place in Konoha for herself (ironic really, considering the forest's reputation). While living in the forest, she didn't have to deal with villagers vandalizing her home.

Quickly passing the stunned kunoichi, Naruto ran into the huge forest.

'What the hell?' Wondered Anko.

"Good!" Yasui screamed. "Go in there and die you monster!" and she slowly turned around while trying to melt the ground with her gaze.

Now Anko was furious. 'How dare she chase a kid into this forest! What the hell is wrong with this city?' She hurriedly went through the chain gate and then locked it on the other side, and ran after the blonde-haired child.


Cold and tired, that was what Naruto was feeling at that moment. His hunger forgotten, he was still running for his life, hoping to put as much distance between him and the angry woman that he believed was still behind him. Heart beating in his ears, he did not here the shouts of Anko behind him.

"Gaki! Gaki wait! I'm not going to hurt you!" Anko quickly tried to grab onto his shoulder, which resulted in Naruto losing his concentration, and tripping on a root. Crashing head first into the ground, Naruto's world faded to black.

"Well that could have gone better I suppose. Guess I'll take him home and wait for him to wake up..." Grabbing the unconscious lad and throwing him over her shoulder, she took off towards her house.





"Ugh..." Naruto slowly rose to his feet and looked around. "Well, they threw me into a sewer, that's nice..."

"Come here boy." rumbled a deep voice off in the distance.

"W-w-wha-a-at? W-who-o's there?" Looking around and seeing no-one Naruto timidly began to search for the source of the mysterious voice.

Standing in knee high water, he took note of the odd pipes lining the concrete walls. There were sets of pipes that seemed to be glowing blue, and others a soft tinge of red. Deciding to follow the peculiar looking pipes he sloshed through the water towards his unknown destination.

A few minutes later he saw what looked like massive cage bars looming off at the end of the hallway. Naruto slowly approached the bars, looked inside and was greeted by a pair of giant red eyes with black slit-pupils. They loomed down on the now shaking boy.

"Ah yes, my jailor has finally come to greet me." The giant eyes narrowed and lowered down closer to ground level. "And he's just a little pipsqueak. Shame really, not much to do with you just yet, guess I'll just rest some more then..."

"Who-o a-are you?"

It was then that the massive beast was illuminated, showing a ten story tall orange fox with nine massive tails swaying behind it. "Foolish boy! I am the Kyuubi no Kistune! The greatest of the tailed beasts! A monster so great that merely speaking my name invokes fear and despair in the hearts of you puny mortals!" It was then a massive sigh was released from it's mouth. "And you are my jailor, my host..."

You could almost hear the gears in Naruto's mind beginning to turn (in fact, if you look to your left, you really do see some turning gears... odd really, I wonder what those are for...)

"You mean that you're not really dead?"

"Do I look DEAD to you!?"

"Um, no-o..." At that the beast scoffed. "So you're the reason that I'm hated? The looks and glares, that crazy lady that chased me, they are all trying to hurt you?"

"In a way, yes. They believe that you are not the cage, but the beast within. Silly really, I would not stand for those puny flesh-bags glaring, and throwing things at me as if superior. I would make them cower and beg before me." Showing big pointed teeth, the Kyuubi grinned.

Naruto looked puzzled for a moment. "Wait, there's a way to stop them from hurting me?"

"Of course! All you need to do is make them fear you! Make them realize any transgression will be punished severely! Force them to quake in terror when you pass bye in the streets!" At that, it paused for a moment. "Then, maybe you will be worthy of a deal with me."

"A deal?"

"Yes, a deal. But that is not important right now. It seems someone is trying to wake you up. Have fun!" Tilting its head back, it barked out rough laughter as Naruto faded from his mindscape.


"There you go. Welcome back to the land of the living." Staring down at the awakening boy, was a beautiful teenage girl with purple hair in a ponytail that was fanned out in the back. Her eyes were brown, and pupil less and quite pretty, in all honesty. And the rest of her face was rather attractive as well. She had on a brown trench coat, fishnet bodysuit, and a short leather skirt. (And at the angle Naruto was at, lets just say he got a bit more than he asked for.)

Blushing slightly, and looking away Naruto stuttered out a response. "U-u-uh, who are you?"

"He he, like what you see? Well, I am the Super, Sexy and Single Anko Mitarashi!" She exclaimed, grinning down at the boy. "And you are?"

"Naruto Uzumaki. Um, Anko-san, where are we? What happened to that crazy lady?"

At that Anko scowled. 'Stupid villager' she thought. Then she forced her expression to soften a bit. "That's Anko-chan to you. And we are currently in my living room, since I carried you to my house after you fell and knocked yourself out. And that lady didn't chase you after you ran in the forest. It makes sense really, none of those idiots would last ten seconds in here." Observing his puzzled expression she questioned him. "You know, the Forest of Death? Ever heard of it?"

"Um, no." He said sheepishly, while scratching the back of his head. "Why wouldn't anyone follow me in?"

"It's called the Forest of Death for a reason gaki." At that Naruto stuck out his tongue, which surprisingly (or not, if you know Anko) she did in return. "People are afraid of this forest, it's filled with all manner of creepy crawlies and huge beasties. There are even plants in here that will eat people!"

'The people fear this forest, so they leave it alone...' "And you live here?" He questioned.

She chuckled briefly. "Yup! Home sweet home for lil' ol' me. Since the villagers don't happen to like me either... I live here. Speaking of home, it's about time I take you back to yours kiddo."

Frowning, he replied. "I have no home, ever since those mean orphanage ladies kicked me out a year ago, I've lived on the street."

"Ah, well then... that is a problem." Pondering her options, and his, she came to a conclusion. "Well then, would you like to live here with me?" Adding to the effect, she spread out her arms (giving Naruto even more of a view of her... assets) and stepped back to allow him to see the rest of the room he was in. Looking around, he noticed that the room was a small living room, tan walls, with a few wooden chairs, a green couch (which he was currently on) and a small window on the far side of the room. There was a doorway that led to a small hall to his right. The ceiling was white, and the floor was wooden. All in all, a very cozy little room.

"But! Don't expect to get a free ride!" She smiled sadistically. "You will be doing chores around the house everyday! And, I don't want you to be a bum all your life, so you will be learning to become a ninja!"

Tears began welling in Naruto's eyes, and his shoulders began to shake.

Concerned, Anko said "Oi! Don't be like that, it will be difficult sure, but you'll survive."

"No, that's not it. It's just," he sniffed. "no one has ever wanted me around before, I've always been alone. A-and, you are offering your h-h-home to me."

Anko sighed, she was never good with kids, but she figured he could use a little support at this moment. So she slowly wrapped him in a hug, allowing him to cry into her chest. After a few minutes, he cried himself back into dreamland, and she put him back down on the couch. 'Don't worry gaki, I know what that feels like. It'll be okay.'


Waking up to the smell of bacon, Naruto groggily got up from his position on the couch.

'Where?... Oh yeah, I'm in Anko's house.' Slowly, he made his way out of the room, and turning right at another doorway in the hall, he found himself in a small kitchen. This room, like the one he was in a moment ago, was relatively small, but contained all of the necessary fixtures. With a white wallpaper and tile floor, it was a nice kitchen overall.

"Good morning." Anko smiled from her position in front of the stove.

"G' morning." Came the soft reply from Naruto. Noticing two places set at the table in the next room, he shuffled over and sat down.

"Hey! Who told you that you could sit down?"

"Wha?" Came his intelligent reply. Anko snorted and came over with their breakfast and gave him his portion.

Taking a bite out of some toast, she spoke between mouthfuls. "Alright gaki, now today was special, consider this a one time thing. I will not be cooking breakfast for you... probably ever again." Reaching over to the counter a short ways away, she picking up a scroll and threw it at his face. Catching it, Naruto sent a perplexed look at her. "That is a scroll containing your duties around the house. Read through it and it will tell you all you need to know about keeping this house in working order."

Smiling awkwardly at Anko, Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Um, I would, but no one has ever taught me how to read. I can puzzle together words most of the time, but other than that..."

Anko rubbed the bridge of her nose. "This is going to be interesting. Well, you better be a fast learner, because I don't have time to teach you everyday, and now that I have to support you also, I will probably have to take on more missions too." Anko sighed and finished off the last piece of bacon on her plate.

Grinning at the kid across the table as she gestured to her empty plate and his. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"I said you would be doing chores, so one of your responsibilities will be to do the dishes."

Naruto contemplated retorting, but just resigned to his fate and picked up their dishes and went over to the sink, beginning to wash them.

"I've got an hour until I have to head to the Torture and Interrogation Department to see what they need me to do today. So we will be using that time to start teaching you how to read. So hurry up and get those dishes done, and then come back into the living room and we'll start."


Anko was surprised, Naruto turned out to be an incredibly quick learner. They had just spent a little under an hour going over reading and he took to it like a fish to water. A few more hours of help and he would be at an acceptable reading level.

"Okay gaki, go through as much of that history scroll as you can, and when I get back later today, I will help you with what you missed, and we will continue your reading and writing lessons."

" 'Kay, thank you so much Anko-chan!" The boy then wrapped the older girl in a tight hug, attempting to express his gratitude through squeezing her as hard as he could. She patted him on the head, and smiled softly down at him.

"Sure thing kid." With that she turned and opened the door, and left him to his studying.


Anko had just closed the gate to the forest, and had turned around when an ANBU jumped down in front of her. "Anko Mitarashi, you are wanted by the Hokage as soon as possible. Please make your way towards his office." And with that, he jumped away towards other duties.

'Hmm, I wonder what he wants.' Jumping on top of a rooftop, she made her way to the Hokage Tower.

She entered the tower and walked up the steps towards the Hokage's office. Knocking twice and hearing a muffled "Enter" she stepped through the wooden door.

"Ah, Ms. Mitarashi, thank you for coming." Greeted the aged Hokage.

Anko bowed slightly. "Hokage-sama."

Smiling at her, he replied. "So I bet you're wondering why I brought you here." Seeing her nod he continued. "Well, this meeting concerns a little blond-haired child that ran into the Forest of Death yesterday. First of all, is Naruto okay?" Again, she nodded. "Good, good. Well, Anko, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping him safe for the time being at least. And actually, I wanted to explain a bit of the situation to you."

"The situation?"

"Yes, as you probably know, Naruto Uzumaki is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. The beast was sealed by the Yondaime, who sacrificed his life for the sealing process." Sarutobi sighed. "Ever since that day, the villagers could not get past their loss and hatred to see a little boy for who he is, a hero. Back when he was younger, I used to take him out to ramen and hang out with him, to at least show him not everyone hated him, but... every time, I would get another council member trying to prevent Naruto from getting 'special treatment' from me. It eventually got so bad, that after I would leave him, I would get reports from my ANBU that people were beating the poor boy. Last year I had to decide to stop visiting Naruto, and keep him under 24/7 ANBU surveillance, so that he would be better protected. Even then though, some of the ANBU held Naruto in contempt, and would ignore people that attacked him. Now though, perhaps you can help me make it up to the boy." Sarutobi put his pipe into his mouth, and lit it. Sucking in some smoke, he smiled sadly. "If you would be willing, I would be eternally grateful."

Anko looked puzzled. "Sir?"

"I am prepared to pay you the sum of an ongoing B-rank mission to take care of him, and teach him to become a ninja, so that he can eventually defend himself. He can start the academy next year, and with your help, he would be more than ready. I will help wherever I can, such as getting you materials for him. I would also consider accelerating your promotion, to tokubetsu jonin (Anko is a chuunin at this moment), if you did this for me."

Mulling it over in her mind, she came upon her answer relatively easily. "Well, Hokage-sama, I had already told him that he could stay with me, so I am more than willing to accept this mission."

Smiling, Sarutobi pointed to a storage scroll currently rolled up at the edge of his desk. "That has your first payment, and some basic scrolls from the library for Naruto, they contain information on subjects such as the Five Great Nations, different types of justu, and other material for a young shinobi. They are all written for young readers, and contain fairly simple language. I assume he doesn't know how to read yet?" The chuunin shook her head. "That's to be expected I guess, those scrolls will help him with the basics."

Taking the scroll, Anko bowed towards the leader of the village. "Thank you Hokage-sama, I will not let you down." She then turned to leave and opened the door.

"I know you won't, thank you again Anko." The Hokage smiled at her. 'I think this situation will help heal both of them.' He then turned to the stacks of paper next to him. "Wha?! Since when were there THREE stacks of paperwork?!" Gaping at his foe, he shook his head and then took a paper from the top of one of the stacks and began furiously going through it.


"I'm home!" yelled Anko. Looking down the hall, she noticed Naruto sitting on the couch, reading through the scroll she gave him. "Heya squirt!" She smiled cheekily as Naruto scowled at her. "Guess what?"


"The Hokage gave me some scrolls for you and said you could enter the academy in a year! And, he gave me some more money to help take care of your sorry behind!"

"Hey!" Naruto shouted indignantly at her. "Wait, really? He did that for me?"

"Yup! So first things first, new clothes for you! Time to go shopping!" Anko cheered and ran over, grabbing his hand, and performing a shunshin, appeared just outside the forest of death.

Naruto looked a little dizzy. "Woah, what the heck?"

"A shunshin, one of the many abilities of a ninja."

The rest of the day was spent roaming around Konoha, looking for a new set of clothes for the lad. At first, shop owners glared at the boy, and attempted to refuse him service, but with some... convincing from Anko, they caved. Eventually they settled on some black, short-sleeve shirts, with a few sets cargo pants and a pair of black steel-toed boots. The clothes weren't exactly strong enough for a ninja, but it was cheaper and Naruto wasn't a ninja just yet. Buying some training kunai and shuriken, they made their way over towards Anko's favorite dango shop for some lunch. Sitting down inside the shop, they made small talk while waiting for their food to arrive.

"Anko, you said that they villagers didn't like you either, but how come they don't try to attack you like they did me?"

Anko looked annoyed briefly, at him bringing up a bit of a sore subject for her, but brushed it off. "Well gaki, a couple of reasons actually. First off, I am a ninja, so I have the skills to fend off any attacks from ignorant villagers, and they know this. Secondly, I have a bit of a reputation around here, especially since I work in the T&I, so people don't like to mess with me."

"So they leave you alone, because you are strong, and because they fear you?" Naruto asked.

She paused for a moment. "Yes, I guess you could say that." Little did she know, that with that statement, and what the Kyuubi told Naruto, he would be changed forever.


Over the course of the next few weeks, Naruto and Anko got acquainted with each other. They talked about their likes, dislikes, dreams, goals, etc. And figured out they had quite a bit in common. Finding a new kindred spirit in each other, they discovered the other's company usually quite enjoyable. Anko also found out that Naruto's learning ability was through the roof, as he had already finished learning how to read and write proficiently after about a month, and had also completed the entire storage scroll worth of material Anko brought from the Hokage. And, he had been doing almost all of the chores around the house.

The kunoichi was currently on her way back to the Hokage Tower, to return the scroll the Hokage had given her and request a new one. Passing the secretary, she went up to the door and knocked twice.

Sarutobi looked at the door for a moment. 'I swear, if that is another council member I am going to be pissed.' "Enter." At that, Anko walked in, surprising the Hokage.

"Hello Hokage-sama, I came back to request new material for the gaki, he's already finished this set."

He looked at her completely taken aback. "...You don't say? Well that is... good, that is very good. He must be a very intelligent little boy. Very well." Rummaging around in his desk, he found the next storage scroll for Naruto. "So tell me Anko, how is he doing overall?"

"Really well sir, he is taking all of the information and absorbing it like a sponge. Not only that, but my house has never been cleaner!" She then started to do a victory pose, then realized who she was in front of, and sheepishly smiled and put her arms down.

"Ah, well yes, that's nice. Anyways, here is the next set of scrolls for the boy." He smiled as he handed her the scrolls, and stuck his pipe into his mouth.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama." Anko bowed and left the office.



"Raise your elbow more, if you don't, I could just slide my kunai down yours and along your arm." Anko chided her student.

"Well yeah, but it would only be a scratch, and I heal pretty fast anyways." he retorted.

The kunoichi stepped back. "When fighting some opponents, such as myself, a scratch will still kill you gaki." Naruto's eyes widened slightly. "I poison my blades, that way, all it takes is a nick, and I can have a deadly toxin enter the bloodstream of my enemy."

Naruto looked spellbound. "Woah! Could you teach me about poisons? What can they do?"

"Well, they can do all sorts of things, they can paralyze, kill, make your enemy feel like their veins are filled with molten metal, all sorts of fun things! But that is a discussion for a later date, today we need to work on that ugly thing you call a stance! Now, again!"



For the next 6 months. It went pretty much the same. Naruto would read through the scrolls from the Hokage at an incredible rate, would train with Anko on things such as chakra control and taijustu, and would do all of the chores around the house. Naruto also had fun learning about what the girl did in T&I, and was just starting to learn about poisons and how to mess with your opponents mind.

Anko had been promoted to tokubetsu jonin 3 months after taking on Naruto, and was enjoying the higher pay and the perks that came with being a jonin, special or otherwise.

"So Anko, can you give me a report of Naruto's overall progress?"

"Well Hokage-sama, I have to say that the kid would make a truly astounding ninja." She thought for a moment. "He is leaning towards being a medium, long range shinobi. His taijustu is mostly about dodging and putting distance between him and his opponent. He is incredibly accurate with senbon and can hit moving targets fairly easily. His chakra control has been something that I have been drilling into his head, and I can say that he is improving, but it is still below average, so he is still lacking in the genjustu department. He is getting better at recognizing illusions, and can dispel them when he does notice them. His ninjustu is pretty powerful because of his chakra capacity, and he likes to learn them on his own." She tapped her chin briefly. "I actually gave him a scroll on the henge a month ago, and he figured out how to make it a physical change by himself."

The Hokage looked impressed. "Astounding, he took an E rank technique and figured out the B rank equivalent."

"Yeah, overall... I would put him at already genin level. If only lacking the experience and teamwork aspects." She summarized.

"Impressive Anko, I am very happy with his progress." His expression turned more serious. "Now I've had some reports of Naruto... scaring shop owners and some civilians. Care to explain?"

She waved her hand dismissively. "Oh those civilians are just over-reacting. So he enjoys messing with their heads a little, no biggie."

The Hokage considered her for a moment, then nodded. "If you think he is okay, than I will take your word for it."

After reviewing the effort put in by both student and teacher, the Hokage decided it was time to give them both a vacation and allow them to leave the village for two weeks to enjoy themselves.


"Hurry up and finish packing your stuff gaki, we're heading out in ten minutes!" Called Anko.

"I'm coming, sheesh." retorted Naruto from down the hall. After sealing all of his clothes and other necessities into a scroll, he walked towards the front door where Anko was currently waiting. "So where are we going anyways?"

"We're heading west, there is a town along the way towards Amegakure that is renowned for its bathhouses and other fun activities. We are going to be making the most out of this little vacation of ours!"

Heading out, they left the village behind and began walking towards their destination.


"Finally made it! Okay kid, go check into the hotel called the Amari Inn. And I'm going to go find the nearest bath house and soak for a good few hours. Don't get into any trouble!" Waving at him, Anko turned left at the intersection while Naruto went on straight.

For the next week and a half, the pair lazed about. Anko spent a lot of her time either at bath houses, or walking around with Naruto going around to the different shops and restaurants. Both were thoroughly enjoying their time off and away from Konoha.


Naruto coughed as he shakily got to his feet and looked around. 'How the heck did I end up here?'


Naruto was currently walking by himself to head back to the hotel for the night. Enjoying looking around at the people who (since they didn't know who he was) weren't glaring and/or sneering at him, he made his way through the streets. It was then that someone going the opposite direction bumped into him and then kept walking.

'Well, excuse you. Wait a second...Gama-chan!' Checking his pocket, he realized that the person he just bumped into stole his wallet, and gift from the Hokage. Whipping around, he spotted the perpetrator and took off in pursuit. The thief realized he had been spotted and broke into a run. After a few seconds he took a right into an alley.

Giving chase, Naruto used his training and pumped chakra into his legs. Feeling that slight tingling in his muscles, he knew he could go even faster now, and ran up to the alley and darted down it. Coming up to an intersection with another alley, he swiveled his head around to find the thief.

'Where are you... Aha!' Spotting a rapidly retreating form, he ran off towards it. 'I know! I'll climb the walls and use the roofs to keep track of him!'

Nodding to himself, he ran towards the nearest wall and started to channel his chakra into his feet in order to climb it. Unfortunately for Naruto, this particular section of the wall was actually a genjustu, hiding a rather deep and dark hole in the ground. So when he put his foot on the 'wall' he actually went straight through it and plummeted towards the bottom of the hole.

Flashback end

'Oh yeah, well this is just great... he stole Gama-chan...I wonder how long I've been out.' Blindly groping around for some source of light, he bumped into a table and managed to grab a candle from it. Using a minor katon justu, he lit the candle and tried to make out his surroundings. From what he could tell, he was in some sort of underground house, probably a safe house of some kind. It had a few bedrooms, a washroom and what looked like a small study.

Taking note that everything was slightly dusty, he came to the conclusion that whoever was here left a few weeks ago, so he decided to take a look around.

Naruto spotted a small book on one of the nightstands. 'What's this?' Flipping open the book, he started reading.

Journal of Keshi Mayonaka

October 5

Something is happening to everyone. Ever since Hanzo was killed by that Pein character, people have started disappearing! Hanzo's friends, his family, people he did business with, they're all vanishing! I've got to get out of the country, so I'm taking Hisaki and Arai with me. Hopefully we'll be able leave before we all disappear too!

October 7

I've convinced the academy teachers to release Hisaki and Arai for a 'short training period' with me, their jonin caretaker, so hopefully this won't arouse suspicion before we are long gone. I've also started collecting as many justu scrolls and supplies as I can, if we are going to be on the run, I want those kids to be able to defend themselves. Not to mention I've gotten a bit rusty over the years, merely being a caretaker of a couple of Hanzo's nephews.

October 15

We finally made it out of the country. I've been covering our tracks as best I could, but I'm still worried. If someone was able to take out Saikoro, I'm not sure how much hope we have. That man was a spymaster! He was as slippery as a snake, and as tangible as a shadow! But they found his corpse a few days ago in one of Hanzo's estates. But I will not give up, if only for the kids sakes'.

October 28

We finally made it to the safe house. I think this is far enough into the Fire Country that not even Pein will be able to find us, so tomorrow I'm going to take the kids out and relax for a day. They have been real troopers, not even complaining during the long runs and short nights. After relaxing for a day, I think we can begin their training again.

After that entry, the journal stopped. 'Huh, guess I know what happened to them.' Naruto thought grimly. Closing the journal and beginning to look around again, he took note of the justu scrolls on the tables. 'We wouldn't want all of these scrolls to go to waste now would we?'

With that thought, he began to collect everything he could find and store them in his own scrolls. Finally he came upon a few sets of clothes that thoroughly intrigued him. They consisted of baggy camo jackets, with many pockets lining the inside and outside, along with a large hood. The pants were the same camo pattern and had the same style of pockets for things such as scrolls and kunai. But the most interesting aspect was a few full face gas masks, with two round pieces of glass for each eye, that were laying lined up next to a jacket.

'Oh I like this, I like this a lot.' Naruto chuckled softly to himself.

After finishing sealing up everything that he could find, he made his way back towards the ladder that led out of the safe house.


"Where is he?!" Anko was pacing furiously around the room. It was now 5 am and Naruto had yet to show up. "I swear if he got himself hurt I'm going to beat the crap out of him." She paused briefly to think over what she just said. Throwing her arms up in the air in frustration she continued pacing. It was then there was a click at the door and it opened. She let the intruder open the door and then saw the object of her frustration walk in. Running over and hugging (see: flying tackle) him, she started to berate him.

"Don't you ever do that again! Where the hell were you?! It's five in the morning! I've been worried sick!"

"Hold on Anko-chan, I'll explain everything." Naruto tried to appease the angry kunoichi.

"You better!"

So he went on to tell about how he got his wallet stolen, the brief chase, and then finally landing into the safe house. Showing her the journal he picked up, he let her read through it and went into the bathroom to clean up.


And there you have it! The first chapter of my soon to be famous Naruto of the Acid Rain! Muhahaha...haha..heh... um yeah well... Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed reading it! Yeah I know, I didn't offer up any amazing abilities or fight scenes yet, but this is only the first chapter, and he is still 5 going on 6 years old! Next chapter will have something, I promise. Just to sate your appetite, here is a brief list of some justu he will be learning from Keshi's stash and from other sources:

Acid Rain (What he will become known for)

Poison Gas Cloud Technique

Shadow Clone

Poison Cloud Clone

Explosive Shadow Clone

Hiding with Camo Technique


Explosive Gunshot

Sly Mind Affect Technique

Violent Stream

Mist Servant Technique

If any of you noticed, I took some justu from the Ame genin that were in the chuunin exams. I figured, that since Keshi was from Ame, he would have been teaching his charges similar techniques. I will be explaining the techniques when they come up in the story.

Cya later!